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Growing Wild with Katy Bowman | EMP Podcast 90

Evolve Move Play Podcast

👉 Want to join us on Zoom for a LIVE airing of an EMP Podcast? https://www.evolvemoveplay.com/opt-podcast/?utm_medium=organic_social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=podcast_promotionOnce a month, we’ll be holding live conversations that YOU can be a part of! With EMP Podcast Plus, you’ll get a members-only “backstage pass” and exclusive access to:🔴 Monthly LIVE Zoom calls with Rafe Kelley & EMP Podcast guests🎙 Ask your Questions Live to Movement + Meaning Experts after the show💬 Access to EMP’s distraction-free movement discussion community📹 Exclusive Monthly Response video from Rafe to member questions👟 Movement Challenges for your Daily Practice!and so much more...We hope to see you soon in our thriving movement community! Just hit the link below to chat with us between shows and in the next live episode!👉 Join on https://www.evolvemoveplay.com/opt-podcast/?utm_medium=organic_social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=podcast_promotion============Today our guest is the one and only Katy Bowman!Katy is the founder of Nutritious Movement and an author of many incredible books that look at Natural Movement from a biomechanical perspective. If you haven’t had a chance to dig into her work yet I highly recommend it; she’s been a huge inspiration and influence in the development of Evolve Move Play and I’m really excited to have had the chance to talk with her and share her insights with this community.Today we’re going to be talking about Katy’s newest book “Grow Wild”, which is a comprehensive look at how we can restore natural movement back into the lives of our children and how that kind of lifestyle can positively impact their development and improve their lives. So check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!============Learn More about Katy BowmanWeb: https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/NutritiousMovementOfficialIG: https://www.instagram.com/nutritiousmovement/Click Here to buy Katie's New book: Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family, Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More👉 https://amzn.to/3AJAQM9============👍To support the podcast please like, share, subscribe and turn on the notifications by hitting the bell icon. 👤 VISIT US ONLINE- EMP Website: https://www.evolvemoveplay.com- EMP Shop: https://shop.evolvemoveplay.com- IG: @RafeKelly - http://www.instagram.com/rafekelley/ - FB: @RafeKelleyMovement - https://www.facebook.com/RafeKelleyMo...- Twitter: @rafekelley - https://twitter.com/rafekelley- YT Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/Faelcind...- Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/rafekelley

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27 Sep 2021

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482: Katy Bowman on Grow Wild – Optimal Movement for Children and Families

The Wellness Mama Podcast

This episode is focused on a topic that I love to talk about – movement. I am here with Nutritious Movement guru Katy Bowman, and we talk about the idea of growing wild and how we can optimize movement for our children and our families. Katy is a much-requested repeat guest on this podcast, and …

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27 Sep 2021

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Bare feet, Movement Hunger, and a Home with No Furniture I Katy Bowman I The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E3

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

This episode was recorded on August 18th, 2021 In today's episode, Ginny Yurich sits down withKaty Bowman to discuss her latest book release, Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More. Raising Healthy Sleepers from Crib to College. Purchase your copy here - https://amzn.to/3B2YZ08 (aff. link) Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her nine books, including the groundbreaking “Move Your DNA” and “Movement Matters”, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences. Her work has been featured in diverse media such as the Today Show, CBC Radio One, the Seattle Times, and Good Housekeeping. One of Maria Shriver’s “Architects of Change” and America Walks “Woman of the Walking Movement,” she has worked with companies like Patagonia, Nike, and Google as well as a wide range of non-profits and other communities, sharing her “move more, move more body parts, move more for what you need” message. Her movement education company, Nutritious Movement, is based in Washington State, where she lives with her family. Learn more at nutritiousmovement.com.


2 Sep 2021

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Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 317 with Mechanist, Katy Bowman

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Today I am joined by Katy Bowman. Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement, bio mechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her nine books, including the groundbreaking “Move Your DNA” and “Movement Matters”, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences. Her work has been featured in diverse media such as the Today Show, CBC Radio One, the Seattle Times, and Good Housekeeping. One of Maria Shriver’s “Architects of Change” and America Walks “Woman of the Walking Movement,” she has worked with companies like Patagonia, Nike, and Google as well as a wide range of non-profits and other communities, sharing her “move more, move more body parts, move more for what you need” message. Her movement education company, Nutritious Movement, is based in Washington State, where she lives with her family. Learn more at nutritiousmovement.com. One of my favorite things to do is observe people in the grocery store or airport.  How do their hips move?  Is their head way out in front of their body?  Are they looking down? Falling forward?  I am victim to my own scrutiny as well.  What is my posture at the end of a marathon or triathlon?  How to do I stand when giving a talk or at the counter preparing a meal? What hurts or is stiff?  Can I do movements that I did as a younger person.  How do I move my body throughout my day or on the weekends doing gardening or yardwork? Are these changes a reflection of aging muscles or even deeper changes within our own cellular structure.  How might we affect aging by becoming more mobile? Katy and I discuss these things and more.  She is a wealth of knowledge and ideas that I believe can help you and your family.  Enjoy the interview.  Links to her website, podcast, and books are listed below.  Check out our website at doctordulaney.com and email me at jami@doctordulaney.com https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nS9FTnxDhaZZBGjAPOKG6-PY31BcA3w1/view?usp=sharing https://www.facebook.com/NutritiousMovement https://www.instagram.com/nutritiousmovement/ https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/product/dynamic-aging-simple-exercises-for-whole-body-mobility/ https://www.amazon.com/Plant-based-Wellness-Cookbook-Generations-Cooking/dp/1733967702/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1U4J4U0SZUXUF&dchild=1&keywords=plant+based+wellness+cookbook&qid=1621083696&sprefix=plant+based+well%2Caps%2C173&sr=8-3


27 Aug 2021

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65: Grow Wild with Katy Bowman

Sage Family

Today I’m here with Katy Bowman talking about the role of movement in growing wild. Katy is a biomechanist, author, speaker, and a leader in the movement movement. We go over stacking needs, culture, clothing, cooking, the home environment, learning, activities, and alloparents. Get the full show notes at sagefamily.com/podcast65.

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27 Jul 2021

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Summer Activities for Kids: A Guide to Getting Kids Outside, with Katy Bowman EP: 459

How To Be A Better Person with Kate Hanley

Today I’m talking with Katy Bowman, biomechanist and bestselling author of many books, including her newest, Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More. We break it down how to get kids back into moving their bodies and heading outside--even after a pandemic when they basically become one with their screens.


2 Jun 2021

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TMHS 478: How Clothing, Cooking, & Culture Controls Our Movement - With Guest Katy Bowman

The Model Health Show

We know that sedentary behavior is one of the largest contributors to many preventable diseases and ailments. Compared with generations before us, we spend an increasing amount of time being inactive. Thanks to technology, modes of transportation, and societal norms, it’s easier than ever to be sedentary.  However, we were designed to move. In fact, our bodies and our genes expect us to get physical activity on a regular basis. Today’s guest, Katy Bowman is back on The Model Health Show to talk about how we can create a culture of movement within our homes to set our families up for meaningful activity. Katy is a biomechanist, a bestselling author, and a leader in the Movement movement.  On today’s show, Katy is sharing powerful tips from her new book, Grow Wild. You’re going to learn about how to effortlessly fit movement into your daily routines, how to get your whole family moving, and how to change the way you think about exercise. I truly hope you gain a lot of value and empowerment from this interview with the one and only, Katy Bowman. In this episode you’ll discover: How movement impacts your entire body, down to your cells. The metabolic effects of being sedentary. What a movement drought is, and how mandates have worsened our activity levels. How stacking can help you incorporate more movement into your routine.  Why multitasking doesn’t work.  How to create a celebration or ceremony around movement.  What a container for movement is. The problem with our culture’s lack of permission for movement.  How to reframe and reevaluate movement in your own home. Why you should write a personal mission statement. What mechanical nutrients are. The definition of mechanotransduction, and how it works. Why we should consider movement a critical nutrient.  What movement hunger is.  How our bodies adapt to sitting and other sedentary behaviors. Why we have to stop separating ourselves from nature. What makes walking a nutrient dense movement  The benefits of walking, and realistic ways to fit it into your routine.  What the number one driver of movement is.  The power and function of the human jaw. What a snacktivity is. How our clothing can hinder our movement and functionality.  Items mentioned in this episode include: Organifi.com/Model  -- Use the coupon code MODEL for 20% off! Beekeepersnaturals.com/model -- Get 15% off raw honey & other natural remedies! The Science of Flavor with Mark Schatzker – Episode 305 5 Critical Keys to Unlock More Energy with Dr. Steven Gundry – Episode 462 Our Misguided Battle Against Microbes with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz – Episode 440 Grow Wild by Katy Bowman Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman Connect with Katy Bowman Website / Facebook / Instagram * Download Transcript Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes:  Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Soundcloud Join TMHS Facebook community - Model Nation 

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17 May 2021

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Katy Bowman - Movement is Counterculture

All About Fitness

Regular physical activity is essential for optimal health, especially for children who crave activity. Exercise is physical activity for a purpose, while general physical activity includes all of the daily tasks related to living such as walking to the store, taking the stairs or doing yard work. Even though modern technology has sought to remove the need to be physically active, there are still opportunities to build daily habits around physical activity.Katy Bowman is a biomechanist, the author of Move Your DNA and a public speaker; in her latest book, Grow Wild, she presents a number of different solutions to help the whole family move towards better health by adding more activity to daily habits. Katy joins this episode of All About Fitness to talk about how the lack of movement affects us both physically and mentally and provides solutions for how we can stack more activity into our life. Learn how adding more activity can enhance your life and what you can do to achieve that on this episode of the All About Fitness podcast. Help your family achieve optimal health, order a copy of Grow Wild: https://amzn.to/3wGp2bcMove your DNA - learn about the health benefits of movement: https://amzn.to/3fRPLegVisit Katy's website: https://www.nutritiousmovement.comhttps://petemccallfitness.comOrder a copy of Ageless Intensity: High Intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process: https://amzn.to/3wJHKi4Order a copy of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simplehttps://amzn.to/3fub1YlGet relief from sore muscles and promote recovery after hard workouts; order the NIMBL XLR8 massage gun - use code AAF20 to save 20% https://joinnimbl.com/products/xlr8Dynamic anatomy; $29https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/dynamic-anatomy-recorded-webinar-and-e-book-bundle-copyLearn how your muscles and fascia function as an integrated system to move your body along with how to design the most effective exercise programs for the core, legs, inner thighs, shoulders AND glutes. 0.2 CECs - ACE, NASM and AFAADynamic anatomy e-book; $7Learn how your muscles and fascia work to move your body.dynamic-anatomy-how-your-body-moves-during-exerciseExercise program design for the fountain of youth; $49https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/exercise-for-the-fountain-of-youthLearn the science of how exercise can burn fat, build muscle AND slow down the aging process, includes workout programs to help you find your fountain of youth. 0.3 ACE, 0.4 NASM and 4 AFAAExercise for the Fountain of Youth e-book; $7Learn how exercise can help you to slow aging and find your fountain of youth.https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/allaboutfitness/exercise-for-the-fountain-of-youth-e-bookTotal Body Core Training; $67https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/total-body-core-training-continuing-education-program-for-fitness-professionalsLearn the science of exercise program design and how to build a stronger body by first creating the foundation of a strong core. The course includes a progressively challenging exercise program that will keep you working out all year long. 0.4 ACE, 0.5 NASM and 5 AFAA CECsFunctional Core Training; $7Explains how to build a strong body starting with your core muscles.https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/allaboutfitness/functional-core-training-e-bookGlute Reboot; $29https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/glute-reboot-all-about-exercise-for-the-glutesAn online course in collaboration with Master Trainer Abbie Appel; learn how the muscles of the gluteal complex work as well as a number of effective exercises to help them function (and look) better 0.2 ACE, NASM and AFAA CECs - $29Bundle: Functional Core Training, Dynamic Anatomy and Exercise for the Fountain of Youth; $17https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/e-book-bundle-exercise-for-the-fountain-of-youth-functional Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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28 Apr 2021

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Katy Bowman: Grow Wild And The Importance of Movement Nutrition

The B.rad Podcast

I am so excited to share this interview with Katy Bowman today! As a prolific author, biomechanist, and founder of the Nutritious Movement movement, Katy is a real thought-leader who is passionate about teaching people about the power of natural movement and the importance of integrating movement into our lifestyle. Katy has authored books like Move Your DNA and Movement Matters, and now has a new book out called Grow Wild, about the challenge parents these days have when it comes to raising children in today’s modern world in a natural manner. Even when you take the pandemic out of the equation, it’s undeniable that the reality of our (pre-Covid) modern world was one that was extremely supportive of a digitally dominant and also highly sedentary lifestyle. “This is the most sedentary group of humans in history,” Katy comments. But even though the world we live in makes it super easy to be lazy, there are still many practical methods we can all utilize to ensure that we are getting enough movement. In this episode, Katie shares these simple, but highly effective actionable steps you can take to organize your life, daily routine, and home environment in a manner that helps you integrate movement in a more natural way. You’ll learn fascinating information about the physiology of the human body that will completely shift your perspective on movement and parenting (and also the strong connection between the two) especially when she highlights how “our ideas of safety and not moving go hand in hand.”  Katy also breaks down why we require a wide variety of movements to be able to maximize bone density, and explains the unique importance of movement for children so certain diseases do not show up later on (did you know that  osteoporosis is actually a juvenile disease that manifests in later years?). She also reveals that you can actually dress your children in a way that either “helps or hinders their movement” and that one unfortunate side effect of parents hindering their children’s movement in an “effort to keep them safe” is that they are now less able to assess risk and have a good understanding of how to assess their self. Katy also explains the value of setting aside time to do longform investigations into the subjects that interest you most, and the reason why she describes longform reading and/or investment as an important skill to cultivate. You will also learn about the danger of this “pandemic of myopia” we are currently in, and why “the environment is the problem” (Katy organized her book by environment for a reason). You’ll also learn why Katy says that there are “many nutrients to be found in movement” as well as how to set up your home environment and lifestyle habits for success in a practical way. “This isn’t about moving into a cave and wearing a loincloth,” Katy says, but about making “really small changes.”TIMESTAMPS:Rather than moving, we are living in a crazy sedentary lifestyle. [01:45]Katy moved from urban life to a much more traditional lifestyle. [05:30]Her children are being exposed to nature in a big way. [11:06]Kids need nutritious food, community, and lots of movement. The health of a child is really setting up that adult for what they can experience later on. [14:46]Everything that we use is hyper-stimulating, like a sugar addiction. [19:33]The developing body needs the most movement, and it's more than total movement. [22:29]If parents don’t have the opportunity to bring to their family this ideal rural life, what can they do to expose their kids to nature in a healthy growing way? [26:20]Think outside the chair. There is a relationship between culture and posture and movement overall. [33:23]There are many “don’t move” messages in our culture. The side effect of not letting our children move to keep them “safe” has also made them unable to assess risk. [36:30]Kids have a different makeup in that some just have to move and others more easily can be still. [39:26]Because of the pandemic, people have had to find other ways of moving. [49:15]Kids need to learn to walk. From the beginning they have been on wheels: strollers, trikes, bikes, and in carpools. [51:08]Transitioning is difficult. [55:18]The launch party for her book is going to be “book walk.” [59:52]LINKS:Brad Kearns.comBrad’s Shopping PageGrow WildNutritious MovementKaty BowmanJoin Brad for more fun on: Instagram: @bradkearns1Facebook: @bradkearnsjumphighTwitter: @bradleykearnsYouTube: @BradKearnsWe appreciate all feedback, and questions for Q&A shows, emailed to getoveryourselfpodcast@gmail.com. If you have a moment, please share an episode you like with a quick text message, or leave a review on your podcast app. Thank you!Check out each of these companies because they are absolutely awesome or they wouldn’t occupy this revered space. Seriously, Brad won’t sell out to anyone if he doesn’t love the product. Ask anyone.Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece: Mind-blowing, life-changing nut butter blendMale Optimization Formula with Organs (MOFO): Optimize testosterone naturally with 100% grassfed animal organ supplementVuori Activewear: The most comfortable, functional, and fashionable gear, evoking the chill SoCal coastal lifestyleDonations!This free podcast offering is a team effort from Brad, Daniel, Siena, Gail, TJ, Vuk, RedCircle, our awesome guests, and our incredibly cool advertising partners. We are now poised and proud to double dip by both soliciting a donation and having you listen to ads! If you wanna cough up a few bucks to salute the show, we really appreciate it and will use the funds wisely for continued excellence. Go big (whatever that means to you…) and we’ll send you a free jar of Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece as a thank you! Email to alert us! Choose to donate now, later, or never. Either way, we thank you for choosing from the first two options! :]Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-get-over-yourself-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

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13 Apr 2021

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Episode 71: Katy Bowman - Are You Walking Wrong?

The MOVEMENT Movement

Walking is one of the most fundamental things that human beings do. Walking on two legs is what makes us human beings. What if we're all doing it wrong? That's right. The simplest thing, walking, are we doing it wrong? We're going to find out about that and much, much more on today's episode of The MOVEMENT Movement podcast. My guest today is Katy Bowman, an internationally recognized biomechanist, author, and science communicator. Katy has both the skill and passion for reintroducing movement into people’s everyday lives. With her bestselling books, award-winning podcast (with more than 3 million downloads!) and classes both in person and online, she reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. She regularly travels the globe to lead workshops and retreats, and is frequently featured on TV shows like NBC’s Today Show and in publications such as Prevention and Good Housekeeping. Katy directs and teaches at the Nutritious Movement Center Northwest in Washington state, consults on research and on movement-rich community and educational space design, and spends as much time as possible moving outside with her husband and children. If you have questions for me about the show, please email me, Steven Sashen, at move@jointhemovementmovement.com, or visit the website at www.jointhemovementmovement.com, and find what's going on, be part of the family of helping people discover and rediscover that natural movement is the obvious better healthy choice, just like natural food is... If you want to be part of the tribe, please subscribe.

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14 Oct 2020