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Thinking Outside The Box w/ Jess Williams

CHRO Champions

Did you know one of the most crucial characteristics for an HR professional is listening? It may seem obvious, but you can't overstate it. Keeping a pulse on your team through active listening can mean the difference between retention and turnover. In this episode, we speak with Jess Williams, Chief People Officer at Biscuitville, about the ins and outs of HR, the changing times, and supporting employees. Join us as we discuss: The future of HR and Jess’s plan for success Red flags employers should keep an eye out for  Supporting employees through listening and action To hear more episodes like this one, subscribe to CHRO Champions on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , Google Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts


31 Mar 2022

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Using Your Podcast to Enhance Your Business with Jess Williams

Chatting Over Chowder

Jess Williams is used to getting barked at by her clients! Since the age of 3, Jess has surrounded herself with dogs and has truly loved every moment of it. She has been competing and performing with her dogs for over 15 years. She has performed with her dogs at state fairs, theme parks, halftime shows, and theatre productions all across the nation as well as overseas. In 2008, Jess even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as an advocate of animal welfare.  Jess and her husband, Scott, are almost on their hundredth episode of their very own podcast, The Quirky Dog. Scott and Jess also collaborate on in person training together to give their clients the best results possible. Join us as we chat about: When Jess was on Oprah! Sharoline's mad dog skills when it comes to home training her dogs Using your podcast to enhance your company Jess's advice when it comes to Covid pups Advice in regards to crating your dog to reduce anxiety Where you can find Jess: Website: https://caninehealing.com/ Instagram: @caninehealing @thequirkydogpodcast Podcast: The Quirky Dog Currently promoting: caninemindshift.com (free course) Podcasts that Jess recommends: Shaped by Dog Buddhist Boot Camp  🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜 We love our guests and our listeners but podcasting can be expensive…especially when you are buying everyone soup! In order to keep maintaining the level of love we send to our guests, we would be so honored if you showed US some love!  How? Glad you asked!  Bisque Please tell us how we can help support Chatting Over Chowder? Purchase one or 12 of our “Bisque Please” t-shirts!!!  Buy Us a Coffee Venmo – Chatting Over Chowder  🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜 This episode is sponsored by Crackers In Soup! Crackers In Soup is a minority women owned podcast management company dedicated to helping you up level your podcast! We provide time and freedom while you use your voice to showcase your expertise. Today’s guest received the soup from Spoonful of Comfort! Spoonful of Comfort is the perfect way to send love to friends and family. Use discount code: CrackersinSoup2 at checkout to receive 15% off!!  🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜 We would love to know what you slurped up in this episode!! *Connect with us on Instagram at @ChattingOverChowder *Check out our website *Take a look at the behind the scenes tomfoolery on YouTube *Subscribe to “Chatting Over Chowder” ! Loving what you are hearing at Chatting Over Chowder? Have you listened to the podcasts featured?  Make sure you subscribe and leave a 5 STAR – Review at Apple’s Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts! Song Credits: Shine on You featuring Gloria Tells Chatting Over Chowder is a Crackers In Soup Production


11 Oct 2021

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S2E9 - Pastor Jess Williams: The Bible in Twelve Words - Creation

Wesley Union

Pastor Jess Williams, Executive Director/Pastor of United Wesley in Miami, Florida, shares his thoughts on the the word "creation" in the context of Genesis 1 and 2, and how that story is still relevant to us today. Pastor Jess unpacks some of the differences between Genesis 1 and 2, and invites us to consider "Who is God and who are we?" in light of the love of God that is illuminated in the Text.


7 May 2021

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Method Men with Pastor Jess Williams

Method Men

Living Life through the pandemic 


26 Feb 2021

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Jess Williams // How can we become the fullest expression of ourselves? Social anxiety, coming home to yourself & trust

Lip Gossip

Today I speak to my close friend, intuitive coach and emotional healer, Jess Williams! On the podcast she shares with us tips on how to trust your intuition, the manifestation process and how to overcome social anxiety. Jess is truly inspirational and a woman of many talents. I’m sure you will be in awe of her ability, like I am! You can find Jess here @jesslee_intuitive (instagram.com/jesslee_intuitive). Check out Jess’ mum too @pureheartcentre (instagram.com/pureheartcentre). You can find me here @sammyleo  (http://www.instagram.com/sammyleo) You can follow the Lip Gossip Podcast on Instagram here (http://www.instagram.com/lipgossippodcast). You can follow the Breeze Balm on Instagram here (instagram.com/breeze.balm). Check out the Lip Gossip Beauty Box where you save over $120 and Breeze Balm the lip balm that works, here (http://www.breezebalm.com). AD/ Want a lip balm that actually works? Use ‘GOSSIP’ at checkout for 10% off your first order at www.breezebalm.com (http://www.breezebalm.com)


11 Jan 2021

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Sex, Money and embodying our divine feminine with Jess Williams

Redefine & Align with Nicole Weston

Jess and I shared our experiences in motherhood and entrepreneurship and the power of embodying feminine and masculine energy to bring more abundance into every area of our life.  We talk about money stories, surrendering and letting go of control so we can trust, receive help and receive. We take it even deeper and unpack the power of creating a safe container for pleasure, joy, bliss and sex with our partner.  I have a powerful journey that has lined me up with my dream lifestyle, my twin flame and now having twin babies!  I've been a spiritual business boss babe for the past 4 years, running a very successful Spiritual Coaching Business while simultaneously building an empire with an MLM called DoTerra! THE TWINS BROUGHT QUITE A TWIST. I've gone from scheduling 10 sales calls a day to having challenges squeezing in time for my own self care. Thankfully I had built my mlm team enough for it to financially support me and my family. I've now discovered a sweet spot in life somewhere between balancing my business, relationships, babies and my personal practice.  While being a new mom I've been able to boost the passion in my relationship, build a foundational business and tap deeply into divine love. I am so proud of myself for being able to show up as a hot, well and wealthy mom and I'm SO looking forward to sharing my journey with the world. Leads a team of epic Wellnesspreneur Boss babes where we empower people to use natural solutions as modern day medicine. FaceBook: Jess Williams Instagram: @jessembodied   Free Live Masterclass: Divine Leadership  How I lead myself to let go of the mom guilt, up-level my relationship and continue to make 5 figures every month. October 13 at 8:00pm Register here: https://nicole-weston-coaching.mykajabi.com/registration-page Private Facebook Group: More than Moms Instagram: @thenicoleweston


30 Sep 2020

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Season 3 Episode 11: The Anatomy of a Side Hustle Business with Jess Williams

Stop Sucking at Business

Ever thought about doing a side hustle? What does that even mean and how does it work?Learn more about side hustling from Techbizgurl founder Jessica Williams and find out that you don’t need to use up all of your free time to have an income stream. 4:30 Jessica’s story and how she started doing side hustle 19:00 Contentment with side hustling33:19 Jessica shares 21 ways to start a side hustleMore Jessicahttps://techbizgurl.com/ http://facebook.com/techbizgurlhttp://www.instagram.com/techbizgurl


17 Sep 2020

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How to take the pressure off yourself with Jess Williams

Keep The Change

Jess dives into how she has connected with the knowing of her life with small daily steps. There were times where Jess wasn’t sure how she would pay the rent or even know how she would continue to run her business; her finances weren’t great. She has now broken up with overwhelm and lives in the moments where she remembers that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. Jess wants you to know that when you tap into Inspiration = In Spirit. This is your true essence. This is a candid conversation between two friends and many tangents. We have all been there, tune in and feel the magnetic pull to your spirit. You can find Jess: https://www.jessleeonline.com/ https://www.instagram.com/jesslee_williams Get Soulful Money Mindset for FREE Buckets full of love and gratitude for having me in your car, in your ears and sharing this episode with your friends. Thanks for subscribing, leaving a 5 star review and being part of the Keep The Change Gang! The more people who hear this, the more people will see that creating MILLIONS & BILLIONS is their birthright and that doing so is not a linear path.


8 Aug 2020

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Brewing Narrative - Jess Williams

Brewing Narrative

On this episode of Brewing Narrative, Jess Williams comes on the show. As we reflect on Father's day we are reminded that not all Father Day's are the same. As Jess prepares for her marriage this fall, she paints us a picture of the beautiful journey of ups and downs that she has been on. We are thankful that Jess shares some vulnerable truths about her upbringing. While not all things are easy, we are also reminded of the promises and the hope that God gives us. By looking at Jess' life, its clear that her life is a living testimony of these exact promises. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brewingnarrativepodcast/support

1hr 24mins

22 Jun 2020

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How to Introduce Storytelling into Packaging Design | Ep. 9

Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio

We speak to Jess Williams, Founder and Creative Director of Communal Creative in NYC, a branding agency with a passion for storytelling. Learn how the team at Communal Creative immerses itself into each brand to unearth a resonating story that can be supported at every touch point  of the consumer journey.  Jess's experience as Creative Director for Thrillist and early stage Birchbox give her the insight to build startups into brands.  Be prepared to take notes! Connect with Jess: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jelewil/ Studio Site: http://communalcreative.com Or Catch up with me Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eveliomattos/


8 Jun 2020