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70: Movies That Douglas Trumbull Could Have Improved

What's On Draft?

Hello listeners! This week we're paying homage to the filmmaking legacy of Douglas Trumbull by drafting science fiction movies that could have been improved had he been working on the movies special effects. What's the best use of a movie icon - turning him loose on some truly bad movies to try and redeem them or polishing a few bad areas of otherwise great movies? Listen in then let us know which approach you think works the best! Vote for the winner here! (for now, you have to have the Spotify mobile app to vote) Time Codes: 8:40 Topic Intro 10:36 The Draft 1:01:43 The Second Half 1:41:36 Recap and Alternates Callbacks to Previous Episodes: 35: Drafting Our Ideal Robotic Staffs 28: Celebrating Spring Training by Drafting Fictional Baseball Players Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram                          Email us at whatsondraftpodcast@gmail.com!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/whatsondraft/message

1hr 59mins

2 Apr 2022

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“A Tribute To Douglas Trumbull”

Visions In Sound Podcast

Show #1116 – “A Tribute To Douglas Trumbull”     The post “A Tribute To Douglas Trumbull” appeared first on A Movie, TV & Video Game Soundtrack Radio Program.

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12 Mar 2022

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Vicki loves sci Fi! R.i.p Douglas Trumbull. And derpy Oscars.

Ksdad radio

Rip to a man who was a creative genius behind the camera. And good god Oscars why so derpy.

2hr 1min

12 Feb 2022

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Douglas Trumbull

Beyond The Fame with Jason Fraley

WTOP Entertainment Reporter Jason Fraley chats with Hollywood visual effects legend Douglas Trumbull, who died today at age 79. They spoke in 2018 when the Smithsonian celebrated the 50th anniversary of "2001: A Space Odyssey." He also shared memories of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Blade Runner."

9 Feb 2022

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PODCALIPTUS 7 X 29 La Ciencia ficción de Douglas Trumbull ("Naves misteriosas", 1972; "Proyecto Brainstorm", 1983)

Podcaliptus Bonbon

Hoy traemos un monográfico especial sobre una figura crucial en la Ciencia ficción cinematográfica: la del director, técnico de efectos especiales y desarrollador de tecnología fílmica Douglas Trumbull. Os contamos los aspectos más relevantes de su carrera, como las colaboraciones con Kubrick o Ridley Scott, y analizamos las dos películas que dirigió, "Naves misteriosas" ("Silent Running", 1972) y "Proyecto Brainstorm" ("Brainstorm", 1983) así como los motivos por los que forman parte de la historia del cine en general y de la Ciencia ficción en particular. Como siempre con humor, ¡esperamos que os guste! :-) La música tiene licencia Creative Commons ("Into the Storm" por Brandon Lew) o está cedida (cierre por el gran Almirante Stargazer del fantabuloso podcast "Torpedo Rojo").Puedes seguir nuestras andanzas y participar en nuestra web, el portal cultural podcaliptus.com ; nuestro canal de YouTube "Podcaliptus Bonbon", muro de Facebook y Twitter @podcaliptus. ¡Os esperamos! :-)

2hr 7mins

25 Apr 2021

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Brainstorm - Generazione elettronica (Douglas Trumbull, 198)

Close up

Qui potete trovare le puntate di PAGINE, la quotidiana rubrica sui libri a cura di Andrea Nanni, in onda su Radio Italia Anni 60 Emilia Romagna.


23 Feb 2021

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Episode 284 - Douglas Trumbull — Visionary Filmmaker & Visual Effects Pioneer

CG Garage

This week’s podcast features a truly legendary guest: Douglas Trumbull. Over the past 50 years, Douglas has pushed the boundaries of filmmaking via stunning effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and directed his own films including Silent Running and Brainstorm.  Today, Douglas still works tirelessly to enhance the cinematic experience at home and in theaters. His intricate understanding of cameras and projectors led to the creation of the Showscan format which has now evolved into Magi, delivering high-framerate films without the soap-opera look. In this podcast, he gives exclusive insight into his experiences in the movie industry and explains his involvement in Ang Lee’s Gemini Man as well as Kevin Margo’s CONSTRUCT.

1hr 9mins

20 Jul 2020

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Star Trek's Douglas Trumbull - Episode 102

70s Trek: Star Trek in the 1970s

In 1979, visual effects supervisor Doug Trumbull walked into an impossible situation on The Motion Picture and completely turned it around. Douglas Trumbull It’s fair to say that when you think about visual effects from the 1970s, two names come to mind: John Dykstra and Doug Trumbull.  During the 1960s and 70s, Trumbull developed an impressive resume. When he finally came to Star Trek in 1979, he had worked on four of the biggest sci-fi movies in the previous 11 years. And it was that experience that helped him do the impossible on The Motion Picture.  Trumbull came to Star Trek late, and as a result had very little time to execute on a huge amount of work. The company that had previously been hired to produce the effects, Abel & Associates, had produced practically nothing that could be used. Trumbull joined the production after Abel had been fired. He only had 6 months left until the premiere date and had 525 special effects shots to produce.  This was a near impossible task. Added to this situation was the impending class action law suit that theater owners threatened to bring if The Motion Picture did not arrive by December 7, 1979, its opening date. So Trumbull needed to produce the needed shots or there would be, literally, hell to pay.  The pressure was immense. In this episode of 70s Trek, we’ll tell you about Doug Trumbull, who could easily be called, “The Man Who Saved Star Trek The Motion Picture.”


21 Sep 2018

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Brainstorm (1983) | Douglas Trumbull

Around the World in 80s Movies

Christopher Walken stars as a scientist out to protect his project, one that involves being able to experience the senses and emotions of another person, from getting into the wrong hands.  Natalie Wood, in her final film role, co-stars as the wife he is about to lose, if only they could remember the love they once had.  Special effects wizard Douglas Trumbull directs this troubled but still intriguing science fiction exploration that was, perhaps, too ahead of its time to transplant what he envisioned into our own minds.


15 Sep 2018

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Marc D'Antonio & Douglas Trumbull's UFO Detection System: UFOTOG2


In this clip from our show 'Believe', we discuss “Our Universe.“ "Marc D'Antonio & Douglas Trumbull's UFO Detection System: UFOTOG2" Marc D'Antonio discusses UFOTOG2, a new UFO detection system he is working on with Academy Award winner Douglas Trumbull. Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch Our website: http://www.believe.love


16 Oct 2017