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SKYLIT: Liz Brown, "TWILIGHT MAN" w/ Alex Ross

Skylight Books Podcast Series

In the booming 1920s, William Andrews Clark Jr. was one of the richest, most respected men in Los Angeles. The son of the mining tycoon known as "The Copper King of Montana," Clark launched the Los Angeles Philharmonic and helped create the Hollywood Bowl. He was also a man with secrets, including a lover named Harrison Post. A former salesclerk, Post enjoyed a lavish existence among Hollywood elites, but the men's money--and their homosexuality--made them targets, for the district attorney, their employees and, in Post's case, his own family. When Clark died suddenly, Harrison Post inherited a substantial fortune--and a wealth of trouble. From Prohibition-era Hollywood to Nazi prison camps to Mexico City nightclubs, Twilight Man tells the story of an illicit love and the battle over a family estate that would destroy one man's life. Author Liz Brown discusses her book with Alex Ross. Produced by Maddie Gobbo, Lance Morgan, & Michael Kowaleski Theme: "I Love All My Friends," an unreleased demo by Fragile Gang. Visit https://www.skylightbooks.com/event for future offerings from the Skylight Books Events team.


19 Jun 2021

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Exploring Vancouver Island with Alex Ross

The 10Adventures Podcast

This episode we dive into the coastal wonderland that is Vancouver Island, with Alex Ross, founder of Fresh Adventures which specializes in extraordinary adventure tours across Western Canada. Known as one of the top 5 adventure guides on earth, Alex shares why Vancouver Island is an ideal destination for year-round adventure travel, and the best ways to experience this incredible gem of Canada's west coast. Learn about island-time, and the laid-back vibe of Vancouver Island that sets it apart from other places in Canada. Whether you're ideal adventure is surfing, hiking, or hitting the slopes on skis, Vancouver Island features the unique opportunity to golf, ski, surf, and finish  it all off with a top-tier seafood dinner, in just one day! To find more about Fresh Adventures, check out https://www.freshadventures.com/ You can find more on Vancouver Island on 10Adventures: https://www.10adventures.com/tours/vancouver-island-tours/ Check out our full list of Fresh Adventure's Vancouver Island tours at 10Adventures here


15 Apr 2021

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#088 Alex Ross | Shark Werks - 3.9L and 4.1L GT3 RS Conversions and more.

Car Chat

Alex (@sharkwerks) is a founder of the Shark Werks Porsche tuning shop in LA. Most notably known for their 3.9l and 4.1l 997 GT3 RS conversions and exhaust systems.Check out the video on youtube: https://youtu.be/ATC1khz9T2U https://instagram.com/sharkwerks https://www.sharkwerks.comHope you enjoy, SamBuy Sam A Pint:https://www.sammoores.com/shop/buy-sam-a-pint Podcast Sponsors:www.TheMarket.co.ukwww.Rimblades.com - Use discount code "CARCHAT" at checkoutShow Notes: 0:00 - Intro3:58 - How did Shark Werks Start?19:02 - Chasing Horsepower23:22 - Setting Up Suspension31:30 - Shark Werks Fixing Common Porsche Issues44:03 - Shark Werks Research Process49:40 - Engine Upgrades and Reliability56:09 - Porsche GT41:18:48  - Turbo vs. NA Porsches1:21:48 - Experiencing High Horsepower 911’s1:30:42 - What are the differences between the Shark Werks Engines?1:38:06 - The 718 GT41:40:38 - Centrelock Wheels Going Wrong1:43:30 - Changing Gears with a Gated Shifter1:46:51 - Differences in 911 Generations1:49:54 - Porsche and Manual Gearboxes1:58:22 - 5 Questions

2hr 13mins

12 Apr 2021

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Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

Church of the Geek

in this episode we discuss the classic Elseworlds title from 1996, Kingdom Come, written by Mark Waid and painted by Alex Ross. Full of theological themes, this work focuses on a time when the classic metahumans have aged and successive generations of metas have arisen and now the end of the world is facing humanity. Joining us for this episode is long time friend of the podcast, The Rev. Will Rose from Chapel Hill, NC. You can find him on twitter @willrose72. Connect with us on Twitter @GeekChurch and on Facebook at Church of the Geek or at the blog Church of the Geek. To help support the podcast, please visit our Ko-Fi page here: https://ko-fi.com/churchofthegeekTheme song by @RickRackYouTube     


2 Apr 2021

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S1E5 - 5: Tomorrow Belongs to Me (with Alex Ross)

Voice of Latveria

Episode Notes Alex Ross, the author of "Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music," joins us to discuss the role of Wagner's Ring Cycle in Invaders #32-33, whether it's possible to play Wagner's piano music in armored gloves, and whether Thor or Alberich would have been a stronger candidate for plucking out of operatic reality and sending off to attack Stalin.


23 Mar 2021

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Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music: Alex Ross in conversation with Katherine Butler Schofield

Jaipur Bytes

Renowned author and music critic Alex Ross’ latest book Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music unravels the cultural history and significance of Richard Wagner and the kaleidoscopic work and life he inhabited. Ross weaves together not just Wagner’s story but also the political, artistic and cultural history of the last 150 years. Ross’ other books include The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century and Listen to This.with In conversation with academic and author Katherine Butler Schofield, Ross delves into the artistic genius of Wagner and the impact of art in world history.


21 Mar 2021

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20: The Gamification of Cinema (with Alex Ross)

Junk Filter

Toronto-based researcher and PhD candidate Alex Ross is today’s guest for a discussion of the intersection between videogame culture, film culture and fandom. We go over the initial use of videogames in the 80s as story premises (Tron, WarGames), official videogame adaptations in the 90s (Mortal Kombat), and into the 21st century, when films were adapted into videogames (GoldenEye, The Godfather), and videogames themselves became more cinematic (the Grand Theft Auto series, which in turn inspired Crank). Leading us into today: blockbusters that feel more and more like cut scenes and gaming quest storylines designed to serve an increasingly entitled and anxious audience segment, while some of the worst aspects of the game development workplace now directly influence how films are finished and released.  Alex also tells us about some newer games that get close to approximating actual cinema. Follow Alex Ross on Twitter. Alex has just published an academic article on the intersection between gaming and gambling, for the Journal of Consumer Culture. “Video Games Can Never Be Art” by Roger Ebert, April 2010 Trailer for Mortal Kombat (Paul W.S. Anderson, 1995)

1hr 3mins

15 Mar 2021

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Alex Ross Talks about Batman and His New Marvel Anthology Series

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

We discuss Alex's new art Art Book Unseen, his Marvel anthology series and look back for thoughts on Batman, Superman, The Fantastic Four and more

1hr 39mins

27 Nov 2020

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"Wagnerism" with Alex Ross

Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast

This week I got to cross off a Sticky Notes bucket list item by interviewing the best-selling author and critic Alex Ross. We talked about his incredible new book Wagnerism, discussing Wagner’s influence on just about every artist/thinker of his time and into the future, his anti-semitism, and more. We also talked about how people understood Wagner, and how they understand him today. Talking to Alex Ross allowed me to understand how one composer's music could create so much beauty, and so much destruction.

1hr 1min

15 Oct 2020

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Alex Ross on Music, Culture, and Criticism

Conversations with Tyler

To Alex Ross, good music critics must be well-rounded and have command of neighboring cultural areas. “When you're writing about opera, you're writing about literature as well as music, you're writing about staging, theater ideas, as well as music,” says the veteran music journalist and staff writer for The New Yorker. His most recent book, Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music, explores the complicated legacy of Wagner, as well as how music shapes and is shaped by its cultural context. Alex joined Tyler to discuss the book, what gets lost in the training of modern opera singers, the effect of recording technology on orchestras, why he doesn’t have “guilty pleasures,” how we should approach Wagner today, the irony behind most uses of “Ride of the Valkyries” in cinema, his favorite Orson Welles film, his predictions for concert attendance after COVID-19, why artistic life in Europe will likely recover faster than in America, Rothko’s influence on composer Morton Feldman, his contender for the greatest pop album ever made, how his Harvard dissertation on James Joyce prepared him for a career writing about music, and more. Follow us on Twitter and IG: @cowenconvos  Email: cowenconvos@mercatus.gmu.edu Follow Alex on Twitter Follow Tyler on Twitter Facebook Newsletter

1hr 1min

22 Sep 2020