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‘Gender Ideology’ Is a ‘Cultural Wreckingball’ Meant to Destroy Family and Tradition: Jay Richards


Gender ideology is a Marxist system meant to break children from families, and societies from traditions. This is according to Jay Richards, director of the Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family. We speak with Richards about how children are being turned against their own bodies, how legal action is possible against doctors carrying out transition surgeries, and how gender ideology is a tool in the communist playbook. ⭕️ Stay up-to-date with Josh with the Crossroads NEWSLETTER👉 https://ept.ms/CrossroadsNewsletter ⭕️ Support our fight for the truth👉 https://donorbox.org/crossroads


6 Oct 2022

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Jay Richards and Jamie Oyebode on Gen Z and the joy in simplicity

MediaCat Magazine Podcast

For this latest MediaCat Magazine podcast our Editor Mike Piggott spoke to Jay Richards, co-founder of Gen Z consultancy, Imagen Insights, and a LinkedIn Top Voice of 2022 — and Jamie Oyebode, Insight Manager at Sky Labs, Sky’s internal innovation area. Jamie is also co-founder of The Soulstice Collective, a purpose-driven events company which uses events for good. They discussed this month's theme of the joy in simplicity and discovering one's sense of self, and how that applies to them personally and professionally, and also how they see this applying to how Gen Z have evolved and changed over the last few years. They also get into the world of entertainment streaming and how that's likely to consolidate in the future, and Gen Z's behaviours in that regard, as well as music and events and how Gen Z want to connect and have simple life experiences, ones they've been denied during the pandemic. They also touch on the ways in which brands have been helping or hindering this process. Featured image: Mike Von / Unsplash

21 Jun 2022

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Identifying With Truth: A Response To Gender Ideology (with Dr. Jay Richards)

The Jacob Kersey Program

Gender ideology has spread to nearly every aspect of our lives—education, religion, government, even sports —and is undermining the biological reality of male and female. “Gender identity,” untethered from our bodies, is fast replacing this reality. On March 17 2022, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer named Lia Thomas, a biological male who competed from 2017-2019 on the University of Pennsylvania men’s swim team as Will Thomas, became the women’s NCAA champion for the 500-yard freestyle event. Will was an average swimmer—ranked No. 462 in the nation—until he decided he was actually a woman and took a few months of hormone suppressants to prove it. The biological women who have worked tirelessly for years to get to this point where they could compete for an NCAA championship title, were denied the opportunity when a male athlete decided to transition to a woman. Women and children are at risk to lose their safety, security, and equality due to the radical agenda of trans activists. Concerned Americans can’t stop praying and can’t stop being involved and educating themselves so they are best equipped to protect the biological reality of manhood and womanhood. Someone recently said it this way: Womanhood is not puberty blockers, lipstick, clothing, or surgery. It is a biological reality and should be protected, not redefined. The best women are not men. The best women are women. Dr. Jay Richards is Director of DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family and the William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow in Religious Liberty and Civil Society. He joins Jacob Kersey to respond to the most common arguments made by transgender activists. The Heritage Foundation believes that neither federal lawmakers nor courts should have the power to redefine what it is to be a man or a woman for all Americans.Learn more here:https://www.heritage.org/gender#The Daily Signal provides policy and political news as well as conservative commentary and policy analysis. Learn more here: https://www.dailysignal.com/daily-signal/


12 May 2022

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The importance of understanding how to communicate with Gen Z with Cat Agostinho & Jay Richards, Co-Founders of Imagen Insights

Word on the Street

On today’s episode of Word on the Street, Katie speaks to Co-Founders of Imagen Insights, Cat Agostinho & Jay Richards. Imagen insights enable agencies and brands to crowdsource qualitative and quantitative feedback, ideas and insights from a global Gen Z community within 72 hours, and have worked with brands such as PepsiCo, Sky, ITV, and Gymshark.Cat is an award-winning supporter and promoter of talent throughout her career, Cat’s mission is to continue to support young people and provide them with opportunities regardless of their background and that diversity goes beyond race and gender, it’s also about diversity in thought. Cat has co-created a business and a culture that champions inclusivity, and Imagen Insights adapts processes and methods to cater for languages, disabilities and social factors.Jay co-founded Imagen Insights to close the conversation gap between brands and young people. He now equips some of the biggest household names with brutally honest feedback from the Imagen Insights Gen Z community to help inform their successful marketing strategies. From a rebellious start while at school to now the Co-Founder of Imagen Insights, a Forbes 30under30 entrepreneur and Mediatel's Future Leader finalist of 2020.In this episode you will hear: What Gen Z are looking for from brands Gen Z trends for 2022Assumptions vs. the truth of the generationHow Gen Z differentiates from other generations Links & referencesKatie Street: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiestreet/ Cat Agostinho: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cat-agostinho/Jay Richards: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaykrichards/Our SponsorSeries 6 of Word on the Street is sponsored by Tanba, The Agency New Business Academy, is a brand-new initiative aimed at equipping agencies of all sizes with the knowledge, content, partnerships, and opportunities needed to accelerate agency growth by optimising their new business 'engine'. Tanba is an on-demand and affordable solution for agencies looking to upskill their team via training courses, content and insights delivered by our panel of industry experts, leaders, and partners.   The academy is all about empowering agency teams to get noticed, attract opportunities, increase conversion rates, and reduce the costs associated with the sales process. Visit https://tanba.io/ to find out more and start empowering your agency. 


28 Apr 2022

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FASTING | Summary of Eat, Fast, Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul by Dr. Jay Richards | Ep. 2

The Prodigal Catholic

For the YouTube video, click here. For the written summary, click here.


4 Apr 2022

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Life Made Better - 139. Give Gen Z A Voice With Jay Richards And Cat Aghostino

Life Made Better

Gen Z has been spoken about for quite a while, sometimes with a negative skew, when we came across Imagen Insights, Jay Richards and Cat Agostinho's amazing business, we were very excited to hear about all the work they do with this generation and how their creative zest is put to great use!Jay and Cat were an absolute pleasure to speak to and their passion for encouraging and empowering the next generation to shine bright and earn a living our of it is nothing short of inspiring! You can find out more about the work they do here:https://imageninsights.com/ https://imageninsights.com/brutally-honest-gen-z-report-for-2022 - a report they conducted with their community to give detailed insight into how Gen Z are viewing the year ahead!Socials are all @Imageninsights (Twitter, Instagram + LinkedIn)To connect with us: contact@wearepeac.comwww.wearepeac.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/yourbestlifebypeac


14 Feb 2022

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Episode 167: "The Great Reset" with Jay Richards and James Patrick

The Bill Walton Show

Unprecedented government measures to stop the spread of an unstoppable virus have morphed into mortal threats to our liberties and civil rights, not just here in the United States, but worldwide.  First we were told that lockdowns, masks, and social distancing stop the spread of the virus. Do these things and we would be safe. There’s no clear correlation between these measures and the spread of the virus. Then the CDC changed the definition of herd immunity on its website. They defined the concept to account for vaccines only, and erased the role of infections themselves. Winston Smith (1984) would understand. Now, it’s only vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports that will do the trick. Natural immunity doesn’t matter. Why? One big casualty of government responses to the coronavirus over the last two years is the loss of trust in our public health establishment.  Joining me to talk about this is James Patrick, documentary filmmaker, whose film Planet Lockdown is coming out January 15th, 2022 and Jay Richards, frequent guest, author of Price of Panic, who is now the William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow with the Heritage Foundation.  Our larger concern is the damage being done to our free speech and our freedom to have open debate about what works and what doesn’t. There are countless important questions we’re not allowed to discuss. We're not allowed to talk about Ivermectin. We’re not allowed to talk about whether the vaccines work, let alone whether they qualify as vaccines. We're not allowed to talk about the whether the pharmaceutical companies have an agenda.  This is forbidden speech that's being monitored and chilled by the public health agencies, the corporate media, and social media companies. The censorship is growing more extreme. James interviewed Howard Berger, who's the chief epidemiologist and medical authority of Austria. James posted the interview the social media, which took it down, citing “medical misinformation.” Are we to believe that YouTube censors know better than Austria’s chief epidemiologist? Where is this going? How does it end? Vaccine mandates seem eerily to recall why we have the Nuremberg Code. Vaccine passports could easily turn into a Chinese-like social credit system.  Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum has said the pandemic is an opportunity for “the great reset”—a restructuring of global capitalism for the 21st century. We need an open debate about whether this is the future we want. Jay Richards and James Patrick weigh in.


11 Jan 2022

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The Church’s COVID Response with Dr. Jay Richards

The Crisis Point

Dr. Jay Richards has been on the forefront examining the response to COVID-19. In this episode of Crisis Point, Dr. Richards analyzes the Catholic Church's response, and what we can learn for future events.Links:• The Price of Panic: https://www.regnery.com/9781684511419/the-price-of-panic/• Dr. Jay Richards on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrJayRichardsSupport the show (https://www.crisismagazine.com/support)


25 Jun 2021

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EP 557: On the Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Intermittent Fasting w/ Dr. Jay Richards

The Pat Flynn Show

Dr. Jay Richards returns to The Pat Flynn Show to discuss his recent book Eat, Fast, Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul - a Christian Guide to Fasting.


20 Jun 2021

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Episode 129: "Weighing the Cost of Panic" with Jay Richards and John Tamny

The Bill Walton Show

In this episode, Bill talks with Jay Richards and John Tamny about the Covid-19 pandemic and the trade-offs between freedom and government mandated “safety.” Should governments have simply provided people with information about risks and precautionary measures, or were the microscopic instructions, lockdowns and mask mandates necessary? At this point the answer seems pretty clear. “We're a full year into this and we've got a lot of empirical data,” Jay explains. “We have Florida and New York to compare, as well as other states, so it's not as if we're in a position where we don't really understand whether lockdowns worked. The most modest and moderate way of saying it is that the lockdowns seem to make no difference one way or the other.” Moreover, we’re now seeing the lockdown’s enormous human and social costs with most vulnerable groups in the US devastated by unscientific and ineffective policies. But even with the evidence before us, we’re now seeing the goal lines to end mandates continually moved outward to some distant time when we will all be “safe.” When do we get to the point when we can declare that - like all other viruses - we just have to learn to deal with its risks? Dr. Jay Richards is a professor at Catholic University, a senior fellow at Discovery Institute, the executive editor of The Stream and the author The Price of Panic. John Tamny is the economic guru for FreedomWorks, editor of RealClearMarkets and the author of When Politicians Panicked. Both John and Jay have penetrating observations about the ordeal we’ve all been through and what we can learn from it about balancing the risks in life.


9 May 2021