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Episode 30: How to stop living a life deferred, with Dr Shoshana Garfield

Enough, the podcast

Trigger Warning: This episode makes reference to severe childhood trauma Perfectionism is a typical addiction pattern, says today’s guest, Dr Shoshana Garfield. The pattern goes like this: If I can just do or get (fill in the blank with your chosen item or accomplishment), THEN I’ll be happy. Or at least less unhappy. The tragedy is that the fix, once achieved, never truly satisfies. It’s a moving target. Sound familiar? In this episode, you’ll learn how to start extricating yourself from the addiction pattern that’s obscuring your wholeness and magnificence underneath. Learn how Shoshana recovered from the four addictions that developed on the back of her childhood trauma. Understand the difference between buying items from a place of perfectionism vs from a healthy place of enjoyment. Learn a powerful practice to bring you back to wholeness in this moment. Moving and highly practical. Join us! Dr Shoshana Garfield’s website: https://shoshanagarfield.com Mandy’s microblog, The Juice: https://mandylehto.com/subscribe/ Mandy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandylehto/


10 Mar 2022

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#160: STRENGTH: Creating Success From It All - Dr Shoshana Garfield

School for Mothers Podcast

How do we not let past trauma define us? Join me, as Dr. Shoshana Garfield shares how to convert pain (anything uncomfortable and more) in our goosebump inducing, life-changing conversation. As she says we are each dealt a stack of cards and we play them - hers included being SOLD as a 4 year to sadists to support her mother’s drug addiction. Hear how Shoshana played her cards, and thrives. Read the full show notes over on our website School for Mothers Website ●  School For Mothers Private Facebook Group ● School for Mothers Instagram


26 Jan 2022

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Pod #97: Dealing With Misperceptions That Can Hinder The Healing Process w/ Dr. Shoshana Garfield, PhD

Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT

One of the biggest struggles we have in doing any sort of transformational work is the fact that it is possible for us to NOT see the issue at hand clearly. We are shaped by our experience, our training, our biases, the stories we tell about ourselves, and what we hope is true. Because of this, even with the intention to do healing work, we can end up going down a path that is not fruitful. The problem with these misperceptions is that it is nearly impossible know when this is the case and if we need to change course in our approach. In this interview I talk with Dr. Shoshana Garfield about how to deal with misperceptions about our issues, ourselves, and the world. Based on her own life experiences and over 20 years of working with severe trauma, Shoshana talks about ways we can see ourselves and our world more clearly to help us to move forward. (We even do a little tapping for it!)


23 Jan 2013