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Season 2 Episode #10 Jon Shehan Pt.2, Head Baseball Coach Millersville University

Coaching DNA Podcast Powered By Stick & Ball TV

Jon is the head baseball coach at Millersville University. During part 2 of our conversation, Jon and I talk about creating accountability in his program, the importance of vulnerability, and how he manages his staff. Jon is a stud!


7 Oct 2021

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Season 2 Episode #9 Jon Shehan Pt.1, Head Baseball Coach Millersville University

Coaching DNA Podcast Powered By Stick & Ball TV

My guest this week is Jon Shehan. Jon is the head baseball coach at Millersville University. During part 1 of my conversation with Jon we talk about the culture at Millersville and how a poor 2012 season was a catalyst for their culture, we talk about creating a player led environment, what he learned from the Atlanta Braves and much more.


30 Sep 2021

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20 - Jon Shehan "Hitting, Culture, and Clarity"

Better Men, Better Ballplayers

Bio Current Head Coach at Millersville University  even PSAC Eastern Division Championships, PSAC Championship 2 NCAA Atlantic Regional titles 4, 40-win seasons 8 NCAA Tournament appearances.  The Marauders have reached seven consecutive NCAA regionals 2016 Marauders finished as the NCAA Division II Runner-Up 2016 ABCA main stage presenter Well respected and Amazing guy!! How did you guys deal with the shutdown period? How does the fall look for you guys? What has been a key part of your success at Millersville? What has changed since you started at Millersville? What has stayed constant since your time at Millersville? How do you develop the mental skills it takes to be a champion? What have you consistently seen in the top players? Show notes App to record approach to generate pitch recognition along with hard hit balls Functional batting practice as game like as possible Game like in terms in of location Kids tell you what their approach is, and go to work on it during BP Knowing the hitters weakness and acknowledging it so you incorporate into batting practice Groups based on development skills (connection, bat speed, exit velo, etc) in the fall In season groups are same skill guys (bunters, mashers, ballplayers) What is symptomatic and asymptomatic to a swing. He could have bad hip mobility but he rakes Know your players really well to see if a change is truly necessary. Have the data available Be slow in order to make a mechanical changes You can be clearly uncertain, especially in term of mechanic Develop an assessment of pitcher. Take an iphone video to check red flags and mechanics Full Reps in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania partnered to work and take on assessment and work on pitchers Stick to our values “make it better”  - start with the staff Find kids who fit your mold and your values LOVE the game!! Player values and coaching staff values  Coaching values - we do what we expect the kids do and then some (more values, higher standard). Be very clear on what it looks like to be selfless and relentless.  Purposeful groups (veterans and rookies) What do those values look like in the classroom, practice, and games to be CLEAR Full week talking about culture FIRED and HIRED happens due to your VALUES! The guys will know if a kid fits your team before the coach will! We read two books every year5 dysfunctions of a team - Patrick Lencioni Ideal team player Veterans reading it find truths and see what guys are the dysfunctions Keep the service part at the forefront when managing the staff Create clarity within the staff just like we do with the players  Stick to our guns from a values and standards aspect, but give room for our assistants to work Scrimmage each day to put them into game like situations (20 minutes to and hour 30) Game like reps!!!  Play up for the first round of BP Skills based groups help with training for what the game needs to do Traits of good players that have stuck out - BASERUNNING & COMPUTING A SIMPLE, EXTERNAL PLAN!  6th month objective - what do we need to improve on Email: jshehan@millersville.edu Twitter - @coachshehan

1hr 21mins

10 Aug 2020

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Jon Shehan- Head Baseball Coach, Millersville University (PA)

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed Jon Shehan, Head Baseball Coach at Millersville Univ. NCAA D2. Jon discusses the importance of coaches being humble and admitting that they don’t know everything, creating an enjoyable environment to make players love coming to baseball practice, and ways to adapt practice time to player’s needs.  Episode Highlights:  How did Jon Shehan get involved in baseball and as a coach?    What were some of Jon’s first steps when he became a head coach?  What is he doing with the time and staff he has?  Are there things that have worked for team culture building?  How can you go about relationships with players individually? What is he doing to make the lives of his assistant coaches easier?  What are some other rules and standards he has in his baseball program?  What are some different practice plan tips Jon Shehan recommends?  If Jon Shehan could go back to being a first-year head coach, what advice would he have for himself?  What are some training things that Jon is excited about? Are there training activities that his players love to do? What are the three things we would notice if we watched Jon Shehan’s practice? What are some of Jon Shehan’s favorite books and resources?  3 Key Points: Jon Shehan’s players track their nutrition using apps every single day and turn their numbers in on Friday mornings.  Jon Shehan has read and recommends the book “Old School vs. New School” by Eugene Bleeker. Jon has read it twice now.  Try changing practice activities every 5-10 minutes.  Tweetable Quotes: “For the young coaches out there, man, just don’t be afraid to dream.” – Jon Shehan (05:08) “The guys that work for nothing are probably your most valuable resource and you have to find ways to thank them, and keep them involved, and keep challenging them as well. Not overwork them, but challenge them.” – Jon Shehan (07:21) “Being able to take that data, then show it to the players has been crucial for us. Because so many of these guys feel like things are going the right way. But I think what we have done is speed up the development process.” – Jon Shehan (09:47) “At the end of the day, our values aren’t going to change. That is what you are signing up for. Because we may find something better next week that we are going to adapt and put into our program..” – Jon Shehan (16:10) “Making it intentional that we are building relationships with each and every individual on the team, even though it is a competitive environment. And maybe one of the toughest things we have to do.” – Jon Shehan (17:36) “One of the interesting things we do as a team the first week of class every year is going over those core covenants, and first ask, ‘Are there any other values that we need to add?’” – Jon Shehan (26:00) “One of the biggest values, sometimes, it’s a blessing and a course, is...make it better. It’s just simple, make it better.” – Jon Shehan (42:33) “One of my biggest theories is making practice fun. I want our guys to show up and enjoy practice and have it be one of the best parts of their day.” – Jon Shehan (46:07) Resources Mentioned:  Ahead of the Curve Podcast Twitter: @AOTC_podcast Jon Shehan: Twitter Book: “Old School vs. New School” by Eugene Bleeker


12 Dec 2019

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TC182: Jon Shehan, Millersville University

Top Coach Podcast

Other than a brief foray into minor league baseball, Millersville University baseball coach Jon Shehan has not ventured far from home. He grew up near the campus, had relatives involved with the school, and he [...]


2 May 2016

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Ep. 27-Jon Shehan, Millersville U.

KWB Radio Podcast

Jon joins Kevin and Joe to talk recruiting, practice, and hitting.  

1hr 5mins

1 Mar 2015

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DD 003: Jon Shehan, Millersville University Baseball

Diamond Dreams Baseball Performance Podcast

This week we’ll be talking with Jon Shehan, the head coach at Millersville University Baseball. We’ll talk about how he built the Marauder Baseball Program into a national contender. We’ll also talk about the recruiting process and give you a better understanding of what to expect from college baseball. That’s next, on this episode of […] The post DD 003: Jon Shehan, Millersville University Baseball appeared first on Diamond Dreams.


17 Dec 2014