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Philippe’s Phinance – Bradley Hall

Made Up Talk Show

Bradley Hall educates us on the phiner points of phinance in this podcast, Philippe’s Phinance. In episode 705, things get a little off-cantor in the mall. Bradley Hall- @chonksoaps on Insta, and the Alabaster Peaks podcast, https://www.alabasterpeaks.com/ Made Up Talk Show theme by Dan Reitz, www.danreitz.com

18 Feb 2021

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10/18/2020 Sunday - Trifonia Bradley Hall - The Table Is Set

Grace Tabernacle, Wildwood FL


19 Oct 2020

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EP28: The Social Media Conundrum with Bradley Hall

Let's Talk Digital

In this week’s podcast, with Bradley Hall, Digital Director at PHD JHB, we are tackling the “Social Media Conundrum” - how has social media evolved to an advanced state but is still being put on a pedestal? We look at both the challenges and opportunities for brands to play in this space. Is YouTube a social media channel or a digital channel? There is a skills shortage both within brands and agencies suffering from “laziness syndrome”. How do brands show up to be more relevant, more agile and more brave? We are in the age of “new social media” but with old habits.


1 Sep 2020

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214 - Carnival Knowledge (Feat. Bradley Hall)

Dead Waves

It's hard being a business owner, let alone a carnival owner. Chip Festival is needing some new freaks to drum up more business and the gang at Dead Waves are just the weirdos to help him. Jack does some rebranding. Grem works on his arts and crafts. Lilith cleans out her closet.This week's special guest is Bradley Hall of Alabaster Peaks - An Improv Podcast !Like what you hear? Join our Patreon for exclusive content:patreon.com/deadwavesradio.


12 Feb 2020

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110 - The Grand Belamir Hotel (Feat. Bradley Hall and Michael Santry)

Dead Waves

This week, the Dead Waves crew gets a phone call from Belamir Sweet and Gucci Breakfast. They're having all sorts of problems in their fine Hell hotel. Can Lilith and her cohosts help them? Or are they doomed to be a one star Yelp establishment? Jack finishes. Grem has an addiction. Lilith learns about the Power Orb.Questions? Comments? You can always email us at deadwavesradio@gmail.comLike what you hear? Join our Patreon for exclusive content:patreon.com/deadwavesradio


5 Jun 2019

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Ten Questions on Tatooine Tuesday: Bradley Hall

Tatooine Sons: A Pop Culture Podcast

Bradley Hall, Jedi Knight, joins us for 10 Questions on Tatooine Tuesday! Brad has been an active promoter of Tatooine Sons from the beginning, and one of our earliest patrons! Here are the 10 questions Bradley answered!1. What’s your first Star Wars memory?2. Favorite Star Wars Movie?3. Favorite NON Star Wars movie?4. Favorite character?5. Other than Jar Jar, least favorite character?6. Better -The Clone Wars or Rebels?7. If you could change one thing about Star Wars, you would...8. You’re stranded on a desert island and you can have only 3 things. What do you take?9. For you, how does Star Wars inspire HOPE?10. Name a time I’m your life your had a very clear choice that altered your future. What did you choose, and Why?iTunes Weekly  iTunes Daily Podcast Podcast Website Twitter Facebook YouTubeEmail: tatooinesons@yahoo.com

1hr 22mins

10 Apr 2018