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Season 2 - Episode 29 - Rob Mount - Drummer - Ex-Lou Gramm

Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden

Non-Stop Rock Talk is happy to welcome drummer Rob Mount who formerly played with Foreigner singer Lou Gramm. Rob and Tyson go in depth into Rob's illustrious career playing in and out of various bands. For the first time on the show, the two actually get into a conversation about the James Bond franchise. No it's not all rock talk sometimes, but somehow the two manage to bring the conversation back to music in the end! Sit back, stay safe and enjoy!!!

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7 Mar 2021

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Industry 45 Quick Spin feat. Rob Mount- Drummer Lou Gramm Band | FULL

Giant TV's Industry 45 Quick Spin

 Lou Gramm became one of the most successful rock vocalists of the late 1970s and 1980s. Foreigner's first eight singles cracked the Billboard Top 20, making them the first band since The Beatles to achieve this milestone. Lou released two solo Albums in in 1987 and 1989. Drummer Rob Mount has played and toured with Lou playing all the Foreigner and Solo Hits.On this Episode of the Industry 45 Podcast I talk with Rob "TOM" Mount about his days with Lou, playing drums in Scrap Metal (an all star band founded by the Nelson brothers and includes artists from Boston, Mr. Big, Vixen, Slaughter to name but a few) Of Course we talk DRUMS, Cymbals, Set-up, touring and stories about the road. Rob fills you In on his fav drummers of all time and we talk about LIVE Music in 2021 and what that looks like ! https://robmount.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0VvVVxoNNk (Boston's More Than a Feeling with Scap Metal)


2 Oct 2020

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The Drum Shuffle - Episode 065 - Rob Mount

The Drum Shuffle

Rob Mount started drumming at an early age in his hometown of Rochester, New York.  When he reached early adulthood, he set out to be a professional musician.  After a couple of early trials in the music business, his story almost had a different outcome.  After those letdowns, he took a break from drumming and the music business, but he remained prepared for opportunities that would surely come his way.  And, they certainly did.  After doing a couple of pick up gigs for Rochester's hometown hero, Lou Gramm, it wasn't long before Lou asked Rob to join his band full-time.  On episode 065, Rob joins Jamie to discuss how he got his start, the times that he was down but not out, and how staying ready paid off for him with a once-in-a-lifetime gig.  Rob is one of the most down-to-earth "real" guys in the music business that is eager to help other drummers.  Be sure to listen to this great interview to hear Rob's awesome story.

1hr 10mins

17 Apr 2019

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Rob Mount | Never Too Late

Drumeo Gab Podcast

Rob Mount is the drummer for the rock legend Lou Gramm, who is most famously recognized as the vocalist for Foreigner. Rob has been an active drummer for a great deal of time, although his big breakthrough gig with Lou did not happen for him until his 40's, which is rather late for a musician. Even though Rob didn't get his major gig until much later in life, it did not stop him from believing that it was possible. He always kept that part of his life hopeful and miraculously his big opportunity came along. In this interview, Rob and I discuss the process of getting that gig, but in a much more conceptual way than the actual literal side of the story. We hypothesize about whether he could continue working his day job and gigging smaller gigs on the weekend forever. This is particularly interesting because Rob did sub in for Lou once when Lou's brother, Ben, was sick. After that, however, Rob had to wait a long time before another opportunity came along. It was a bit painful for him. Further along the episode, we get into some very unlikely topics including propaganda, media, mental health, and some fundamental basics for human beings.   Rob's Socials Instagram | Website DrumGAB's Socials Instagram | Website

1hr 29mins

11 Jun 2018

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Amps & Axes - #219 - Rob Mount

Amps & Axes Podcast

Greetings 'CastFans and welcome to yet another episodic adventure in Amps and Axes land. In this installment the guys decide to bang on the drum. Well, not really, but it's a first for the show. This week they bring you someone that started on the guitar but gravitated to a different instrument, so perch yourself on your podcast throne and please welcome drummer for Lou Gramm, Mr Rob Mount. Enjoy!

1hr 10mins

24 Feb 2018

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Rob Mount - The Gig of a lifetime

Drummers I Like Podcast

What's up Drumtrepreneurs! We are back with a fresh episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we are chatting with Rob Mount! Rob is the current drummer for Lou Gramm and has got some serious skin in the game playing with some of the biggest in the industry. He has toured the world multiple times over, released several albums in several different countries and is now the drummer for arguably one of the bigger influencers of the hair metal genre…. I finally got to meet him at Namm and am stoked that we finally made this happen…Key Points from today's episode: Rob takes us back 43 years to age 7 when he was known to shred the Osmonds on his homemade Disney book and toy rigged drumset. We learn about his early exposure to the band kiss and how his kick-ass mom made sure he was equipped with the metal giants latest vinyl. Rob talks about his early influences as well as his first drum teacher who kind of freaked him out. Rob spent a lot of time working on his playing and focusing on his education which allowed him to really gain the chops he needed to get any gig he wanted. Rob breaks down the story of how he landed the gig with Lou Gramm through his own foreigner cover band. This band will ultimately go on to become the band to back Lou Gramm and the gig of a lifetime for Rob.With such a giant resume it is no wonder that this show went as long as it did. Rob is a dictionary of advice, gear knowledge, and of course legendary touring stories! I gotta send a big shout out to my brother J.C. Clifford from Drumtacs. He really made this show a reality bringing yet another great Vet to the Drummers I Like Podcast Vault!That's it for today's show! We will catch you next week!- RichardPlease take the time to leave a review as it helps rank our show and get it out to more listeners like you!ItunesGoogleStitcherIf you missed any of last weeks episode you can catch a quick link to any of the episodes belowScott's Drum LessonDaily Motivation for Drummers with RichardLast week's episode of the Drummers I Like PodcastDrummers I Like Social Media linksInstagramFacebookTwitterYoutube

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23 Feb 2018

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03/15/17 Rob Mount - Drummer with Lou Gramm, Formerly of Foreigner

Jackie's Groove

Rob’s drumming career started at the age of 7 years old when he started studying percussion at The Hochstein School of Music in his hometown of Rochester, NY under the instruction of famed Chuck Mangione drummer Vincent Ruggiero. From there, during his high school years Rob studied percussion at The Eastman School of Music, and music education at Nazareth College. Through all of these years, Rob participated in various concert bands and percussion ensembles.  Top grades for his abilities were the norm. While Rob is schooled in percussion, he is entirely self taught on the drumset. Rob’s influences include Peter Criss, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Tommy Aldridge, Steve Gadd, and Steve Smith among others.Prior to joining Lou Gramm’s band officially, Rob had performed a few drum duties for him. In 2004, Rob recorded drum tracks for several Foreigner songs to be used for promotional purposes. Shortly after he also filled in as practice drummer as needed when Lou’s brother Ben (his drummer at the time) wasn’t available. In July 2009, Lou needed a drummer when Ben became ill. Rob filled in and played the show on 3 day’s notice. In early 2016, after Ben retired permanently from the band, Lou immediately called Rob and offered him the gig full time – no audition needed!  Needless to say, joining one of his rock and roll heroes on stage night after night is a dream come true. Rob is currently on tour playing some of his favorite music with THE best vocalist of his generation.

1hr 59mins

16 Mar 2017