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Scaling a Successful DTC & Trades Business in a Competitive Market With Ian Leslie

The Ecommerce Opportunity by Chase Dimond

This episode features Ian Leslie.For those of you who don't already know Ian, he's the CMO of Industry West.In this episode, we talk through what Ian believes has allowed Industry West to succeed in such a competitive market.We talk through Industry West's marketing mix, the makeup of their team, tools they use, and so much more.Make sure to drop both Ian and myself a follow on Twitter:Ian's Twitter profile link: https://twitter.com/irleslieMy Twitter profile link: https://twitter.com/ecomchasedimond​


24 Apr 2021

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'Conflict Will Make You Happier' w/ Ian Leslie - #Ep43

Lifefulness: Live Life Fully

You need more conflict in your life. That's the position of Ian Leslie author of the book 'Conflicted: Why Arguments Are Tearing Us Apart and How They Can Bring Us Together'.Did you know marriages with more conflict last longer? Businesses with more conflict are more successful? Children who argue with their parents more are happier?The one caveat is that it has to be the right type of conflict. Ian is the perfect guide as he studies human behaviour then writes about about psychology, culture, technology and business for the New Statesman, the Economist, the Guardian and the Financial Times. His website is here: https://ian-leslie.com/Twitter here: https://twitter.com/mrianleslieYou can buy his book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Conflicted-Arguments-Tearing-Apart-Together/dp/0571346944 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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15 Apr 2021

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How Industry West is tackling both DTC and B2B to be an 8-figure company (with Ian Leslie, CMO of Industry West)

DTC POD: A Podcast for eCommerce and DTC Brands

“The more you’re able to provide DTC type tools on a B2B scale, you’ll be better off and have a leg up.” @irleslie #DTCPOD“Where we differentiate is a lot of small things that add up to people wanting to be a part of our brand.” @irleslie #DTCPOD“What makes us unique is that we really don’t have to segment by “office-desk chairs” because we’re not traditional office furniture.” @irleslie #DTCPOD“We never have a lack of data. I think what's tough for us is to really extrapolate what's the important data and what's the actionable data points.” @irleslie #DTCPOD“If you have good people and the position is not working, recognize if they bring value to the company, then figure out how to make it work in another position.”  @irleslie #DTCPODWe Speak About:[01:00] Ian introduces himself and Industry West[02:10] How Industry West became grew a DTC channel after focusing on B2B[04:06] B2B verticals versus eCommerce[06:00] How Industry West stands out with quality, curation, and sales support[08:00] Curating the catalog with the CEO for cool, cost-effective products[10:10] Importance of retaining acquired customers[12:20] Insight into traditional versus eCommerce sales cycles in the furniture industry[14:45] How Industry West targets customers online[18:00] The data, tools, and metrics used to track financials of advertising and sales[21:00] Value of having the right people and an eCommerce director[24:30] eCommerce tools that improve conversion rates[27:15] Future of Industry West and its growth[28:25] Where to find Industry West, Favor, and Ian Leslie onlineBringing a B2B furniture store to eCommerceIan Leslie, CMO of Industry West, joins the POD to share a little bit about the eCommerce furniture company’s growth and marketing strategies.Industry West is a furniture retailer with bold designs for modern living that started off on the B2B side. However, the founder and CEO saw the need for an eCommerce play in their industry. This allowed Industry West to connect directly and quickly with interior designers to support B2B furniture needs.Only five years ago, Industry West became more residential and consumer focused, which has heightened because of COVID.Ian recognizes that B2B is a legacy vertical overall, but doesn’t tend to be eCommerce friendly. If the verticals adapt well, companies that are able to provide DTC tools on a B2B scale will have a leg up.Industry West’s differentiation and eCommerce toolsIndustry West stands out, not only as an eCommerce furniture company but also due to its quality of products, customer experience, and curated catalog. The process of choosing products starts with the CEO and is then collaboratively developed with the product development team. This is how Industry West finds quality products that are cost-effective. These products are typically sold in the furniture industry’s vertical through emails and customer calls. Industry West receives a large percentage of their business this way, and Ian understands that this segment of the market will always exist.Nevertheless, Industry West has seen growth in online sales as a result of digital tools and website development. Three tools that Ian Leslie recommends to measure KPIs are Nosto for e-Commerce personalization, Magento for business intelligence, and Google Analytics to track daily website traffic. Stay tuned as Ian discusses how Industry West has grown in a traditional B2B space as a DTC eCommerce platform. If you’d like to learn more about Trend and our influencer marketing platform for influencers and brands visit trend.io. You can also follow us for tips on growing your following and running successful campaigns on Instagram and LinkedIn.Mentioned Links:Industry West’s website: https://www.industrywest.com/Favor’s website: https://infavorof.com/Ian Leslie’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/irleslie/


25 Mar 2021

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Andrew Doyle and Ian Leslie: How do we disagree?

The Book Club

The public conversation - especially on social media - is widely agreed to be of a dismally low quality. In this week’s Book Club podcast I’m joined by two people who have ideas about how we can make it better. Andrew Doyle’s new book is Free Speech: And Why It Matters; Ian Leslie’s is Conflicted: Why Arguments Are Tearing Us Apart And How They Can Bring Us Together. We talk free speech, tribalism, cancel culture - and how we can learn to disagree more productively.


3 Mar 2021

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Ian Leslie at Tuning In: Back to Business

The See Radio Differently Podcast

Renowned journalist and author Ian Leslie speaks at Tuning In: Back to Business about the role curiosity and conflict can play in boosting organisational performance.


16 Sep 2020

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Maintaining profits when the stores shut with Industry West CMO Ian Leslie

eCommerce MasterPlan

Ian Leslie is the CMO at US homewares brands Industry West and Favor. It all started with Industry West in 2010, and then Favor launched in 2019. Now the 2 sites typically grow at 25% per year with sales over $10m a year.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


7 Sep 2020

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Puzzles vs Misterios - Libro Curious de Ian Leslie

Elemental Podcast | Club de aprendizaje

Las personas que logran identificar que tienen algún vacío de información y necesitan encontrar la respuesta, son curiosas. En este episodio revisamos cuál es la intencionalidad detrás de esta característica, el cómo las personas curiosas solucionan los problemas y cómo se enfrentan a desafíos intelectuales. ¿Quieres ayudarnos?, ¿Quieres donar? Ingresa a https://www.patreon.com/elementalpodcast |Nuestra página|: http://www.elementalpodcast.cl/|Twitter|: https://twitter.com/elementalpodcas (@elementalpodcas)|Facebook|: https://www.facebook.com/ElementalPodcast/|Instagram|: https://www.instagram.com/elementalpodcast/|Youtube|: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzbMsT2QA6TTaYrzLr6t1AQ |Subscríbete en Spotify|: https://buff.ly/2x0X8KA|Subscríbete en iTunes|: https://buff.ly/2BKkvgf|Subscríbete en Stitcher|: https://buff.ly/2GYSu5H|Subscríbete en Podbean|: https://buff.ly/2H0Uw5p|Subscríbete en GooglePodcast|: https://buff.ly/2GIzUj2Links y notas del Show: Curiosidad de Ian Leslie: https://youtu.be/NFMzBEZA6YA Pedro García-Huidobro (@pedroghg) y Santiago Allamand (@stgoallamand) discuten sobre distintos libros todas las semanas.  Agradecimientos especiales a:|Redes y Comunicaciones|: Rosario del Valle|Música Intro|: Osvaldo Guzmán|Sonidos Adicionales|: Osvaldo Guzmán |Musica Cierre|: ”Rollin at 5" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


4 Aug 2020

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Personalization is a plus in a pandemic: Ian Leslie, CMO of Industry West

Retention Masterclass

How do you get people to spend $3,000 online for a sofa they’ve never couchsurfed? And how do you increase sales while decreasing cost of customer acquisition? In this episode of Retention Masterclass Peggy Ann Salz and John Koetsier chat with Ian Leslie, CMO at Industry West. Industry West supplies modern furniture to the likes of Facebook, Airbnb, and Google ... and you! The company has seen consistent 25-30% growth over the past few years, and AOV for repeat visitors is massive. In a pandemic, their online-first retail sales approach is working better than ever. How? Personalization leading to retention.


28 May 2020

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The Skill Set of the Modern CMO (w/ Ian Leslie, Industry West)

Future Commerce Podcast: eCommerce, DTC and Retail Strategy

This week, Phillip talks with Ian Leslie, CMO at Industry West on topics that every CMO needs to know. Show Notes: Main Takeaways: Ian Leslie, the Chief Marketing Officer at Industry West, joins in on today's episode. The modern CMO goes beyond just driving awareness for your brand and relies on your knowledge of the tech stack and how to leverage that tech stack to reach customers that you need. Ian gives some insider perspectives on what is working and not working when it comes to marketing for a successful ecommerce brand. How can you best arm yourself to be a successful marketer in a world that is oversaturated with content and noise? What's the Story?: Some Background on Industry West: Industry West is an eCommerce furniture company that has been around for about ten years and was founded by Jordan England and Anne England. Jordan and Anne were looking for chairs for their house and went straight to the manufacturer, where they had the idea to sell those products to consumers. Ten years later, Industry West has furnished many spaces owned by name brands, and you have probably sat on Industry West furniture without knowing it. Ian has been with Industry West for about five years now. The Nuts and Bolts: What's Inside Industry West's, Tech Stack?: Industry West is running Magento 2.3, which is tied into Netsuite that pulls order in real-time into Magento. Salesforce is being added to the sales team very soon. On the eCommerce side, Industry West uses Nosto for personalization, onsite search functionality with Klaviyo, dotdigital for journey building and consumer-side email, ShipperHQ, and TaxJar. Now that they are breaking into brick and mortar, Industry West is using ebizmarts for its POS (which is just a skin for a Magento store). The Modern CMO: How Times Have Changed: Ten years ago, CMOS did not have an in-depth knowledge of their tech stacks that is required to be successful in our current climate. For someone who was raised as a digital native, technology has become engrained in the language of an omnichannel marketer. Being on the ground with technology and genuinely understanding the functionality behind it is critical in knowing how to implement that technology best. How can you get to know your tech stack better? The Trade Market: Acquiring Brands as Customers: The trade market uses a lot of the same digital platforms that are on the B2C side of the business. Primarily, trade customers shop as if they are a regular consumer and have a lot of the same questions regarding the products. Once the trade customer is acquired, the focus shifts to the retention of that client and getting the buyer to purchase for additional clients or locations. The trade market is still an old-school industry when it comes to the tech stack, and there are emerging companies that are serving this vertical. New Ventures: InFavorOf.com: Industry West just launched a new venture called Favor. Two holiday seasons ago, Industry West noticed a massive uptick in the interest of homewares, so they created Favor to serve this interest. Favor is a different aesthetic than Industry West and focuses on an altruistic effort of working with real people who work with textiles. When you are very broad in category, you begin to lose the nice that initially made you stand out, so branching off into a sister company could alleviate that dilution. What Works and What Doesn't: An Insider's Perspective: Industry West has seen significant wins with personalization regarding what is being recommended to customers to changing the homepage depending on the buyer. One to one chat has also proved exceptionally fruitful, and people that chat with a rep online are much more likely to place an order. There have been some large one-off buys with larger publications that have not proven to be an effective use of funds. What are some efforts that have proved lucrative to your brand, and why do you think they worked? The Industry West Outlook on 2020: Projected Wins and Potential Battles: Industry West is growing quickly but is still entrepreneurial and has a consistent forward push across all employees of the company regardless of position. The ability of the founder to source products and getting designers to want to work with Industry West is another great strength of the company. A weakness (but more so an opportunity) is that Industry West is entirely bootstrapped, so everything goes back into the company, which is a fantastic opportunity to not answer to any investors granting a nimble and agile ability to adapt to change. Industry West is profitable, and a lot of the unicorns that have received tons of venture capital will prove not to be profitable. A Potential Economic Slowdown: Are You Prepared?: Is Industry West prepared for a potential economic slowdown within the next 18 months? Industry West as begun accounting for tariffs by swallowing the costs on some of the pricing. There is always a swing in the economy during an election year, and Industry West keeps tabs on loan rates and interest rates. They are so fluid in how they operate at Industry West, but that doesn't mean that they aren't worried about the potential repercussions on an economic shift. The Next Five Years: What Does the Future Hold for Industry West?: Strategic growth for both brick and mortar and online business are consistently on the horizon and part of the strategy for Industry West. For the first time, they are beginning to understand the levers and seeing particular outcomes for actions taken. Brick and mortar expansion is a goal, and they are looking at presence in Los Angeles within the next few years. Everything that comes in for business is primarily inbound, and Industry West is going to start exploring trade shows as a potential method of acquisition. The Future Commerce Wrap Up: From Chipotle Child Slaves to Exciting Newsletters: Chipotle was fined $1.4 million in a recent child labor case for having dozens of 16 and 17-year-old employees work for longer than 9 hours a day and more than 48 hours per week. Brian and Phillip think that there will be much more third party validation so that consumers can see what is going on at chains like this in regards to their labor force. Phillip is consistently impressed by a weekly newsletter from Sari Azout called Check Your Pulse, a tech and startups newsletter designed to make you feel human. If you're not subscribed yet to the Future Commerce Insiders Newsletter, then you should do that right now! Brands Mentioned in this Episode: Industry West Netsuite Magento Nosto Klaviyo dotdigital ShipperHQ TaxJar ebizmarts Favor As always: We want to hear what our listeners think! As a marketer, how can you arm yourself with knowledge of your tech stack to take your business to the next level? Let us know in the content section on Futurecommerce.fm, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. Have any questions or comments about the show? You can reach out to us at info@futurecommerce.fm or any of our social channels; we love hearing from our listeners! Retail Tech is moving fast, but Future Commerce is moving faster.

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31 Jan 2020

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#17: Advertising & Branding in the 21st century by Ian Leslie, Author

The Family

ABOUT THE EPISODE: Businesses depend more and more on the multitude of consumers they address. They MUST build great products, and ads can’t cover up as much as they used to. Take Tesla: Lots of trendy & successful companies aren’t using any traditional advertising.  Advertising is becoming more of a business and less of an industry.  It’s now the playing field of people driven by efficiency, not just creativity. Consumers are seeing images made just for them, based on their data and precise targeting. But targeting narrows perspectives, it takes away shared stories, and doesn’t expose companies to mass markets. And critically, it leaves the door open to messages optimized for interactions, where extreme content rises to the top. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Ian Leslie worked for many years as a strategist in advertising agencies before starting a career as an author & journalist. In the past several years, he’s written two super successful books: Curious and Born Liars. Advertising & branding have no secrets for him: How the advertising world is evolving; how one must think about advertising for their own startup in this new age; how does this new world impact the work entrepreneurs do on branding? *** Learn more about The Family and apply to join us here: thefamily.co Check out the video of the talk here: Is Don Draper Dead? Advertising & Branding in the 21st century with Ian Leslie Check out other videos on our Youtube channel: Startupfood  Check out our events here: The Family Events We also write amazing articles: Medium


24 Oct 2019