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#21 Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn with Katie Anderson.

Enterprise Excellence Podcast with Brad Jeavons

Intro  Welcome to episode 21 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. It is a great pleasure to have Katie Anderson on the show today. Katie is a researcher, author and consultant in the areas of Enterprise Excellence. Her passion is helping people develop and grow. Katie is the author of "Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn", the International number one new release leadership book. Let's get into the episode.SummaryWhen meeting with Mr Yoshino for the first time, Katie was well aware of his expertise and was sure it was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. They connected with his humble, genuine nature, who had a passion for helping people learn and connect with people. Meeting not only once, but many times over three years in Japan, and then in the USA once Katie and her family moved back home. The book was a crazy idea to put Mr Yoshino's learning system onto paper and quickly became the number one bestseller.Katie believes that leaders will lose their humility, curiosity and will not be a part of the learning organisation if they do not see themselves as part of the learning process. If you seek to learn and improve as a leader, you are also challenging yourself to be a better learner. Much of the focus in organisations seems to be on the plan, do, plan, do, and not so much on the reflective elements of check and act/adjust. Katie believes that leaders must build time for reflection into each day - starting with 10 minutes at the end of the day to reflect on the daily plan. Reflective time will help develop a richness to organisational learning and understanding.Katie is now helping leaders put the leadership stories from "Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn" into practice. The book inspires, and Katie teaches through coaching cohorts, classes and one-on-one mentoring to encourage reflection and learning. LinksLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kbjandersonWebsites: kbjanderson.com/  (Company Website)learningtoleadleadingtolearn.com  (Book website landing page)Twitter: kbjandersonKey Takeaways1. Creating a learning organisation is a key element in achieving Enterprise Excellence and it starts from the top with leadership curiosity, humility and constant learning. 2. The power of reflection. Leaders who give themselves the time to reflect often will naturally learn more, demonstrate greater curiousity and humility.Check our blog for more on these tips.Quotes07.48min How can we as individuals be reflected more deeply, both on the things that have happened in the short term, but also taking a step back and starting to see the patterns over time for ourselves and our organisations, and then what are we going to do to adjust and change? 16:18min And so it's both learning for you as the leader, and also how are you, leader, supporting the learning and the capability of the people that you're checking on?16:32min so it's not just checking to see that you've achieved the outcome check, it's checking on your thinking process, and then what type of coaching or support do I as the leader need to help provide to you so that you are more effective in developing that capability to solve that operational problem? 21:47min but holding back, hold back a little bit. Allow for that struggle, allow for the thinking to happen.22:56min set that clear direction so that people are working in alignment and know what direction to be focussing themselves but giving true responsibility for problem-solving ownership to other people, and we take that away when we tell people what to do.


8 Feb 2021

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Isao Yoshino & Katie Anderson on Mistakes, Leadership, Learning, and Culture

My Favorite Mistake

Toyota veteran Yoshino and business consultant Anderson... Japanese and American learning together. Show notes: https://www.markgraban.com/mistake30 Enter to win a free "My Favorite Mistake" coffee mug! (through Jan 22) Joining me for Episode #30 is Katie Anderson, the author of the book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning. We are also joined by Mr. Yoshino, the subject of the book, who joined us from Japan. You can download a sample chapter via Katie's website. I get the very unique opportunity to ask each of them about their “favorite mistake.” Mr. Yoshino tells a story from his early days at Toyota, where he learned the importance of not blaming individuals for systemic problems. He later retired from Toyota after nearly 40 years of work in Japan and the United States. Katie then tells a story, from early in her career, about being a “bull in a china shop” during meetings and getting feedback that caused her to reflect and change. We then talk about lessons from Toyota and their book, including the importance of creating a culture where it's safe for people to speak up about mistakes — either in a factory or in a hospital. Why is it important for leaders to create the conditions for people to be successful? Why should leaders take responsibility when mistakes happen? Why is intentional reflection the key to learning? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/favorite-mistake/support


7 Jan 2021

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Learn to Lead and Lead to Learn - with Katie Anderson

Business Problems Solved Podcast

In this week’s show, Lee talks to Katie Anderson, a leadership coach, independent consultant, author of ‘Learning To Lead: Leading To Learn’, and a passionate advocate of helping to develop individuals’ confidence and capabilities in improving themselves and their organisations. Katie discusses the incredible journey that led to the insights she now uses to empower others, the value of recognising your purpose from moment to moment, and why balance might be the ingredient you’re missing when it comes to developing and leading teams. KEY TAKEAWAYS We should always remain open to opportunities, and to the "golden seed” moments that can bring about an awakening, and a whole new perspective. Perspective, experience and wisdom allow us the vocabulary we need in order to both recognise and communicate our purpose. We must always try to develop people with the right intentions. It is not a box ticking exercise. We must help others to rise so that they can contribute their unique gifts and insights to the wellbeing of the business. We cannot convince people to change, but we can offer experiences that change their thinking, and their perceptions in such a way that they seek change of their own volition. BEST MOMENTS ‘It’s enriched my own perspective about leadership’ ‘If there’s a big disconnect between your purpose and the moment, there’s a different problem you need to address’ ’The process and the people are two sides of a balance that needs to be working in sync’ ‘Identify the process they need in order to help support the people' VALUABLE RESOURCES Business Problems Solved Podcast Katie Anderson - https://kbjanderson.com/about/ ABOUT THE HOST For the last 15 years, I have been a multi-sector internal or external business improvement consultant, building the improved capability of individuals, teams and businesses. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my two young children Jack & India. I also enjoy listening to and reading business & personal development material. Lee Houghton is “THE Business Problem Solver”, a Management Consultant, CX Specialist and Keynote Speaker. CONTACT METHOD You can contact Lee Houghton on 07813342194 Lee@leehoughton.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/lhoughton/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


16 Nov 2020

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What happened to you? #7 - Katie Anderson

What happened to you? with Sebastian Scales

In this episode, Katie Anderson shares her story of getting molested, not being believed by her parents, living with MS, and her boyfriend committing suicide. Thanks for listening :) Link to the Zoom event with Reimagine and Grief Dialogues: https://letsreimagine.org/58851/what-happened-to-you-child-sexual-abuse-and-loss Link to support the podcast: https://www.whtyfoundation.org/donate --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sebastian-scales/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sebastian-scales/support


4 Nov 2020

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Eps 91: Learning to Lead with Katie Anderson

UNTAPPED - Make more income and impact

Do you consider yourself a leader even if you’re just starting out in your business?I believe the moment you choose to follow your own path and show up in what you are truly believe in and are skilled at, is the moment you become a leader.You don’t have to be famous, an expert or have 10,000 Instagram followers to be a true leader. It’s about being committed to your goals, being a lifelong learner, and truly being intentional about what action you’re taking.That’s why I’ve brought in  internationally recognized leadership coach, Katie Anderson, on the UNTAPPED podcast to discuss what it means to be a leader. Katie went from a traditional corporate background in academia and healthcare operations, before becoming a leadership coach and consultant on her own terms. She is well versed in leadership internationally, as she has lived in 6 countries herself, and is getting ready to pack her bags again to live in Mexico with her family.Katie’s biggest lessons in leadership came from her time living in Japan. She brought home many valuable lessons in leadership from the Japanese culture. Including some intentional dolls that are a tool Katie loves to use in her work. You’ll hear all about the Daruma dolls in this week’s episode. I think the most incredible lessons Katie brought back with her was through connecting with Toyota leader, Isao Yoshino.She is a bit of a super connector herself, always looking to build genuine relationships with people who have aligned values. You’ll hear about this and how connections lead her to writing and publishing her book on Learning to Lead, in today’s episode!By the way, if you loved Katie’s story and goals, she is a member of The $10K Club. If you want to be a part of a group of women with values and missions aligned with your own, check out the club here.In this episode we uncover: How to develop resilience, even if you get knocked down multiple times (hint the dolls do this well!)How to be a leading learner, even if you’re a solopreneurWhy failure can be so beneficial to your growthThe influence Japan has had on Katie’s life and businessHow Katie took the leap from the corporate world to owning her own businessResources:Learn more about Katie and connect with her here: kjbanderson.comGrab a copy of Katie’s book: Learning to Lead, Leading to LearnWant to be a $10K Club Queen, like Katie? Check out all of the details here.Want more on being a leading learner? Check out this post + video from me on being a leading learner, not an expert! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 Nov 2020

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Leading to Learn, Learning to Lead: A Podcast with Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino

WLEI - Lean Enterprise Institute's Podcast

“It’s only a failure if you don’t learn,” says Mr. Isao Yoshino, who shared many key lessons from his career at Toyota with Katie Anderson, who based her new book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn on his experience and insights. Join us for a podcast with host Tom Ehrenfeld that explores the lessons gleaned from his career at Toyota.  Download a complete transcript of the conversation here: https://www.lean.org/Search/Documents/597.pdf  


26 Oct 2020

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Episode 127: The 3 Ls: Leadership, Lean & Learning with Katie Anderson

Make It Right

A chance meeting with Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino has propelled consultant and coach Katie Anderson on a leadership journey most would dream of. Over the last 5 years Mr Yoshino has shared his successes and failures during 40 years at Toyota and together they now share his story at conferences and in a new book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Life Time of Continuous Learning. Katie Anderson joins Kevin Snook and Janet Eastman as they discuss leading with intention and from the heart. Katie Anderson and Isao Yashino are the keynote speakers at AMEToronto2020 on Wednesday October 28 at 10am. Here’s more info Transcript Full Show


22 Oct 2020

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Intentional Leadership with Katie Anderson


Katie Anderson is a leadership coach consultant and author, best known for inspiring individuals and organizations. She started off in public health research then moved to Japan in 2015. Barry O’Reilly welcomes her to the show as she shares the lessons she learned in Japan on how to deepen your leadership skill.Learning Lean at the SourceHer life in Japan inspired Katie to learn lean at the source as she had already been applying Toyota production principles in the healthcare system. Moving away from academia and research was her big pivot as she transitioned from public health into her own consulting practice.  [Listen from 2:30]Leading With IntentionKatie advocates leading with intention and orienting your actions in the direction of the behaviour that will achieve your desired purpose. Now that she was in a position where she had to help other people solve problems, she realized that her mindset and approach needed to shift. She needed to show up in a different capacity: she had to be a model and guide instead of simply going in and doing it all on her own.  [Listen from 6:25]Effective Leadership RolePeople need alignment: they need to know what the target of the organization is in order to meet that target. If leaders don’t have clarity on what the target is, it is unlikely that the employees will. Barry comments that if employees don’t know what direction has been set by leaders, that’s a failure of the leadership team. You can have activity without vision, but not in a meaningful direction. [Listen from 13:00]Hoshin As a ToolHoshin is about identifying the top strategies in the organization, and how the next level down contributes to achieving those strategies. It is anchored in the scientific method, and a deep process of reflection. It provides the organization with the real data, whether positive or negative and allows for the leadership team to make better and accurate decisions based on that data. [Listen from 21:45]Looking AheadKatie is looking forward to hearing listeners’ reflections on her stories and experiences. She is excited to continue to amplify her message. She is also committed to continue helping individuals connect with their intention and their purpose, in order to achieve their desired goals. [Listen from 34:25]ResourcesKBJAnderson.com


30 Sep 2020

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Stepping into your power with Katie Anderson

Breaking the Ice

Katie Anderson, girlfriend to William Rapuzzi, who plays in Dornbirn, Austria in the ICE Hockey League, joins me on the podcast today to talk about all things career. We cover topics such as, getting a working visa as a girlfriend, finding jobs in your summer or season city to imposter syndrome, not knowing how or where to start and ideas to take that first step. We have to remember to not compare our year one to someone else’s year ten and realize that our individual personalities are what make us unique and make a business unique. Katie talks about how this hockey life has really allowed her to step into her power, in terms of starting her own business and finding something that she is passionate about! I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend for this conversation! She was so easy to talk to and offered a lot of advice. Here are a few additional resources that Katie provided below: Finding work as an expat in your respective country (in order to obtain a visa as a girlfriend since not all countries will allow you to be attached to your sig o's): https://www.inlingua.com/centers/ Facebook Search Prompts “Expat Jobs in [your city/town]” “Expats in/of [your city/town]” Google Search Prompts “Jobs in [your country/city/town] for expats” “Seasonal jobs in [your country/city/town]” Look up Hotels & Restaurants in your area, don’t be afraid to reach out and see if they’re interested in part-time/seasonal help. You may have to do some of the leg work but oftentimes they will help you with obtaining your visa!  Finding seasonal work at home: Is there anything in your town that is seasonal or peaks when you are home (i.e. the tourism season in Alaska runs ~April-September), look into what jobs are available seasonally in your hometown.  Have a nursing or other medical license? Oftentimes, private practices will happily take on extra help seasonally.  Bars & Restaurants are also happy to take on seasonal help usually. Finding online work/building an online career that fits the expat lifestyle: Facebook & Pinterest are my favorites for finding useful and valuable content/groups.  Pinterest Prompts “build an online business” “Learn how to…[enter in what you’re interested in doing]” “Become a…[web designer, developer, coder, online coach, etc]” Facebook Groups (these are VA specific but you can search so many other types of groups) https://www.facebook.com/groups/howshedidthat/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/vasavvies/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/109710112902737/ AND lastly, I forgot to mention on the pod that I know so many amazing women in the hockey community also have online product-based businesses! You don’t have to just offer a service if doing your own thing is your thing! 


2 Sep 2020

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GA 331 | Leading and Learning at Toyota with Katie Anderson

Gemba Academy Podcast: Lean Manufacturing | Lean Office | Six Sigma | Toyota Kata | Productivity | Leadership

This week's guest is Katie Anderson. Ron and Katie discussed Katie's new book, the roles of a leader,  joy versus happiness, and much more. Katie also shared some special stories about esteemed Toyota leaders like Isao Yoshino and John Shook. A MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here.In this episode you'll learn:  The quote that inspires Katie (5:27) About Katie's book (7:54) The three roles of a leader (10:49) Setting a direction (12:35) Providing support (16:42) Another story about Mr. Yoshino (17:58) Developing yourself as a manager (19:54) What it was like working with Mr. Shook (21:48) Mr. Toyota's speech about happiness (23:50) The relationship between happiness and joy (27:22) Katie's words of wisdom (21:10)Podcast Resources Right Click to Download this Podcast as an MP3 Download a Free Audio Book at Audible.com Katie's Website Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn Joy, Inc Katie's Resources for Gemba Academy Podcast ListenersSubscribe & Never Miss New Episodes!Click to Subscribe in iTunesIf you enjoyed this podcast please be sure to subscribe on iTunes. Once you're a subscriber all new episodes will be downloaded to your iTunes account and smartphone. The easiest way for iPhone users to listen to the show is via the free, and incredible, Podcast app. NEW! You can now follow the podcast on Spotify here. You can also subscribe via Stitcher which is definitely Android friendly.What Do You Think?In your opinion, what is the difference between joy and happiness?


6 Aug 2020