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036 - Cassandra Le of Quirky Pineapple Studio talks 'Content Creation'...

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi

Cassandra Le of Quirky Pineapple Studio sits down with Eric Verdi on For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs to discuss her journey into Entrepreneurship and talks Copywriting and Brand Strategy. From Quirky Pineapple Studio: Creative website copywriting & content that connects and converts. So you can make more impact and use your business as a force for good. Your business has a heartfelt mission. You  want to make a sustainable income while also giving back and doing your  part to positively change the world. You’ve DIYed your website copy and it’s not  cutting it anymore. Your client processes are unorganized, your service  packages are confusing, and you feel overwhelmed because you don’t know  what to market. You want to increase your reach, so you can  expand your impact and grow your business! The problem? You’re playing  small. You haven’t leveraged the power of your message and content  marketing strategies to spread the word.


5 Feb 2021

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Being Yourself & Unlearning Shame-Free Marketing with Cassandra Le

Feminist Coach Academy

Cam interviews Feminist Coach Academy member, from the September 2020 intake, Cassandra Le. Cassandra is a Vietnamese American living in Spain and running Copywriting, Brand and Visibility Strategy business Quirky Pineapple Studio.Cassandra shares how they got into the work they’re doing now, and the story behind the name Quirky Pineapple Studio.Cam and Cassandra discuss the ideas and expectations of being ‘professional’ and ‘successful’ versus being your authentic self and letting your personality shine through, as well as how Cassandra has been incorporating the learnings from their FCA studies into business.They explore how working with clients from different languages brought to light the way socialisation impacts us, as well as Cassandra’s journey with gender inclusivity, both personally and in business, including their decision to change pronouns from she/her to she/they.Cam and Cassandra then discuss how they are unlearning manipulative marketing practices and incorporating that with the Quirky Pineapple Studio team, plus some examples of manipulative and shame-based marketing messages Cassandra sees in the online spaceFinally, Cassandra shares with Cam what inspired their move to Spain from the United States.Connect with Cassandra at www.thequirkypineapple.com or on Instagram @quirkypineapplestudio @cassandratleDo you want to learn how to integrate an inclusive feminist praxis into your work, business, yourself and your everyday life and get Certified in Feminist Coach Theory? Then we invite you to join our Certification Training. We are now accepting enrolments for our March 2021 intake. If this feels right to you then we would love to have you and see in you in our community. Go to feministcoachacademycourses.comRemember, you can also support our work via Patreon. When you become a Patron you are supporting our vision for creating a new standard for all helping professionals and entrepreneurs, and making it more inclusive and feminist, which is what we so badly need. Your support contributes to business expenses and paying our faculty and advisory board members and to hopefully start having employees in the near future and hiring other people full time to come and work for us and grow our academy even more. Go to Patreon.com/FeministCoachAcademyThe Feminist Coach Academy podcast is proudly supported by Perk Digital, helping professional and entrepreneurial women amplify their message, build their body of work and leave a legacy through podcasts. For more information about how podcasts can help you build your brand, visit https://perkdigital.com.au


4 Feb 2021

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04: The Art of Brand Storytelling with Cassandra Le

The Branding Lab

What is brand storytelling? And what do you exactly need to know before you hire a copyrighting studio? In this episode, Cassandra and I talk about the importance of brand storytelling; the difference between storytelling and brand messaging; and what businesses should know before they even think about hiring a copywriting studio. PLUS we chat about the difference between a content writer and a copywriter - do you how they are different?Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yvonneivanescu/Visit my website: https://yvonneivanescu.com/Visit The Quirky Pineapple's website: https://www.thequirkypineapple.com/Visit Cassandra's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassandratle/


25 Jan 2021

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Creating an Impact with Personal Branding with Cassandra Le

Uplifting Podcast

Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Cassandra Le, founder and director of The Quirky Pineapple Studio (TQP Studio), a messaging and content strategy boutique agency.  Cassandra is an award-winning marketing expert, a contributing author in BRANDING QUICKIES, ranked #1 on Amazon in leadership, and have given workshops in English and Spanish in various countries around the world. TQP Studio works with impact-driven businesses to help them share their message and impact through strategic storytelling and engaging content to increase their visibility online and in-person and grow their communities. Real relationships and connections, online and offline. Cassandra has over a decade of experience in copywriting, content creation, and social media. In the past she worked as a customer service specialist, a cheese bartender, and a training coordinator, collaborating with professionals all over the world to build relationships and stand-out in their industries. Insights:The power of building a personal brand How mommy bloggers inspired Cassandra to start creating her own brand and content.The  components of building a standout brand. Tips for creating magnetizing content and becoming more visible with your brand.The importance of being yourself when creating a personal brand and how your uniqueness is your superpower.The significance of connecting with your inner fierce diva and the role she plays when building your brand.If you would like to connect with Cassandra and her amazing team, you can click on their Website, and then they also hang out on Instagram, and lastly they have a Free FB Group if anybody's interested, which is called the Own Your Voice Movement.If this episode resonates with you, make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode. Take a screenshot, share with your friends on social media, tag me (@island_randi), and let me know what your biggest takeaway was from this episode.  I can't wait to connect with you. Follow Randi on Instagram and FacebookGet access to Randi's  2-hour masterclass, How to Pivot Your Business During a Pandemic for only $11Learn more about Randi and Lucie's virtual retreat, Embody Your Soul's Purpose on Sunday, May 3rdSupport the show (http://paypal.me/islandrandi)


15 Apr 2020

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Quirky Pineapple - with Cassandra Le

Crossing Paths with Ali Sternberg

Episode #7 I cross path with Cassandra Le! We talk about how she felt as a Vietnamese-American living in the small town of Torrijas. We talk about her decision to move back to the U.S and then return to Spain to start her own company: The Quirky Pineapple Studio in Madrid. We also talk about learning Spanish through full immersion, navigating the different expat communities in Madrid and maintaining her energy! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cpp/message


6 Nov 2019

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Cassandra Le

Borderless Stories

Today, I'm talking with Cassandra Le. Cassandra is a copywriter and content strategist living in Madrid. She shares her experience as an Asian-American woman working in Spain, as well as advice for other intercultural couples. Check it out!


19 Dec 2018

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Episode 227: Entrepreneurship Abroad, with Cassandra Le - the Creative Empire podcast

The Creative Empire™ Podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are chatting with Cassandra Le who is the curator and the content strategist and copywriter behind the Quirky Pineapple Studio which is a virtual studio that provides copywriting, content creation, brand strategy, all that and more for the creative souls and the tourism and hospitality industry. In this episode, Cassandra dives right in, chatting about the Quirky Pineapple and how she decided to take her business abroad. We learn all about what content strategy is and what some of the biggest content mistakes she sees are. Lastly, she shares about lliving abroad and having her business abroad looks like and how hard it can be personally. Main Takeaways:How the Quirky Pineapple Studio started [0:01:44]How she decided to move abroad and what it looks like [0:04:59]What does her work look like + what is a content strategist [0:07:10]How to audit the analytics [0:11:24]What some big content mistakes are [0:13:03]Why you should find your brand values + creating a brand [0:16:49]What owning a business in a different country is like [0:21:43]How to cultivate relationships in a different culture [0:25:55]Why she took a social media detox [0:31:35] “Content creation doesn’t need to be a new thing every single time and I think the more we kind of create templates for all of the stuff that we want to create.” — Cassandra Le Show Notes:Schengen AreaShanna Skidmore - Her Creative Empire Episode, 166 “The biggest thing that I have learned so far (in business and moving abroad) is to really be patient.” — Cassandra Le Bio:Cassandra Le is a copywriter and content strategist. She is the creator of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, a virtual studio providing copywriting, content creation, and brand strategy for creative souls in the tourism and hospitality industry. She crafts words that help get your business seen online and in person! After years working in the tourism and hospitality industry, she now helps business owners get noticed, build communities of loyal clients, and create content that connects. When she's not chugging away on her laptop, she's usually exploring her new adopted city, Madrid, traveling with her boyfriend, and either looking for the best street food or gallivanting through cobble-stoned streets for the perfect Instagram shot! *wink*Social Handles:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube Do you love what you've heard? Add this graphic to your Insta Story!

6 Aug 2018