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Ep: 26 Leads Are Overrated with Alon Waks

Revenue Collective Podcast

Leads Are Overrated with Alon Waks


23 Nov 2020

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How to use video to take ABM to the next level w/ Jesse Walsh & Alon Waks

The ABM Podcast

With everybody working from home these days, our email boxes are more cluttered than ever.  From sales pitches to follow ups, to those obnoxious reply-all emails that drive us all crazy, it’s clear that nobody wants more emails. Which begs the questions, how do you do outbound account-based marketing when email is a last resort?  On this episode of The ABM Podcast, we’re talking to Jesse Walsh and Alon Waks about video and it’s role in ABM. What is the first step in getting started? How do you incorporate video into your outbound marketing efforts? What sort of fancy equipment do you need?  They’re experts in their fields, and were on the podcast to talk about, among other things:  Why video is no longer a “nice to have” but is now a “must.”  The dangers of overusing video What to do with customers who don't’ watch your videos Why you should never let perfect be the enemy of progress The ABM Podcast is co-hosted by Christine Farrier and Brandon Redlinger of the ABM Leadership Alliance. Never miss an episode by subscribing to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


13 Oct 2020

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The Marketing Metrics that Matter - Alon Waks - Hard Corps Marketing Show #184

The Hard Corps Marketing Show

As marketers, we know that metrics are powerful tools. How do we choose the key performance indicators (KPI) that matter most for our company’s target audience?  A SAS Marketing Leader, CMO/Consultant/Advisor at IrisVR, Alon Waks, discusses how to navigate KPIs and transition into outbound marketing. Takeaways: “Payback is the number one KPI that I care about! This is the dollar in/dollar out pipeline.”~Alon Waks Have sales work accounts rather than individual leads. If you look at an enterprise mid-market it is rare that there is one contact with one buyer who is also the user. Every buying group should certainly constitute an account. Do not spray and pray! Strategically targeting a few accounts as opposed to 500 accounts is key to prioritizing efforts and winning more deals. While transitioning from inbound to outbound marketing, focus on these three key elements: 1) Change your internal terminology, 2) Have a pilot group that shows success, and 3) Look at ROI measurements. One to one is marketing and sales working together to make custom everything for an account. Personalize a video, event, merchandise, etc. Career advice: Do not wait to do professional development. Go and learn now while the market is down. Links: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alonwaks/ Email: alonwaks@gmail.com Busted Myths: Start with the KPIs that really matter. Demos and the amount of visitors coming to your website are great to look at, but they are secondary. Focus on the metrics that matter to your company. Do not go and buy an account based marketing tool before knowing what account based means for your company and the corresponding data that goes along with them.  Marketing can not do one to one at scale - One to one is relationship marketing which is a completely different approach. Ways to Tune In: iTunes - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-hard-corps-marketing-show/id1338838763 Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/1vVLpNI1LssMTiL6Kdsamn Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-hard-corps-marketing-show Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/m/Im7mytmu2wa2mekhoeixlja5hpe?t=The_Hard_Corps_Marketing_Show YouTube - Full video - https://youtu.be/nK8-6bpuHlg

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13 Aug 2020

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017: The Leader in Account Based Marketing Tells Us How It's Done (ft. Alon Waks)

Marketing Gone Viral

Alon Waks is an expert in Go-To-Market Strategies. Why? Because he's executed on so many of them! The former Head of Global Marketing for LivePerson as well as former VP of Marketing for 8x8, Kustomer and Bizzabo Alon thrives when it comes taking emerging companies and growing them to scale.  


30 Jun 2020

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1161: Content + Data + Live Events = Engagement w/ Alon Waks

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Alon Waks, VP of Marketing at Bizzabo. If you’re looking for strategic content at scale, we’ve got a hunch Hub & Spoke can help. Head over to HubSpoke.Marketing/Growth to schedule your consultation with a content specialist today. Want to get a no-fluff email that boils down our 3 biggest takeaways from an entire week of B2B Growth episodes? Sign up today: http://sweetfishmedia.com/big3 We'll never send you more than what you can read in < 1 minute.


14 Nov 2019

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56. Drafting an Event Strategy That Works w/ Alon Waks

The Sales Hacker Podcast

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Alon Waks, VP of Marketing at Bizzabo. Bizzabo is the leading event management system company. We talk with Alon about drafting an event strategy that works. He discusses how companies can increase their audience and use ABM as a team sport.


7 May 2019