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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Reardon. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Reardon, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Reardon. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Reardon, often where they are interviewed.

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Ryan Fagan & Dan Reardon

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Chris Hrabe is first joined by a caller to discuss the future of Mizzou football. Then Chris is joined by Ryan Fagan  to discuss the future of the MLB season. Next, KMOX Golf Expert Dan Reardon joins Chris to discuss the latest in the PGA.

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Aug 11 2020 · 36mins
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Dan Reardon - Australian Motorcycling Great

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Our special guest for show 010 of Torque and Chatter is Australian Motorcycling great Dan Reardon. 

Dan has been a part of the Motorcycling community for many years. From capturing many titles to travelling the world to chase the racing dream Dan has done it.  Sitting down listening to Dan speak enthusiastically about his passion for the adventure life and the outdoors is truly inspiring.

Sit back and enjoy the Ride.

Hosted By: Mick (M33 Productions)

Powered By: Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson

Jul 16 2020 · 1hr 32mins
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#149: How To Optimise Your Health & Fitness By Testing Your DNA - Dr Dan Reardon

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"June 27th of June 2013. For months we had been talking about when we would launch. I phoned Stuart and said 'Time's up. We're going.' I set up a PayPal link, put a post out on social media and to our email list saying this is the product, this is the secret. Literally within two hours we'd sold about £12,000 of products. Stuart called me and said 'We don't have any DNA tests yet' - so we had to stop selling."

Only one episode away from #150! How did that happen!

Joining me on #149 is Dr Dan Reardon, co-founder and Ceo of Fitness Genes.

Those regular listeners to the show will know that I've been on a bit of a journey recently and completed #75HARD last Friday, July 19th. I'll be covering that in Saturday's #150, and also what I've decided to do next. #75HARD is a mental toughness challenge with obvious physical benefits as I lost 1.5 stone and 7% body fat. Plus I reached my #1 goal for 2019, twice! That was getting a #1 podcast. With nearly half the year still go, there's plenty to still achieve.

Having been a health and fitness professional in a former life, I was aware of the growing market in DNA testing, but had never signed up for any of the products that were out there.

Until I met Dr Dan Reardon from Fitness Genes: a medical doctor and genetics expert, and one of the four founders of Fitness Genes. He was an emergency room physician for ten years as well as being a certified personal trainer with over fifteen years experience and a former editor of Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines - plus a published author a few times over.

On today's show we talk about how we can optimise our health and fitness by looking at our genes and making changes to lifestyle - based on what our genes tell us about diet, exercise and sleep: things that are the first to go when entrepreneurs get busy and overwhelmed.

But if you can't look after yourself, who can you look after?

This is for you.

Let's StartUp!

Jul 24 2019 · 53mins
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119: Fitness Genes for Optimal Wellness | Dr Dan Reardon

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Dr Dan Reardon is the creator of FitnessGenes,  the first DNA-testing platform of its kind to eliminate guesswork from fitness and nutrition. With a simple DNA test and an intricate analysis of multiple gene variations, their team of genetic scientists reveal specific traits including metabolic tendencies, dietary sensitivities, fat burning capacity, muscle type, recovery time and more.    FitnessGenes then prescribes personalized, week-by-week exercise and nutrition programs based on your genetic profile and wellness goals.
Apr 17 2018 · 29mins
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How To Optimize Your Health And Fitness By Testing Your Genes – Dr. Dan Reardon (Ep. 164)

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Dr. Dan Reardon, medical doctor, personal trainer, and co-founder and CEO of Fitness Genes – one of the world’s top fitness DNA testing companies, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Dr. Reardon talks about how we can optimize or health and fitness by looking out our genes and making changes to our lifestyle based on what our genes tell us. He covers the incredible science behind gene testing, epigenetics, what some of the most important genes to test for are, and what my DNA tests actually reveal about me. If you’re wondering how your genes can help you optimize your health and fitness goals, how you can personalize your lifestyle to optimize your health, and what my personal DNA results actually tell me about my health and fitness aspirations, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Dr. Dan Reardon became interested in studying people’s genes for health and athletic performance optimization
  • The benefits of getting your genes tested and knowing what types of specifications to make in terms of diet, exercise, and sleep
  • The accuracy of this type of testing and what it can and cannot do at the present moment
  • Epigenetics and how genes are expressed and whether or not you can control whether certain deleterious genes will be expressed or not
  • What Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are and why Dr. Reardon tests for these to determine his health recommendations
  • The fact that certain groups of people have more favorable genes and have a proclivity to excel in certain areas and where this might come from
  • Why you getting obese can actually affect your children in terms of passing down potentially obese genes to them, making it more likely that your children will be obese
  • Why pregnant mothers should eat just as healthy if not more than they do before their pregnancy and have as healthy a lifestyle as possible too (no smoking!)
  • Intermittent fasting and the health benefits of this when done correctly
  • The Zone Diet and whether this can be a healthy diet for some people or whether it’s a bad idea in general
  • The myth behind only being able to consume (and properly digest) 30 grams of protein per meal
  • The best sources of protein that Dr. Reardon recommends
  • My DNA results and the specific recommendations that I have from Dr. Dan
  • The fact I should be exercising later in the day and consider intermittent fasting based on my fast metabolism (and inefficient ability to store fat)
  • The fact I don’t switch effectively from burning carbs to burning fat
  • My CLOCK gene that leaves me susceptible for having a broken circadian rhythm (and increases my chances of being a night owl)
  • What my caffeine gene tells me about what my caffeine intake should be and at what time of day

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Mar 27 2018 · 56mins
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Breaking down your Fitness Genes with Dr Dan Reardon

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Mar 23 2018 · 54mins
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#312: Dr. Dan Reardon and Dr. Todd Hutton

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Fitness Genes co-founder Dr. Dan Reardon joins Dr. Drew at the start of the show to talk about the company and give Drew his personal results. Later Dr. Todd Hutton joins to talk about the work that he and others are doing to explore alternative treatments to depression.
Jan 29 2018 · 47mins
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45 - Hack Your Genetics and Build The Ultimate Modern Man with the CEO of FitnessGenes Dan Reardon

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The CEO and founder of the cutting edge company FitnessGenes joins Ben to explain the science and application of genetic testing, specific genes snips to be aware of for hypertrophy, testosterone, strength, endurance and what you can do to influence them. About Dan, “Dan is a trained medical doctor (MBChB) with a BSc in Human Anatomy. His responsibilities within FitnessGenes are split between work in Los Angeles as well as the UK. He is a certified personal trainer and has previously worked as a Science Editor for Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazine in the UK, Europe and Australia.”   Topics Discussed:
  1. Can you measure your ability push through pain be determined with genetic testing?
  2. The key genes that influence muscular hypertrophy.
  3. Understanding the genetics of testosterone.
  4. Nature vs Nurture how big of a factor does genetics play in muscle hypertrophy?
  5. AVR1B -The gene for muscle strength. Ben’s results.
  6. Fat intake and your genes, what influence does you’re genetics say about your fat intake and the type of fats you should consume.
  Time Stamps:
  • 4:30 The birth of FitnessGenes.
  • 10:30 The best array product on the market.
  • 12:30 Can you measure your ability push through pain be determined with genetic testing?
  • 14:00 What are the major gene snips you need to pay attention? Which ones impact your health and performance the most?
  • 15:35 Specific gene snips that reflect what you know about yourself for a fact.
  • 17:48 Nature vs Nurture how big of a factor does genetics play?
  • 21:30 Ben’s gene snips for endurance. The ACE endurance explained.
  • 24:40 AVR1B -The gene for muscle and strength. Ben’s results.
  • 26:45 Specific genes that influence muscular hypertrophy.
  • 29:50 Eating habits and your genes. What the science says.
  • 37:09 Gene snips APO2 and APO5, what they say about your ability to digest saturated fat?
  • 39:10 Carbohydrate metabolism and the specific genes to look into.
  • 45:00 Understanding the genetics of testosterone.
  • 54:20 Ben’s 4 Step process to hacking your testosterone.
  • 56:05 The future of FitnessGenes. Epigenetics and teaching people how to influence their own genes.
  • 1:00:30 The best way to upgrade your physique.

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Sep 14 2017 · 1hr 5mins
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Dr. Dan Reardon: CEO of Fitness Genes - Shares how Baby Boomers can get fit faster using a personalized program based on their DNA

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Dr. Dan Reardon, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitness Genes explains how Baby Boomers can leverage their genetics to lose weight and gain muscle faster and more efficiently. Fitness Genes takes the guesswork out of fitness by providing a personalized fitness and nutrition program based on your DNA.

Dr. Reardon is a medical doctor in the UK where he worked in the emergency room for 10 years. He is also a certified personal trainer with over 15 years in the fitness industry. Dr. Reardon is a fitness writer, 2-time author and Science Editor of Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines in the UK, Europe and Australia.

During the interview, Dr. Reardon explains:

- Why Baby Boomers, especially those who have tried and failed at dieting before, will find the Fitness Genes Program an ideal solution.

- How specific elements of your genetic code impact your ability to lose weight, gain muscle and respond to exercise.

- Why Fitness Genes offers different fitness and nutrition programs based on a person’s fitness goals and unique DNA.

- The simple process required to start the program and submit your DNA.

- How personal goals are used to empower and motivate people to succeed with the program.

- What’s included in the Fitness and Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Plan and how to use it daily.

- What the company does to support clients on their fitness journey.

- How the program helps Baby Boomers improve their overall health and fitness.

- Why people new to exercise can benefit from the program and represent one of the fastest growing segments of Fitness Genes’ client base.

To learn more about Fitness Genes go to:

Never Too Late for Fitness Radio with Phil Faris
Mar 02 2017 · 30mins