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Episode 4: Gina Lombardi & Laura Kaeppeler, Health Interrupted

Tea with Gwen

A virtual sit down with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Gina Lombardi and Former Miss America Laura Kaeppeler who have recently launch their own platform called "Health Interrupted." We're talking about all of life's sudden health challenges and how to talk / push through them! Even when you want to give in.https://healthinterruptedpodcast.com


22 Mar 2021

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Secrets of the Stars: "FitNation's" Gina Lombardi, Plus Mary Tedesco and Howard Bragman Give You Tips

Gab With the Gurus Show

TV personality and exercise guru Gina Lombardi, author of the book Deadline Fitness: Tone Up and Slim Down When Every Minute Counts , joins the Gab With the Gurus Show to share Health & Lifestyle Secrets of the Stars. Gina, who hosts the TV show "FitNation," has helped many stars get -- and stay in shape. She'll share how all of us non-celebrities can use their tried-and-true tactics to slim down in time for a wedding, a class reunion, a big party or even get back to the great shape we once were -- or perhaps reach the desired size of our dreams. Our next guest, fitness trainer Mary Tedesco -- who works with Martha Stewart -- will provide more health secrets. The show concludes with Howard Bragman, founder of the strategic media and public relations agency, Fifteen Minutes, who will share more celebrity health secrets and discuss his new book, Where's My Fifteen Minutes: Get Your Company, Your Cause, or Yourself the Recognition You Deserve.


23 Jan 2009

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Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy Interivew Celebrity Trainer Gina Lombardi

Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy

Ontonight'sshowDrFitness and the Fat Guy learn all about Deadline Fitness from celebrityfitness trainer Gina Lombardi. As Napoleon Hill says A goal is a dreamwith a deadline. And in her new book Gina explains how you can loseweight and achieve your fitness goal even if you have a deadline thatis 2 months or even 2 weeks away. To learn more go to her website www.ginalombardi.com


14 Jan 2009

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Gina Lombardi Explains Deadline Fitness. Super Sized Cycles Plus Youth Fitness: Action Plan For Kids

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

The most entertaining weight loss and fitness podcast showon radio." Please click on the POD button to listen to the latest Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guyradio show podcast broadcasting live each week from Atlanta, GA, USA.   Todownload the show on iTunes please click on this linkAlso we would like to welcome back Celeste Katz, The Card Mom, as one of our local sponsors. Celeste will help you send your holiday greeting cards from the comfort of your own home. There are over 13,000 designs at thecardmom.com on-line card store. Folks, these are NOT e-cards but beautiful, high quality, glossy greeting cards printed on 100% recycled paper. Just select your card, customize your personal message, add photos and click your mouse. You never touch the card. TheCardMom.com will print, stuff, stamp and mail your cards. Try this amazing technology for free today and I promise you’ll be hooked. Go to www.thecardmom.com. Now on with the show…Ontonight'sshowDrFitness and the Fat Guy learn all about Deadline Fitness from celebrity fitness trainer Gina Lombardi. As Napoleon Hill says A goal is a dream with a deadline. And in her new book Gina explains how you can lose weight and achieve your fitness goal even if you have a deadline that is 2 months or even 2 weeks away. To learn more go to her website www.ginalombardi.comWe also had on Joan Denizot, founder of Super Sized Cycles and Zize Bikes- she makes bikes for the extra large people, like The Fat Guy, of the world. Joan has been riding bikes her whole life and when she got to heavy to ride conventional bikes she thought that there had to be bikes that fit people that were her size - guess what there weren't. So that spurred her to build bikes for people who weigh up to 550 pounds. To learn more please go to www.supersizedcycles.com or www.zizebikes.comWeclosed the show with our good friend Matt Brzycki author of Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America's Kids. Matt thinks kids are in real bad shape - they are getting health problems that only overweight adults used to get. Not anymore. He calls the problem Globesity because it is affecting kids all over the globe. He shared great tips parents can do to help their kids. Dr Fitness gives this book a thumbs up - check it out on Amazon.DrFitnesshad no tips but remember,you can find a tip a day at our new website www.wellnessminutes.com or on iTunes here. Or our blog www.drfitnessblog.com Amazingly the Fat Guy is being followed by dozens ofpeople who are interested in what he eats each day. Who would havethought?  Anyone can follow the Fat Guy's eating exploits onTwitter.  Food journals are great ways to lose weight and the Fat Guy isalways trying anything in order to lose those last 20 pounds. So take a peekinto his food diary. You never know what he'll write. Somehow he can staycompliant to writing on Twitter but he can't fit in exercise each day. That'sright, moments after he eats something the Fat Guy Twitters about it and youcan follow him so that one day if you try real hard you too can look like theFat Guy. Please go to www.twitter.com/fatguyHot mom, Kathie Larkin was  not helping out today. Be sure to checkout Kathie's website www.getkathie.com.Remember we are now on every morning in Michigan.On radio station WKNW. They asked us to create a Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy"Wellness Minute." So now a new Wellness Minute runs on that stationeach morning at around 7:40. EachWellness Minute features the doctor and I going over 5 of his best tips on agiven wellness subject like: losing weight, getting in shape, living a healthylifestyle, etc. Now these Wellness Minutes are available online.  Ifyou have a favorite radio station that you think would benefit from ourWellness Minutes send them an email telling them about it and who knows maybeyou can hear us everyday too.Also once again, I need you to please do me a favor. My kid Max has been doinga radio show called "Kid Power Radio" for awhile now and you shouldcheck it out. Tiffany from The Daily Candy called his family friendly radioshow "Hilarious!" This is a great show for your kids. It is kind oflike a kids version of TMZ or Entertainment Tonight mixed in with a little Wayne's World. Max recaps the week in entertainmentand gives his take and review of what he liked and didn't like on TV, at themovies, video games, in books and in music and even restaurant reviews. Pleasego to his site and download the show for your kid. He had a big show recentlyhe interviewed Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network's AdultSwim. And if your kid sends Max an email he'll read it on the air next week.The show can be found at www.kidpowerradio.comand you can email Max at RadioStarMax at Yahoo.com. He has gotten emails fromkids from England, Australia, Chinaand even the US.Your encouragement is greatly appreciated.  Thanks to you his show isrocketing up the charts!As always, more laughs, more info and more fun than any other health, fitness,weight loss podcast out there. Click the podcast button and check outthe entire show right now. Now you can listen to only the expert interviews at our new website www.healthexpertradio.com here or on iTunes here. Don't forget to check out the Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy blog atwww.drfitnessblog.com for more tips about weight loss and Dr. Shafran'sanalysis of all things health and fitness. Also check out our brand newredesigned website www.drfitnessandthefatguy.comto subscribe to our FREE weekly healthy living newsletter and enjoy all thebenefits of our onlineweight loss program and community. You can also email Dr. Fitness therewith your specific questions and he will personally answer each one. Promise!!Please blog about our show. Our show grows when our listeners tell theirfriends about us. We need your help to grow our listener base so if you enjoyDr Fitness and the Fat guy please forward this podcast to a friend and putlinks to our website and show on blogs and message boards you enjoy. Thanks!

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8 Jan 2009

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Fit TV's Gina Lombardi Dishes On What It's Like Being A Celebrity Trainer. And Get Fit America With Annette Hudson.

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

"The most entertaining weight loss and fitness show on radio." Please click on the POD button to listen to the latest Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show.   On tonight's show, Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about what it takes to be the personal trainer for Hollywood's Top Celebrities from Fit TV's Host of FitNation Gina Lombardi. Gina told hilarious stories about training such stars as Kevin James from "King of Queens" fame as well as Kirstie Alley (before she met Jenny Craig). You've got to hear Gina tell her story about how Kirstie and her were photographed by paparazzi in Italy and were declared to be a hot couple! Gina also talked about how to stay compliant on your exercise program... which everyone knows is so challenging. For more on Gina check out her website www.ginalombardi.com For more on Fit TV check out their website http://fittv.discovery.com/ Imagine an entire TV channel devoted to all things fitness. That's Fit TV. It's on Direct TV as well as on cable. We also spoke with Annette Hudson, the creator of the Fit America contest. This is one of the only fitness contests around that is free for you to participate in and also will be giving away over $50,000 worth of prizes. The winners won't necessarily be the ones who have lost the most weight, they will be the ones who made the most progress in adopting a healthier lifestyle. For more information on the contest check out the www.fitamericacontest.com website. When you enter the contest you will have access to lots of fitness experts who are available to help you succeed (including our very own Dr Fitness - Dr Adam Shafran) For more info on Annette Hudson - please check out her website www.myfitnesstrainer.com By the way we asked Annette to give our listeners her top Fitness Tips and she said her number one weight loss tip would be for you have a positive attitude. For the rest of her tips you'll have to download this podcast. Dr. Fitness found some funny fitness questions people have asked other trainers on the internet. Like is "Is how I'm breathing the reason why I'm not losing weight?" Yeah it's your breathing not the fact you can't go by a McDonald's without stopping your car. The Fat Guy shared a new french fry invention by Longhorn - they have taken french fries to a new level. And we also discussed how binge eating is the new number one eating disorder knocking anorexia and bulimia out of the top spot. This week we ran out of time for the Doctor's tips. The tips segment is now called Dr Fitness' "Things You Can Do Today" To Add Life To Your Boring Workout Routine. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' tips...Number 1, change your routine by slowing it down do less sets or take shorter breaks between sets. Number 2, join a league. A tennis league, a basketball league, flag football, ballroom dancing, anything that makes you sweat. And Number 3, get a partner - working out with someone else makes it fun. There was a lot more from Dr. Fitness, but you'll have to go to his blog to get the rest. We were without Kathie Larkin, fitness model, actress, soon to be exercise dvd star and host of the Real Savvy Moms TV show on as a co-host. Kathie was in Las Vegas showing off her legs and feet at the largest shoe convention in the world. She is one of the top feet and legs model's out there. Be sure to check out Kathie's website www.getkathie.com. Also check her out on www.RealSavvyMoms.com We ran out of time before we could give away another FREE BioTrainer. We are still giving them away to one lucky subscriber to our email newsletter each week until we run out of them. So if you are not already a subscriber then please go to our website www.drfitnessandthefatguy.com and sign up for our newsletter to automatically enter yourself in this weekly drawing. Also don't forget to check out Dr. Fitness on Huntsville, AL TV. He has an "Ask Dr Fitness" segment every Tuesday on the ABC affiliate there WAAY where he answers viewers weight loss, fitness and general wellness  questions. Their website is www.waaytv.com One more thing Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy are going to be presenters at this years podcamp Atlanta 2007...March 16-18 at Emory University. Please go to http://podcampatlanta.com/ for more information. Atlanta's finest podcasters will be there. As always, more laughs, more info and more fun than any other health, fitness, weight loss podcast out there. Click the podcast button and check out the entire show right now. Don't forget to check out the Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy blog at www.weightlossradio.blogspot.com for more tips about weight loss and Dr. Shafran's analysis of all things health and fitness. Also check out our website www.drfitnessandthefatguy.com to subscribe to our FREE weekly healthy living newsletter. You can also email Dr. Fitness there with your specific questions and he will personally answer each one.

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5 Feb 2007