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Asher Morrison - Unconditional Love

The Grainery Church

Asher Morrison - Unconditional Love by The Grainery Church


24 Mar 2021

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Connecting as a Family: Asher Morrison, Clinical Psychologist with The Family Psychology Clinic

Growing Up with A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology Podcast

As a parent to four children, Asher from The Family Psychology Clinic understands that parenting can be a tough gig. We aren’t given manuals to navigate our parenting journeys, and even if we were, we would need a different manual for each child. So how can we shape our family life and understand the needs of each of our children? In this discussion, Asher encourages you to ask the question: “What do you want family life to look like?” It is through this question that you will be able to break out of the pattern of ‘reactive’ parenting and start to connect with your children and build a family life that is enjoyable. Asher and Lauren also offer an insight into how Psychologists and Speech Pathologists work together to support children and help them develop essential skills. Want to be on the podcast or reach out? Go here. Proudly produced by Newcastle Podcast Station. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


21 Mar 2021

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Asher Morrison - Encounters with God

The Grainery Church

Description coming soon


22 Jan 2021

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Asher Morrison - Prayer of Forgiveness

The Grainery Church

Asher is a clinical psychologist, specialising in child and adolescent psychology. Asher is well placed to discuss our human failings as well as the things which make people thrive. He unpacks unforgiveness as a toxic human trait, and forgiveness as an incredibly freeing characteristic.With typical humour and deep biblical insight. Asher delivers a powerful invitation to “dance” with Jesus in the dance of forgiveness. Don’t miss this life changing message


26 Jul 2020

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Emotional Resilience With Asher Morrison

Goodlife Church Newcastle


9 Jul 2020

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Asher Morrison - The Greatest Relationship

The Grainery Church

What can you not do without? Corona Virus season has taught us a few things about that. It has, in particular, taught us the value of relationships, of connection, of community. Loneliness is a widespread and destructive experience.Yet there is a deeper relationship that all humans desire. A relationship with God. Jesus said he is the “Bread of Life” and the “Living Water”. We all need food and water but there is a spiritual food and water, which Jesus said would never leave us dissatisfied. Using stories from the New Testament book of John, Asher reveals how a relationship with Jesus completely satisfies our destiny, the purpose our life, the one thing we simply cannot live life in all its fullness without.


7 Jun 2020

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Asher Morrison - We Can Bring Transformation to the Nation

The Grainery Church

Asher Morrison - We Can Bring Transformation to the Nation by The Grainery Church


18 Mar 2020

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Asher Morrison - The Kingdom Is Here -

The Grainery Church

Once a person gets a “free ticket” into heaven, what next? Jesus came not just to give out free tickets to heaven, but to bring heaven to earth. Human beings are easy to pull apart but way more difficult to put back together. As well as saving us from the deadly consequences of our sin, God wants to put individuals and our world back into the shape it was originally meant to be in. Using a beach shade tent and a story about the last day of primary school with characteristic humor to illustrate his point, Asher unpacks teaching about the Kingdom of God and the implications of this Kingdom for individuals and planet earth. Life matters because the Kingdom of Heaven comes through us and our words and deeds.


15 Jan 2020

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Asher Morrison - How Fear Gets in the Way of God - 10th November 2019

The Grainery Church

Asher Morrison - How Fear Gets in the Way of God - 10th November 2019 by The Grainery Church


16 Nov 2019

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Asher Morrison - 8th September 2019

The Grainery Church

Asher Morrison - 8th September 2019 by The Grainery Church


12 Sep 2019