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070: How To Reach Complete Dental Freedom w/ Dr. Brady Frank

Dental Student Vibes

On this episode of The Dental Student Vibes Podcast, Seth, Cole and Matt sit down with Dr. Brady Frank. Dr. Frank is an international clinical and business lecturer, an inventor, and founder of multiple companies in the dental space. Since graduating from the Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2001, he has owned multiple private dentist-owned dental support organizations (DDSOs). He is a founding member of the DDSO Alliance. Today he sits down with the Vibe Tribe to discuss finding your passion in dentistry to achieve complete dental freedom. Tune in for this extremely high yield episode to enhance your career and reach that top 1%. Please excuse some of the audio, Dr. Frank was kind enough to sit down with us during his vacation in the mountains. Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your podcast platform, we always read your feedback! Awesome merchandise & cool gifts: VIBES SHOP Be sure to check out our new Amazon E-Book:7 Hacks to Boost Your Dental School Application!  Youtube:Dental Student Vibes Instagram:@dental.student.vibes Facebook:Dental Student Vibes Twitter:@DSVpodcast Website: https://dentalstudentvibes.com


29 Jul 2020

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6. How To Grow Your Practice During Economic Turmoil with Brady Frank

The Practice X-Factor

In this episode, Dr. Williams interviews implant pioneer Dr. Brady Frank to discuss how dentists can thrive with the large number of retiring private practices for sale, and how to prosper in a down economy. They share how they both help other dentists with the Implant Institute. Get a copy of Dr. Frank’s new book at DDSOstrategiesbook.com.


20 Jul 2020

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Investing in Dentistry to achieve your FREEDOM with Brady Frank

The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Investing in the stock markets can be tricky. We always hear, "stay in your lane". We know dentistry, we should be investing in what we know! In this episode, Dr. Frank and Dr. Etch discuss how this is done and how to start.  ----------------------------------- If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, Dental Business Training by Dr. Paul Etchison can be found at Dental Business Mentor. For more Dental Business Content Check out www.DentalPracticeHeroes.com Subscribe You can subscribe to the Dental Practice Heroes Podcast on Itunes,  Stitcher, Spotify, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and Pocket Casts


18 May 2020

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Ep #275: Dr. Brady Frank - 5 Recession Rebound Strategies

The Dentist Freedom Blueprint

A lot of people are suffering and dealing with mental anguish as they try to figure out what to do during this pandemic and economic crisis. All levels of the spectrum and people from all walks of life are affected right now, and guidance is needed more than ever. So today, my great friend, Dr. Brady Frank, joins the show to discuss strategies that will help you and your practice rebound from a recession. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3bW7P3D


8 May 2020

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Selling Your Practice Book Interview - Dr. Brady Frank

DPI Media | 2021

Behind the Scenes Book Interview - Dr. Brady Frank


19 Jan 2020

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Episode 31: Dr. Brady Frank – The DDSO Alliance

The Nifty Thrifty Dentists

Dr. Brady Frank is a practicing Dentist, best selling author, speaker, dental coach and the creator of the DDSO Alliance. Dr. Frank is well known as a leader and innovator in the Dental Industry. Having previously founded the Osteoready Implant company, he is now focused on creating a “Dentist Driven” DSO model. Brady joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from challenging his sons in basketball to the importance of keeping the idea of “Dentist owned” Dental practices alive. Notes of Interest *Dr Brady Frank- is the founder of Osteoready Implants, a well-known clinician, and practice transition specialist. *What is a DDSO Alliance?- Dentist owned DSO *Dr. Frank has a passion for helping young dentists become owners through many different avenues. *He is the former owner of Osteoready implants *What is the purpose of a DDSO?- Gaining corporate level advantages while being a private practice to improve dentistry *By gaining better entrepreneurial skills, we can create more dentist owners *What’s a pod? A small group of practices that join together *Offering long-term equity to an associate/ part owner creates longevity in the practice *There are lots of advantages to creating a work life balance by being part of a pod *First step to starting a DDSO- education using free resources (DDSOalliance.com, DDSOblueprint.com, DDSOfunnels.com) *Online community adds another level of support *Dr. Anh Le (Dr. Vinh Nguyen’s partner) drops in to talk about his experience with DDSO Alliance Links The DDSO Alliance – http://theddsoalliance.com/bfc-client-use-blueprint-funnel21122062 DDSO Blueprint – http://ddsoblueprint.com/ddso-blueprint-process1


17 Jan 2019

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115 - How to Add Multiple Doctors, Locations and Streams of Income with Dr. Brady Frank

The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast

I’m excited to introduce you to my special guest for this podcast episode, Dr. Brady Frank. Brady has owned and managed multiple practices over the last decade, and so I wanted to invite him onto the show to talk about his experience with managing multiple doctors, locations and streams of income. Brady is a highly sought-after speaker and Continuing Education trainer. He has addressed thousands of dentists at popular seminars across the country including Excellence in Dentistry, Phasing-Out Seminars (including over 20 presentations) and Schein/Camlog Seminars. Brady’s main topics of focus in his seminars include Implantology, Dental Transitions, and Entrepreneurial Satellite Practice Ownership. We discussed: Brady’s journey through dental school and how an injury to his wrist jeopardised his career as a dentist so instead of practicing dentistry, he became a practice owner and bought 12 practices in just seven years How to develop multiple streams of income and achieve financial abundance and security What to expect when you go to a financial planner The importance of finding your passion and creating income through that passion The ability to take an old dental practice and transform it into something special Cash Flow Theory Vs Accumulation Theory – how to turn your equity into cash flow The steps you can take to accumulate multiple practices and receive a steady cash flow Using DDSO to help you purchase your first dental practice Brady’s book, “Transition Time” and how you can use it to help develop your own personalized strategy to build and grow your practice (or multiple practices) Special components needed to scale your practice and using the DDSO Blueprint Process to learn how you can continue investing in dentistry How to convert equity into cash using the “equity harvesting” technique Why you should think about adding another owner and “sharing the wealth” The principles of adding value to a practice Why marketing is the BEST investment a dentist can make How to take “good debt” and use it to pay off your “bad debt” The benefits of co-ownership and deciding whether or not this is a viable option for you If you would like to find out more about Brady or the DDSO Mentorship Program, you can visit the website to sign-up and download his book.You can also read Dr. Brady Frank’s 3-part article series on dental economics entitled The DDSO Series here.  For more information on this episode and many more, click here.


28 Jun 2018

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1021 A Model for Success with Brady Frank, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dr. Frank is an international clinical and business lecturer, inventor, and founder of multiple companies in the dental space.  He has owned multiple private dentist-owned groups (DDSOs) since 2001 when he graduated from Marquette Dental School.  He is a founding member of the DDSO Alliance. Text "freebook" to 31996 for a FREE copy of “Transition Time”   See Howard speak at DDSO Live at the Phoenician Scottsdale Resort on June 23rd, 2018. Townies are offered a VIP rate of $897. For more information visit ddsolive.com/scottsdale

1hr 5mins

16 May 2018

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Ep #154: Dr. Brady Frank - Multiply Your Net Worth and Cash Flow Through Multiple Ownership and Real Estate

The Dentist Freedom Blueprint

Today’s guest is a third generation dentist who has been practicing for over 15 years. Since 2001, Dr. Brady Frank has been a top leader in many different areas of the dental industry, notably paving his own path with his use of “patient-friendly” implant procedures and his ability to provide affordability for patients with lower-priced implants. In this episode, he shares the benefits of multiple ownership, how he avoided depending on private equity to purchase practices, and steps we can all follow to create multiple streams of income. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: http://bit.ly/2Gf3wkv 


2 Feb 2018

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49: DSO's for Solo Practitioners Create Huge Negotiating Leverage with Dr. Brady Frank

The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

Dr. Brady Frank is a fan favorite! He is an international lecturer who focuses on implant placement and transitions. He operates a successful practice in Medford Oregon and has a following of over 1000 practitioners who seek his advice on both placement of implants and dental transitions. His latest project has been finding ways to legally leverage strength in numbers to allow solo practitioners to fairly compete against corporate DSO's. He introduces a DSO concept for solo practitioners that allow the "small guys" to obtain the same negotiating leverage inherent with large DSO's. The main objective in creating a DSO model for solo practitioners is to alleviate the stress of running and operating a dental practice to allow dentists to focus on what they love most, dentistry. To learn more about Dr. Frank’s lectures and material visit his website: osteaready.com. To contact Dr. Frank directly email him at bradyfrank74@gmail.com. To contact our hosts, Jordon or Ben, email help@veritasdentalresources.com.


14 Sep 2017