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Growth Advisor & Former Global Head of Digital Marketing @ Slack: Holly Chen- How An Inner Rebelliousness Led to A Career in Growth

How I Grew This

Holly Chen is an award-winning marketing and growth advisor who credits her inner rebelliousness and overall questioning of conventional thinking for leading her into a career in Growth. And she’s been a standout from the beginning. In Beijing, Holly was one of the few Chinese nationals majoring in Italian in the entire country. After taking on her first role at the United Nations, she felt the need to move to something where she could better measure the impact of her work and joined an early stage startup in New York City. Her entry into Product Management and Marketing teams at that start up eventually led to her becoming the Head of Growth at the Google Store, in charge of distinguishing the various Google Store and hardware brands. She then went on to build Slack’s Digital Marketing and Performance Marketing function globally driving user acquisition, retention, and monetization across SMB and Enterprise customers.Amidst her current work as a growth advisor, Holly is a co-founder of Ceilingbreakers.us, a coaching platform that is rethinking the way tech leadership looks by creating a direct line to top executive coaches for specifically people of color, women, immigrants, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented groups.Hear more about where Holly believes growth sits within a company, advice to those building their own multi-touch attribution systems, and her advice for her younger self on this episode of How I Grew This.App she can’t live without: Apple Podcast AppAnimal she would talk to if she could: CatsApp she uses that others wouldn’t expect: Chinese apps


7 Jan 2021

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📲 How Slack reversed a declining mobile growth trajectory on mobile by setting up cross-channel attribution - with Holly Chen, former Global Head of Digital Marketing at Slack. 💬

The Mobile User Acquisition Show

Our guest today is Holly Chen, growth advisor and the former Global Head of Digital Marketing at Slack. Before that, she led growth for Google Store & Google B2B websites, served as a product manager at Gucci, and had a brief stint at the UN.I’m excited for this interview because we look at one of the most admired brands of the last few years. We take a closer look at how they looked at mobile marketing while accounting for the numerous complexities of B2B marketing - including longer sales cycles, multiple touchpoints before sale. In the process of orienting their growth to mobile, they turned around a declining mobile growth trajectory - in what I find a very impressive effort. Key Highlights:🧗 How mobile fits into a B2B buyer’s journey for Slack - and why it’s challenging to measure.📉 Why a decline in mobile growth in 2017 was puzzling for Slack - and how they realized this was an opportunity.🚶 The first steps Slack took toward capitalizing on the mobile opportunity - and the success metrics they picked.🔗 The interdependence of mobile and desktop products at Slack.⏱️ How Slack attributed and measured the impact of the mobile marketing program.🖐️ What multi-touch attribution is - and how Google Analytics can be a starting point for products that are considering adopting multi-touch attribution.🏢 The infrastructure needed to be in place for multi-touch attribution.🤔 How Slack’s teams thought about mitigating the risks of multi-touch attribution.👨‍💼 How Holly and her team approached getting executive support for the mobile marketing program.🗓️ Some of the day to day tactical elements that had to change as Slack oriented itself more toward mobile.🔥 The impact of the shift toward mobile.Check out the full transcript and show notes here: http://mobileuseracquisitionshow.com/episode/how-slack-reversed-a-declining-mobile-growth-trajectory-on-mobile-by-setting-up-cross-channel-attribution-with-holly-chen-former-global-head-of-digital-marketing-at-slack/ **Get more mobile user acquisition goodies here:http://RocketShipHQ.comhttp://RocketShipHQ.com/blog**Check out our podcast featuring inside stories of how technology evolves and grows:http://HowThingsGrow.co


26 May 2020

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145: Life after lockdown in China (with Special Guest Holly Chen)


The so-called farm to fork journey is sometimes brief and straight forward,  when food is sold via local farm shops or butchers but some markets are thousands of miles away.  In this podcast John Bates talks to a special guest, live from Beijing who work with us to put British produce on tables, in front of families, in China. Holly Chen, our China representative based in Beijing, shares her personal experience during this epidemic and the impact it's caused the country economically and her personally.   We will also hear from Jonathan Eckley, Head of Market Developmentat AHDB in the Asia Pacific region, share some of the upcoming work and opportunity for our UK exporters.  You can find out more by reading her blog. 


22 Apr 2020

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A7 90kEnfoquePlata Hábitos para la vida - Barry Chi y Holly Chen


Berry Chi y Holly Chen son unas leyendas, lideres y empresarios muy reconocidos a nivel mundial y con uno de los negocios más grandes, recientes y sólidos del mercado, nos trasmiten como para obtener cualquier resultado en la vida es fundamental crear hábitos diarios para la vida.


21 Sep 2018

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Using B2C Tactics for B2B Growth with Holly Chen of Slack

The Re:Growth Podcast

Holly Chen is the brain behind brand awareness and user acquisition campaigns at Slack. Listen to learn when and how to invest in brand marketing, which B2C tactics helped Slack shoot past their B2B competitors, and the value of investing in uncharted channels.


3 Jul 2018