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EP 116: Paul Robinson — Coming Back From Injuries, Opening Up About Autism, and Working Boulders Top Down

The Nugget Climbing Podcast

Paul Robinson is one of the top boulderers in the world and has been climbing at a V15 level for more than a decade. We talked about building his new house, recovering from neck surgery, his recent diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, climbing 1000+ V11s or harder, his analogy of climbing as a book, hardest FAs, trying to climb V16, travel routines, filmmaking, and much more.Check out Chalk Cartel!chalkcartel.comUse code "NUGGET" at checkout for 20% off your next order!Check out Crimpd!crimpd.comOr download the Crimpd app! (Available for iOS and Android)Check out PhysiVantage!physivantage.com (link includes 15% off coupon)Use code "NUGGET15" at checkout for 15% off your next order!We are supported by these amazing BIG GIVERS:Leo Franchi, Michael Roy, David Lahaie, Robert Freehill, Jeremiah Johnson, Scott Donahue, Eli Conlee, Skyler Maxwell, and Craig LeeBecome a Patron:patreon.com/thenuggetclimbingShow Notes:  thenuggetclimbing.com/episodes/paul-robinsonNuggets:0:06:18 – Designing and building his house0:10:56 – How Paul got into filmmaking0:13:10 – Feature films vs. YouTube, and Hueco Dailies 0:15:14 – The Road to Recovery film series0:17:48 – Paul’s neck injury0:24:00 – Leg injury0:26:25 – Being back to 90%, and finding new ways to improve0:28:09 – Hope, optimism, and a new perspective on finding challenges in climbing0:32:33 – Going through the stages of grief with an injury, getting older, and hoping to continue climbing at 60 years old0:35:29 – John Sherman0:36:32 – Paul’s 8a.nu account, and his goal to climb 1000 boulders 8A (V11) or harder0:40:38 – Running out of things to climb, and getting psyched on finding new boulders0:43:14 – What Paul’s drive alive, and his goals for his Hueco trip0:46:38 – The uniqueness of climbing, being a perfectionist, and seeking mastery0:49:57 – Climbing as a book, and whether Paul is still getting better at climbing0:52:24 – Why we don’t often repeat things we’ve done, and Paul’s story about flashing Nagual and repeating it for the Rock Rodeo0:55:56 – Does V16 feel important?1:01:41 – How Paul is thinking of training for ‘Box Therapy’ V16, and why Paul tries to maintain a baseline of endurance for bouldering1:08:36 – Paul’s projecting tactics1:13:10 – ‘Lucid Dreaming’1:25:01 – Dave Graham, ’Spectre’, and ’Total Eclipse’1:30:40 – Patron question from Nick: If you could only climb one boulder for the rest of your life, what would you choose?1:31:27 – Fontainbleau1:32:43 – Opening up about being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and some of the symptoms Paul experiences1:38:32 – OCD tendencies, Paul’s outfits, touch, social anxiety, and hyper-focus1:43:34 – Stuck laying on the couch, and opening up conversations1:50:35 – Routines that help Paul feel grounded1:53:53 – Challenging the clothing norms, and decision fatigue1:59:47 – Paul’s go-to climbing shoes2:02:37 – Toe hooking, and customizing his Solutions for ‘The Story of Two Worlds’2:04:29 – Patron question from André: Any plans to try ‘Burden of Dreams’ V17?2:07:13 – The challenge of living in the desert and trying to climb in humid environments2:09:33 – Bugalisen2:10:48 – Patron question from André: Which one of your FA’s do you think is the hardest one?2:11:58 – Paul’s project in the South Platte, CO, and how he names his boulders2:13:46 – ‘Karoshi’2:14:28 – Patron question from Ana: What areas does Paul think have the most remaining potential? Where is the next frontier for bouldering?2:18:30 – Paul’s favorite rock type2:20:37 – Patron question from Prithipal: How strong are Paul’s fingers?2:23:51 – Tiny crimps, and why you don’t need to be able to do one-arm pullups to climb V162:26:58 – Meeting Paul back in 2013, and what’s next

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25 Apr 2022

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Paul Robinson - Uncut

Seaman Says

2 England number ones chat during this week's episode as David is joined by Leeds, Spurs & Blackburn keeper Paul Robinson joins the team to chat about his 2 goals he scored during his career, his time as England's number one and the experience of playing in the Champions League with Leeds. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


25 Apr 2022

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Does anyone want 4th place? & Paul Robinson chat

Seaman Says

David & Lynsey react to the best/worst race for the top 4 and are joined by former England Number One Paul Robinson Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Apr 2022

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Connecting construction to the diverse talent of today with Paul Robinson

The Building Code

Episode 145: Paul Robinson Construction’s in a labor shortage, and the industry’s only growing older. Construction consultant group ConstructReach found over half of the construction workforce is over 46 years old. Racial minorities have traditionally been underrepresented in construction, according to ConstructReach. But ConstructReach founder and CEO Paul Robinson says the opportunity to reverse that trend and address this labor shortage is here: 44% of millennials and 49% of Generation Z are non-white. Today on “The Building Code,” Zach and Charley learn Paul’s story and why he thinks construction companies can connect the industry’s abounding opportunity to a younger, more diverse workforce. HOW CAN LACK OF DIVERSITY BE A BARRIER TO YOUNG PEOPLE LOOKING TO ENTER CONSTRUCTION?“One of the things that we try to do is to allow others to see themselves in this industry. Because if you can't see yourself, then you can't see yourself actually being in it. And so understanding the importance of being able to identify with others, not just those entry-level positions, but seeing how far you can go -seeing yourself represented in the very highest positions that this industry has to offer.” HOW CAN A BUILDING COMPANY START APPEALING TO A MORE DIVERSE WORKFORCE?“It's making sure that you do the proper assessment internally first. There's nothing like putting forth a lot of effort and going through all of the steps to get in front of young talent that you're not ready for. And so that's one of the things that we like to stress. It's not a cookie-cutter approach, it's not a cookie-cutter model, so you're not going to do these 10 things and then magically see this pipeline and this diverse pipeline grow overnight. It is really looking at how you do business, understanding that DEI is something that should be interwoven into the fabric of the company - making sure that you are healthy to receive them. You're not going to be perfect. If there's a person there, it's not perfect. But we can be healthy.” LINKS AND MORE Related content:Learn more about ConstructReach’s success here. Check out Paul’s podcast here.We’re wrapping up Women’s History Month. Here are four tips for celebrating your female construction team members.Miss our last minisode? Listen now to hear about how searching Buildertrend just got easier. Catch our next “Inside Buildertrend” minisode next week. Subscribe now, and never miss an episode. The Better Way, a podcast by Buildertrend: Looking to improve how your team plans projects with the world’s No. 1 construction management software? Pick up Buildertrend project planning pro tips on the newest season of “The Better Way, a podcast by Buildertrend.” Subscribe and stream all five bingeable episodes on your favorite listening app now. Follow us on social: Instagram and Facebook: @Buildertrend Listen to “The Building Code” on YouTube! And be sure to head over to Facebook to join The Building Code Crew fan page for some fun discussions with fellow listeners.


31 Mar 2022

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All Things Albion

Welcome to Episode 28 A very special episode for All Things Albion because I am joined by former WBA player Paul Robinson!We chat about how he started his career, his time at WBA including The Great escape, our loss to Derby at Wembley, working under Gary Megson, Bryan Robson & Tony Mowbray.We chat about him leaving The Baggies and the initial friction with the fans once he left for Bolton. We also deep dive into his time at Birmingham and his transition into coaching, moving to Milwall and recent games against WBA and how he would help our youth team players move into the first team.A big thank you to Paul for taking this time out and it was a real joy for me to chat to one of my heroes!Music Credit: Kovan & Electro-Light - Skyline [NCS Release]


18 Feb 2022

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Ep 297: Paul Robinson & Sashia Dumont

Mograph Podcast

Sashia Dumont & Paul Robinson Topics Husband and wife filmmaking team Sashia Dumont & Paul Robinson of the Go Guerilla Filmcast join us to talk about indie film, writing, acting, shooting, and motion graphics. Links Go Guerilla Filmcast Sigma 150-600mm Camp Mograph Song on Spotify Paul’s Foundation Kevin Rupp Sarah Gibson The Visitors NFT


6 Sep 2021

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Episode 66 - Delivering sessions based on the FA Youth Award, a conversation with Paul Robinson, UEFA B, FA Youth Award and author of `The Soccer Sessions Book`

The Soccer Coaching Podcast

In this episode I talk with Paul Robinson (@TheHalfTurn) UEFA B, FA Youth Award and author. Paul talks about delivering sessions based on the FA Youth Award, his top tips for an effective session and how his new book  `The Soccer Sessions Book`, combines the principles of session delivery from Youth Award with his own coaching practices.Here is the Amazon link to the book: The Soccer Sessions Bookhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Soccer-Sessions-Book-Prepared-Practice/dp/1782552197/ref=sr_1_1?crid=33WN61U5SOH11&dchild=1&keywords=the+soccer+sessions+book&qid=1626635916&sprefix=the+soccer+sess%2Caps%2C151&sr=8-1Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this episode! E - thesoccercoachingpodcast@gmail.comT - @SoccerCoachCast


19 Jul 2021

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Paul Robinson (Purdue University)

Flow Stars

#6 — Many of us owe a debt of thanks to Paul Robinson of Purdue University for developing and maintaining the flow cytometry listserv, and for writing the Handbook of Flow Cytometry Methods. In this episode of Flow Stars, we’ll learn more about how these projects came about. We’ll also discover more about Paul’s passions, his scientific inspirations, and what compelled him to climb Mount Everest. In this thought-provoking chat, we’ll hear about some of the challenges that Paul has faced in his career, how he has overcome them, and why he keeps an ice axe in his office! Watch or listen to all episodes of Flow Stars here: https://bitesizebio.com/flowstars/


14 Jul 2021

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Kev And Ant's Footy Rants - Euros Build-Up - with Ant Rutherford and Paul Robinson

The Kevin Clifton Show

This week, Kevin and Ant Rutherford are joined by Paul Robinson, former league player and England star, for a bumper look at the build-up England's first match at the European Football Championship, which kicks off for the Three Lions boys on Sunday 13th June! KEY TAKEAWAYS England has always tended to hold back the new talent when it comes to the international stage. However, recently, we have found great success is playing new stars with no fear. The players who find themselves picked in major tournaments are oddly left out of the build-up friendlies in order to rest, but the best method would be to play them so as to gain momentum. Football is all about chemistry - selecting the right ingredients to use in the right places, in order to build a robust force that works effortlessly and which terrifies the opposition. The problem with England squads of the past is that sometimes players are selected because of how the country feels about them emotionally, and not whether they are the best person for the job at the time. BEST MOMENTS 1:00 - 'To say that I was right, 100%, would be an understatement' 4:08 - 'These young players that are coming through have no fear' 16:57 - 'I think that midfield three is so dynamic and dangerous, it could cause a whole lot of teams a whole lot of problems' 1:12:00 - 'When you watch him in midfield, he was always five seconds ahead' VALUABLE RESOURCES Anthony Rutherford Twitter - https://twitter.com/anthr23?lang=en Paul Robinson Twitter - https://twitter.com/gkpaulrobinson ABOUT THE HOST Kevin Clifton is a professional dancer who has been performing & competing at the highest level for over a decade. Kevin has worked on shows like 'Burn the floor' & 'Rock of Ages' to 'Strictly Come Dancing' one of the biggest TV shows in the UK which Kevin won in 2018.  CONTACT METHOD Kevin Clifton Instagram Kevin Clifton Facebook Kevin Clifton YouTubeSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 26mins

10 Jun 2021

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How to Build Mental Strength with Former Premier League Footballer Paul Robinson

Unlocking Your Mind

On this week’s podcast I am joined by former professional football player Paul Robinson. Paul played professional football in the premier league and football league spanning over 22 years, where he made 678 appearances for Watford, Welsh Brom, Bolton Wanderers, Leeds and Birmingham. This is a great conversation on the importance of working hard and going out there and proving yourself and showing what you’re capable of doing. We also discuss Paul's mindset business and his new role with Birmingham City FC as a professional development coach.


29 Mar 2021