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FRESH Takes on the Future of Work with Jessie Browning

FRESH Takes on the future of work

Welcome to FRESH Takes on the future of work where we focus on fresh perspectives, from business and HR leaders about the future of work. FRESH is an acronym: Freedom, Resourcefulness, Empathy, Simplicity and Happiness. These values are core to operating in the future of work and we tie back to these while exploring interesting stories and actionable ideas.Our guest today is Jessie Browning. Jessie is a serial entrepreneur in business with her husband. Together, they are parents to 4 children and own multiple businesses. She hosts an interview podcast, Prickly & Blooming. Jessie is originally from Massachusetts; she moved to Texas 20 years ago, after graduating college which she’s called home ever since. She drinks more La Croix than you think, loves big talk and creating culture. Her handshake is firm and her heart is a soft glow. Find her sipping La Croix at https://www.buttercupallday.com/ and have a listen to her podcast at https://www.pricklyandblooming.com/Let's get FRESH.Guests answer the following questions:1. How do you define the future of work?2. Let’s dream big for a moment, so assume you can snap your fingers and it’s real, what’s one thing you personally want to see change about work / life?3. As for FRESH takes (freedom, resourcefulness, empathy, simplicity, happiness), which area do you see as most pressing right now, as we look at the future of work and the evolving employer / employee dynamic?4. How do you think Managers, the people leading people, can best navigate the months ahead?5. What's one company you admire for their FRESH take?Stay FRESH!Visit us at https://hellolluna.com/Podcast music composed by Emily Gabriele: https://www.egmusicnyc.com/


10 Jan 2022

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(From the Archives) Embrace Your Thorns and Keep Growing Your Flowers with Jessie Browning

Prickly and Blooming

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming Podcast, host Jessie Browning revisits her first episode to give an understanding of who she is and how she came to this project. At age 35, Jessie theoretically adored her life; she was a mama to four children and owned multiple businesses with her husband. But without an ability to cope or care for herself, an isolating darkness crept in. Through reckless self care, therapy, and lots of candor; Jessie found her joie again. She created Lajoie Society to embolden others to do the same. Each week, we will meet a woman who has an authentic story to share. Undoubtedly, Jessie will be sharing her big heart, unusual life, and countless theories with you along the way. Episode Timeline: [03:26] Jessie shares about how she met her husband in My Space years ago [05:28] Having four children in a wild succession [06:44] Jessie talks about her passionate motivation to start this podcast [09:04] The meaning behind the names: Prickly and Blooming and Lajoie Society [10:02] The significance of the cactus to Jessie: thorns and flowers, joy and pain, all needs to be celebrated [11:22] Who are going to be guests on this podcast? “Regular” women that have something to share to help move, inspire and motivate other women [12:25] Jessie opens up about her story and the pain that lead to her joy [19:09] Facing shame and guilt, trying unsuccessfully to “forget about it” [20:15] Jessie promised herself she will never be drunk again [22:10] Jessie decided to take back her body, losing weight, exercising and not drinking that much [24:39] Yoga set Jessie’s heart on fire [28:06] Starting a food log and learning about the right nutrition choices [30:11] The moment Jessie decided to be a stay-at-home Mom [32:55] Jessie experiencing losing herself and questions her roles and identity [33:29] Drinking to cope was not suitable anymore

29 Sep 2021

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Back to Season 2 | Jessie Browning

Prickly and Blooming

In this last episode of Prickly and Blooming Season 3, host Jessie Browning checks in with some of her guests from Season 2. Listen as Jess Norman shares how her ex-husband and husband came together and decided to move forward. Ali talks about her new Instagram Live series called Uncomfortable Truths, and Cindy Villanueva talks about her new book. Hannah Bauman talks about getting married, her new home and how she's patiently waiting to go on her honeymoon. Samantha Heuwagen previews her next book that comes out in August, and Tricia Brooks talks about overcoming depression. Episode Timeline: [00:03] Intro [03:31] Checking in with Jess Norman [10:48] Where is our Texas weather? [13:50] A meeting between her husband & ex-husband [28:21] Forgiving and letting go [33:30] Checking in with Ali Holder [37:25] Where everyone is landing with live music [41:05] An Intensive outpatient program [44:44] Uncomfortable Truths [46:52] Checking in with Cindy Villanueva [53:23] The companion journal [57:44] Checking in with Hannah Bauman [1:01:12] Finally, a honeymoon [1:02:44] Buying her first home [1:05:45] Hannah's biggest change since COVID-19 [1:09:59] Checking in with Samantha Heuwagen [1:15:42] Her thriving practice [1:21:42] So much leopard print [1:26:14] Checking in with Tricia Brooks [1:32:14] Her 30th birthday [1:40:48] Work into identity [1:47:21] Outro Resources Mentioned: Jess Norman's Prickly and Blooming episode Video of Jessie falling on Instagram Ali Holder's Prickly and Blooming episode Orangetheory Fitness Ali Holder on Instagram "Uncomfortable Truths" album Cindy Villanueva's Prickly and Blooming episode Don't Fight Mad: A Black Belt's Quest to Recapture Joy by Cindy Villanueva Don't Fight Mad: A Companion Journal by Cindy Villanueva Hannah Bauman's Prickly and Blooming episode Samantha Heuwagen's Prickly and Blooming episode In the Wake of Stars by Samantha Heuwagen Genogram Improv Cooperative Storytelling with Natalie Munoz Read...

1hr 51mins

26 May 2021

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Ep22 Building Resilience and Understanding Toxic Positivity with Jessie Browning

The GlowPonent Podcast

Jessie Browning is a mama of four, a wife, a daughter, a business owner, a podcaster, and one of my best friends! In this episode, Jessie shares her journey of planning to open a new coffee shop called Buttercup, in San Angelo, TX in May of 2020. I am sure you can only imagine what that journey looked like with COVID. Jessie shares her story of resilience. She shares how she spent her year with her husband and father building this dream. Being resilient can lead to conversations about toxic positivity. Jessie unfolds and unpacks statements we say every single day that can be a breeding ground for toxic positivity. She instead gives you statements to use and gives you permission to feel validated. You do not want to miss this episode! Follow Jessie on Instagram: @lajoiesociety


25 Feb 2021

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Back to Season 1 | Jessie Browning

Prickly and Blooming

In this last episode of Prickly and Blooming Season 2, host Jessie Browning checks in with some of her guests from Season 1. Listen to Laura Wall talk about her new book and the unexpected listener to her previous episode. Maggie Gentry recaps her rollercoaster of a year and how she is adapting to being home. Teresa King reflects on losing an election, and Dr. Wendy Slinkard talks about the importance of making personal connections for her business. Episode Timeline: [00:03] Intro [08:01] Checking in with Laura Wall [11:45] Launching her book [15:55] An unexpected listener [21:48] Checking in with Maggie Gentry [26:41] A rollercoaster of a year [31:04] Checking in with Teresa King [34:48] Reflecting on the election results [39:51] A positive conversation from an uncomfortable situation [43:03] Checking in with Dr. Wendy Slinkard [55:11] OutroResources Mentioned:Laura Hall’s Prickly and Blooming episode Hiral Patel’s Prickly and Blooming episode Cindy Villanueva’s Prickly and Blooming episode Maggie Gentry’s Prickly and Blooming episode Teresa King’s Prickly and Blooming episode Dr. Wendy Slinkard’s Prickly and Blooming episode Finding Our Wings: Seven Entrepreneurs on Reclaiming Hope and Power by Laura Wall, Lindsey Daniels, Cindy Villanueva, Laura Bautista, Patricia Cashion, Hiral Patel and Amber Tarcha Hearts of Healing Center Refuge for Women King's RansomStandout Quotes:“Detaching from outcomes has been the theme of the year.” -Laura Wall [08:40] “It was a perfect example of what we’ve talked about and I’ve talked about it in other episodes is like ‘Don’t wait until your life blows up.’” -Jessie Browning [44:44] “This project has given my life. Like it’s giving me connections and stories and listening and laughing and crying, which are all things I live for, that I love, that I need and that have been so helpful in this weird year that we’ve had, this isolated year.” -Jessie Browning [55:45]Connect: Connect with Lajoie Society: Lajoie Society is Prickly & Blooming; please rate, review, and subscribe. Lajoie Society on Instagram Lajoie Society on Facebook Lajoie Society on Twitter Lajoie Society Website 

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25 Nov 2020

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Episode 108: Sidecar Energy ft. Jessie Browning

So I Got Fired

Josh rides the insubordination train, Mariah considers babies, Ang gets kicked out of malls, and Isaac’s got that new shit coming. This week, we sit down with entrepreneur, mom-boss, fellow podcaster, and founder of Lajoie Society, Jessie Browning! We talk World of Science, default parents, manning 3 businesses, machismo bosses, and a MySpace romance. Guest: @lajoiesociety | lajoiesociety.comPodcast: Prickly & Blooming *Have a question? Wanna share your fired stories? Wanna just say hi?Email us or give us a call!Email: soigotfiredpodcast@gmail.comWebsite: soigotfired.comFacebook: @soigotfiredIG: @soigotfiredTwitter: @_soigotfiredPhone: (424) 256-6189Gang: @marriahbob @joshyxboi @1k3muzik @theangeliqueeIllustration by Rodrigo CarneiroTwitter & IG: @drigooooooOriginal music by @1k3muzik

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12 Nov 2020

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Seize the opportunity | Jessie Browning

Prickly and Blooming

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, host Jessie Browning wraps up this month with the story about a Katy Perry concert. After gifting her four children with tickets, the family takes a trip to Dallas to see Katy Perry perform in concert. Jessie shares how her and her husband decided to take a chance and moved from their seats in the nosebleed section to a section much closer to the stage. That decision was worth it. Episode Timeline: [00:03] Intro [11:23] Experiences over things [13:27] Katy Perry tickets [15:04] Go big or go home [16:28] Heading to Dallas [17:46] At concert [21:37] Moving from the nosebleed section [25:37] Katy Perry comes on stage [30:40] Witness: The Tour facts [31:31] Seize the opportunity, but don’t get thrown out [34:18] The set list [36:35] Contacting Lajoie Society [36:44] OutroResources Mentioned:Katy Perry Witness: The TourStandout Quotes:“You have this little moment with your kids where you’re just like ‘I’m fully aware of what we’re doing right now, and I just need you to roll with it.’” -Jessie Browning [23:01] “So Katy is doing all right that we like skipped out on paying for the seats that we sat in. We paid for the cheap seats in the back.” -Jessie Browning [31:14]Connect: Connect with Lajoie Society: Lajoie Society is Prickly & Blooming; please rate, review, and subscribe. Lajoie Society on Instagram Lajoie Society on Facebook Lajoie Society on Twitter Lajoie Society Website


28 Oct 2020

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Special Episode: Current COVID Conversations with Jessie Browning

The GlowPonent Podcast

We are bringing our listeners something totally different! We are launching a special episode between The Nutrition Rookie and Prickly and Blooming! Jessie and I dive deep into our current realities of our mental and physical wellness, our nutrition, our fitness, our productivity levels (which may surprise you!) and our emotions. We are having a raw conversation about the good, the bad, the ugly and the unknown and how to better cope with what is going on around you.


15 Apr 2020

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Episode 009: Foreboding Joy with Jessie Browning

Prickly and Blooming

What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Figuring out the answer to that question could make a huge difference in how you and your family experience the world.  In today’s episode, listen in as Jessie breaks down what she’s figured out about joy.  She shares the lessons she's learned from insights shared by Dr. Brene Brown to observations of her own kids. If you thought you were the only one struggling with feeling undeserving of the moments of bliss that come your way— you’re wrong. Find out why Jessie thinks joy is as equally terrifying as it is inspiring and what you can do to live in it honestly. Episode Timeline[00:33] Intro  [03:35] The origins of Lajoie Society: Finding and feeling joy [07:09] The difference between happiness and joy [09:11] A lesson from my child and understanding the dimensions of joy [12:56] Where joy trips me up and overwhelms me [19:59] Comments questioning the price of joy  [21:12] Foreboding joy- thoughts from Brene Brown [24:29] Leaning into gratitude- Neil Pasricha and 1,000 Awesome Things [28:34] My own gratitude practice [32:26] Being aware and combating privilege [33:41] A dinner-time gratitude practice  [35:35] Feeling undeserving of joy and a fear of success [39:29] Doing the work and starting to process joy [42:28] Connect  [42:50] OutroResources Mentioned:Gratitude App 1,000 Awesome Things Dr. Brené Brown on JoyStandout Quotes:“Happiness is a destination and joy it seems like, is the journey. You know? And of course what's more sustainable? Maybe it’s different for you but what I want to aspire to is the joy. The feeling of well being, success and contentment.”  [07:57]  “You can cultivate your attitude and your journey and you can make it what you want. But, happiness is kind of something you experience.” [08:41]  “I don't want to participate in a toxic positivity... the good vibes only kind of mindset is really invalidating and difficult to people with mental health issues. That diminishes their experience and their feelings.” [11:54]   Connect:Connect with Lajoie Society: Lajoie Society is Prickly & Blooming; please rate, review, and subscribe. Lajoie Society on Instagram Lajoie Society on Facebook Lajoie Society on Twitter Lajoie Society Website  SUBSCRIBE & RATE On Apple Podcasts


18 Mar 2020

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Episode 005: How Does It Feel to Be Seen? with Jessie Browning

Prickly and Blooming

In this episode, Jessie Browning goes deep into how it feels to be seen, unseen, and noticed, exploring the differences between these different feelings and giving her life story as an example of growth and transformation. Jessie shares openly and unapologetically how it felt to hide for many years of her life, feeling lonely and unauthentic, to actually acknowledging the pain and suffering, and dare to share her true self with the world. Key Takeaways: [2:12] The meaning of “Frenema.” [6:45] Jessie finds out her first episode was not available on a very special day for the promotion of her podcast. [9:21] Jessie asks her audience “When did they feel the most seen and the most unseen?” [15:28] Jessie finds the inspiration she was seeking in an article Tanya Geisler had written. [18:03] Jessie shares her own story about being seen. [23:01] How lonely and unauthentic hiding can feel. [25:20] The experience of living in a small town and the dichotomy of not being seen but being noticed. [26:02] By nature, mothers are pretty unseen. [27:25] The tree metaphor about Motherhood. [29:02] Jessie talks about how as a mother she used to be the one that was seeing everybody else but not feeling seen. [30:25] When someone is trying so hard to see everyone else they are often not seeing something about themselves. [32:14] Jessie talks about how she decided to go through a photoshoot of herself as a present to her husband for his birthday. [37:40] Email or message Jessie your thoughts and feelings about being seen. Connect with Lajoie Society: Lajoie Society is Prickly & Blooming; please rate, review, and subscribe. Lajoie Society on Instagram Lajoie Society on Facebook Lajoie Society on Twitter Lajoie Society Website Email Jessie at lajoiesociety@gmail.com Mentioned in this episode: The definition of Frenema at the Urban Dictionary “Don’t Confuse Getting Noticed for Being Seen”, Tanya Geisler “The Mom Stays in The Picture”, Allison Tate


19 Feb 2020