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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bofta Yimam. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bofta Yimam, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bofta Yimam. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bofta Yimam, often where they are interviewed.

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#125 Bofta Yimam, an Award-Winning Journalist Shares Tips for Learning How to Tell Your Life Story

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If you want to learn how to tell your career or life stories in ways that will make you memorable and help others, then you will love this conversation with Bofta Yimam. Bofta is an Emmy® & Murrow Award-Winning Journalist, DC-based National TV Correspondent, TV Anchor, International Speaker, CEO and Executive Coach. 

Bofta is a self-made woman and the first Ethiopian American newscaster to receive an Emmy® for her work. Bofta started her own executive coaching business with the goal of helping people improve their lives and careers by learning how to tell their stories. We discuss the bold moves that shaped Bofta’s career path and how she dealt with adversity.

As Bofta shares in this conversation, when you are telling your story, look for the transformational moments in your life and think about the lessons you learned. Listen in to hear how your transformational experiences can help help you advance with your professional and personal goals while also helping others.

Jul 27 2020 · 23mins
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Episode 20: Bofta Yimam

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RPRTR is back after a hiatus at the start of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The Emmy award winning Bofta Yimam joins Beau Berman for a long conversation about her the past, present and future of her career. The CBS News freelancer and entrepreneur discusses her role as a business owner, her love for journalism, and also opens up about the loss of her father and how it shaped her life and career.
May 09 2020 · 57mins
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093 - How to Position Yourself on LinkedIn with Bofta Yimam

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093 - How to Position Yourself on LinkedIn with Bofta Yimam

Worried about how to position yourself on LinkedIn for ultimate LinkedIn success? Then this episode is perfect for you!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Emmy award winning Bofta Yimam on how to position your self on LinkedIn and tips on crafting your signature talk to tell the story of you.

Bofta Yimam is an Emmy® & Murrow Award-Winning Journalist, Washington D.C.-based National News Correspondent, International Speaker and Executive Coach. Bofta is the first Ethiopian-American newscaster to receive an Emmy for her work. For more than a decade, she’s reported live on the morning and evening news for TV affiliates around the country, including CBS and ABC. 

As a coach, Bofta works to help change agents and industry transformers craft and syndicate their compelling signature talk so they can deeply connect with their audience, establish authority, create impact and transformation from the stage and on screen… while reducing the fear and anxiety of sharing their story to a group. Bofta helps her clients achieve a powerful signature talk that they can share “on demand” while replacing their fear of validation with incredible confidence. Watch her in action:


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About the Episode:

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Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introduction and background to Bofta Yisman (3:34)
  • Bofta explains her journey towards the coaching world (5:13)
  • How Bofta helps people craft a signature talk and story (7:40)
  • Why LinkedIn is important for businesses owners and speakers (13:42)
  • How to bring your personal voice and see chemistry with a client from your LinkedIn profile (15:52)
  • The importance of relationships on and offline (20:44)
  • Who your LinkedIn profile is actually about (22:07)
  • Incorporating a LinkedIn strategy to land more speaking engagements (27:50)
  • Where to learn more and work with Bofta (35:07)
  • Bofta’s Emmy award (37:23)
  • Episode recap (39:10)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Oct 14 2019 · 41mins
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Ep 42: Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Guide to Entrepreneurship with Bofta Yimam

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Fear is the number one stopper of success. Emmy Award Winning Journalist Bofta Yimam shares with us her transition from being a successful former TV anchor to launching her own business and speaking on stages around the globe. She helps her clients replace their fear of validation with incredible confidence in their signature story. In this episode we also discuss how to show up to your business when life gets rocky.

Jul 22 2019 · 30mins
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Podcast Profit Interview with Emmy Winner Bofta Yimam

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Podcast Profit with Bofta Yimam and Super Joe Pardo

I had the honor of being interviewed by Emmy and Murrow winner Bofta Yimam on how to get podcast profit. You can watch the video above that was originally part of her Facebook group Speak and Infuence. I’ve been podcasting for 5 years now and running the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference for almost as long. Crafting lots of products, courses, videos, books, coaching lots of podcasters and business owners from all over the world has been a ton of fun. As I point out early on in this interview it isn’t always easy to find your target audience for what you have inside of you. Starting with a topic that you love and can talk about for days on end can sometimes be difficult.

At the end of the day if you are looking for podcast profit it starts with a topic and putting in the reps to get good. From there you can start to build your audience and let them help guide you where you can best serve them with deals and promotions from potential sponsors, swag, products, digital products and more! I want you to keep in mind at all times though that the show is yours and you ultimately get to make the final decisions that make you happiest.

If you want to reach out to learn how I can help you with your podcasting adventure contact me.

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Episode 381

May 28 2019 · 1hr 11mins
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Emmy and Murrow Award-Winner Bofta Yimam

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May 15 2019 · 1hr 3mins
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Storytelling with Emmy Winning Journalist Bofta Yimam

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Bofta Yimam gives us pointers on how to turn our stories into compelling ones.
Jan 22 2019 · 26mins
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BEE 090 Bofta Yimam, Speaker, Former TV Anchor, Executive Coach + Master Storyteller

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Bofta Yiman is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, former TV Anchor, Speaker,  Executive Coach and Master Storyteller. She help executive leaders and high-impact entrepreneurs craft a compelling story.    Website: 
Dec 19 2018 · 31mins
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Bofta Yimam - The Importance Of Your Story

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You'll find out why it's so important to be able to craft your story from Bofta Yimam, award-winning journalist turned Master Storytelling and Empowerment Coach.  Companies and individuals that capture and communicate their unique story stand out in their fields.

Nov 11 2018 · 53mins