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Episode #57 What Trauma Is And How You Can Start Dealing With It with Malorie Avaline

The Emily Adams Show

In this episode, we invite Intuitive Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur Malorie Avaline to take a deep dive into the world of trauma and show us how to navigate the territory of self-healing and discovery. Having gone through her own radical transformation, Malorie is now on a mission to help others remember the truth of who they are. Tune in as Emily and Malorie discuss traumas, how they manifest in our adult years, and how we can start facing them head-on and healing from them.   KEY POINTS: The moment Malorie changed her life  Signs that you have healing work to do  What does healing work look like?   How to get started on dealing with your traumas  Reprogramming your subconscious mind  The power of inner child work  What to expect when working with Malorie  QUOTABLES: “Healing is so beautiful and it's so uncomfortable but it's the pathway to freedom.” “A real true teacher will never take ownership of your healing, they will help you take ownership of your healing.” “When you are denying that you have trauma and you are denying your healing, you are denying yourself your fullest expression of this life.” GUEST INFORMATION:  Malorie Avaline malorieavaline.com IG | instagram.com/malorieavaline/ FB | facebook.com/ImMalorieAvaline/ PRODUCTS / RESOURCES: Emily on Instagram @inspireempowerimpact - instagram.com/inspireempowerimpact Visit her website at emilyadams.net Book a Free Discovery Call with Emily: emilyadams.net/booking Want to level up your mindset and grow your business? Join the Mindset and Business Tribe private Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/mindsetandbusinesstribe The Emily Adams Show is edited by Instapodcasts (visit at instapodcasts.com) 


9 Sep 2021

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18: From Drug Addiction, Abuse, & Losing Oneself, to Fully Stepping Into You with Malorie Avaline

ChaseLife with Kelly

Do you feel like you are experiencing the worst phase of your life right now and don’t know what to do? Our guest for this episode has been there and will help you get through these dark points to blissful days ahead. Malorie Avaline is an internationally recognized intuitive coach and healer, successful entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and podcast host. But before she became all of these, Malorie was broke, broken, and abused. How did she transform so beautifully? Hear her story out: The Beauty of Experience [6:33] “Experiences are what shift you.” Malorie’s Journey [7:30] “Moments of clarity: There’s got to be so much more than this.” Awareness [15:13] “Awareness is an invitation to more of you.” Previous Marriage and Bouncing Back [15:50] “It came from the desire to want more.” Fully Stepping In and Frequency [25:31] “I operate from this place of love - it’s the full embodiment of who and what I be in my core.” Plant Medicine Journey [33:02] “Plant medicine is the way to the future.” For Better or For Worse [41:45] “Compatibility with a partner is so much more.” Intuition [42:31] “What is for me is ultimately going to find me.” Current Marriage [50:59] “We’re evolving together. Our love languages have changed.” Having to go through all the painful experiences, Malorie’s life is a testament that you can rise above your current situation only if you choose to boss up your game and be resilient. With all her bad days, she refused to live a life she never deserved. She has been committed to be better consistently, operating in a place of love after all she has gone through. How about you? It’s time for your story’s plot twist. Write it well. Connect with me at: Instagram   @chaselifewithkelly Youtube      ChaseLife with Kelly Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/groups/chaselifetogether/ Website                www.chaselifetogether.com Connect with Malorie Avaline Instagram   @malorieavaline Website:      malorieavaline.com Review this podcast and share with friends!

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12 Apr 2021

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This is Malorie Avaline

This is Oklahoma

On this episode I sat with serial entrepreneur and cultivator Malorie Avaline. sit back because you are in for one wild ride. An incredible story of one of the best comeback stories I've shared on the podcast. Born in Hollis Oklahoma Malorie LOVED to dance. But times took a turn for the worse and that sweet young dancer grew into a dark place. Turning down a scholarship to dance in Dallas Malorie slid into a deep spiral of drug addiction, an abusing marriage and it began to look like nothing was going to stop her life going down hill.  But, because she is gritty and determined she clawed her way back to success and now has this story which she is going to tell you today.  Malorie has a successful Salon in Nichols Hills, featured in stylist magazines across the country, styled hair and make up for the elite at red carpet events and has build a coaching business off the back of her fight to live the best life she can live.  Go check out her podcast and follow her on social media @malorieavaline there's a lot more coming and its a great honor of mine to bring this story to you today.  Malorie's links. Podcast - The Truth Evolves https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-truth-evolves/id1458038650 Salon - @saloncollective - www.saloncollectiveokc.com www.malorieavaline.com #thisisoklahoma 


1 Jul 2020

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107. Eat to Live with Malorie Avaline

Take the Upgrade

Malorie Avaline is a serial entrepreneur. She is an internationally published hairdresser and make-up artist, turned speaker, transformational mindset coach, experiential event host, podcast host, writer, and real estate investor. She is a wife and mom of 3. Malorie wants to help you claim what you really want in this life and go out there and create it! Growing up, Malorie was involved in competitive dance. She was active and had a healthy metabolism that allowed her to pretty much just eat whatever she wanted.  When she was pregnant with her first child, she gained 75 pounds.  After her son’s birth, her curiosity and journey into fitness truly began.  Malorie started clean eating and by her son’s first birthday she had lost all the weight she gained during the pregnancy, and a little more.  All of the things above were happening while Malorie was going through a very difficult time in her life. But, she was determined to have a better, different life and she persisted until she achieved her goals.  Malorie competed in fitness competitions for 7 years. She won competitions and was even featured in a fitness magazine. After 7 years, Malorie decided it was time to step away from the fitness competition world and focus more on her career.  She went from 127 lbs to 145 lbs and that change was so difficult and sent her into a struggle with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).  Malorie was really struggling and her husband encouraged her to seek professional help. She found a counselor that specialized in body image issues and worked with her for 4 months. Malorie shares how that same discipline and competitiveness she used for fitness competitions helped her overcome her struggles with BDD.  Malorie and Julie discuss the importance of finding freedom with food. Malorie shares how she always makes choices based on how she wants to feel.  Not only in regards to food but, in your relationships and all life choices.  Malorie shares that staying curious is her most pivotal upgrade. Just learn, don’t judge things and lean into curiosity.  Being curious is what has formed Malorie’s career and helped cultivate a life that she absolutely loves. Connect with Malorie👇🏻 www.malorieavaline.com Instagram: @malorieavaline Connect with us→ via social media👇🏻 Facebook: Follow us: www.facebook.com/anaturalshift  Follow Julie: https://www.facebook.com/juliedaveynp/ Follow Kari: https://www.facebook.com/karicoodyPharmD Instagram: Follow us: www.instagram.com/anaturalshift/ Follow Julie-->www.instagram.com/juliedaveynp/ Follow Kari--> www.instagram.com/karicoody/ On the web: www.anaturalshift.com Upgrade on the go- 3 ways to implement your learning! Free download: http://bit.ly/upgradeonthego Links to listen: 👉🏻itunes: http://bit.ly/aNSpodcast 👉🏻spotify: http://bit.ly/aNSpodcastspotify 👉🏻google play:http://bit.ly/aNSpodcastgoogle 👉🏻stitcher: http://bit.ly/aNSpodcaststitcher


25 May 2020

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73 | Changing Your Mind About Failure with Malorie Avaline

Empire Builder Podcast by Jordan English

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT JOINING MY TEAM jordanenglish.co/apply ________________________________ Fear of judgment and failure are the most common limiting beliefs that women today struggle with.  On today’s episode with Malorie Avaline - renowned bridal hair and makeup expert, entrepreneur, speaker and transformation coach - we discuss how to overcome these limiting beliefs that hold us back from pursuing our passions and our callings.  Malorie takes us behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to put on a women’s event, how to stand up to judgment from the ones closest to us and why we should change our minds about failure. This is a must-listen for all the women out there who have bold plans and big dreams.  This episode will leave you encouraged and empowered!  Be sure to follow Malorie: https://www.malorieavaline.comhttps://www.instagram.com/malorieavaline https://www.facebook.com/immalorieavalineThe Avaline Collective Facebook GroupMalorie on LinkedIn Where to find the Host, Jordan English: Jordan English Instagram Jordan English Facebook Page _____________________________________________________________ Don't forget to order your Primal Nosh! Click here to visit their website! Don't forget to put your order in on Thursday by 9pm for Sunday Delivery! And use the code: FORME15 for 15% off your order


1 May 2020

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27: Showing up Authentically with Malorie Avaline

The Magic Within

Malorie opens up and shares her story about being in abusive marriage, having a blended family and how she turned to drugs to cope with the mess her life was. She also shares her story of living he life of success, navigating that through all the turmoil and what it is like to hide behind the mask of extreme. She shares her most recent struggle with her parents divorcing after 40+ years of marriage together and the boundaries she has had to put up with her father during this time. Malorie Avaline is serial entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, writer and life coach. Mama to three children and married to her best friend, Malorie is unapologetically living her best life and creating every bit of it on her terms. She is teaching women to shed old beliefs about themselves and encourages them to show up in the world in a bold and authentic way.  Through her live events, group and one on one coaching, she shows women the importance of stepping into their power with her "Get In Your Truth" message. Malorie wants to help you claim what you really want in this life and go out there and create it. You can find Malorie online at www.malorieavaline.com


11 Mar 2020

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20. Against all odds with Malorie Avaline

Level Up Babe

Malorie is a serial entrepreneur. She is mother of three, wife, speaker, transformational mindset coach, experiential event host, podcast host, writer and real estate investor.  Malorie is teaching women to shed old beliefs and encourages them to show up in the world in a bold and unapologetic way. She shows women the importance of stepping into their power with her "Get In Your Truth" message. Malorie wants to help you claim what you really want in this life and go out there and create it. Want to win a $10 Amazon card? Click here to leave a review Take a screenshot of your review Email your screenshot to behealthywithjoy@gmail.com


6 Jan 2020

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Unapologetic Authenticity with Malorie Avaline

The Dr. Cherie Show

Malorie talks about speaking your truth. In today's social media age, most people only get to see the best of people. Malorie believes there is an importance being authentic. We all have incredible stories to tell that don't need to be sugarcoated.


22 Jul 2019

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A2S-58 Be Your Authentic Self With Malorie Avaline

Access to Success Podcast

This is a powerful episode, about a powerful woman Malorie Avaline has overcome drug addiction, exotic dancing for money, and an abusive marriage to build several successful businesses She's now coaching and mentoring women to become a more authentic version of themselves, as well as hosting a conference and starting a podcast We go over several business and life lessons that you guys are gonna love Follow Malorie at: IG: @malorieavaline FB: ImMalorieAvaline Web: malorieavaline.com Podcast: The Avaline Collective Follow A2S at: Facebook: A2S FB Page Facebook Group: A2S FB Group Instagram: Saed Albasha IG Web Site: accesstosuccesspodcast.com Email: Contact@AccessToSuccessPodcast.com


8 Apr 2019

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01: Malorie Avaline - Introduction

The Truth Evolves

The reason behind this show and how it all started.


1 Apr 2019