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Snapshot 008 - Shelly Davis

Music Studio Startup: Helping music teachers thrive as entrepreneurs

Welcome back! We’re doing a special series on the podcast this summer called Studio Snapshots. Rather than the in-depth, process-oriented interviews you’re used to hearing, these rapid-fire interviews give us a glimpse in a guest’s studio at a moment in time.  They’re part reflection, part anticipation of the future, and fully a celebration of where these teachers are today. Today I’m talking to Shelly Davis. A full transcript and resources from this episode can be found at MusicStudioStartup.com/snapshot008.


3 Aug 2022

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TC248: Building community with piano parents and other teachers with Shelly Davis

TopCast: The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

Thanks for reading TC248: Building community with piano parents and other teachers with Shelly Davis from TopMusic.co. The encouragement of piano parents to their children plays a huge part in their growth as a student. But, as piano teachers, we also have a role to play in collaborating and connecting with parents and other teachers to help our students succeed. In this episode, Shelly Davis shares the lessons she has learned over ... TC248: Building community with piano parents and other teachers with Shelly Davis The post TC248: Building community with piano parents and other teachers with Shelly Davis appeared first on TopMusic.co - Your Integrated Music Teaching Hub.


2 Jul 2021

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Shelly Davis: Communicating with Parents

All Keyed Up

Shelly Davis, host of the Piano Parent Podcast, speaks about effective communication with piano parents. Topics mentioned include in-person versus written correspondence, parents sitting in on lessons, using parents as allies to encourage a productive practice schedule, and the show Supernanny! Shelly has created a page dedicated to "All Keyed Up" which outlines some of the episodes and resources discussed in the interview.


29 Mar 2021

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19 Shelly Davis from Piano Parent Podcast: Music Makes a Differance

Parenting With The Focused Mindset

Listen in to my conversation with the host of Piano Parent Podcast and piano teacher Shelly Davis. She has a passion for helping parents support their kids with each new challenge they go through.  She teaches how music can bring families together and create the connection and confidence all families seek after.  Go to www.pianoparentpodcast.com/cher to get a free download especially for The Focused Mindset community.  Join The Focused Mindset Community today! You will get my tips of the week plus my monthly newsletter so you stay updated on the best way to be a solution focused family. https://www.thefocusedmindset.com/joincommunity The BIG LIFE JOURNAL teaches your child to have a growth mindset and a positive attitude. Use my affiliate link today to see all their amazing products made especially for kids. http://biglifejournal.com?aff=1186


17 Sep 2020

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Aaron Gordon's mom Shelly Davis Gordon & Elise Gordon

Court-side moms

Court-side Moms comes live from Centre Court at Amway Centre, home of the Orlando Magic.  Today, host Wendy Sparks interviews Shelly Davis Gordon, mother of the Magic’s Aaron Gordon, along with Aaron’s sister, Elise Gordon who plays the important role of his brand manager and agent. Hear Shelly share stories of her “ball obsessed” child and how Aaron’s determination, grit and passion for the game led him to the NBA.   Shelly and Elise talk about their experiences in the world of professional sports and the emotional roller coaster of the highs of draft night and lows of career threatening injuries and everything in between.  We explore what this has meant for them and how their desire to give back has led to the establishment of the Gordon Family Giving Foundation and Aaron’s ultimate desire to run his own school based on the LeBron James “I Can” Academy.  As his agent, Elise talks about the challenges in filtering out the negative distractions which come with the star power of being a professional athlete.  As his “groupie blocker” she sees herself as his number one protector.   Stay tuned for this “Magic” moment!


29 Oct 2019

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E2: Religion vs Spirituality; What’s the difference? with Shelly Davis

Embrace The Serpent with Elena Rose Davis

Shelly Davis grew up in a Jewish household in New York, he became a traveling hippy musician during the 60s and is now a musical director of a Unity church (alongside his beautiful wife, Sharon). He’s open-minded, inclusive, and super smart which is why I asked him to come sit and chat about a topic that can often lead to division. Questions around spirituality and religion have often come up for me when talking to my friends and students. It’s a good topic for debate and I thought there’s no one better to put it in a clear and still cosmic perspective than my very own dad, Shelly Davis.  Links: Shelly Davis https://sharonandshelly.com/?fbclid=IwAR2fcISjTdZnqI037yUfMfXH8YUgNt9WjkqYRU-JrihzFClKS_SOw5c6c0k Awakening Kundalini Bliss - FREE 21 Day Online Course https://elenarosedavis.com/awakening-kundalini-bliss-program-beginners/ @devielenarose https://elenarosedavis.com/ @peaceofmindsacredwellness https://denverpeaceofmindmassage.com/ Music - Edamame https://open.spotify.com/artist/5PFVryAyJqvirWkPBkwagn Edited by Bri Bird https://www.instagram.com/briasabird/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/embracetheserpent/support


27 Oct 2019

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Ep. 27: Shelly Davis on Supporting Parents with Practice

Beyond the Music Lesson

On this week's episode Christine & Abbey talk about ideas for keeping practice going over the holidays. Abbey shares a tip for a type of musical performance to look for in your area and Christine shares an idea for finding holiday tunes to try at home.  We have Shelly Davis of The Piano Parent Podcast on the podcast to talk about how podcasting has impacted her teaching, how she inspires her own students, and shares a great tip for how parents can connect to their children through music.  Show Notes:  Winter Break Bingo 8notes Beyond the Music Lesson on Stitcher MTNA website Texas Music Teacher's Association website Piano Parent Podcast website Piano Parent Podcast Episode 113 Piano Parent Podcast Episode 10 () Pianovember If you are enjoying the show, please leave us a rating or review on Apple Podcasts. This helps our show reach more people! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram


28 Nov 2018

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TTTV066: The Piano Parent Podcast with Shelly Davis

TopCast: The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

Thanks for reading TTTV066: The Piano Parent Podcast with Shelly Davis from Top Music Co. Shelly Davis has a mission. She wants to educate our piano parents so that everyone can get the most out of piano lessons. Even the non-musical families. With the Piano Parent Podcast, Shelly is giving parents the information they need to support their child’s musical education. But, why did she decide to take on this […] The post TTTV066: The Piano Parent Podcast with Shelly Davis appeared first on Top Music Co - Supporting Creative Music Teaching.


11 Nov 2016