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E167 - Telling Stories that Close Deals (Chris Lema, Liquid Web)

WPMRR WordPress Podcast

In today’s episode, we get to listen again to Joe’s chat with Chris Lema, Liquid Web's Vice President of Products and General Manager at LearnDash. He is a well-known blogger and public speaker, and leads the product teams to develop and launch Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce product lines. Chris enthusiastically talks about the concept behind BeachPress and CaboPress, and what can potentially happen in these meetings. He also tackled the growth of e-commerce, how WooCommerce as an open platform creates more opportunities for a lot of businesses, and providing customers hassle-free access to plugin updates on their sites. Episode Resources: Chris Lema is on Twitter and YouTube Leaders Blog Liquid Web Leave an Apple podcast review or binge-watch past episodes Visit the WPMRR Community What to Listen For: 00:00 Intro 01:48 What is BeachPress? 05:06 Be in a conversation with people in your circle 07:21 The CaboPress 12:31 Bringing SaaS people to CaboPress 14:47 SaaS platforms that do e-commerce 19:49 Looking at period over period growth 22:45 Partnership with Glue 27:01 The building blocks of a great storytelling 33:16 Fun stuff and new pricing at Liquid Web 35:18 Having e-commerce played out on open platforms 38:33 The ability to update plugins automatically 39:55 Find Chris online


12 Oct 2021

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Chris Lema on Liquid Web Acquiring LearnDash

Post Status Podcasts

Chris Lema talks about the latest WordPress acquisition: LearnDash is joining Liquid Web. Will it become the leading LMS turnkey solution?Post Status CEO Cory Miller chats with Chris Lema, Vice President of Products at Liquid Web, about Liquid Web's acquisition of LearnDash. LearnDash will join Liquid Web's StellarWP brand, and Chris will step in as the General Manager of LearnDash.It's been a boom time in recent years for edutech companies. As the online learning leader in the WordPress space with their Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for WordPress — which comes with a whole ecosystem of addons and integrations — it's no surprise LearnDash would be attractive as a platform for a hosting company to acquire. Get an inside look at the latest big deal in WordPress acquisitions with Chris Lema."Everyone knows LearnDash as the leader of online learning in the WordPress ecosystem. We are excited to welcome them to the Liquid Web family as we continue to build our strength in the digital commerce ecosystem. LearnDash takes us deeper into the digital commerce space by offering online educators the best tools to create online courses, quizzes, and dynamic content with built-in marketing and ecommerce features. We believe in their brand, and we know that with our backing, they will continue to deliver the online solutions educators need."  — Chris Lema🔗 Mentioned in the show:Cory Miller (Twitter)Chris Lema (Twitter)LearnDashLiquid WebStellarWP🙏 Sponsor: GoDaddy ProManage your clients, websites, and tasks from a single dashboard with GoDaddy Pro. Perform security scans, backups, and remote updates to many sites on any host. Check up on site performance, monitor uptime and analytics, and then send reports to your clients. GoDaddy Pro is free — and designed to make your life better.🎙️ Post Status DraftThe Post Status Draft podcast is geared toward WordPress professionals, with interviews, news, and deep analysis. 📝Browse past episodes and subscribe to our podcasts on  Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Castro, YouTube, Stitcher, Player.fm, Pocket Casts, Simplecast, or get them by RSS. 🎙️


21 Sep 2021

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The Art of Being Different With Chris Lema

Lee Blue – DoubleStack

Web design in general and WordPress development have become very crowded markets. If you want to know how to rise above the noise and attract bigger clients without lowering your prices, Chis Lema has some incredibly insightful strategies to share as we discuss The Art of Being Different. Chris Lema doesn't really need an introduction because most people in the WordPress community already know him. Source


17 Aug 2021

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Ep 118 WPCoffeeTalk: Chris Lema


Chris Lema is a mentor, sure, but he's more than that. He's a cheerleader for each of us in WordPress offering advice and more through his blog, talks, and Twitter - all while being the VP of Product at Nexcess/Liquid Web.


28 Jul 2021

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#614 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show With Chris Lema

WP-Tonic | WordPress | WordPress For Business | WordPress Developers | WordPress Designers | WordPress Professions | WordPress Education | WordPress News

Every Friday at around 8:30 am PST we host the WP-Tonic Round-table Show where we discuss the latest WordPress and the general web news of the week. You can also watch the show LIVE on our WP-Tonic's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wptonic/ Special Guest Panelist Chris Lema https://chrislema.com/ StreamYard Panel Link: https://streamyard.com/butb5ep8p6 This Week Show's Sponsors Castos: https://castos.com/ LaunchFlows: https://launchflows.com

1hr 17mins

26 Jul 2021

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The World of Woo and eCommerce This Year with Chris Lema from Nexcess

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

The year of 2020 has been challenging and at the same time, provided a chance for some opportunities for growth in the eCommerce space. We asked Chris Lema to come back to the show and reflect on the year so far, with both perspective and insights.


15 Oct 2020

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#494 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Chris Lema of Liquid Web

WP-Tonic | WordPress | WordPress For Business | WordPress Developers | WordPress Designers | WordPress Professions | WordPress Education | WordPress News

Chris has 20 years of consistent senior-level software management success, he been a key member of corporate management, software development, and product teams. He has been driven by challenge and motivated by the opportunity to add value. He managed development teams filled with people smarter than me, and yet motivated and managed them to deliver consistent and high quality work, in corporate and startup contexts. I'm a seasoned executive with proven expertise in eCommerce, SaaS, and membership/subscription systems, having developed strategies and frameworks for remote & virtual teams, and New Product Development. I've had the wonderful opportunity, over the last decade, to also be a coach and advisor to many of the commercial endeavors in the WordPress ecosystem. https://chrislema.com/


14 May 2020

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Chris Lema

Get a Grip with Dre Armeda

Blogger, Speaker, Teacher, Mentor, Technologist, and business leader. Find him at @ChrisLema on Twitter.Episode #007Chris Lema has been working with WordPress since 2005. Over the years he's been a blogger, a speaker at WordCamps, a coach for WordPress product companies, and the founder of the conference for WordPress business owners, called CaboPress. Today he's the VP of Products at Liquid Web, where he manages the world's first managed platform for WooCommerce stores.I’m not wasting any time today. I’m here with my friend, Chris Lema. Que pasa, Hermano?------Life is short. Not shorter than my buddy Brian Putman in a booster chair during a Fantasy Football draft at Buffalo Wild Wings. But it’s short.In a world where masks are now acceptable when going to the bank, and hand sanitizer is being used by the gallon, It’s safe to say our way of living that short life has changed in many ways. What hasn’t changed is the fact that we often de-prioritize our health and how we treat our bodies. What, you think an airborne virus is going to change that? Is that going to influence the way you eat, the way you sleep, the amount of exercise you get every week? I doubt it. That takes self-respect and valuing your self-worth. It takes commitment and discipline. You can continue to bitch and moan about all these social changes we’re all dealing with all you want, but if you don’t commit to changing yourself, it’s likely you’re limiting your overall time to keep complaining. Life is short. Life can be really good. Life is better with you in it. Value yourself and extend the span of time you have here! It goes fast.Until next time, Get a grip!

1hr 2mins

12 May 2020

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7 Tips for Communicating Better on Zoom with Chris Lema

The Mitch Jackson Show

I'll bet you dollars to donuts you've never tried any of these 7 approaches during your live video. Once you hear what Chris has to say, you'll never do things the same way. Give this a listen. It's that good! This was an outstanding interview that Chris gave and I'm honored to share it with you.


13 Apr 2020

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Reflections of a 3-Year WooCommerce Managed Hosting Journey with Chris Lema

When you never planned to work for a hosting company, especially around your passion of WooCommerce and WordPress, Chris Lema, as Chris will do, shares his story. In episode 32 of our podcast, we are chatting with Chris Lema as he celebrates his 3-year anniversary at Liquid Web, where he has led his team in building one of the most popular WooCommerce managed-hosting platforms around. Chris Lema and WooCommerce Managed Hosting Chris shares some thoughts and reflections about his last three years of building the WooCommerce managed hosting at Liquid Web. We hear some great stories and, of course, we know that this is just the beginning for Chris. Leading up to Liquid Web We ask Chris to share his journey in eCommerce post-Liquid Web I started working on eCommerce stores in 1997/98 after several years of working on the internet. I think we launched our first eCommerce store in ’97 and it took a ridiculous amount of money and a ton of people. We spent nine months because of authorize.net, which was the payment gateway at the time. It had an API that you could call, but it had no UI, right? Like literally nothing. in 2005, I started working with WordPress and by 2010 got involved in the WordPress community. Started working eight years ago with WooCommerce and products and companies in the WordPress space. After leaving an agency I thought about how do we make WooCommerce more accessible, more available to more people? The most average dynamic that happens across all the hosts is you buy a managed WordPress plan, which gives you WordPress stuff. You add WooCommerce, maybe Storefront and an SSL certificate, and they go, see, we host WooCommerce. And you go, right, but what about the rest? That’s why we see SAS companies like BigCommerce and Shopify do well because they are stepping in and filling the gaps in that eCommerce space. So I joined Liquid Web three years ago to do that. Expect the unexpected Brad asked about those unexpected moments. You need to listen to his first story, but in a nutshell… We learned a lot of the things that I wasn’t expecting about just how low level you need to be inside a host and a workflow. I didn’t realize that we had to do these things to make these things happen. I just thought it was all automatic. It’s amazing how many things can go wrong in a hosting company when you’re on the inside that you just don’t know when you’re on the outside. Network cards fail, power strips fail, server racks fail, or OS upgrades fail. It’s your network coming in that fails. And you have all these redundancies. The surprises When I asked Chris about a pivotal point, we shared what really surprised him. Lifecycle emails that customers haven’t done. I met with these clients and I would say, so tell me what you’re doing on the email front. Like you’re doing a good amount of volume sales. Oh, we do abandoned cart. I’m like, right. Abandoned cart is a good email to send out. That’s good. What else do you do? And they said, What do you mean? What we discovered was clients would look at that blank screen and say, I don’t know what to put in this email. They freeze up. So a lot of times we would say, Hey, here’s some tips. Here’s some strategies, here’s some articles, here’s some companies that can help you. Some tools. But really you’re leaving money on the table when you’re not automating some of these processes. And that was surprising, On always wanting to work for a hosting company When I asked if Chris had ever thought about working for a hosting company after being involved with the internet, it was a simple answer. No….. So then years later I joined a hosting company and I’m in the middle of having conversations about kubernetes. First time I heard and I couldn’t even spell it. You know how you try and Google something and you can’t spell it close enough for the Google even knows what the heck you’re talking about. That was me and kubernetes four years ago. What’s in store for 2020 Chris gave us some hints of what we would be seeing in the first quarter, which he goes more into on the podcast. We’re getting ready to roll out some new Gutenberg-related things, not just some template builders. Some easy ways to deploy a new UI so people don’t start with a blank page. So in your onboarding you don’t end up free trialing and having a blank, nothing. Which is really interesting. We’re gonna open up the doors a little bit to let you run multiple stores in a single plan. Of course Chris had several stores sprinkled in that you will want to listen to. WooCommerce Beta 3.9 Don’t forget to sign up for the beta testing. Word has it that if you fill out the registration and do some testing, there are three great reasons to do so. Making sure your store is good to go.Making sure your clients stores will transition without any hiccupsAnd getting a $200 coupon for WooCommerce.com Where You Can Find Chris His website at ChrisLema.comOn Twitter @ChrisLemaNexcess.net More Chris on my site: Hear me ask Chris 6 random questions about WooCommerce and eCommerceChris shares Four Tips to Prepare Your WooCommerce Site for a New Product Launch


5 Dec 2019