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PREVIEW - The Problem is Neoliberalism w/ George Monbiot

Michael and Us

PATREON BONUS - https://www.patreon.com/posts/bonus-problem-is-56805720?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copy_to_clipboard&utm_campaign=postshareWith the scale of our current social and political crises, it’s unsurprising to see a proliferation of conspiracy theories across unusually broad swathes of society. Luke talks to Guardian columnist and activist George Monbiot about the extreme right’s appropriation of countercultural idioms and revolutionary language in the age of QAnon and COVID; the corrosion of community in the neoliberal era; and the desperate need for a new narrative of solidarity and common good in an age of resurgent fascism and ecological collapse."It’s shocking to see so many leftwingers lured to the far right by conspiracy theories" by George Monbiot - https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/sep/22/leftwingers-far-right-conspiracy-theories-anti-vaxxers-power


30 Sep 2021

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England’s right-to-build laws are tokenistic and feeble... - George Monbiot

Craig Ross

The environmentalist Monbiot suggests that more needs to be done to allow communities to control local planning. I suggest that there's a far bigger problem regarding land usage which he's ignoring.


15 Sep 2021

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George Monbiot on capitalism, the climate crisis, defying establishment journalism - and hope

The Owen Jones Podcast

George Monbiot is one of the most important progressive writers of our time. We talk about what it's like being a progressive journalist in the establishment media, about whether the climate emergency can possibly be solved under capitalism, about how public understanding of the crisis has changed, how our lakes are being destroyed and our ecosystems butchered, the legacy of colonialism, long COVID, the pandemic and much else.Help us take on the right-wing media here: https://patreon.com/owenjones84Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/the-owen-jones-podcast. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Jul 2021

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Rivercide with George Monbiot and Franny Armstrong


In this special 5x15 podcast, Join George Monbiot, Franny Armstrong on their quest to restore our rivers to their rightful place - not only in the nation’s imagination - but also to make them clean, swimmable, a rich diverse home to fish, birds and animals. Franny and George will be discussing their innovative, "live documentary"- Rivercide- and from other leading experts and campaigners.To find out more about Rivercide and how you can watch the live documentary on 14th July at 7pm on rivercide.tv. Twitter (@rivercide_live), Insta (@rivercide_live) and Facebook (facebook.com/rivercideTV). Rivercide is the world's first live investigative documentary, presented by George Monbiot, directed by Franny Armstrong and with the livestream produced by Peter Armstrong. The 60 minute programme will be broadcast live online - free to view - on July 14th at 7pm via rivercide.tv.This 5x15 discussion features:Investigative journalist, author, campaigner and self-described "professional troublemaker," George Monbiot. Monbiot is author of many acclaimed books – including Feral, Heat and Out of the Wreckage – columnist for the Guardian and environmental campaigner. George has presented many films, including Apocalypse Cow: how meat killed the planet, How Wolves Change Rivers and Nature Now. His Double Down News videos have millions of views. George is working on a new book, to be published in 2022, about how to feed the world without devouring the planet.Former pop drummer Franny Armstrong has directed three feature documentaries – Age of Stupid, McLibel, and Drowned Out. She arguably invented crowd-funding when she raised £900,000 from 300+ investors for Age of Stupid five years before Kickstarter launched. In collaboration with the Guardian, Franny founded the 10:10 campaign in 2009 which aimed to cut carbon emissions by 10% in a year. Franny has written chapters for three books, won Sheffield Doc/Fest's "Inspiration Award", been named as one of the "World’s Top 100 Women" by the Guardian and one of “London's 1,000 most influential people” by The Evening Standard. Her latest projects are the climate comedy Pie Net Zero (2020), which trended at #9 on YouTube and What If (2019) starring Ed Miliband, Chris Packham and Caroline Lucas in a parallel universe where humans are tackling climate change.Peter Armstrong has been innovating new forms of progressive media for 50 years, including pioneering radio-link documentaries for Radio 4, the BBC’s Domesday Project, founding the BBC Interactive Television Unit and co-founding with Anuradha Vittachi OneWorld.net, OneClimate.org and Empathymedia.org. He has pioneered the use of live-streaming from climate actions, including the Paris, Copenhagen, Cancun, Bonn and Poznan COP meetings and most recently from Extinction Rebellion on the streets of London. In 2004, he received the BAFTA Lifetime Achievement for his contributions to interactive media - only the second person to win this award, after Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.Karen Shackleton is a founder member of Ilkley Clean River Group, who are now the proud owners of the first river in the UK to be awarded Bathing Water Designation by Defra. Having been always interested in wildlife from a young age, Karen joined the Wharfedale Naturalists Society and served as Vice President until recently standing down to concentrate on the Clean River Group.Nick Hayes is a trespasser and a campaigner for the right-to-roam. He is also an author, illustrator, printmaker and political cartoonist. He has published four graphic novels and has worked for, among others, Literary Review, the British Council, The New Statesman and The Guardian. The Book of Trespass is a trespasser's radical manifesto.Learn more about 5x15 events: 5x15stories.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/5x15storiesFacebook: www.facebook.com/5x15storiesInstagram: www.instagram.com/5x15stories

1hr 14mins

23 Jul 2021

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Nowhere Special, Art and ecology with George Monbiot and Ruth Maclennan, "Mid-list" novelist Chris Paling

Front Row

Uberto Pasolini made his name in the film industry as a producer with the international success of his film - The Full Monty. He’s continued to produce but in recent years he’s also turned his hand to writing and directing. As the third film that he’s helmed in this way, Nowhere Special, is released in cinemas, he talks to Samira about why he felt the true story of a father with a terminal illness looking for a new family for his four year old, was the foundation for a film he wanted to create himself.From Chaucer, heralding spring in his Canterbury Tales, to Hockney's digital landscapes artists have always celebrated the rich variety of Britain's flora and fauna. Art about nature is crucial to our culture. But last month the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee reported that 'of the G7 countries, the UK has the lowest level of biodiversity remaining.' Front Row investigates this anomaly with George Monbiot, who tomorrow will be streaming Rivercide, a live documentary about the terrible state of our rivers, and artist Ruth Maclennan, whose project Treeline explores the point where forests begin, end and what this reveals. What, they discuss, is the role of art in the environmental crisis?We're exploring issues in contemporary publishing each night this week on Front Row. Yesterday we talked about the gender split in who is getting published now. Tonight Chris Paling talks about his new book A Very Nice Rejection Letter, which tracks the trials and tribulations of the mid-list novelist from selling screenplays to writing alongside the day job. He tells Samira about the realities of life as a writer and we consider the question: can writers actually make a living today?Presenter: Samira AhmedProducer: Hilary Dunn


13 Jul 2021

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Andrea Leadsom, James Harding, Lisa Nandy & George Monbiot

Cross Question with Iain Dale

Andrea Leadsom - Former Business Secretary, former Environment Secretary, former Leader of the House of Commons and Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire | James Harding - Editor and Co-founder of Tortoise, former Director of BBC News | Lisa Nandy - Shadow Foreign Secretary and Labour MP for Wigan | George Monbiot - Columnist for The Guardian and environmental campaigner


28 Apr 2021

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George Monbiot – Rewilding: How Wolves Changes a River

Planet A - Talks on climate change

In the 5th episode of Planet A’s second season, Dan Jørgensen talks with the British writer, activist and environmentalist, George Monbiot. Monbiot has been a regular columnist for The Guardian since 1996 and authored ten books on social justice, climate change and other environmental issues. He achieved global acclaim for his award-winning book “Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding”. In the book, Monbiot advocates that humanity must “rewild”; that society must free nature from human intervention and allow it to resume its natural ecological processes.In the interview, Monbiot uses the example of how the introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National Park helped regenerate the park’s ecosystem and in turn changed the flow of its rivers.To Monbiot, it is pivotal to promote what he calls “positive environmentalism”. That we need to show how environmental action can make the world a better place, not just “a little less rubbish”.He argues that we should double down on natural climate solutions, such as the flooding of peatlands and restoration of oceans, to help mitigate climate change. Furthermore, Monbiot points to the deployment of offshore wind as an example of how renewable energy can promote ecological reserves for fish and marine life. The offshore wind farms not only creates artificial “reefs”, but also protects the seabed and thus sequesters carbon.


26 Mar 2021

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Private Sufficiency, Public Luxury: Land is the Key to the Transformation of Society - George Monbiot

The Schumacher Lectures

George Monbiot is an author, Guardian columnist and environmental campaigner. His best-selling books include Feral: Rewilding the land, sea and human life and Heat: how to stop the planet burning; his latest is Out of the Wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis. George cowrote the concept album Breaking the Spell of Loneliness with musician Ewan McLennan; and has made a number of viral videos. One of them, adapted from his 2013 TED talk, How Wolves Change Rivers, has been viewed on YouTube over 40m times. Another, on Natural Climate Solutions, that he co-presented with Greta Thunberg, has been watched over 50m times.  In 2019 George edited “Land for the Many,” a report to the Labour Party, calling for a broad platform of land reform in the UK.He delivered his Schumacher Lecture at the 40th Annual E.F. Schumacher Lectures on October 25, 2020.


28 Oct 2020

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George Monbiot Talks to Young Farmers and Environmentalists - EP8

The FarmED Podcast

When writer, broadcaster  and environmental campaigner George Monbiot returned to FarmED to continue his journey to learn more about sustainable food production, we took the opportunity to gather together some young farmers and environmentalists to ask him some probing questions and record a podcast. Areas up for debate ranged from the need for criteria to define regenerative agriculture, plus processed foods, plant based diets and what George describes as ‘the fantastically complex’ debate about food production and the environment. He also discusses his views on how agritech can be used to scale up regenerative farming, CAP, ELMS, and how soil is ‘the basis of our entire lives’.  Encouragingly, George described how he’s ‘very interested in what’s happening here’ (at FarmED) and the ‘strong argument in favour of integrated regenerative rotational farming.’ ‘It was wonderful to welcome George Monbiot to FarmED,’ says Manager, Jonty Brunyee. ‘Though his somewhat controversial view on alternative proteins, rewilding and land management, runs contrary to the work of many farmers, our mission is promote regenerative agriculture and sustainable food systems, and in order to do that we need to provide a space for healthy debate, giving a platform for those of different views to meet and air their opinions and ideas. It certainly makes for stimulating discussion.’ The interviewees are Lucy, a biology student, Sophie, FarmED’s Event Coordinator, who studied Geography at Exeter Uni, Will, who is heading to Bristol University to study geography, Abbie, a young farmer and agricultural student, Chris who completed an MSc in Agricultural Technology and Innovation and Jack who, until recently, worked in natural food retailing in London.

1hr 1min

24 Sep 2020

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George Monbiot on the Power of Narrative and Altruism

Sea Change Radio

As 2020, aka the year from hell, rolls on, we thought it might be a good time to revisit an uplifting voice from less troubled times. This week on Sea Change Radio, we dig into the archives and listen to our 2017 discussion with British writer and environmentalist, George Monbiot. We talk about his book, Out of the Wreckage, where Monbiot examines how our politics have been mired between the redundant doctrines of Keynesianism and neoliberalism – and he reminds us of the importance of recognizing altruism and of the power of narrative in the human psyche. In addition to providing some insight into how we ended up here, it’ll hopefully help you take your mind off of this dismal year. The post George Monbiot on the Power of Narrative and Altruism appeared first on Sea Change Radio.


22 Sep 2020