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62: Dustin Mathews: How he went from Broke Tennis Job to making $43 Millions in Sales

How To Keep More Money Podcast

Dustin has done over 45 Million Dollars in Sales. He started out just wanting a better alternative from working at his Tennis job. He explains how he studied successful people and how implemented their strategies to speed up his success. Checkout More of Dustin's Resources 👉 http://dustinmathews.com/ 📷Follow Dustin Mathews on Instagram📷 👉 https://www.instagram.com/thedustinmathews/ -----------------👇 COOL STUFF FOR YOU!👇------------------ 💰 Free Training To Get More Customers For Gyms 💰 👉 https://waymoregymclients.com/freetraining Get access to the Podcast Resources Page 👉https://waymorecustomers.com/podcast Want to make money online? Join the challenge & get these bonuses. 👉https://waymorecustomers.com/bonus Listen to the episode on YouTube: 👉https://bit.ly/38AGB1x --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/howtokeepmoremoney/message

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17 Jul 2020

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11: How to Maintain Your Purpose with Dustin Mathews

In Your Mind

Today we get to deep dive into the mind of renowned Coach & Mentor to the Stars. He helps elite entrepreneurs 10x sales with his strategic offers and has generated over $43 million in sales as a result. Dustin Mathews stops by to share his life journey with Paul, which quickly becomes a tale of learning how to shift with changes that come your way, but intentionally never losing your purpose in all of that hustle. Dustin is an amazing storyteller, and shares so openly and freely, you’ll be mad if you miss this one, so don’t!


21 May 2020

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Dustin Mathews is the Chief Education Officer at WealthFit /Ep2847


Dustin Mathews is the Chief Education Officer at WealthFit - a company disrupting the financial education space and leading ordinary people to lives of wealth. Along with many best selling books, Dustin is the host of the popular "Get WealthFit!" Show.He has interviewed and shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, movie producers and titans of business such as Danica Patrick, Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Harrington, Robert Kiyosaki, Jesse Itzler, Shannon Miller, Dave Meltzer and many others.Dustin’s ventures have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today and INC Magazine. He also received recognition by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for codifying a process for creating and selling products and service, Irresistible Offer Architecture   Websites: DustinMathews.com NoBSpresentations.com Support us on Patreon: www.Patreon.com/12minconvos Listen to another #12minconvo


30 Apr 2020

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Cutting Expenses After Beating the Income Game | Dustin Mathews from WealthFit

The FI Show

Today's episode features Dustin Mathews from WealthFit.Dustin worked for and built several businesses.Some of these businesses had huge incomes and expenses but Dustin found himself without a ton to show for it.Then Dustin discovers FI and starts radically changing how he lived and starts spreading financial advice himself.Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about Dustin's amazing turnaround.Episode SummaryDustin's Journey to FI He attributes Rich Dad Poor Dad as his entry into FI Most of his work / finance life was around building a business and selling it He started out with some startups but then decided to create his own business Dustin admits he didn't mind racking up debt for these businesses He attributes his entrepreneur spirit from his momDustin's First Business As part of a mastermind, he found someone who could use some marketing help The business was selling courses around lines of credit for businesses  A big recommendation Dustin give is doing lots of small changes and testing along the way.After Discovering FI He walks us through the tough conversations with his wife Dustin also said that for tracking expenses, a google sheet stuck with him where fancy apps didn't Then Dustin got the opportunity to go work for WealthfitStepping Back to His Six-Figure Courses He starts getting involved in product launches which were very profitable Then he starts a seminar business around teaching others to do product launches These seminars could bring in over $1M a year That would be over $250k over three days It's important to remember that was gross income The business kept sprawling with more expenses On top of that, Dustin was spending all his money without worrying about savingTeaching Others From His Mistakes When Dustin got the opportunity to work at Wealthfit he was excited Excited to help others avoid mistakes he made with his businesses and personally grow He calls Wealthfit the Netflix of personal finance They have courses and materials around both personal finance and entrepreneurship/side hustles We wrap up with Dustin sharing how he landed Dennis Rodman on his podcastKey Takeaways Easy Come, Easy Go: It's awesome to grow your income but you need both intentional spending and income in order to make progress Lift others with your mistakes: We loved how Dustin brings his knowledge and opens up about his failures in a way to help others People can change: Dustin has felt what it's like to live a life full of expenses and huge incomes but the FI message still resonated eventuallyCall to ActionSlow down a little if you still haven't found your purpose and re-evaluate that your money and effort are aligned with your goals.Join the CommunityWe’d love to hear your comments and questions about this week’s episode. Here are some of the best ways to stay in touch and get involved in The FI Show community! Sign up for our exclusive newsletter Join our Facebook Group Leave us a voicemail Send an email to contact [at] TheFIshow [dot] comIf you like what you hear, please leave a rating/review!The FI show on iTunesThe FI show on AndroidCheck out our PartnersWe are completely obsessed with tracking our net worth to understand our current financial positions (you should be too). Instead of spending dozens of hours adding up all our assets and subtracting our debts, we use a free service called Personal Capital.This free, easy-to-use portfolio management tool aggregates all of your financial data and helps to track your spending, net worth, and investment accounts. Keeping track of your money has never been easier. With 1.6 million users and growing, this platform is becoming a leader in its industry. We have both been using Personal Capital for years and highly recommend it. Sign up for your free account here!Dustin's Information


31 Mar 2020

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Episode 131: Get WealthFit with Dustin Mathews

Not Your Average Financial Podcast™

In this episode, we ask: Have you watched something that is binge-worthy lately? Who is Dustin Mathews? How did Dustin’s out of body experience affect him? What about Dustin’s mission? What about education around money and entrepreneurship? What is WealthFit? What sort of courses do they offer? How do you evaluate the word wealth? What is the difference between wealth and money? What about school? What about parents? What creates wealth? What about being outside of the comfort zone? What about finding phenomenal teachers? How did Dustin get to where he is today? Have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad? What about real estate investing? How about marketing? What keeps people from achieving wealth? What stands in the way of wealth? Why do we try to please people? Why do we find ourselves in certain situations? How do wealthy people blaze a different path? What happens when you follow the herd? Have you seen the flea jar video on youtube? How might we lead? Is there only a finite amount of value in the world? What companies emerge from ideas? What decisions are you making? Have you read the book, Grit? Have you decided to be wealthy? What sort of courses are available on WealthFit? How does money move? Why is it so important to pay off bad debt? How can you make the jump from active to passive cash flow? What’s the game plan? Would you like to visit wealthfit.com? Would you like to listen to the podcast or take the courses at getwealthfit.com? Would you like to follow WealthFit and Dustin? What’s your favorite memorable money mistake? Leave us a voice message at speak pipe! We’ll send you a FREE book! Dustin Mathews is the Chief Education Officer at WealthFit – a company disrupting the financial education space and leading ordinary people to lives of wealth. Along with many best selling books, Dustin is the host of the popular “Get WealthFit!” Show. He has interviewed and shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, movie producers and titans of business such as Danica Patrick, Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Harrington, Robert Kiyosaki, Jesse Itzler, Shannon Miller, Dave Meltzer and many others. Dustin’s ventures have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today and INC Magazine. He also received recognition by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for codifying a process for creating and selling products and service, Irresistible Offer Architecture®.


6 Mar 2020

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[EP42] Get WealthFit with Dustin Mathews

School of Wealth

In this episode Rondi is joined by Dustin Mathews, Co-founder and CEO of wealthfit.com a startup focused on teaching you all the things you’ve never learned in school about money, investing, and entrepreneurship. He is also the host of the podcast, GetFit. Dustin and Rondi have so much in common as we are both passionate about helping educate people on all things wealth, investment, and credit. Both Dustin and Rondi define wealth in a way different than most, but so similar to each other. Listen to this episode to dive into these expert’s definitions of wealth and how it pertains to so much more than just money. Check out Dustin’s wealth-building courses at wealthfit.com/dustin and podcast WealthFit ----------------------------------------------------- Robert Kawasaki’s personal tax advisor, Tom Wheelwright https://tomwheelwright.com/ FREE Credit Repair https://www.fortresscreditpro.com/freecreditrepair RondiLambeth.com Rondi's Coaching Course   #AskRondi your question   Please rate & review us if you use iTunes or Stitcher, so we can build the show and get on top-tier guests for YOU to enjoy! Pass on the gift of financial freedom: tell a friend about the School of Wealth. And don't forget: Subscribe! It's "School of Wealth" on your podcast app, or wherever you listen. Follow @RondiLambeth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   Sign up to manage all your money in one place on CreditMojo.com!   Subscribe on iTunes Follow on Spotify Subscribe on Stitcher Listen on SoundCloud Subscribe and Comment on Castbox   Production Credits: Produced By: VINO Lead Producer: Chassney Pharr Music Credits: School of Wealth Theme Music: “Show Some Respect” (AudioJungle - Uplifting Licensed)


6 Feb 2020

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How WealthFit Is Becoming The Netflix For Wealth Building Education With Dustin Mathews

Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo | Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed To Make You Fat...PROFITS!

WealthFit is the Netflix for learning wealth, investing, entrepreneurship, business, and mindset. In this episode, host Brad Costanzo talks with Dustin Mathews, the Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer of WealthFit, an online learning startup focused on teaching all the stuff you never learned in school about money, investing, and entrepreneurship. Dustin talks about some of the educational components behind WealthFit and its vision to revolutionize financial education and lead people to true wealth. He also shares how the WealthFit business model works and teaches on how to create real value proposition for the audience.Some Topics We Discussed Include:Dustin’s storyWhat is WealthFitThe vision of WealthFitThe WealthFit business modelDustin’s budgeting courseBalancing business, family, and everything elseLearn more about Dustin Mathews and get the full shownotes at https://baconwrappedbusiness.com/how-wealthfit-is-becoming-the-netflix-for-wealth-building-education-with-dustin-mathews.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How To Review The Show »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter


5 Nov 2019

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Action Stars of Tampa Bay with Bob Brumm& Dustin Mathews

Encouragement Engineering

Tampa's Encouragement Engineer, Bob Brumm sits down with Dustin Mathews to show the perspective and action needed for success. Recorded 2/12/2012.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


15 Oct 2019

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Ep 025: What is the best investment in 2019? | Dustin Mathews

The Fearless Investor

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate, but don't have the knowledge, education, or blueprint to get started? Fearless Flipping is your answer! Learn powerful tips, tricks, and practices from expert investors on how to get started and create financial freedom with real estate investing. Our weekly shows will empower you to conquer real estate investing!


1 Oct 2019

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Dustin Mathews - Leveraging Strategic Partnerships To Scale A Business

Hustle And Flowchart - Tactical Marketing Podcast

Our episode with Dustin Mathews of WealthFit was recorded on location at his office in San Diego where he’s got an amazing podcast and video setup. WealthFit is both a podcast and creative training studio, and in this episode we talk about a host of subjects such as growing a podcast, running a business around creating training content, how to have successful partnerships as well as real estate investing and general guidelines for long term financial growth. Dustin has had an interesting path and you’ll hear how he found his way into a variety of ventures sometimes by accident, often times being an inverted newbie, but was still able to come out ahead by talking to the right people and using what knowledge he had in marketing at the time. You’ll also hear Dustin’s take on finding key team members and the important questions he asks them to make sure they are a good fit. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our past shows we’ve done with Esther Kiss and Scott Carson to give you some additional intake on podcasting and real estate investing.  “People are an important part of the equation and anytime you can insert yourself into a chaotic environment is powerful.” - Dustin Mathews Some Topics We Discussed Include: Tips on how to start a podcast How to reach out to your network Ideas on investing the smart way What to look for in potential hires A defining moment and big question that led to Dustin changing careers Some key questions to determine if people will be a good fit for your team  How timing and being in the right place at the right time is everything The power of the Dream 100 list And much, much more! Contact Dustin Mathews: GetWealthFit to hear Dustin’s podcasts WelathFit.com LinkedIn Facebook Dustin Mathews References and Links Mentioned: Get the EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for every episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, live Q&A calls plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests. Our Dream 100 List Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday The Power of Stoicism by Josh Turner Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Stillness by Ryan Holiday The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy Fortune Builders Podcoin Slack Our episode with Esther Kiss Our episode with Scott Carson


22 Aug 2019