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22 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jacob Collier. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jacob Collier, often where they are interviewed.

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22 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jacob Collier. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jacob Collier, often where they are interviewed.

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TN:56 Jacob Collier

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In this episode, John catches up with Jacob Collier to talk about how he wrote, recorded and produced his albums Djesse Volumes 1, 2 & 3.

With original Logic sessions, demos and heaps of stems in hand, Jacob unravels the wealth of ideas charting the development of each volume’s sonic environment. 

We hear his approach to getting the right balance between the simple and complex, illustrated with samples constructed from audience recordings, scrapped key changes and demo raps.   

Listen to find out about the benefits and burdens of knowledge, creating tongue twister grooves for the brain and how to take music beyond the twelve tones as we know them.

Tracks discussed:  With The Love In My Heart, Nebaluyo, All I Need


Kiii 3 Speakers

SM7 Microphone

SM58 Microphone

RC-20 Plugin (XLN Audio)

LFO Tool (XFER Records)


Battery Drum Sampler

Logic Pro



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Nov 11 2020 · 1hr 42mins
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Boozy Tunes 43: Kara's Jacob Collier Appreciation Podcast

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Kara finally gets to fangirl about one of her fave artists. 

Oct 18 2020 · 28mins

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Jacob Collier Hasn't Let Lockdown Pause His Music

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"Music is one of the places in my life I think I feel the most empowered and safe to stretch my idea of what's right and wrong, what's possible and what's impossible, and to kind of blur those lines," says musician Jacob Collier.

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Oct 10 2020 · 35mins
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Jacob Collier

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Yesssss!!!! You don’t want to miss the convo with our little brother :)
Sep 09 2020 · 1hr 8mins

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3: Jacob Collier Interviews

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The talkative trio discuss topics brought up by two of modern music's greatest theorists.

Aug 18 2020 · 2hr 29mins
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TC200: Jacob Collier Talks Music and Education

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Thanks for reading TC200: Jacob Collier Talks Music and Education from Top Music Co.

Jacob Collier, the 4-time Grammy award-winning young music legend from London, joins us today on a very special episode, no. 200 on the TopCast show. Hailing from North London and playing seven different instruments, including distinctive vocals, Jacob’s sense of harmony and tonality is evident in his signature style. He records all of his albums […]

The post TC200: Jacob Collier Talks Music and Education appeared first on Top Music Co - Supporting Creative Music Teaching.

Jul 24 2020 · 48mins
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Jacob Collier

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To learn more about Jacob and to see and hear some of his work, visit https://futureofstorytelling.org/story/jacob-collier-ep-15


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Jul 09 2020 · 27mins
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Discovering Jacob Collier

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Our newly-found respect for musical prodigy Jacob Collier dominates this episode with supporting roles played by Apple’s WWDC, Kanye West’s Yeezy partnership with Gap, Tencent’s entrance into online gaming and a quick breakdown of how to look like Thor!  Dig in and enjoy.


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Jul 02 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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AMC, Trolls, and Jacob Collier Overrated?| Episode 4

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Jun 24 2020 · 40mins
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Jacob Collier on staying creative and his 646 track song “All I Need”

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Quarantined in his family’s music room, musician Jacob Collier has been remarkably productive. Known for his polymathic musical talents, Collier has used this time to reflect on, and release new music. His latest song “All I Need,” was created with new technology that let him record remotely with his collaborators Mahalia and Ty Dolla $ign. The song is uplifting. It modulates into arcane keys that evoke the euphoria of newfound love. Collier’s also been convening live streams with artists like Tori Kelly and Chris Martin where Collier seemingly defies the laws of physics to collaborate, in time, over long-distance video chat. Collier is a hopeful voice, demonstrating how music can boost our spirits in dark times.

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Jun 19 2020 · 35mins