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How To Create Courageous Content with Janet Murray

Coffee and Converse

It is not just the beginner who needs courage to keep their content fresh. What would it take to stretch you right now? Would you stop your 450-episode long high-ranking podcast?Janet Murray walks you through why she did exactly that and how to be more courageous in your content to catch your ideal client’s eye at every stage of your content journeyKey TakeawayYou have to be prepared to be a beginner over and over again or your content becomes stale and your audience will lose interest.We talk aboutWhat putting out 450 episodes taught Janet and why she closed it all downThe most common reasons for avoiding something new in your content The 4 stages of content How to get started no matter which reason is holding you backHow Janet is showing up more courageously with her new showLinksTo read the transcript and explore other episodes go to dianemayor.com/84


17 Jun 2021

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Controlling Content Overwhelm with Janet Murray

Social Media News Live

Hello? Hello? Anyone out there? On this week’s Social Media News Live, we ask Janet Murray about cutting through the content overwhelm and how to effectively, efficiently, and consistently produce good content that grows your business and drives sales.


5 Jun 2021

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Big Picture Planning with Janet Murray

The Productivityist Podcast

Through a fascinating career journey in teaching and journalism, Janet Murray made the big switch to run her own business that helps business owners build and engage their online audience. Janet and I go way back, and we’ve met through various places around the world, so I’m excited to finally have her on the show to learn more about how content planning plays such an important role to business success.This episode is sponsored by TextExpander. With TextExpander, you can unlock your productivity with its many features. With TextExpander you can make everything you write repetitively available everywhere you type: text documents, spreadsheets, web forms, and more. Unlock your productivity with TextExpander. Visit TextExpander.com/podcast for 20% off your first year.This episode is brought to you by OTIS, a digital marketing assistant to help you target, optimize and measure campaigns. From the easy-to-use app you create Facebook, Instagram and Google ads, and OTIS’ A.I. technology intuitively optimizes your daily budget to whichever platform is performing best. It will analyze your existing customers to retarget and find other people like them to target your ads to. I love how you can see results from as little as $10 per day, and track results all in real time. As a listener to the show, get a 14 day free trial plus $50 in ad credit. Visit MeetOtis.com/TIMECRAFTING to take advantage of this offer today.This episode is sponsored by Setapp, a large collection of 200+ powerful Mac apps, for almost any task, available by subscription. It’s the best way to discover new, quality apps so you can get all the tools you need to be productive. Plans start from $9.99 per month. With this flat monthly fee you get access to full-featured pro versions of apps, including Ulysses, MindNode and CleanMyMacX. Head over to Setapp.com for a one week free trial today.Tune in as we explore embracing bigger picture thinking. We discuss daily emails, visual planning, writing with ‘the hook’, learning from journalists, and how Janet time crafts. Talking PointsHow to plan the bigger picture (6:42)How our personality types and planning work together (13:55)Setting structures so you can be flexible (27:51)Creativity that comes from consistency (30:13)Finding patterns for your content (36:55)Quote"The wider your view, the more patterns you see."Helpful Links2021 Social Media Diary & Planner‘Your Press Release Is Breaking My Heart’ by Janet MurrayThe Janet Murray ShowSorted EventThe Daily DriverSystems Saved Me podcastEpisode 354: How To Decide with Annie DukeEpisode 343: Consistency Over Authenticity with Seth GodinThe Next WebThe BIG ReadyJordan Gill on The Janet Murray ShowJordan Gill on Life Skills That MatterThe BIG Ready Week: Stephen WarleyJanetMurray.co.ukJanet’s InstagramWant to discover some of the books mentioned on the podcast? Check out Scribd, my reading app of choice.Podcast Theme Song: Nothing at All by Fictions (courtesy of Epidemic Sound)If you enjoyed the episode, please leave a rating and/or review wherever you listened to the episode. And if you want to have easy access to the archives of the show and ensure you don't miss the new episodes to come then subscribe to the podcast in the app you're using – or you can do so on a variety of podcast platforms by clicking here.


5 May 2021

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How to price your online courses and membership with Janet Murray

The Pricing Queen

In this episode:Creating online products – what to consider. Courses or membership? Pricing strategies for online products. Janet Murray helps build and grow online audiences for businesses (customers, fans, followers, subscribers etc.) to boost sales. Janet discusses what factors you should consider before deciding to create and sell an online product, is it worth your time and effort? Janet advises selling before you create anything to test the market and demand. Starting small will help maximise the use of your time and help you decide if online is for you. Janet and Sally discuss the decision-making in choosing to create courses or memberships. Considering the different models and selecting a style that fits best with how you like to work and your availability. Janet and Sally discuss pricing strategies and guidelines when deciding what to charge and what factors you need to consider.Selected links from this episodeDiscover Janet’s Build Your Online Audience podcast Connect with Janet at janetmurray.co.uk or on Instagram @janmurrayuk Connect with Sally on Instagram at @thepricingqueen and LinkedIn Like what you hear? Don’t forget to rate and leave a review to help spread the word! The Pricing Queen podcast is produced by Annabelle Buckland @decibelle_creative www.decibellecreative.com 


14 Apr 2021

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The BIG Ready Week: Janet Murray

The Productivityist Podcast

It's a bonus episode of the podcast to celebrate The BIG Ready Week! This episode features my friend, content queen and big picture planner, Janet Murray.Janet Murray will be delivering the opening keynote for The BIG Ready – which is exciting on its own. But I'm also excited that she agreed to chat with me on the podcast about certainty, consistency, and commitment.Episode Highlights:People love certainty... but they need uncertainty too.People often have trouble with crafting consistent content.When there is a commitment to doing the creative plan, content gets created.This virtual event features 29+ presenters delivering keynote talks, actionable workshops, and engaging panel discussions around the elements of personal and professional growth. Presented by Productivityist, The BIG Ready is a must-attend for anyone who is trying to take the months ahead and be ready to make them have a BIG impact on their lives. The mainstage portion of The BIG Ready takes place on February 2nd, 2021 and includes access to the Opening Party on February 1st, the Closing Party featuring the perfect sendoff to the day's festivities, and the opportunity to attend a Midnight Momentum focused work period as the day draws to a close with yours truly! You can also grab a VIP ticket, which gives you everything I just mentioned PLUS an exclusive 4 hour workshop on February 6th that I'll be facilitating personally. Oh, and every keynote, workshop, and panel will be recorded so you'll be able to revisit and review them anytime you want in the future!Podcast Theme Song: Nothing at All by Fictions (courtesy of Epidemic Sound)


29 Jan 2021

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How to Build Your Audience with Incredible Content with Janet Murray

Expert Unrivalled Podcast

If you’re looking to build your content plan for 2021 then this episode is a must listen! On this guest expert episode we are chatting with Janet Murray one of the UK's leading content marketing experts that specialises in audience growth. Janet is also a chart topping podcaster, author and speaker, who has spoken all over the world about content marketing and audience growth. In this episode she gives us all the golden nuggets to questions such as - How do I find and get in front of my ideal client? How do you position yourself as a market leader through your content? How do I find content ideas without the risk of running out? Useful Links :- Book a Call with Jen  – bit.ly/claritycallpodcast Download my FREE Seven Figure Market Leader Roadmap  –http://www.marketleaderleague.com/marketleaderroadmap/ Send your emails to jen@jen-hall.com Janet Murray Links Grab a ticket to Janet Murrays' 2021 Sorted event to create your yearly content - https://www.janetmurray.co.uk/2021sorted/ Insta: @janmurrayuk Website: https://www.janetmurray.co.uk/


28 Oct 2020

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Review - Janet Murray's Build Your Online Audience programme

Publicity for Pet Businesses

Are you thinking of joining Janet Murray’s Build Your Online Audience membership programme? Would you like to learn how to get more eyes on your business on social media platforms and online?Perhaps you’re thinking of launching a blog or podcast or YouTube channel and you want to create a buzz before you get started?If the answer is yes, then the Build Your Online Audience programme is a way of increasing your visibility and following.PLEASE NOTE: I am an affiliate for the programme and if you read this post and decide to join via my link, I will be paid a commission.This doesn’t affect the price you pay and this is an honest review of my personal experience of the Build Your Online Audience programme.First, a little background....Two years ago, I was flailing around as a freelance journalist, being told there was 'no budget' for my ideas and being offered tiny fees for stories that took weeks to put together.I didn't know if I could carry on freelancing and needed another way of making a living, and I tuned into Janet Murray's podcast.Jan was a former Guardian journalist who had started an online PR coaching business and at the time, I thought she might be a bit posh and snooty as she worked for a broadsheet - I was writing mostly for tabloids.Several episodes in, in episode 300, she talked about being in the same position as a journalist herself, being told there was ‘no budget’ and being paid paltry fees for stories she’d spent weeks working on.I pulled over to the side of the road and sent her a message on Twitter.Then I signed up for her membership, and, after a month as a private coaching client. I invested a lot, over £3000, but I knew something had to change and I needed someone who had walked the path before me to help me.Janet has helped me to build my online business, giving me the steps to follow but most of all the confidence to put myself out there.That's the background to how I came to Build Your Online Audience, and in this episode, I run through what's involved in the programme.The aim is that if you're thinking of joining, listening will help you decide whether it's right for you.If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line on my website here on my contact formKey timings in this episode:0.20 - Background and why I'm talking about the programme6.02 - What is the Build Your Online Audience Programme and how the membership works.9.31 - What do you learn on the Build Your Online Audience Programme?11.30 - Examples of sessions in the programme.14.22 - Why do you need to build an audience?15.32 - What else is included in Build Your Online Audience Programme?18.00 - What does the Build Your Online Audience Programme cost?19.17 - How much time do you need to allocate to the Build Your Online Audience Programme?22.58 - Get it done sessions23.01 - Why I signed up in the first place and why you should follow someone who has walked the path you want to go with your business before you. Links mentioned in this episode:Find out more about Janet Murray's Build Your Online Audience: Build your online audience*Check out the Janet Murray Media Diary: Media Diary 2021*Learn about Janet Murray's event: 2021 Sorted*Listen to the Janet Murray Podcast: The Janet Murray ShowThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


27 Oct 2020

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How to take the pain out of content planning with Janet Murray

Publicity for Pet Businesses

How do you feel about content planning?Do you love it? Or find it overwhelming, like feeding a beast that is permanently hungry?If you’re in the latter group then you will love this episode with Janet Murray, a content marketing expert.Janet - aka the Content Queen - has spoken all over the world about content creation AND is a former Guardian journalist and editor.Her social media posts, blogs and podcasts have reached millions of people and she knows what content will engage people - and what will flop.In this episode she shares how pet business owners can create content with ease.Janet spent nearly two decades working as a journalist for national newspapers, focusing on politics and education.She was Education editor at the Guardian before moving into PR, then content marketing and launched The Janet Murray Show in 2015.Janet’s podcast started out focusing on how small business owners could win press coverage.Soon she realised people needed a wider understanding of marketing rather than just press and PR.Now her focus is on building online audiences and her flagship programme is called Build Your Online Audience.It covers branding, social media, content and e mail marketing equipping business owners from all kinds of background with the skills they need to stand out online.Find out more about the Build Your Online Audience programme here.*How to create engaging social media posts It can be hard to know what to post on social media and disheartening when you share content and get little or no response.Janet says she has experimented with lots of different styles of posts and she has whittled the most successful ones down to four different types.They are ‘I need to know this,’ ‘I know about this,’ ‘This is what I think,’ and ‘I know how that feels.’Each post can be adapted to show empathy and understanding with your pet business clients and Janet shares examples in the episode.Why having a pet business is ‘social media gold’ Janet works with business owners from all kinds of backgrounds and says pet business owners are at an advantage because they work with animals.This means there is an endless supply of adorable photos and cute anecdotes, it’s simply a case of trying and testing different styles of posts to see what works.Janet says: “There’s just so much opportunity to create really engaging content that people connect with because people really love their pets. “So I always get really excited if I get a client that does anything pet related, it’s just brilliant.”Key timings and points covered in this episode: 1.02: Janet’s background 3.03: The power of content that makes people stop in their tracks4.23: What is content? Defining the different mediums of content in 20206.13: The challenges of creating content as a business owner6.45: The importance of timing7.08: Why people need to ‘care’ about your content10.42: Where people go wrong on social media13.15: Calling in favours to get your content seen from family, friends and colleagues16.32: Understanding the topics your followers or clients are interested in18.20: Remember people will be watching your content so keep showing up!20.30: How cornering a niche can help your content be more successful (and your business)23.08: How to use your Facebook page as a signpost to your Facebook group24.45: Janet’s four types of posts25.02: I need to know this content26.47: I know about that content28.20: I know how that feels content32.55: This is what I think content36.00: Case study - cat hotel post ideas37.56: Case study - pet product maker ideas39.45: Case study - pet business service providers41.59: Lead magnet ideas for pet business owners42.15: Considering the problems your clients have for content ideas44.32: Lots of ideas around poo! 46.02: How to get content ideas on your dog walks46.30: Content ideas for charities and rescues49.56: Using awareness days in your content 55.10: How to put a content plan together without feeling overwhelmed56.47: Peak points in the year and how to use them to promote your products1.01.25: Picking dates in the year like Halloween to build up your plan1.03.45: Why planning content in advance means you create better content than rushing1.07.19: Why you shouldn’t get disheartened if your content doesn’t connect straight away - keep at it!Links mentions in this episode: Janet Murray Build Your Online Audience: Build your online audience*denotes an affiliate link meaning if you click through I will receive a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay.Janet Murray Media Diary: Media Diary 2021*Janet Murray event: 2021 Sorted*Janet Murray Podcast: The Janet Murray ShowThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

1hr 8mins

8 Oct 2020

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Janet Murray on 3 Types of Content that Will Make You More Sales

Business & Life Conversations

Are you writing the best content but not getting the results through sales? Content is an absolute necessity for business survival but without a strategy for using it, it doesn’t do your business much good. Well, today might be your lucky day because I’ve invited Janet Murray to talk about the 3 types of content that will make you more sales. This jam packed episode will give you tips, tricks and pure awesomeness you can implement in your business today.Links:Janet Murray WebsiteJanet Murray InstagramWomen in Business Success SummitAction Takers MastermindInstagram Mastery for Business Owners with Angela HendersonProfit PillarsWomen in Business Retreat 2020Business Masterclass – The Ultimate 4-Step Framework for Creating a Sustainable and Profitable BusinessAustralian Business Collaborative Facebook GroupAngela Henderson WebsiteAngela Henderson Active Business Facebook GroupAngela Henderson Facebook Business PageAngela Henderson Consulting Instagram


22 Sep 2020

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S6 04 - How to Grow Your Online Audience with Janet Murray

In Her Financial Shoes Podcast

Today I’m interviewing the wonderful Janet Murray about how to grow your online audience. Janet had a lot of influence and impact on me launching my podcast and growing my own audience. In this episode: What kind of content to create The importance of engagement The importance of building an email list A deep dive into how to build an online audience How that links to wealth creation.   Resources: Join The Money Circle membership Book in a complimentary call to discuss how financial coaching can help you move from financial overwhelm to confidence and control.  Join Catherine’s Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Website My Online Courses – Investing for beginners from £1 My YouTube Channel  Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  Find Janet on her website Follow Janet on Instagram Janet’s Podcast – Janet Murray Show


3 Aug 2020