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The Great Denver Soup Debate Ft. Christina P.

KFC Radio

- The Great Denver Soup Debate…Please comment down below and help us decide who whether you’re #TeamTwoSoups or #TeamSoupandSandwhich - Denver, we are in you - Update to the Mitchell Miller Hockey storyline after Isaiah Meyer-Crothers speaks out - Eli Manning is living the life and proving that Tom Brady should have retired - AITA - Dump truck - Spending BFs money - Video Voicemails - Phillies loss a** eating girl - Who could you take down in a fight - Christina P. Interview: the most shocking/discusting thing she's seen on Your Mom's House, Andrew Tate, and grinding her way to the top with Tom Segura +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Timecodes: 0:00 - The Great Denver Soup Debate 16:08 - We’re in Denver 31:30 - Update to the Mitchell Miller Hockey storyline 47:12 - Eli Manning is Proving Tom Brady Should Have retired 58:40 - AITA 01:14:32 - Video Voicemails +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SiriusXM: App Get your first 3 months for free of the Sirius XM App when you visit https://barstool.link/SXMKFC to sign up. Offer Details apply Mugsy Jeans: Go to https://barstool.link/Mugsy for up to 30% off the entire site HEYDUDE: Go to https://barstool.link/HEYDUDEKFC and use code BARSTOOL for 15% off. Cannot be combined with other discounts. One time use per code. 15 item limit. Must enter code at checkout. Not valid on previous purchases. No rainchecks. Gametime: Download the Gametime app and redeem code KFC for $20 off your first purchase (terms apply). Betterhelp: KFC Radio is sponsored by Betterhelp. Go to https://barstool.link/BHKFC for 10% off your first monthYou can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/kfcr

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10 Nov 2022

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Christina P: Beyond Comedy


This week you will LAUGH, LEARN, and be incredibly INSPIRED.My guest had an insanely difficult childhood and still went on to have tremendous success in so many areas of life.How do you overcome pain? A difficult childhood or relationship?How do you navigate career and family? Etc etc This week I’m honored to share with you the truly incredible Christina Pazsitzky.At the end of the show I think you’ll feel like you went through one of the most enjoyable therapy sessions you could possibly ever imagine.I have followed her work for a couple of years now, and I think she is one of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTS in any field I’ve ever seen.She is married to stand-up comedian TOM SEGURA and has two boys, so you can guess how crazy that house is most times.  Although you’ll crack up at what she’s got to say, much of Christina’s humor is rooted in some pretty HEAVY ISSUES. Much of the world’s great humor starts from places of pain, and as you’ll hear, Christina is no exception.Christina has taken those DARK, EDGY PLACES with no safe place that scared her as a child and turned them into EMOTIONAL INSIGHTS that can’t be faked. Try growing up with a mom who was borderline schizophrenic and a dad who’s been married five times! She was able to take those extremes and turn them into INCREDIBLY RELATABLE OBSERVATIONS.Pay particular attention to Christina’s KETAMINE TRIP after breaking her ankle in four places. It’s one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard, especially after tying it into the story she tells on her Mom Genes special.You’ll also hear Christina’s take on going to THERAPY for 12 years. Spoiler alert! In a completely sane answer, she’s a big fan of it.Expect to LAUGH.But also be prepared to DROP A TEAR or two…That’s the essence of comedy.And the essence of Christina P.Enjoy!

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16 Aug 2022

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Dr. Drew After Dark | Jealous Jeans w/ Christina P | Ep. 110

Dr. Drew After Dark

SPONSORS: - Go to https://watchgang.com/drew and use code DREW for 20% off your first purchase. - Go to https://keeps.com/drdrew to receive your first month of treatment for free. - Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to https://upstart.com/drdrew. - Visit https://betterhelp.com/afterdark and get 10% off your first month of online therapy. Today on Dr. Drew After Dark, Christina P and Drew begin by examining the different types of cool videos they like to watch. Then, Christina has to take a breather after the guys in the booth discuss their own proclivities and, in particular, Enny's daily habits. After that, Drew and Christina explore the deceit of trendy diets, the resemblance of mental illness versus drug abuse, and Drew's concerns with chiropractors. Next, Drew attempts to persuade Christina to see Book of Mormon, but Christina reiterates her hatred for musicals. Lastly, Christina and Drew check out some new TikTok videos containing hard falls, modern day women and discuss the new era of policing social media.

1hr 9mins

8 Apr 2021

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Dr. Drew After Dark | Fluid Bond w/ Christina P | Ep. 102

Dr. Drew After Dark

SPONSORS: - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code AFTERDARK at https://www.manscaped.com/ - Go to https://www.cbdmd.com/ and use promo code DREW for 25% OFF your purchase of superior CBD oil products - Visit https://www.betterhelp.com/AFTERDARK and join the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced BetterHelp professional - Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to https://www.upstart.com/DRDREW Christina P is back with Dr. Drew for this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark! They discuss Christina's return to stand-up, Bridgerton, CP's upcoming date with The King, YMH All-Star Tony Johns, and men that are too good looking. They respond to questions about ED, bleeding from your peener, stinky white, sex on the first date, and more.

1hr 22mins

11 Feb 2021

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Dr. Drew After Dark | The Four F's w/ Christina P | Ep. 99

Dr. Drew After Dark

SPONSORS: - Calm is offering a special limited time promotion of 40% off a Calm Premium subscription at https://Calm.com/Drdrew - Go to https://liquidiv.com and use promo code DRDREW to get 25% off! - Go to https://BetterHelp.com/AFTERDARK and get 10% off your first month with the discount code AFTERDARK - Get your first Blue Chew order for FREE – just pay a $5 shipping fee when you visit visit https://bluechew.com and use code DREW at checkout. - Go to https://hellofresh.com/drdrew10 and use code drdrew10 to get 10 free meals including free shipping! Dr. Drew and Christina P are back in the studio and Covid-free! They start off this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark by discussing their Covid recovery, the California government's missteps with handling the virus, "The Crown," and they revisit the adult diaper idea from a few week's back. They watch videos of a dude licking a boot on a subway, The King's well wishes to Dr. Drew, a guy's Charles-esque video message asking a girl out, Matthew McConaughey's New Year's video, and some of CP's TikToks. They respond to questions about Russia's vaccine, a multiorgasmic guy, large pupils, how marijuana affects people with ADHD, and more. Drew and Christina also weigh in on Armie Hammer's leaked DMs. Join the Dr. Drew Locals Community! Drdrew.com/locals 

1hr 36mins

21 Jan 2021

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Christina P

Whiskey Ginger with Andrew Santino

Santino sits down with the main Jeans mommy, Christina P to talk about role play with Tommy Segura, telling grandma about your fetishes, being stalked by instagram and trying to differentiate between success and reality. ORDER SOME MERCH!!! https://www.andrewsantinostore.com Join our Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/whiskeygingerpodcast SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS! ROMAN - Stop feeling like you cant get help if the rocket doesn't launch like it used to. Get rid of your ED now at http://getroman.com/whiskey Promo WHISKEY for $15 OFF and FREE SHIPPING MANSCAPED - Clean up your balls and tush and now your ear and nose hair! Go to https://www.manscaped.com/ and use promo WHISKEY for 20% OFF WACK YOUR WEEDS SQUARESPACE - Help design your website today with amazing templates and the help of professionals https://squarespace.com/whiskey Use promo code WHISKEY for 10% off Follow Santino on Insta and Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/ https://twitter.com/CheetoSantino Whiskey Ginger Insta and Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/whiskeygingerpodcast/ & https://twitter.com/whiskeyginger_ Whiskey Ginger Clips: http://www.youtube.com/c/WhiskeyGingerPodcastClips EDITING AND PRODUCTION DESIGN BY THE AMAZING WHISKEY GINGER TEAM JENNA SUNDE https://www.instagram.com/jenna_sunday/ JOE FARIA https://www.instagram.com/joseph_faria Y&S https://www.instagram.com/youngandsick/ Intro Music by Rocom: https://www.youtube.com/user/RocomTelevision Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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6 Nov 2020

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#221 - Tom & Christina P

H3 Podcast

On this episode of the H3 Podcast friends of the show Tom Segura and Christina P zoom in to hang out! Together we talk about parenting, angry racist fathers, the debate, Vin Diesel of course, and a whole lot more!

1hr 7mins

5 Oct 2020

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Dr. Drew After Dark | Coronavirus & Live Calls w/ Christina P | Ep. 58

Dr. Drew After Dark

Dr. Drew sits down with Christina P. in this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark to discuss Coronavirus and take listener calls. Dr. Drew debunks some of the Corona hysteria and urges everyone to follow the direction of the CDC. Dr. Drew compares this to the H1N1 Virus and the AIDS epidemic. The two of them also discuss the impact that Coronavirus will have on the homeless population. We also talk to listeners live for the first time! LET THE CONVERSATION BEGIN! Listener question topics include COVID-19, peeing while you brown, SSRIs and smelly body parts. Drew then watches some of Christina's TikTok curations. SPONSORS: - Go to http://embarkvet.com now and use promo code DREW to save 15% off your Dog DNA Test Kit.

1hr 6mins

19 Mar 2020

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Dr. Drew After Dark | Hot Moms w/ Christina P | Ep. 57

Dr. Drew After Dark

Dr. Drew sits down with Christina P. in this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark. Christina shares how she recently got day drunk with college friends. Drew shares what it's like to work with Alzheimer's patients. They then look at videos of an Only Fans grandma, and a prison cool guy, as well as some of CP's TikTok curations. The two then take listener questions about an underwear thief and ABDL. SPONSORS: - Hurry to http://upstart.com/drew to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is.

1hr 10mins

12 Mar 2020

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Dr. Drew After Dark | Wiccans Are Back w/ Christina P | Ep. 55

Dr. Drew After Dark

Dr. Drew sits down with Christina P in this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark. The two of them discuss Verne Troyer, new relationship energy, Marc Maron, and medical TV shows. Dr. Drew explains how he really is on YMH staffer Enny's team, and Christina shows Drew a slew of her favorite TikToks. Drew then answers listener questions about Bipolar Disorder and sexual impulses at work. SPONSORS: - Get 40% off a Calm Premium subscription at http://calm.com/drdrew. - Go to http://stamps.com, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage, and type in DRDREW to claim your special offer. - Go to http://embarkvet.com now and use promo code DREW to save 15% off your Dog DNA Test Kit.

1hr 13mins

28 Feb 2020