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Why Following Jesus Is Political — Osheta Moore & Jon Huckins

Everyday Peacemaking

In this episode, Osheta and Jon share personal stories that led them to care so deeply about peace in the public square. Offering a brief overview of the history of Christian engagement in politics, and critiquing our tendency toward nationalism or apolitical withdrawal, Jon outlines a framework for engaging politics as kingdom citizens. Inviting us into her experience as a Black woman who is directly impacted by broken policies, Osheta shares why it’s important to understand the role of power, generational trauma and “rest as resistance” for those on the margins in pursuit of peace. She tells her story as a former Christian Nationalist and Apolitical Anabaptist that led her to embracing Contemplative Activism as her guide to following Jesus in politics.  In this episode: Defining the terms “peace” and “politics” Historical overview of Christians in politics  Practical framework for engaging politics as kingdom citizens How and why BIPOC communities experience the midterms differently than dominant culture folks  An invitation to Contemplative Activism as the source of our peacemaking practice  Tangible next steps and resources for practice  Links: Download the free Peace & Politics Practice Guide: https://globalimmerse.org/podcast Contemplative Prayer with Global Immersion (Weekly on Tues, Wed and Thur at 7am PST): https://share.hsforms.com/1KMGPA1DaSxOQs9GOp3gDowc3ovn Conflicted Allegiance: https://globalimmerse.org/public-programs/conflicted-allegiance/ Learn more about Global Immersion: https://globalimmerse.org/Osheta Moore’s Website: http://osheta.com/Follow Osheta’s on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oshetamoore/ Osheta Moore Bio: Pastor, speaker, mother, wife: Osheta Moore is passionate about peacemaking, racial reconciliation, and community development in the urban core. Osheta (pronounced o-she-da, and no, it doesn’t mean anything, she says, “my dad just made it up”) serves as Pastor of Community life at Roots Covenant Church alongside her husband. Osheta is passionate about equipping the church to be everyday peacemakers. She is the author of Shalom Sistas, an invitation to women to practice the Hebraic concept of Shalom in their everyday lives, and her most recent book, Dear White Peacemakers, is a love letter to White Christians on their anti-racism peacemaking journey. She is also completing her two-year program to become a Spiritual Director so that she can help equip peacemakers with practices and prayers for the journey. Osheta has “flying in a hot-air balloon” at the top of her bucket list, and she is firmly convinced that everything is better after a nap.  Follow Osheta on Instagram @oshetamoore for encouragement to practice everyday peacemaking and invitations for White Peacemakers on their journey towards anti-racism. Music from Epidemic Sound: We Are Giants by Silver Maple: https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/ICEht6ut6b/


13 Sep 2022

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Jon Huckins - Building Peace Across Borders

Peace Catalyst Podcast

Jon Huckins is a pastor and Co-Founding Director of The Global Immersion Project, a peacemaking training organization helping individuals and communities move toward conflict equipped to heal rather than to win. He has a Masters from Fuller Theological Seminary in Theology and Ethics; and he writes for publications such as USA Today, Red Letter Christians, Sojourners, and Relevant. He is also the author of Mending the Divides: Creative Love in a Conflicted World, Thin Places: Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community, and Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling.  LINKS The Global Immersion Project: https://globalimmerse.org Christian Peacebuilding Network:https://www.facebook.com/groups/christianpeacebuildingnetwork/ Everyday Peacemaking Podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/everyday-peacemaking/id1531330038 Edited and produced by Nicole GibsonMusic: Shesh Pesh by JR Tundra


8 Mar 2022

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Mar 21, 2021 // Destroying Division // Guest Interview Jon Huckins

All Things New Sermon

Tune in for our weekly Sunday Sermons - This is the 5th Sunday in our series on Peacemaking. Guest Interview with Jon Huckins


21 Mar 2021

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The Peacemaking Pilgrim with guest Jon Huckins of the Global Immersion Project

Pilgrim Lost

Global Immersion Project ; Jon Huckins website ; Jon Huckins Books ; Jon's favorite Pilgrimage Book : The Pilgrimage: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom


3 Feb 2021

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Episode 066 :: Jon Huckins Has Conflicted Allegiance

The Changing Faith Podcast with Michael Hidalgo

This episode is an Election Day Special. Jon Huckins joins us on the podcast to talk about what it means for us to live as responsible citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven in the midst of the Empire of the United States. He explores how this can lead us to observe the way our society is ordered, our place in it and how this might impact the way we vote. To learn more about his work, visit https://globalimmerse.org 


27 Oct 2020

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Jon Huckins - “ A Personal Journey Toward Conflicted Allegiance"

Everyday Peacemaking

What does it mean for a Christian to be a patriot? How should the Church relate to the nation state, especially one as powerful as the United States? In this episode, Jon Huckins shares two ways Christians often approach politics and then offers a third way he calls ‘a conflicted allegiance.’ At this critical moment in our nation’s history, we as the people of Jesus must pledge our allegiance first and foremost to the Kingdom of God. The only proper allegiance as US Americans is a conflicted one, allowing the values of the Kingdom to guide us and, at times, put us in opposition with our government as we vote, debate, and find a way forward together.


26 Oct 2020

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S2/E40: INTERVIEW with Jon Huckins on PEACEMAKING

The Jackie and Stacey Show

Monthly Topic: PEACEMAKING. Meet Jon Huckins. He is a beloved and brilliant friend who also happens to be a leader in encouraging and teaching on Peacemaking. From his website, JonHuckins.net: “Jon is a pastor and Co-Founding Director of The Global Immersion Project, a peacemaking training organization helping individuals and communities move toward conflict equip to heal rather than to win. He is also works with Thresholds as a missional church leadership coach and co-leads a neighborhood faith community.” We are sure you’ll love him as much as we do! In case you stick around ‘till the end - our email is thejackieandstaceyshow@gmail.com :) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thejackieandstaceyshow/message


31 Aug 2020

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Build Bridges Not Walls with Jon Huckins

The Global Fringe

There’s a big difference between peacemaking and peacekeeping. Peacekeeping starts with relationship and is a proactive movement toward conflict that disrupts pseudo-peace. It’s an opportunity for transformation that requires that we say hard things within shared life together. In a country that’s incredibly divided and where Christians are some of the most divisive voices, Jon Huckins, co-founder of The Global Immersion Project, believes that there’s a better way forward by building bridges, not walls. With compelling vision, he invites us to lead with curiosity more than criticism so we can be more connected. Jon shares how he’s confronting patriarchy and white male privilege with compassionate courage. He offers three practical steps for when/how/if to engage the divisive communities and people who have hurt us through marginalizing the “other”. Follow Here: Website: http://jonhuckins.net and http:/globalimmerse.org Social media: @jonhuckins Author, Mending the Divides: Creative Love in a Conflicted World


21 Apr 2020

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#KeepFamiliesTogether: A Conversation with Jon Huckins

The Table MPLS

Listen and learn from one of our favorite peacemakers, Jon Huckins. Jon lives in San Diego and serves as the Co-Founding Director of The Global Immersion Project, a peacemaking training organization that exists to renovate and activate the US American Church as an instrument of peace.. For more info on TGIP, go to: www.globalimmerse.org

18 Jun 2018

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Mending The Divides - Pastor Matt Nash and Jon Huckins, Global Immersion Project

Grove Christian Fellowship - Weekend Messages

Blessed are the Peacemakers. We were blessed to have writer and speaker, Jon Huckins, one of the founders of The Global Immersion Project (www.globalimmerse.org) teach us how to be Peacemakers in our world for the Kingdom of God. www.grovechristianfellowship.org


14 Mar 2018