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Ayana Young: For the Wild

Voices of Esalen

Ayana Young is a protector of wild nature and host of the podcast For the Wild - an interview-based show that examines and champions intersectional environmental and social justice, deep ecology, and land-based restoration. Topics include the Future History of Water, Queering Permaculture, Unruly Beauty, the Divine Time of Fungal Evolution, the Violence of Globalization, and much more. Together we talked about capitalisim, her involvement with the early stages of Occupy Wall Street, why she lives off the grid and how exactly that works with being an activist and media producer, the manner in which she curates her guests and creates episodic structure, and her thoughts on the future of humanity. Visit her work at https://forthewild.world/podcastAnd upcoming at Esalen: Move like the ocean. Sit like a mountain. What would it feel like to integrate that into your life? Take the first step on a leading-edge path to transform your body, heart, and spirit. Zuza and Scott Engler guide conscious movement, body-based inquiries of the Gestalt Practice, and stillness within nature to bring you to your authentic, luminescent, and radically alive version of you. It’s happening at Esalen August 27th to 29th. Sign up for the workshop now: https://www.esalen.org/workshops/the-luminescent-body-moving-like-the-ocean-sitting-like-a-mountainMoney should never be a barrier to transformation. Did you know Esalen has a scholarship program that can cover up to 90% of workshop tuition, accommodations, and travel expenses? Combined with our mission to increase diversity, apply to explore your own potential or give, to support the journey of another human. https://www.esalen.org/visit/scholarshipsWhat does it mean to be happy? Do you know your take on the meaning of life? A workshop exploring the practical aspects of R.D. Laing - at one time the most widely-read psychiatrist in the world - is happening at Esalen August 30th through September 3rd. Best suited for those familiar with Laing and his take on altered states, the nature of love, authenticity, and spirituality…. You’ll explore fundamental theories and experiential exercises for modern life with leaders Michael Guy Thompson, Nita Gage, and Fritjof Capra.Register now: https://www.esalen.org/workshops/r-d-laing-in-the-21st-century-what-is-happiness

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19 Aug 2021

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Episode 64: For The Wild with Ayana Young

Decolonized Buffalo

Episode 64: For The Wild with Ayana Young Guest: Ayana Young Host: Ai, Rick We speak to the host of “For The Wild” podcast, Ayana Young, about her work with their podcast, and thoughts on environmental justice and environmental relationships. You can find “For The Wild” podcast at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZ0Xt-NLJuhdQJTYV3Zo1g Decolonized Buffalo podcast is now part of the Red Nation’s media network. To support our podcast, and other revolutionary Indigenous podcasts, please consider subscribing to The Red Nation’s Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/therednation Intro Music: “Turning Into Me” by Jericho Salt

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26 Jan 2021

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Holistic Nature of Us: meet Ayana Young

Holistic Nature of Us

Ayana Young is deeply concerned about environmental issues, including social justice, ecology, and land-based restoration. She has been the force behind a native species nursery and research center, including the establishment of the 1 Million Redwoods Project, and the film when When Old Growth Ends. Ayana is a podcast host on “For the Wild,” a weekly show featuring thought-leaders at the forefront of an environmental, artistic, scientific, political, and cultural shift. Join us for discussions about her projects and how nature is teaching her and her team to have patience, slow down, and immerse within the community of plants.


6 Jul 2020

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Podcast: Meet Ayana Young, Activist, Radio and Podcast Host

Holistic Nature of Us

Ayana Young is deeply concerned about environmental issues including social justice, ecology, and land-based restoration. She has been the force behind a native species nursery and research center including the establishment of the 1 Million Redwoods Project, the film when Old Growth Forests Die.


19 May 2020

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Episode 102: Gratitude and Commitment with Ayana Young

So You Wanna Be A Witch

This week, I am thrilled to be talking with Ayana Young.  Ayana is a lover and protector of wildness on earth, especially the temperate rainforest of the west coast. She is a steward for the future and works on many land-based restoration and protection projects under the umbrella For the Wild. You might be familiar … Continue reading "Episode 102: Gratitude and Commitment with Ayana Young"


23 Apr 2020

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Using Environmental Activism to Keep the Earth Wild with Ayana Young

Hippie Haven Podcast: How To Live A Harmonious Life

Every Wednesday on the Hippie Haven podcast, learn how to live harmoniously with yourself, others & the planet. We talk about all things hippie, including eating vegan, reducing your trash, starting an ethical business, eco-activism, gardening, beekeeping, tiny house living, and so much more.My guest today is Ayana Young, a podcast and radio personality specializing in intersectional environmental and social justice, deep ecology and land-based restoration with an undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University, including a double major in art history and theology and a minor in philosophy as well as education through Columbia university and ecology and Eastern religions plus restoration ecology at the university of Victoria. Young has a strong academic background at the intersections of ecology, culture and spirituality. Postgraduate dividends from her early career allowed Ayana to conserve 500 acres of coastal Redwood and salmon habitat in Northern California where she's been living for over five years, the first few years in a tent with no electricity or running water as she established a homestead and broke ground on a native species nursery and research center. Ayana Young is also the founder and executive director of millennial media organization and nonprofit For the Wild. The Hippie Haven Podcast is hosted by Callee - a zero waste activist & business owner. Formerly a translator for the US Navy, Callee was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector in 2017 following an episode of severe depression & alcoholism fueled by not living in alignment with her core values. That same year, at age 23, she started Bestowed Essentials, a handmade line of eco-friendly beauty & home products that are now stocked in over 100 stores around the US & Canada. Callee began hosting this free podcast in August 2018, as well as speaking at events and teaching educational workshops across the country, as part of her life mission to arm you with the knowledge & tools you need to spark positive change in your community. In December 2019, she opened The Hippie Haven in Rapid City, South Dakota - a zero waste retail store & community space with a little free library - the first of its kind in the state. She’ll be opening a second Hippie Haven in Salem, Oregon in Feb 2021.Follow along on Instagram - @ahippieinavan & @hippiehavenshop & @bestowedessentialsShop zero waste home goods at www.hippiehavenshop.comRead podcast transcripts at www.hippiehavenpodcast.com


8 Apr 2020

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From Manhattan to the Redwood Forest. An inner journey of rewilding, with Ayana Young of “For the Wild”

Regenerative Skills

In this ongoing series on homesteading I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve given us really practical information on how to make the transition to a more self-sufficient way of life and connect with nature in the process. We’ve explored how to start businesses on your land, grow and produce your own food, as well as forage for wild food and medicine. In this episode we’ll take a look at the softer side of the homesteading lifestyle in talking about the inner transformations and the feelings connected to rewilding and reconnecting to the land. For this perspective, I spoke to Ayana Young who made a drastic change in a short time from living in downtown Manhattan to living with minimal amenities in the redwood forest in northern California. We explore the motivations behind such a drastic change as well as the inner transformation that can take place during the journey. We also explore the personal sides of managing expectations, mental adjustments to a new environment, and the benefits and drawbacks of living so removed from modern life. Given that I’m normally very focused on the practical, logical and hard science side of ecosystem regeneration and lifestyle transition, it did me a lot of good to take the time to ponder the inner journey that takes place and to consider how others think and feel about the upheavals of these transformations and transitions.  Back when I spoke with Ayana we were not yet in pandemic lockdown here in Spain, but now that we are and now that the quarantine has been extended until at least April 11th, it looks like we here, and many people all around the world are getting a taste of isolated living, even though we may not have moved at all or are only one door away from many neighbors. These drastic transformations are bringing out extreme and unusual feelings in people, myself included, and I’m hearing more and more urgency in developing alternative livelihoods and support systems for ourselves and our communities. I myself was in the process of purchasing a small farm with my partner when everything shut down here in Spain and the process has been suspended indefinitely, but the two of us feel more committed than ever to move to a situation in which we can be of direct help to our community here by providing healthy food and offering learning opportunities to the people around us who are also looking to make a transition. We are living in uncertain and stressful times, but know that you’re not alone in this journey. We will all need to work together and help each other out in the coming transition to a regenerative society. Though I certainly have low moments and doubts these days, I’m also confident that truly good and beautiful examples of human ingenuity and compassion will come out of this pandemic and that our communities will band together in new and inspiring ways to lift us collectively out of this and away from the trajectory of destruction and consumption that we’ve been on before now. If you’ve been enjoying these episodes I’d encourage you to look through the archives of the Abundant Edge podcast for more inspiration and practical information on everything from natural building for low cost, high quality housing, to growing your own food, planning regenerative farms, and much much more in over 150 episodes. This information and the community connections that it can create are more important and urgent now than ever. Thank you all so much for listening and supporting this show. I hope this finds you all safe, healthy and in good company. Resources:https://forthewild.world/


3 Apr 2020

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EOC 196: Ayana Young, For the Wild

Earth to Humans

Turn down the lights, pour yourself a beverage, and tune your ears to the smooth offerings of Ayana Young, host and author of the podcast and book, For the Wild. Ayana visits with Matthew Podolsky about how she got started in activism going all the way back to her childhood poetry. Ayana is no stranger to speaking truth to power. A graduate of the Occupy movement, she went on to live the camper life, traveling at home and abroad in a quest to understand this crazy world just a bit better. To read about her book, listen to her amazing podcast, and for links to her social media visit her website at https://forthewild.world/ Music used in today’s show: “As I Was Saying” by Lee Rosevere, “Forgotten Landscape” by Daniel Birch, and “Variation Waldheim” by Blue Dot Sessions from the Free Music Archive via Creative Commons Licensing. For a list of the show notes, please visit the website www.wildlensinc.org/eoc196

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25 Mar 2020

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64. When We Slow Down, Earth Heals - Ayana Young

Medicine Stories

As Slowness Medicine is being experienced by the collective consciousness on an unprecedented scale, we can more clearly than ever see that the frenetic pace of the human species under endless growth capitalism is the root cause of global ecosystem disruption (one consequence of which is the emergence and lightning fast spread of novel viral pathogens). From newly clear canal water in Venice to dolphins swimming closer than usual to Italy’s coast to record breaking breathable air in China, let’s embrace this opportunity to pause consciously, learn deeply, and critically rethink our approach to the many threats that face our planet and all who share it. IN THE INTRO: Coronavirus, planetary interconnectivity, and what stillness reveals IN THE INTERVIEW: Pushing the belief button: self confidence on the life path That underlying feeling so many of us have had that there has to be something other than the consumerist capitalist culture we were born into Ayana’s awakening to a life of questioning, seeking, and activism The role of the erotic in meeting overwhelm and hopelessness in these times Burning ourselves out will not save the earth Time plugged in v time in nature and the lie that we’ll be more productive if we’re hooked into technology 24/7 When we slow down, the earth slows down (literally) How the For The Wild podcast came to be (Ayana had no idea what she was doing at the beginning) and how the vision has evolved “My devotion is unwavering, but I’m very flexible with how I understand things” The cultural moment that we’re in is a spiritual crisis Rebuilding consent, trust, and reciprocity Planting a million redwoods and building a living library of species Striving to be successful while also staying small and slow and moving through the world with integrity LINKS: Matriarch Collective For The Wild website The 1 Million Redwoods Project Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) Specific For The Wild episodes mentioned- Dr. Bayo Akomolafe on Slowing Down in Urgent Times, Bronte Velez on The Pleasurable Surrender of White Supremacy and on The Necessity of Beauty, Dr. Max Liboiron on Reorienting Within a World of Plastic, Dr. Kyle Whyte of The Colonial Genesis of Climate Change Specific Medicine Stories episodes mentioned- Planetary Intelligence, Ancestral Resonance, & the Perception of the Heart w/ Stephen Harrod Buhner and The Boundaries of the Unthinkable are Wavering w/ Charles Eisenstein My Coronavirus Highlight on Instagram For The Wild on Instagram For The Wild Patreon My website MythicMedicine.love Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes) The Overstory (novel) by Richard Powers The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake (article in the Atlantic) by David Brooks

1hr 41mins

20 Mar 2020

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Episode 028 - Ayana Young: Raining Redwoods, Pandemic Peace

Earth Repair Radio

Ayana Young shares her planetary perspective on climate change, Redwood forests, and the Coronavirus pandemic. We talk about her "MIllion Redwoods" project, where she is working to preserve and propagate the biodiversity of the old growth Redwood forest. We then journey into the soul of the Coronavirus pandemic, where Ayana has some words of reality from her wide and Earth connected perspective.Ayana's links: https://forthewild.world/Ayana Young Full Bio:Ayana Young is a podcast and radio personality specializing in intersectional environmental and social justice, deep ecology and land-based restoration. Graduating summa cum laude with an undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University including a double major in Art History and Theology and a minor in Philosophy, as well as education through Columbia University in Ecology and Eastern Religions and Restoration Ecology at the University of Victoria, Young has a strong academic background at the intersections of ecology, culture, and spirituality. She was studying at Columbia when the Occupy Wall Street movement began and amid the burgeoning resistance in Zuccotti Park, she co-created the Environmental Working Group.Post-graduation, dividends from her early career allowed Young to conserve 500 acres of coast redwood and salmon habitat in Northern California, where she has been living for over five years. Living for the first years, in a tent with no electricity or running water while she established a homestead, and broke ground on a native species nursery and research center, including the establishment of the 1 Million Redwoods Project, which was acclaimed as the most backed farm project in Kickstarter history.A budding filmmaker, Young is no stranger to the medium having spent her childhood as a prolific working actor, working alongside the likes of Steven Spielberg and Meryl Streep. Young’s debut film, When Old Growth Ends is an ode to the complex interweaving of the irreplaceable Tongass National Forest during its last stand as a distinctly wild place in Southeast Alaska. As Director, Producer, Narrator and Featured Cast Member of the film, Young wore many hats in midwifing this compelling and poetic story of struggle and beauty surrounding the Tongass National Forest.Young leans into her vast experience on the other side of the camera, along with her intersectional approach to ecological restoration to guide her process as the Founder and Executive Director of millennial media organization and nonprofit For The Wild. Learning deeply from the critical dialogue she’s shared with over 100 guests on the For The Wild podcast, including Chris Hedges, Sylvia Earle, Vandana Shiva, Jill Stein, Winona La Duke, Terry Tempest Williams and other thought leaders (including some of the brightest activists, political thinkers, and scientific minds of our time) Young approaches her mission with For The Wild with critical thinking, deep reverence and artistry.

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13 Mar 2020