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Politics is ROUGH and You Have to REALLY Want It with Liz Kurantowicz

Political Contessa

Liz Kurantowicz is Principal of The Drury Group, a full-service, national, public affairs firm headquartered in Connecticut. Liz is a professional strategist with over fifteen years experience reaching all levels of government, politics, non-profit and corporate public affairs. ​Liz’s work includes a career of fundraising, campaign management and cause related strategy and development for organizations large and small touching all fifty states. As a result of her work and expertise, Liz has served as a political analyst for television, radio, print and digital media both locally in Connecticut and in outlets around the country. Today, Liz joins me to talk about how to get republican women to run. She explores the problems that often hinder republicans from winning elections, emphasizing the bitterness of the primaries as a major culprit. She notes that we republicans tend to be our own worst enemy, and she explains why being involved in politics is tough for everyone, but especially women. She goes into the challenges women face in politics and shares her input on the effects of political involvement on the politician’s family, both positive and negative. We talk about why men need to be aggressive about empowering women, discuss the importance of fundraising, note that women’s interests and knowledge aren’t limited to reproductive choice and education, and explain why this is not a male-female problem. “This idea that someone is ‘just a fundraiser’ is nonsense.” - Liz Kurantowicz This Week on Political Contessa: Why republicans are having trouble winning The problem with our bitter, divisive primaries Why politics is a hard business, especially for women Recruiting women for politics Why families need family members in office Why men need to be aggressive about empowering women The importance of fundraising Why women’s interests aren’t limited to reproductive choice and education The problem with women who want to be the only woman in the room Resources Mentioned: Liz Kurantowicz on LinkedIn pocketbookproject.org Jennifer Nassour on Twitter team@pocketbookproject.org Welcome to Political Contessa. I’m Jennifer Nassour, and this show is here to support your interest in center-right politics, policy, and breaking news. Listen in and discover how to awaken your inner ideal candidate and, if you’re ready, learn how you can jump in and change the world as a runner or a supporter. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the show and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. Spotify I Stitcher I Apple Podcasts I iHeart Radio I TuneIn I Google Podcasts Don’t Forget to Pick Up My Quick Guide! If you’ve ever considered running, or you know a woman who should, I’ve got something just for you: my quick guide called Secrets from the Campaign Trail. It will show you five signs to tell you you’re ready to enter the political arena. To get these tips and learn about all new podcast episodes and ways to get involved, head over to politicalcontessa.com.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Mar 2022

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