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Baratunde Thurston & Gareth Schweitzer

REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal

Baratunde Thurston is an author, activist, and comedian.  Gareth Schweitzer is one of my oldest and closest friends who has been a successful journalist and entrepreneur.  We get into our childhood experience in DC, policing, race and the workplace. For episodes a week early and exclusive content join - Real Ones on Patreon FOLLOW REAL ONES  YouTube | Instagram | Tik Tok FOLLOW JON BERNTHAL Instagram | Twitter 


15 Sep 2022

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Baratunde Thurston on Humility as a Path to Wisdom

Time Sensitive

For writer, comedian, and cultural critic Baratunde Thurston, host of the How to Citizen podcast, humility is a tool to connect with people—and to bring them together around some collective sense of truth. Through his work, Thurston serves as an ambassador to his audiences, always considering what they’re going through and the questions they might ask. A Harvard graduate, he has advised the Obama White House and worked as a producer on The Daily Show, and is author of the best-selling memoir How To Be Black. A dogged dedication to transparency shines through all that Thurston does. Across his projects, he takes on nuanced discussions about race, technology, and democracy—and in the hopes of galvanizing his readers, listeners, and viewers, uses compassion and humor to make these subjects more approachable. Whether writing about Will Smith’s Oscars slap or the metaverse for the media company Puck (of which he is a founding partner) or hosting the new PBS travel series America Outdoors With Baratunde Thurston, he navigates everything with great self-awareness, curiosity, and an open mind. On this episode, Thurston speaks with Andrew about storytelling as a collaborative process, the value of open-source technology, and the word “citizen” as a verb.Special thanks to our Season 5 sponsor, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts.Show notes:Full transcriptbaratunde.com[04:16] Sidwell Friends School[13:49] We’re Having A Moment podcast[14:59] Live on Lockdown[21:56] “How To Do a Data Detox In a Zillion Easy Steps”[25:06] Thurston’s TED Talk, “How to Deconstruct Racism, One Headline at a Time”[39:01] How to Citizen podcast[01:22:27] How to Be Black[01:24:26] “The Human Shield Against Technology”[01:25:17] Thurston’s TEDx Talk, “Hacking Comedy”[01:32:53] America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston

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27 Jul 2022

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Baratunde Thurston On 'America Outdoors'

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

Larry is joined by comedian, writer, and cultural critic Baratunde Thurston to discuss his new PBS series 'America Outdoors.' They begin their conversation by discussing how the show was produced. They then pivot to Thurston's intentions for the program, including providing a conduit for inner-city kids to appreciate the diverse American topography in an appreciative way.(9:40) Next, they talk about how nature can play a part in unifying people using the history and restoration of the L.A. River as context.(25:00) Baratunde then breaks down the process of selecting the locations for the show and shares some of the profound experiences he had filming in the Great Dismal swamps outside of Chesapeake Bay, which profoundly connected him with the racial history of that region in a spiritual way.(32:18) Larry and Baratunde conclude their conversation by talking about the complex connection Black people have to the outdoors and complications of loving America despite the imperfections within its history, current political climate, and the machinations of the recent Supreme Court decisions.(49:32)Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Baratunde ThurstonProducer: Chris Sutton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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2 Jul 2022

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304: America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston

Black Girl Nerds

In this week's episode of the Black Girl Nerds Podcast we chat with Emmy nominated host Baratunde Thurston. Baratunde is a visionary known for his thought-provoking conversations where he integrates his one-of-a-kind humor and insight to shine light on the world’s complex nature within themes of race, politics, technology and more. His compassionate voice offers a grounded honesty in which he displays during America Outdoors where Baratunde will spend quality time with an array of characters whose outdoor lives are shaped by where they live. The series includes various episodes that cover various topics from modern homesteaders living alongside grizzlies  in Idaho, to Black surfers catching waves on Long Island. Baratunde will reveal a deeper understanding of our passionate yet complicated relationship with the outdoors.   Host: Jeanine Edited by: Jamie Broadnax Music by: Sammus


27 Jun 2022

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How To Citizen, with Baratunde Thurston

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Most Americans can agree that society isn't perfect -- in fact, most people in other parts of the world can say the same about their own societies. But how can we attempt to address these issues? Is there genuinely a conspiracy between the world's wealthiest people to keep the disadvantaged divided? This week, the guys welcome special guest, author, comedian and philosopher Baratunde Thurston to explore these questions and more.They don't want you to read our book.: https://static.macmillan.com/static/fib/stuff-you-should-read/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 19mins

10 Jun 2022

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Using Tech for Good with Baratunde Thurston


Advocate, technologist and comedian Baratunde Thurston joins the show to talk about his podcast How to Citizen and how, with a little work, we can make tech live up to its potential as a tool for positive social change.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Apr 2022

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Ep219 - Baratunde Thurston | How To Be Black

Talks at Google

Visit http://g.co/TalksAtGoogle/HowToBeBlack to watch the video.

1hr 1min

25 Feb 2022

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Baratunde Thurston

Kasich & Klepper

Spoiler Alert! There’s a strong chance Kasich is gonna leave Klepper for today’s guest - and you’re about to hear why. Baratunde Thurston joins the show with his perfect blend of comedy and activism to discuss how change and power happens from the ground up, why younger generations are rightfully so fed up, and also why knowing a thing or two about bourbon is as American as it gets. Listen and subscribe to Baratunde’s podcast, How to Citizen with Baratunde, wherever you get your podcasts and go to howtocitizen.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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10 Feb 2022

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Reshaping Reality Through Citizenship - Baratunde Thurston

More Intelligent Tomorrow: a DataRobot Podcast

On our Season 2 premiere episode, new host Dave Anderson sits down with Writer, Activist & Comedian Baratunde Thurston to discuss taking a more proactive role in how technology serves us.Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, but we often don’t give it much of a thought as we go about our day-to-day: how it helps us get from point A to point B, communicate with friends and family, procure what we need with relative ease, or monitor our health. As such, we don’t often think about how technological advancement decisions are made or who makes them (who decided self-driving cars should be the next big thing?). In reality, very few people make the key decisions about what purpose a technology will serve, whose lives it will change as a result, or how success should be measured and communicated. 


25 Jan 2022

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Tired and Excited with Baratunde Thurston

Sunstorm with Alicia Garza & Ai-jen Poo

Between the pandemic and life, “How to Citizen” host Baratunde Thurston is tired. But he’s also optimistic and motivated about where the world can go—if we get ourselves right. He breaks down his concept of ‘citizen’ as a verb, and why he chooses to citizen by checking on his neighbors and digging into the minutiae of municipal budgets. He also shares stories about his late mom, whose life continues to reveal lessons in resilience, growth, and self-acceptance. Plus: Details about Baratunde’s upcoming PBS docuseries, America Outdoors, and the #1 skill he acquired during quarantine.Head to sunstormpod.com to learn, read and find out how you can get involved!Sunstorm is a project of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Sunstorm provides a platform for a diversity of viewpoints on policies and current events that are important to the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and its members. Guests on Sunstorm do not represent or speak on behalf of NDWA.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


22 Jun 2021