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"Build something you are passionate about because in a day there will be more reasons to not do it than to do it." - Lina Chan, CEO and Founder at Parla

Products by Women

Lina Chan is the CEO, Founder at Parla - An expert-led community changing the conversation around fertility. Parla was inspired by Lina’s experience with fertility. She always felt on the back foot. Like many women, Lina found it difficult to understand what was going on with her body, get trusted support, and take care of my emotional health. Parla means to speak, and we believe it’s time to make women’s health an ongoing informed conversation. We’re breaking taboos and making misinformation a thing of the past by creating a space that empowers women as they become the authority of their health, body and choices. In this episode, Lina talks to us about how: How Parla came into being Her experience with accelerators Tips on raising VC funding Challenges she’s faced along the way And more… We hope you enjoy this episode. We'd love to hear from you - so do drop us a line at info@productsbywomen.com Host: Naimeesha Murthy Editor: Stephan Cho


3 Aug 2020

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Lina Chan: We Should Celebrate Our Bodies

Period Story

On today's episode of Period Story podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Lina Chan, the founder and CEO of Adia, a digital health platform empowering women through their fertility journey. Lina shared her fertility journey which led to three children and two angel babies and said this is what inspired her to start her company. We discussed the story of Lina’s first period, with Lina explaining that because she comes from a conservative Asian family, nobody had talked to her about what to expect. She said found her period embarrassing and shocking, especially growing up in Brazil, where swim classes were held year round in school.Lina describes the life changing moment when she discovered how she could hide her period. She says now this is one of the taboos she aims to break down with her company, Adia. We had a very honest discussion about breaking down the taboo of discussing miscarriage. Lina says that women shouldn’t underestimate the impact that miscarriage can have emotionally and that it’s very important to talk about it and seek the support you think you need.Lina says that we should celebrate our bodies and I completely agree! Get in touch Tweet and IG: @periodstorypodEmail periodstorypod@gmail.comShow notes and transcripts can be found at http://www.periodstorypod.comGet in touch with Lina:Website: https://adiahealth.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adia_health/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/adiahealth/Twitter: https://twitter.com/adia_health See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Apr 2020

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Empowering Women through Fertility Femtech with Lina Chan

Speak From the Body

Lina spent most of her career working as a private equity investor in the UK. After experiencing pregnancy loss and difficulty conceiving, she realised the need to build more companies by women for women to help make health more proactive. She is now the founder CEO of Adia, a digital health platform empowering women through their fertility journey, and mother to three children and two angel babies. Lina worked in finance for over 10 years and was often the only woman on the team. She strived not to let gender be an issue Lina has grown up with strong role-models, including her mother and sister, who taught her independence and inner strength At 35, she tried to start a family and had a challenging time regarding pregnancy loss and difficulties conceiving, and she reflected on how often issues aren’t spoken about as they are taboo When someone is grieving, you need to sit with the pain and process it She realised there needs to be more women’s health services that build on a community and improve access to doctors and support. This idea gave rise to Adia Giving meaning to a painful experience helped to rationalise it and make something more positive out of it Nurturing a community and creating Tackling mental, emotional and physical health Educating women to enable them to be more proactive Making services more women-centric Dr Jessica Farren - study about miscarriage and PTSD - https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/01/200114224449.htm Silence around miscarriage - taboo Empowering and educating women to access the services they need and increasing accessibility  Tech helps to reduce barriers of time and money Tommy’s charity has been trying to reduce to 2 rather than 3 miscarriages before investigation The impact of the contraceptive pill and trying to prevent pregnancy More needs to be done to help working parents to have a family rather than ‘solutions’ such as egg freezing e.g. with flexible working, job sharing etc. Work-life balance and work-life goals Motherhood helps people to become efficient multi-tackers, which is effective in the work environment Working with HR to support women suffering with painful periods and the impact on work, and returning to work after loss Adia’s campaign in November to put a spotlight on the issues for men dealing with fertility challenges and miscarriage and an at-home sperm test. Adia’s co-founder and Lina’s husband Tyler spoke about his experiences, which prompted other men to share theirs  Mark Zuckerberg talked about how he and his wife experienced miscarriages The increase of women talking about their experiences e.g Serena Williams and her difficult birth and Michelle Obama having IVF  Learning to “sit with it” and feel our emotions, discomfort and pain It takes time to feel, so digital detoxes, connecting with the breath and movement are ways of being more conscious with the body We’ve come to stop trusting our intuition, but when you can sit with it, you can relearn trusting Lina trained to be a yoga teacher and it helped her to reconnect with herself after baby-loss Make space for a grieving friend to talk. Friends often come with a solution because they want to take the pain away, but not acknowledging the loss is painful in itself www.adiahealth.com Instagram @adia_health https://www.instagram.com/adia_health/?hl=en @linaychan https://www.instagram.com/linaychan/


12 Feb 2020

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Real Talk with Lina Chan

Real Talk with Nave

Nave spoke with Lina Chan, CEO and founder of Adia Health about fertility and how Adia is empowering people to understand their reproductive, nutritional and emotional health. Adia is a culmination of Lina's own fertility journey. It boasts some of the leading experts in the field and delivers a holistic and scientifically rigorous approach. Please be aware that still birth and miscarriage are spoken about in this episode.


8 Jan 2020

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Funding and Fertility - Lina Chan, Adia Health

Fundraising Stories with Female Founders

Lina worked in private equity before she started Adia. She soon realised that funding an early stage start-up is completely different to the world of private equity. From getting her foot in the door of a mission-driven accelerator, to hiring her first technology hire, Lina explains how the tables turned from a career in private equity to being the founder of a FemTech company. In this episode you’ll discover… How Lina shifted her mindset from being an Investor, to being a start-up Founder seeking investment - two very different things! That not every investor is the “right one” for you - and that’s okay How being kind to yourself and honest about what “fills your bucket” is even more important when fundraising For the full video interview, go to http://www.enterthearena.co.uk/Fundraising-Stories/


13 Sep 2019

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Episode 479: Lina Chan

Four Minutes with On The Dot


9 Sep 2019

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Lina Chan, full bladders and reflectiveness

Big Fat Negative: TTC, fertility, infertility and IVF

Hello! Are you a new listener? It might be a good idea to go back to the start of the podcast and listen from there. You'll get to know us better.Emma and Gabby are joined by Lina Chan to talk about her 'journey' and why she started fertility information service Adia. Professor Tim Child, medical director at Oxford Fertility, returns - this week to why you'll need a full bladder during embryo transfer.Some swears. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 May 2019

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Episode 175 with Lina Chan, CEO & founder of Adia Health

Tech Talks

Lina founded Adia Health to change to conversation around female reproductive health. Having struggled to start her own family, she took time to create a platform to help women become pregnant. Currently all education is aimed at preventing pregnancy, not giving women and families and support; Aida is a vital piece of femtech to improve education and understanding. Adia Health provide easy at-home fertility tests, a science based plan and access to leading experts.Then Jack is talking about new data legislation coming out of California, and Dave tries to convince Jack that talking about AWS is interesting.Whilst you’re here, vote for our Technology Personality of the Year! Details are here: https://app.hubspot.com/content-detail/4452630/landing-page/7063116024/performance


18 Feb 2019

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23: Lina Chan & Tyler Christie of Adia Health - Tech & Fertility

Impact Hustlers - Entrepreneurs with Social Impact

Lina Chan and Tyler Cristie are co-founders of Adia Health a startup that helps couples test their fertility. Adia’s mission is to empower women with knowledge and to change the approach to women’s reproductive health to one that is proactive, personalised and holistic.Highlights of the episode: How Lina and Tyler’s personal experience shaped their thinking around fertility * Changing the conversation around reproductive health * Importance of emotional and mental health when discussing fertility * Importance of creating a trusted environment for people to talk about fertility * How big is the problem of fertility and how they are solving this * Why fertility is as much a men’s issue * Empowering women to talk about fertility Creating a tech product in healthcare Time Stamp: [01:00] Founders who are couples and why Adia [03:35] Obstetrics today is very reactive [05:34] Michele Obama is speaking up [05:38] How does a home fertility test kit work? [08:13] Trend of watching your health from home? [10:48] Delivering quality healthcare lower cost with more accessiblity [13:08] Fertility is a journey [14:43] Fertility is equally a men 's issue  [18:19] Interventions for men are easier [19:39] From not knowing much about the topic to the launch of products [20:48] Is there a need to come up with new methods [23:23] Trust [24:02] Fertility is still taboo and nobody has a plan [26:47] Future of Adia Health Useful link:Adia Health - https://adiahealth.com/Lina Chan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-chan-b0a269127/Tyler Cristie - https://about.me/tylerchristie Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/impacthustlers)


8 Feb 2019