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GHS - GHS - Lou Merloni joins the show; Wiggy and Greg ask if Brian Hoyer is better backup than Cam Newton.

The Greg Hill Show

Hour 4: Lou Merloni joins the Greg Hill Show to talk about the future of the Boston Red Sox.  Wiggy and Greg talk about Brian Hoyer vs. Cam Newton. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Sep 2021

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The MFers - Is the QB comp over?; Brian Hoyer praises Mac Jones; If Cam is Week 1 starter, was there ever really a competition? 8-30-21

Merloni and Fauria

HOUR 4: Is the Patriots QB competition over? Brian Hoyer joined Merloni & Fauria earlier in the show and praised his rookie teammate Mac Jones. If Cam is declared the Week 1 starter soon, don't we have to question if there was ever really a competition? 8-30-21See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Aug 2021

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The MFers - Mac Jones development; Brian Hoyer; Will Patriots join 49ers with QB platoon? 8-30-21

Merloni and Fauria

HOUR 2: We take your calls on the Patriots and Mac Jones's development. QB Brian Hoyer joins us to discuss the Patriots offense and what he's seen from Mac. Will the Patriots join 49ers with QB platoon? 8-30-21See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Aug 2021

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Episode #150: Electro-Pollution Fix with Nick Pineault and Brian Hoyer

BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts

Why You Should Listen: In this episode, you will learn about EMFs and the Electro-Pollution Fix. About My Guests: My guests for this episode are Nick Pineault and Brian Hoyer. Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault is the #1 bestselling author of "The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs" and an advocate for safe technologies. Through his unconventional approach blending humor, science, and common sense, he’s becoming a leading voice on the topic of electromagnetic pollution and how it affects our health. For the last few years, Nick has been interviewing some of the best minds on health and technology and facilitating the creation of courses and educational materials to raise awareness on this very important issue. Brian Hoyer's dive into health started when he became a father wanting to provide the most optimal growing environment for his family. His desire for them to thrive and devotion to discover the truth drove him to find the most insightful and effective cutting-edge methods for addressing what’s really going on in our bodies and environments. This led Brian to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, to train with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and to become a certified Geobiologist trained by a pioneering naturopathic and environmental medicine clinic in Austria that’s been addressing EMF and geopathic stress since 1983. Brian and his wife, Lindsey, built an EMF shielded tiny house in the summer of 2017. Brian travels all over the country doing EMF assessments, speaking at conferences and on podcasts, and helping families install shielding solutions. He doesn't always bring the tiny house with him. It's not really so tiny! Key Takeaways: - What are key symptoms of EHS? - What are coherent vs. incoherent or natural vs. unnatural EMFs? - How concerned should we be about 5G? - What self-testing devices are recommended? - How do EMFs impact detoxification? - Might EMFs be a trigger for MCAS? - Does the limbic system play a role in EHS? - Should sleep canopies be grounded? Do they block 5G? - Can grounding pads mitigate the impact of EMFs? - What daytime reduction strategies should be considered? - Are smart meters still a concern? - Do electric cars have high levels of EMFs? - Can EMF harmonizers be helpful? - What are some nutritional interventions that can help to mitigate the impact of EMFs on the body? Connect With My Guests: Nick Pineault - https://TheEMFGuy.com Brian Hoyer - https://ShieldedHealing.com Related Resources: Electro-Pollution Fix - https://betterhealthguy.link/Electro-PollutionFix Interview Date: August 19, 2021 Transcript: To review a transcript of this show, visit http://BetterHealthGuy.com/Episode150 Additional Information: To learn more, visit http://BetterHealthGuy.com. Disclosure: BetterHealthGuy.com is an affiliate of N&G Media Inc. Disclaimer: The content of this show is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or medical condition. Nothing in today's discussion is meant to serve as medical advice or as information to facilitate self-treatment. As always, please discuss any potential health-related decisions with your own personal medical authority.

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21 Aug 2021

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EMF Protection Demystified: Basics to Advanced w/ Brian Hoyer #356

The Life Stylist

The master of EMF and my personal go-to for home EMF shielding, Brian Hoyer, breaks down the science of EMF and how to practically alleviate the dangers of EMF exposure quickly and somewhat accessibly without having to move into a cave in the woods. Although, considering the direction the world is going in, how great does that sound right now? We drill into the dynamics of what living in a “smart” bubble does to your health (do you really need to talk to your kitchen appliances?) and why your average lightbulb is the ultimate stress inducer for your adrenals. Plus, the different types of EMF (WiFi is just the tip of a monumental iceberg) and the products and life habits that will zap out those devil-waves from your home, car, and office.  If you’re invested in this subject as much as I am, then I strongly recommend using Brian’s company shieldedhealing.com for EMF testing and mitigation in the home. My EMF masterclass is also an extremely rich resource to get started on your EMF elimination journey. You can use the code “brian” to get $50 off at lukestorey.com/emf-class 12:07 —What Led Brian Down the EMF Rabbit hole  Thinking about EMF from a nutritional health/environmental standpoint The different types of EMF he tests for  Eye exhaustion from light flicker  Creating a home environment to align with circadian rhythms  The latest light bulb innovations and recommendations  46:43 —Other Types of EMF The multiple sources of wireless radiation The irony of “smart” appliances Using your phone safely The EMF kill switch  When to wear EMF clothing 1:16:38 — Electric fields, Android Electricity, and Magnetic Fields Why it’s important to shield during sleep Accessible ways to shield and ground your room and wall How The EMF Kill Switch works Best EMF meters on the market The potential dangers of grounding near your home Biohacking your car  Filtering dirty electricity  More about this episode. Watch it on YouTube. JOIN MY NEW ONLINE EMF HOME SAFETY MASTERCLASS! Visit lukestorey.com/emfmasterclass to join. Only $149! Are you aware of the dangers of EMF exposure in your home, but have no idea where to start when it comes to finding, and fixing them?  Are you concerned about your exposure to the current 3G, 4G, and 5G wireless networks now activated in most major cities? Have you attempted to test the levels yourself using EMF meters you found online and ended up confused and frustrated? EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are one of the most toxic elements in our living and work environments. Due to the technical nature of accurately testing for them—and the training required to do so properly—many of us resign ourselves to the fact that we just have to accept them and the consequences they bring in order to use the modern technology we depend on. But you don’t have to. In this seven-part video documentary series, you will follow world-renowned building biologist Brian Hoyer as he tests an entire home, room by room, to determine the source and level of every known type of EMF. By the end of this series, you will not only be thoroughly educated on the various types and sources of EMF commonly found in homes but also of the many mitigation tools and techniques available thanks to the cutting-edge technologies. Visit lukestorey.com/emf-class/ to join. Only $149! Connect with Luke on social media to learn how to take your lifestyle to the next level, plus catch exclusive live interviews & events: INSTAGRAM - @lukestorey // instagram.com/lukestorey/ FACEBOOK - facebook.com/MrLukeStorey/ TWITTER - @MrLukeStorey // twitter.com/MRLUKESTOREY YOUTUBE - youtube.com/c/LukeStorey THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: BodyBio.com. Butyrate is a postbiotic produced by your microbiome in the gut. Issue is, most of us do not eat enough of these foods to get healthy levels of Butyrate (especially with keto/paleo diets). Butyrate supports healthy gut function, is anti-inflammatory, promotes a balanced microbiome and supports our immune response. BodyBio has the #1 recommended Butyrate supplement by integrative and functional practitioners. Go to BodyBio.com and use the code “luke20 “for 20% off all products AND... BEEKEEPER'S NATURALS. Superfoods from the hive - amazing! Beekeeper’s Naturals brings you the highest quality products from the hive and nurture a greater awareness for saving our bees! That is why their all-natural health-boosting products are made with the purest ingredients from sustainable apiaries full of healthy bees. Each of their products has been rigorously tested to meet the highest potency standards. Use code “Lukestorey” for 15% off at beekeepersnaturals.com/lukestorey. AND… BLUBLOX. I’ve been digging their new REMedy Sleep Mask, which blocks out 100% of the light around you while you’re sleeping. And it’s not just great for better sleep — it can also be used for meditation, deep touch pressure therapy, air travel, and migraine relief! You can get all of this epicness and more by using the code LIFESTYLIST for 15% off at BLUblox.com. HELP SUPPORT THIS SHOW! Love the Show? You’ll really love Luke’s Master Market Online Store!  It’s a win/win! Get direct links to all of Luke’s hand-picked biohacking and health products all in one place, get exclusive discounts, and support the show by making purchases through the web store >> SHOP NOW. Other ways to support:  SUBSCRIBE >> Apple Podcasts + Stitcher + Google Podcasts + Spotify LEAVE APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW >> Simple step-by-step instructions SHARE >> Spread the word! Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and all your social pals   Resources Website: shieldedhealing.com EMF Masterclass: use the code “brian” to get $50 off at lukestorey.com/emf-class  My upcoming events and speaking tours: lukestorey.com/events   Related Shows #157: Tech Dream or EMF Nightmare: How Your Cell Phone & Wifi  Are Trying To Kill You and How to Stop It with Brian Hoyer #278: The Deep Science Of Blue Light Toxicity: Why LED Trashes Your Health with Dr. Alexander Wunsch #269: How to Mitigate Cell Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Dangers with Daniel Debaun

1hr 55mins

6 Jul 2021

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Gasper & Murray: Bruins take 3-1 lead over Capitals, how dirty was Kevin Miller hit, why did Pats re-sign Brian Hoyer (Hour 1)

Gasper & Murray Podcast

(0:00) Reaction to Bruins win in Game 4 to take 3-1 series lead (15:21) The hit on Kevin Miller (38:00) Why did Pats re-sign Brian Hoyer? 


22 May 2021

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Brian Hoyer's back ... alright! Belichick's Brady decision

Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast with Nick Cattles

On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick talk about the update to BSJ, why Brian Hoyer is back, a little talk about Bill Belichick's decision on Tom Brady, and a BSJ member question about roster construction. Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast Hosts: Greg Bedard & Nick Cattles. 0:00: BSJ update. 3:00: Why is Brian Hoyer back? 5:30: The lack of playbook knowledge on this roster is astounding. 9:00: Why not make him a coach? — Mike Felger. 15:00: Hoyer just for Mac Jones tutoring, or is there some competition there? 20:00: Belichick and Brady 26:00: BSJ Member Question - Can the Patriots add Hoyer to the practice squad? Is that still possible?


19 May 2021

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What does Brian Hoyer signing mean for Cam Newton and Mac Jones?

Tom Curran’s Patriots Talk Podcast

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate how the signing of Brian Hoyer will impact the New England Patriots’ QB depth chart. Also, should we overanalyze Robert Kraft’s comments regarding Bill Belichick’s salary?1:30-Patriots re-sign Brian Hoyer; what does it mean for Mac Jones?5:30-Will Hoyer act as a QB coach for Mac Jones?9:30-Does this move put Cam or Stidham on the hot seat?19:30-What to make of Robert Kraft’s comments regarding Bill Belichick’s salaryWatch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4dc_Dfs3GfISee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


18 May 2021

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Can You Shield Against 5G? w/ Brian Hoyer

Smarter Tech

Can you shield against the electro-pollution/EMFs emitted by the new 5G towers that are being rolled out worldwide? In this episode, I pick the brain of top EMF mitigation specialist Brian Hoyer as we dive deep into solutions to the 5G problem. Full show notes available at: https://theemfguy.com/034

1hr 12mins

25 Nov 2020

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Brian Hoyer – How & Why You Should Protect Yourself From 5G, Wireless Radiation, Dirty Electricity & More!

Podcasts – Extreme Health Radio

We had a great show today with none other than Brian Hoyer from Shielded Healing. Brian’s specialty is helping people live better healthier lives by blocking electromagnetic field radiation. EMF comes in many forms. There are electrical fields, magnetic fields and wireless fields all around us. In fact we are bathing in these fields all […]

2hr 15mins

17 Oct 2020