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STORYTELLING with Jamie Morrison - Part 2

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

1:22 - Why Jamie prioritizes out of system attacking and how he uses storytelling to improve it. 3:34 - Common problems that teams face when out of system.5:26 - Changing the mindset to be more explosive and aggressive attacking out of system.6:48 - Prioritizing hand sets by having all back row players being able to set out of system.8:12 - How Jamie teaches the “slow to fast” footwork using stories.10:37 - Has Jamie’s stories stuck during the competition?12:16 - What elements of out of system play does Jamie focus on during practice?15:22 - Why and how Jamie implements tape into his practices.17:30 - Explaining the “ball is a clock” story and how it can help develop out of system attacking.19:23 - Using bands to improve arm swings.22:20 - How to prevent athletes from reverting back to their old technique.27:21 - Preparing athletes for their futures.Read Billy's new book! The Inner Knight: Train and Compete Like a Champion


3 Mar 2022

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STORYTELLING with Jamie Morrison - Part 1

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

1:48 - How Jamie sets up successful presentations like he did at the AVCA Convention.3:11 - How storytelling can teach skills effectively.4:39 - Are analogies similar to stories, and are they equally effective?4:47 - Confusion to “aha” moment in athletes.5:50 - Going into depth on Jamie’s presentation about setting at the AVCA Convention.7:16 - Explaining how Jamie used med-balls as part of his storytelling.9:45 - Will stories still be remembered even months later?11:00 - Why Jamie believes storytelling is more effective than verbally communicating tips and advice.12:53 - Cases when Jamie doesn’t have a story planned.16:04 - Explaining Jamie’s “train track” story.17:34 - Similar to how the med-ball story can be physically manifested, can the train track story also be tangibly implemented or is it just a cue?19:32 - Implementing stories in practice.22:06 - Will Jamie use stories on what not to do, as opposed to what to do?23:10 - Will Jamie use stories in matches as well?24:56 - Balancing practice time with verbal feedback and storytelling.26:05 - Jamie’s tips on coming up with stories and how he personally comes up with them. Get CYBO the book! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1098630904Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/coachyourbrainsout


24 Feb 2022

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Females in Church Leadership with Jamie Morrison and Pam Braman

CitySites Podcast Network

Over the years, female Leaders in the church have tried to figure out just how they feel about themselves as leaders. Do female leaders feel pressure to act more masculine than feminine as they lead? Do female leaders get the respect equal to a male leader? What do people expect from a female leader? In this episode, Larry talks about the perspective of women as it relates to leadership in the Body of Christ. Some churches will not permit a woman to be a pastor or to hold a teaching position, as the doctrine of these churches restricts senior leadership to men only. With Larry are two female pastors who have been in leadership for decades, and they give us their perspective on church life for a female as a leader in the church.Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests. Visit CitySites Urban Media


24 Sep 2021

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Max Wyatt w/ Jamie Morrison - September 2021


Max Wyatt was joined by Jamie Morrison of Pale Angels for two hours of distorted guitars, gritty vocals and fuzzy drum sounds. Tracks inside from Big Boys, GG Allin and Crass.

1hr 58mins

6 Sep 2021

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Coach Jamie Morrison | Mastering Your Craft

Max Out Mindset

Coach has worn so many hats in the volleyball world and has coached successfully at the highest of levels of his sport. Over his career, he has been an assistant coach with the US men's national volleyball team when they won a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics. He was also an assistant coach for the US women's national volleyball team when they won a World Championship in 2014 and a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics, a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics. He was most recently the coach of the Netherlands women's national volleyball team for 2017 to 2019, where they had a runner-up finish at the 2017 European Championships and a fourth-place finish at the 2018 World Championships. He is insightful, honest, and there is a brilliance in the simplicity of his thoughts and explanations to a wide range of questions and topics thrown at him on the Max Out Mindset podcast.

1hr 11mins

16 Jul 2021

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Episode 13: Jamie Morrison of The Glenturret

The Quaich Podcast

Welcome to The Quaich Podcast, an audio equivalent of the "cup of friendship". A virtual fireplace around which drams are shared and tall tales told. Where whisky and friendship come together.Join hosts Micky Plummer, brand ambassador for Mackmyra, and Neill Murphy, writer of the WhiskyReviews.net blog for a chat about all things whisky. In Episode 13 we are joined by Jamie Morrison, global brand ambassador for The Glenturret. We'll talk about Jamie's whisky journey and discuss recent developments at the distillery.We also sample drams from Glenturret, Glendronach and Currach.Useful links...https://www.theglenturret.com/https://www.glendronachdistillery.com/en-gb/http://currachwhiskey.com/https://www.thequaichpodcast.co.uk/You can watch Jamie's appearance at The Mackmyra Inn here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpVxuzvm93YFollow Jamie on Instagram @whisky_jamieTheme music by https://www.davidkingmusic.net/The Quaich Podcast was created by Ross Stephen.

1hr 20mins

12 Apr 2021

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ep. 20 pt. 2 - Anatomica ft. Jamie Morrison - @curio_playingcards

Milo and Rome

Jamie Morrison Interview - Card Shark Tank 

1hr 14mins

24 Feb 2021

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Volleybabbel.nl | Jamie Morrison: "I want to be the best I can be"


Welke uitdadingen zag Jamie Morrison toen hij in 2017 met het Nederlands damesteam startte? Hoe kijkt hij terug op de verloren wedstrijden tegen Turkije en Italië? Hoe maak je wereldtop spelers nóg beter? Wat is zijn favoriete oefening? Wat vindt hij van blocked en random training en won hij die discussie van Giovanni Guidetti? Jamie ziet hierin een verschil tussen mannen- en vrouwenvolleybal! Een volleybabbel over de Nederlandse fans en of de toptrainer zelf nog een woordje Nederlands spreekt... Jamie vertelt verder over zijn stempel als 'laptopcoach', reflecteren en overal de beste in willen zijn. VOLLEYBAL CV Hoofdcoach: Nederlands damesteam: twee keer de Final Six World Grand Prix / Volleyball Nations League, zilver EK 2017 en vierde WK 2018 (hoogste klassering ooit op een WK). Wist geen directe plaatsing Olympische Spelen af te dwingen en werd vlak voor de laatste kans ontslagen. Assistent coach: Olympisch goud met de Amerikaanse mannen en de wereldtitel en olympisch zilver en brons met de Amerikaanse vrouwen.


31 Jan 2021

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Women in Ministry with Jamie Morrison

CitySites Podcast Network

Women in Ministry has always caused some Believers to have strong feelings on both sides of whether women should play a prominent role in the Church. Yet, there are women mentioned in Scripture who played a prominent Leadership Role. When the Holy Spirit came upon the Believers, He was given to the Church … both men and women. Does this mean women were given license to become Leaders in the Church? Or, were they just Messengers as needed by the Holy Spirit? In this episode, Larry and his guest Pastor Jamie Morrison, Associate Pastor at Cedarcrest Free Methodist Church in Bloomington, Minnesota, discuss this relevant and hotly debated issue.Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests Visit CitySites Urban Media


3 Apr 2020

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#41 | Jamie Morrison Ward

Block Talk with Jamie Taylor

Today I learned another amazing piece of Arkansas exists in our pre-k and prenatal to 5 year programs that are provided by our state. Jamie Ward of "Curricula Concepts" has a passion for equipping parents, childcare providers and educators alike with the information they need to care for Arkansas' children and children are clearly, our future! A little bias at present, this pregnant podcast host soaked up all the info I could and put Jamie on speed dial for postpartum resources I would have otherwise never known about!! Grab your *water* for the preggos, the rest of you grab that coffee and get jacked up! It's time for more of, the BlockTalk!


25 Feb 2020