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DLG229 Kevin Allison creator of RISK! is so innately real.

Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t

I had a blast with Kevin Allison in this session. At over a million downloads a month, live shows all over the country, a book and more-RISK! is described as, "a hit podcast where people tell true stories they never thought they'd dare to share." Listen to any episode and you will see what we're saying! It's sooooo exceptional.Kevin is a professional sharer, so he didn't hold back with Dr. Lisa. He talks about his gay group therapy that shrinks kept quitting, his current shrink, what he's really like vs. the onstage version of Kevin, some of his dating experiences, how relationships with his fellow members of "The State" developed throughout the show, and how there will never be enough downloads to make him happy.


10 Jun 2021

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Ep. 62: Kevin Allison & Pandemic Storytelling

Bleav in The Comedy Bureau Field Report

Kevin Allison, founder of the nationally beloved storytelling institution RISK! and member of legendary sketch group The State, joins TCB's Jake Kroeger to give a bit of a state-of-the-nation breakdown of what the storytelling scene/art form has gone through during the pandemic. As you might imagine, folks have gone through so much and are still, largely, processing what has happened/is happening still.RISK! thankfully evolved into a recurring virtual show and survived through 2020 and 2021 and is now set to return to in-person events (where the intimacy and vulnerability of storytelling is best featured). Also "hot" takes on Comedy Dynamics x Tribeca Film Festival's slate of comedy specials and John Oliver's latest 'gonzo comedy' pranks.Follow Kevin @thekevinallison on Twitter and RISK @riskshow on Twitter and IG. Tickets for upcoming RISK! shows including 6/17 @ Caveat in NYC can be purchased at risk-show.com/tour. Listen to RISK! wherever you get your podcasts.The Comedy Bureau @thecomedybureau across platforms and please, please support TCB via GoFundMe, Patreon, or on Venmo (@jakekroeger).Produced by Jake KroegerMusic by Brian GranilloArtwork by Andrew Delman and KTSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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2 Jun 2021

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Hacker Valley Blue S2 Episode 7 - Kevin Allison

Hacker Valley Studio

In this masterclass of HVB season 2 we brought in a master story teller in Kevin Allison. The biggest thing is to get a person to understand, don't just summarize, don't just walk us through a Wikipedia like where you're just giving us a broad overview. And you're explaining; it’s important to remember sensory details that will help us see almost like movie scenes, what was happening between people. That is what brings the story alive. So that's a good case right there where the bones of the story were incredible. Like that's just on paper and an incredible overview of a story, but it's not going to work unless you can fill in all those sensory details that bring it alive and make it emotional for us. Storytelling is a soft skill that offers the ability to contextualize cybersecurity in a manner that any organization can understand to allow their business to stay safe. Key Takeaways: 0:00 Previously on the show 2:37 Kevin introduction 3:20 Episode begins 3:39 Where Kevin is today 7:58 Kevin’s origin story 12:04 Cybersecurity is performing 17:08 Storytelling for business 21:00 Engineering a story 26:12 Authentic storytelling 34:54 Speaking isn’t perfect 41:02 Where to find Kevin The Story Studio RISK!: True Stories People Never Thought They’d Dare To Share RISK! Podcast Twitter Facebook Instagram Risk Show Podcast Learn more about Hacker Valley Studio Support Hacker Valley Studio on Patreon Follow Hacker Valley Studio on Twitter Follow Ron Eddings on Twitter Follow Chris Cochran on Twitter Sponsored by Axonius


18 May 2021

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3396: Keith’s Birthday Spectacular 2021 w/ Newsy, Calvin Cato, Myka Fox, Christian Finnegan, Ophira Eisenberg, and Kevin Allison

Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

Some of your favorite KATG guests join KATG to celebrate Keith’s big day. Keith and Chemda discuss Bernie Madoff’s passing and then the party begins: BBC’s diversity chief says Idris Elba’s Luther character isn’t black enough to be real, Ophira passes her American Civics Test to become a citizen, and Keith’s dad sent Keith homemade birthday and Easter cards. #AssMartinis #StarlightExpress #DOGE #happyholidays

1hr 9mins

15 Apr 2021

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Episode 203: Kevin Allison

The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour (Formerly known as Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident and The Goddamn Dave Hill Show on WFMU)

Pull yourself together and get ready for a classic episode of The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour as Dave, Dez, and Chris speak with Kevin Allison from the State and RISK! about all things kinky, and then take a legendary phone call from Jimmy from Kearny. Recorded live January 11, 2021.RISK!'s next livestream is tonight, January 15 @ 9:30pm EST! Tickets are $15.Listen to RISK! wherever you get your podcasts.Follow Kevin Allison on Twitter.Watch The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour  every Monday at 8pm EST, now exclusively on YouTube!Support this show by becoming a Maximum Fun member!Buy Painted Doll's new record How To Draw Fire from Tee Pee Records today!Purchase Witch Taint’s new album Sons of Midwestern Darkness  immediately.Dave’s new stand up album The Pride of Cleveland  is out now on 800 Pound Gorilla Records! Buy it or Dave will stab you.Watch the music video for “Death To Death Metal” on YouTube or Dave’s feelings will be hurt.Follow Dave on Instagram (@mrdavehill), Dez on Twitter (@shouthouseradio) and Chris on Twitter (@csgersbeck). Dave is banned from Twitter.Buy Dave’s incredible new book Parking The MooseJoin our incredible weekly newsletter. This is basically the greatest newsletter you’ll ever sign up for.Chat with listeners at Dave Hill’s Facebooking Incident. Everyone is making out here and stuff. It rules.Please listen to our other podcast Dave Hill: History Fluffer. It’s totally different from this one and it smells great.Also please listen to our other other podcast So… You’re Canadian with Dave Hill on the Maximum Fun Network.

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15 Jan 2021

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PMP#70: RISKy Confessional Comedy w/ Kevin Allison

Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast

Kevin (The State, RISK!) joins Mark, Erica, and Brian to talk about his telling/curation/coaching of confessional stories. Do they have to be funny? True? How does this form relate to essays a la David Sedaris? How personal is too personal (or indicative of PTSD or something)? What's the role of craft in this most populist endeavor? Listen at risk-show.com. For more, visit prettymuchpop.com. Hear bonus content for this episode at patreon.com/prettymuchpop.


24 Nov 2020

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3347: Dirty Frank w/ Kevin Allison

Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

COVID-19 Verzuz America feat. Gucci Mane and Jeezy; President Trump’s lawyer Bat Boy Rudy Giuliani; anti-mask violence; California’s new curfew; COVID cruises; Tyson Foods wagered money on how many workers would die in their pork processing plant from the coronavirus; the 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree; Pope Francis likes sexy Instagram bikini model’s school girl outfit; 1/4th of U.S. women don’t know where their vagina is; a cat translator app

1hr 7mins

20 Nov 2020

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RISKing It All in Your Story with Kevin Allison

The Storytelling Lab

On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain features none other than Kevin Allison - storyteller, comedian, teacher, author, and host of the widely popular show, RISK! Rain and Kevin break the norm with their conversation about Kevin's life experiences and his advice on how to connect with all types of people, offering you something truly raw, risky, and real this week. This episode is perfect for anyone thinking about taking a more daring approach to their storytelling style and seeking inspiration on how to navigate that path. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


22 Oct 2020

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565 - The Great Dictator (1940) with Kevin Allison of Risk! and The State

Random Acts of Cinema

This week we are joined by special-guest Kevin Allison (of Risk! The Podcast and The State) to talk about a powerful and hilarious film: Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. So, you know when fed-up people call fascists on their practices and they respond by saying they aren’t “technically” fascists?  So then they are pressured to walk back their language a little bit and the criticism gets all muddied on a point of semantics based on strict political definitions?  Like when a leader who clearly would have been pretty cool with Nazi tactics and ideology gets all butt-hurt because his political party is technically called something else?  So, fearing a populist backlash, studio films tend to hold back on that metaphor, coming at the subject from a more oblique angle? You know who didn’t placate to these pressures and just made a movie about Nazis and how much they sucked?  Who didn’t pull a single punch and made out Hitler and his cronies to be petulant, childish, narcissistic, and still incredibly dangerous?  The Little Tramp himself: Charlie Chaplin. If you’d like to watch ahead for next week’s film, we will be watching Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) with special guests Briana McZant and Maddy McZant of Chapter One: Take Two.

1hr 17mins

8 Jun 2020

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Ep 21. Shake Your Branches : Kevin Allison

Only in New York

Kevin Allison joins Chemda, Andrea and Tracey for this week's episode of Only in New York. He sheds light on what it's like to be a daddy in a twink's body, the secret nightlife in Central Park and what to do when Kevin Spacey ties up your roommate.  Guest @thekevinallison Hosts Tracey Carnazzo @trixietuzzini Andrea Allan @andreacomedy69 Chemda @chemdakatg

1hr 11mins

27 May 2020