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Week 8 Power Rankings and Market Movement with Rufus Peabody (Ep 228)

BettingPros Podcast

Thomas Viola and Matt Freedman sit down with Rufus Peabody to discuss the Massey-Peabody rating system, NFL trends, and more! Timestamps: About Rufus - 0:01:50 Quantitative Betting - 0:05:20 Betting the NFL - 0:07:25 Beating Limits - 0:09:20 The Massey-Peabody Rating System - 0:12:45 Quarterback Adjustments - 0:17:50 Team Adjustments - 0:21:45 What Trends Actually Matter? - 0:37:35 Buccaneers vs Ravens - 0:48:20


25 Oct 2022

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Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - Tough Times for Tua, NFL Week 4 Best Bets + Professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody

Fox Sports Radio

On today's episode, Jason kicks things off with a few thoughts on Tua Tagovailoa's scary injury on Thursday Night Football. The Cincinnati Bengals won the game, but the result of the contest became secondary once we saw Tua taken off the field on a stretcher with a concussion. Things have not gone according to plan since Tua exploded on the scene at Alabama (hip and ankle injuries, former head coach Brian Flores mostly hating him, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross trying - and failing - to replace him on multiple occasions), so it's hard not to feel bad for him, especially after last night. Later, professional sports bettor and co-founder of Unabated Sports and Massey-Peabody Analytics swings by to discuss why it’s so important to shop around for the best number when betting on everything from futures to props, why is ranking system is so much higher on Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars than the general public seems to be, why it’s clear that Russell Wilson’s move to the Denver Broncos has been overvalued by the market, why you shouldn’t buy into the narrative that the Buffalo Bills can’t win close games, why he likes the Green Bay Packers to win big over the New England Patriots – but not that big, how his system differentiates from other sites like Pro Football Focus, and much more! Finally, J-Mac closes the show with a very special NFL weekend edition of the Best Bet. Click here to subscribe, rate and review all of the latest Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre podcasts! #FSRWeekendsSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


29 Sep 2022

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3. Rufus Peabody, the King of Super Bowl Props (Part 2 of 2)


It's Super Bowl Sunday, and the hundreds of bets Rufus Peabody and his team made on the game are hanging in the balance. When one play can cost you $70,000, how do you keep your head on straight?Host: David HillProducers: Bobby Wagner, Mike Wargon, Matt Dollinger, Vikram Patel Sound Design: Bobby Wagner Mixing and Mastering: Scott Somerville Theme song: Isaac Lee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


28 Sep 2022

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2. Rufus Peabody, the King of Super Bowl Props (Part 1 of 2)


If you had $2 million, could you bet it all on one football game?Host: David HillProducers: Bobby Wagner, Mike Wargon, Matt Dollinger, Vikram PatelSound Design: Bobby WagnerMixing and Mastering: Scott SomervilleTheme song: Isaac Lee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


23 Sep 2022

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Professional Golf Bettor, Rufus Peabody | Golf Betting Do's & Don'ts

Tour Junkies: PGA Tour Betting & DFS

Rufus Peabody wagers over $1.5 million for every major and half that for every run of the mill PGA TOUR event as a professional golf bettor. He's a golf addict in every way as winning gambler and a single digit handicap. The Tour Junkies lengthy discussion with Rufus is a MUST LISTEN whether you play DFS or bet in the traditional sense. Some of the topics include: When to bet on outrights | H2H matchup markets & the road to profitability | The sharpest H2H market making books & how to leverage them in DFS | Bets you should STOP making NOW | Why SG: Approach is NOT the most predictive stat | Bogus stats you should STOP using NOW | Does course history matter? | Putting stats & predictive value of putting | Are correlated courses something worth evaluating? | Short term VS Long term form | When to bet major championshipsThere's still room for the September LIVE GOLF EVENT DETAILS & SIGN UPPlease support the podcast further by doing a few things to spread the TJ Gospel: Join Goalby’s Nut Hut, our private DISCORD chat w/ > 400 golf loving, DFS & Betting fans. Join a limited, free Nut Hut on DISCORD Sign up for the “Heavy Petting” & “Chalk Bomb” emails for free that hit your inboxes every Tuesday & Wednesday. Leave an honest iTunes Review. DB & Pat love reading all of these. It improves the show.

1hr 26mins

8 Jul 2022

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180: Bettor Help featuring Rufus Peabody

The Bettor Life

This is the third and final episode of my Mental Health of Awareness Month series. Rufus Peabody joins me to discuss his experience with mental health as a person and as a professional bettor. We cover ego, relationships, therapy, and more. Guest: @RufusPeabody Show: @TheBettorLife Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for 11% off at The Bettor Life online shop: www.bettormerch.com Want to launch your own podcast? Use promo code "BETTOR" at sign up for 2 months free when you sign up for a plan at Libsyn, my podcast hosting service of choice. https://signup.libsyn.com/?promo_code=BETTOR Support the show with a monthly pledge at Patreon.com/TheBettorLife Please, take a moment to leave us a rating and review in your podcast app of choice like iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.


27 May 2022

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Episode 359: How To Win In Golf Fantasy & Betting with Rufus Peabody

Establish The Run Fantasy Football

Rufus Peabody of Unabated is one of the best golf bettors in the world. He talks to Adam Levitan about how he does it and the projections he's providing to the new ETR Golf product. If you want to get better at Sports Betting, check out Unabated HERE! Show Notes In this episode, we discuss: Modeling golf What stats matter DFS Golf Why give out info? Links mentioned in the episode: 2022 Rookie Rankings - https://establishtherun.com/rookie-dynasty-rankings-2022/ Details on the NEW Golf product - https://establishtherun.com/subscribe-golf/ Underdog Best Ball Rankings - https://establishtherun.com/etrs-top-300-for-underdogfantasy/ Want the information you need to win at DFS Golf? We’ve got you covered with: Rufus Peabody’s base and ceiling projections Rufus' odds to make the cut for each golfer Live Show with Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings, and a rotating group of guests including Rufus Ownership projections Tons more All in one place. Check us out at https://establishtherun.com/subscribe-golf/ Additionally, we have worked out a SPECIAL deal with BETMGM. Sign up for a new account with the below link and they will email you an $84.99 coupon to use on any ETR product. The coupon is good for one year. SIGN-UP LINK: https://promo.co.betmgm.com/en/promo/sports/establish-the-run-nba?wm=7074948 After signing up for BetMGM, please follow these four steps: Make a deposit of at least $10 (must be a new MGM user) Place your first wager (also eligible for MGM’s $1k risk-free bet) Receive email from MGM with special promo code worth $84.99. Head to ETR subscribe page, choose your subscription, and redeem code (can be used on anything but is equal to 1-month of NBA) - Follow ETR on Twitter - https://twitter.com/EstablishTheRun - Follow Adam on Twitter - https://twitter.com/adamlevitan - Follow Evan on Twitter - https://twitter.com/evansilva Timestamps: 0:59 - Introducing ETR Golf 2:11 - Rufus’ journey to Golf 4:18 - Is tracking Golf easier than other sports? 5:43 - Stories from gambling on Golf 7:35 - Explaining the simulation approach 11:23 - How injuries impact the simulation 15:16 - Correlation in Golf 21:37 - Does course history matter? 25:01 - Can you project putting? 28:22 - Long term vs. Short term form 30:51 - Handling variance from favorites in Golf DFS 35:47 - How Golf betting drives DFS ownership 39:14 - Why share the process now?


1 Apr 2022

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126. Pro Bettor Rufus Peabody - Bet Bash Bonus Series

Props & Hops

Pro bettor and Bet Bash attendee Rufus Peabody joins for an in-depth discussion on the game within the game: slowing down, embracing imperfect solutions, and creating freedom through structure. Bet Bash 2 is a gambling meetup event hosted by pro bettor Spanky and Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas April 1-4. Props & Hops is on the scene and will be releasing bonus interviews daily with some of the biggest names in betting, so follow the podcast to make sure you don't miss out on any of the conversations.If you enjoy Props & Hops, please leave a rating on Apple Podcasts or Spotify -- it's the #1 way you can support the show.Follow Rufus:Twitter.com/RufusPeabodyFollow Matt:Twitter.com/MLandes18Follow Props & Hops:Twitter.com/PropsAndHopsPodTheme song: The Hambones, "Props & Hops"Facebook.com/TheHambonesTheHambones.comSponsor: Powered by Dimers.comSupport the show by taking advantage of a sportsbook offer at the bottom of this page: Dimers.com/Props-And-Hops-PodcastDimers Podcast Network: Dimers.com/Podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


1 Apr 2022

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LOLz : A DFS Show

Professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody joins Pete and Brian to discuss the current sports betting landscape and Unabated Sports. If you have questions you'd like us to hit, hop in the #lolz channel inside the Deposit Kingdom discord (link below). 🐦 Rufus ➝ https://twitter.com/RufusPeabody & https://www.unabated.com 🐦 Bric's Twitter ➝ https://twitter.com/BrianHooper__ 🎧 LOLz Podcast ➝ https://redcircle.com/shows/lolzpodcast 👕 LOLz Merch! ➝ https://overzet.myshopify.com/collect... 🎮 Bric's Twitch ➝ https://www.twitch.tv/BrianHooper 💻 Bric's Website ➝ http://bric75.com/ 🔴 Subscribe to Brian's Youtube channel ➝ https://youtube.com/c/brianhooper75 timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 01:40 - Rufus Peabody explains Unabated 05:20 - Unabated tools: Props and NFL season simulator 08:00 - How to you make good sports betting content? 11:00 - Differences between DFS content and sports betting content 13:00 - The morality (and guilt) of giving picks 17:30 - How do you define a "problem gambler" 21:30 - Sports betting alpha??? 23:00 - Rufus' thoughts on crypto and sports betting 25:00 - Rufus in Montana 28:00 - Practical sports betting vs. professional sports betting and how to get bets down 31:00 - "The Spanky Exchange" 32:00 - How to not get limited at sports books 34:15 - Rufus' thoughts on the Kelly Criterion and knowing your edge 38:00 - Knowing when to trust your model vs. change things up 40:30 - Taking vacations? 41:30 - Is peer to peer sports betting the future? 46:00 - Does Rufus ever donk away money? 46:45 - What is a Calcutta? 51:00 - Building a PGA lineup on DraftKings 📈 Run The Sims ➝ https://www.runthesims.com/pete/ Get 10% off any package with promo code 'Pete'. All Run The Sims subs who use promo code Pete get access to a private DFS channel within the Deposit Kingdom discord: https://discord.gg/XD27Cw9J5A 💬 Want access to the private Run The Sims DFS channel in the Deposit Kingdom discord where I'll be discussing strategy for slates + custom badges and emotes on Youtube? 🔴 Step 1: Join the Deposit Kingdom discord ➝ https://discord.gg/tbAxDQ4 🛠️ Step 2: Become a Hand Builder & Opto Bro ➝ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDsG... 💰 Follow my bets on Betsperts ➝ betsperts1.onelink.me/kpZN/Pete ✍️ Subscribe to free Fantasy Life Newsletter ➝ https://fantasylife.com/blogs/newsletter 🐦 Twitter ➝ https://twitter.com/peteroverzet 🎧 In A Vacuum (A Pete Overzet podcast) ➝ https://anchor.fm/peter-overzet 📺 Subscribe to Youtube channel ➝ https://www.youtube.com/c/peteroverze... 👕 Merch ➝ https://overzet.myshopify.com/ 💻 Website ➝ http://peteroverzet.com/ 🐕 Make your first deposit and Underdog will match up to $100 in your account when you sse promo code 'Pete' ➝ https://play.underdogfantasy.com/p-pe... 🤑 Manzcoin NFTz ➝ https://opensea.io/collection/manzcoi... Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


24 Feb 2022

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That’s An Awful Bet feat. Rufus Peabody | Ep. 172

Chicken Dinner

In this episode of the "Chicken Dinner" podcast, Sam Panayotovich discusses all things Super Bowl LVI and the betting tax on Cooper Kupp. Special guest Rufus Peabody joins the show to talk about Super Bowl props, market inefficiencies and betting professionally. SUBSCRIBE! "Chicken Dinner" on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and wherever else you listen to your podcastsFOLLOW! @chickenxdinner @spshoot


13 Feb 2022