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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ally McLean. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ally McLean, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ally McLean. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ally McLean, often where they are interviewed.

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One HEAT Minute: Episode #56 - Ally McLean

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It's the 56th minute of ONE HEAT MINUTE, the podcast examining Michael Mann's 1995 crime opus HEAT minute by minute (56:00-57:00). Host Blake Howard is joined by former gamerunner on Rumu, Product Director @ 3RD Sense and legendary cosplayer Ally McLean. Blake and Ally talk about how she told her Dad she was going to be on the show, the power of Ashley Judd NOT making eye contact and Vincent and his team looking at Neil's crew - their prey - through a cage. 

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Jun 05 2018 · 42mins
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Ally McLean

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No doubt you've come across Ally McLean at some point. Formally known by her cosplay alias Eve Beauregard, Ally has moved into creating games for education, medicine, and entertainment.

A writer, producer, and technology advocate, Ally is also the creator of The Working Lunch: a mentorship program for women in games.
May 13 2018 · 19mins

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Ally McLean (RUMU) & The Working Lunch mentoring program

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We're joined by Ally McLean this week, and she's a Gamerunner at Robot House, the studio behind RUMU, a game that features a sentient robot vacuum cleaner with plenty of love and emotion. We spoke what inspired the game and influenced its design, as well as games that respect your time, and the giving your robot a hug.

We also got the chance to speak to Ally about about a new program called "The Working Lunch" which aims at mentoring and supporting women in the Australian games industry with skilled mentors the help their career development and open new doors. If you're interested in being involved make sure you follow Working Lunch on Twitter to keep up to date.

You can find us on social media, Discord, TwitterFacebookInstagramTwitchYouTube and Steam. Just search for "pixelsift"

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Mar 02 2018 · 32mins

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Ally McLean (Eve Beauregard)

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Ally is a Producer at Plastic Wax and Hammerfall Publishing, as well as the owner of her cosplay alter-ego brand, Eve Beauregard.

Previously the Marketing & Brand Manager for Living Dead Clothing, she has also worked in a professional promotional capacity for Blizzard, Microsoft, and Hi-Rez Studios, and also curates the indie game developers that exhibit at pop culture event Haven.

She worked as a consultant at CD Projekt Red, where she officially cosplayed as Yennefer of Vengerberg from the Witcher III.

May 23 2016 · 1hr
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Episode 9 - Ally McLean at flanker

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We're back to usual this week, discussing a crushing win over Glasgow Hawks, the World Cup final, and whether Gala can win the league.
Oct 26 2011 ·
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Episode # 15 - Ally McLean & Conor Costigan

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This week we look at the possibility of introducing summer rugby and look ahead to Boroughmuir's game with Melrose on Sunday.

You can download the podcast via iTunes, or by clicking here.
Dec 12 2008 ·