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A Coaching Clinic from the Legendary Alan Chadwick

The Nick Rodriguez Podcast

Joining us today on the podcast is legendary high school football coach Alan Chadwick! Alan is the all-time winningest high school football coach in the state of Georgia, accumulating nearly 400 career wins. In today's conversation, we learn about Alan's relationship with current NFL head coach Sean McVay, and his thoughts on what makes a great coach.Enjoy! 


16 Oct 2020

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Alan Chadwick: A Georgia Legend!


One of the all time greats! 375 wins and going on his 35th football season.  See how he does it!


15 Aug 2019

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The TFR Conversation with Coaches Segment - Episode 24 Featuring Coach Alan Chadwick of the Marist War Eagles

The turdfurgesonreport's Podcast

We had the pleasure of spending a little time with Marist Head Coach Alan Chadwick. Coach Chadwick is a Georgia high school coaching legend. To date, his teams have won 367 games, which makes him the current active leader and second all-time. Marist has also never missed the playoffs under his guidance. Will those stats are nice, Coach Chadwick isn't focused on the past. The War Eagles have a challenging schedule this season. Coach Chadwick talks about some of those challenges and gives us a coach’s perspective on his team. Coach also gives us a little insight into the Fish Bowl that will be played Friday night at Hughes-Spalding Stadium on the Marist campus. Tune in as we talk War Eagle football with Coach Alan Chadwick. Please remember to follow us on twitter @turdfurgesonrpt and on the web at turdfurgeson.com


14 Sep 2018

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Episode 018 of the Biodynamics Now! Podcast: Stephen Crimi, Publisher and the Alan Chadwick Archive

Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast

Steve Crimi is the publisher of Logosophia Books in Asheville, NC, and one of the keepers of the Alan Chadwick Archive. He and his wife Krys ran Philosophy Farm, an biodynamic/permaculture farm in the mountain of Western NC for over a decade. He has given talks internationally on Biodynamics, Sacred Geometry and the Sacred Origins of Western Civilization, and can be reached through www.logosophiabooks.com. A blog containing some of his writings is found at http://open.salon.com/blog/stevecrimi.  The English born Alan Chadwick came into the world on July 27, 1909. Born into the upper class of Edwardian society, Alan was exposed at a young age to a variety of aesthetic pursuits, gardening being chief among them. As a youth the mystic Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner heavily influenced him. Steiner's theories, though largely disregarded by the wider academic community, found a stronghold in the mind of young Alan. Later in his life Chadwick would combine what he learned from Steiner with French gardening techniques to develop his own brand of biodynamic horticulture. Chadwick's passion for the arts led him to the Shakespearean theater where he performed professionally for thirty two years. However his life pursuit of beauty was violently interrupted by the Second World War, which he described as having "capsized my attitude to civilization." After the war he moved to South Africa where he continued to act and to garden. In 1967, Chadwick was persuaded by his friend Countess Freye von Moltke to take a position at the burgeoning UC Santa Cruz. During his time at the University, Chadwick labored to construct a showcase garden employing his biodynamic techniques. While working the soil, he taught the students his philosophy based on a clear understanding of the rhythms of nature in creating a thriving botanical environment, as well as about the role of the garden in human culture. Chadwick was an extremely magnetic individual who attracted a large following to his lectures and a large number of devoted volunteers, whom he worked hard in the garden. Though a charming person, Chadwick was also quick to anger and notoriously difficult to get along with at times. This aspect of his personality, along with disputes over the direction of his ambitious farm project, led to his leaving the University in 1973. In the final seven years of his life, Alan continued to work in his signature style helping to create several gardens around America. He died on May 25, 1980. Alan Chadwick remains highly regarded by the agricultural community and is seen as the forerunner to the Center for Agro-ecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) that exists today at UC Santa Cruz. The original garden remains an island of peace within the bustling University and is now named in his honor. from :UCSC OAC Unit The University Library Special Collections and Archives University Library University of California, Santa Cru

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5 Mar 2014

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BDNow! 010 Craig Siska and The Alan Chadwick Archive

Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast

Alan Chadwick was a brilliant master gardener, a visionary, and an extraordinary source of inspiration for many horticulture students and professional gardeners, past and present. Through those who worked with him, and the constant stream of luminaries, writers, practitioners, and students who visited his magical gardens, Chadwick influenced an entire generation of American gardeners, whether directly or indirectly. In his fertile, productive gardens, Chadwick proved that by following his methods, yields of four to six times the U.S. commercial average for fruits, vegetables, and grains could be achieved, using one-eighth of the water, a quarter of the fertilizer, and one-hundredth of the energy per pound of food produced. To Chadwick, gardening was in part a spiritual endeavor: an element in the quest for the inner sense of man, a means of shedding light on a vision of creation and nature. He was fascinated by the mystery of nature and the power of its cycles; he saw nature essentially as a giver and forgiver, and he battled constantly to defend it against man's predilection for dominating it. Chadwick saw the garden as our true home and as the ultimate teacher of human culture, and he strove to make his gardens as beautiful, functional, and sustainable as possible. (from www.seedsofchange.com/cutting_edge/alan_chadwick.aspx) But Alan Chadwick was far more than an accomplished horticulturist. He taught, prodded, cajoled, and berated his many students until they became competent, authentic, and creative human beings; or at least that was his goal for them, as he would settle for nothing less. As Allen Kalpin, a long-time Chadwick apprentice, once said, "He was a gardener of souls."  Biodynamic viticulture consultant Alan York, a student of Chadwick's, said this about him, ""Alan Chadwick's gift, I believe, was not so much as a gardener as a storyteller. His storytelling was so skillful that he could create magic with words. This magic allowed those who worked with him to experience things that were still in the future, such as the building of a garden. Weaving his spell, Chadwick created vivid pictures that empowered us to visualize just what a garden could be. He always told us that it is the garden that makes the gardener, and not the other way around. It should be a place of reflection, he would say, where we can once again know that feeling of Paradise and recreate a modern Garden of Eden." "For those who were fortunate enough to know him," concludes York, "his legacy will always live on because he captured our imaginations and gave us practical skills to turn our dreams into the reality of our lives." Alan Chadwick lectured to his students frequently. Hundreds of tapes of his presentations exist but no one was making a serious effort to organize and preserve these priceless recording for posterity until landscape architecht Craig Siska stepped forward to do it. Craig is our special guest for this episode of The Biodynamics Now! Podcast.Craig apprenticed with Alan Chadwick in Virginia in 1978-79, and is now working very closely with Stephen Crimi("Performance in the Garden")  and others, in the Asheville, NC area - 32 years after Alan's passing - create the Alan Chadwick Archive.Craig's immediate goal is to contact as many former apprentices and those interested in the work, vision & legacy of Alan Chadwick, to gather any and all materials regarding Alan and his work that might still be  available:*/1) Audio tapes of Alan's public talks and lectures to apprentices./* */2) Photographs of Alan and the gardens he brought to fruition./* */3) Apprentices' notes of lectures and demonstrations in the garden./* */4) Letters to and from Alan./* */5) Drawings or plans of gardens that either Alan or others made./* */6) Seed lists/plant lists/ or planting design plans of Alan's garden work./* */7) Garden logs/ Forcing House Logs/ Garden Journals./* */8) Pocket notes taken by apprentices when Alan did garden demonstrations/* */9) Any other material germane to Alan, his work, vision and legacy./* Craig and those collaborating with him will create a public website, where anyone can log in, and experience Alan's legacy. This will take much time, effort, money and TLC. Your contributions are encouraged! That website, which is still in its formative stages, is at www.alan-chadwick.org

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31 Oct 2012