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#300-Leigh Peele: Restriction Is Not Reasonable Or Rational

Revolutionary You!

Maybe it comes as little surprise to long-time listeners of the show but Leigh Peele makes her 6th appearance for the milestone 300th episode. You can also check out our previous conversations via Episodes 28, 118, 150, 200 and 215. She has been in the midst of a complete re-write of "The Fat Loss Troubleshoot" which will be released at the end of this year in a very big way and, according to Leigh, is nothing like the original release. We discuss the directions in which she took the book, where her current philosophies and strategies are headed when it comes to coaching fat loss for clients, the importance of diet breaks and maintenance eating and much more. I feel like each time we talk, the episodes get better over time and this one is arguably my favorite. A very big thanks to everyone who has helped us make it to 300 episodes and stay tuned to the end of the show to hear a little bit about the changes I'm looking to make as the show continues on.  To learn more about Leigh's work:  www.leighpeele.com www.facebook.com/leighpeele www.instagram.com/leighpeele To learn more about your host:  www.jasonleenaarts.com www.revfittherapy.com www.facebook.com/jason.leenaarts www.instagram.com/jasonleenaarts You can also like our Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/revolutionaryou To purchase my book, "A Revolution A Day":  www.amzn.to/2R9Larx

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8 Apr 2021

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(repost) Leigh Peele: Her Thoughts on Developing Self-Esteem And Client Education

LTB Podcast

In today's episode, we have a reposted podcast from back in 2017 with Leigh Peele. Leigh is an incredible online coach and author of some excellent books on fat loss including 'Starve Mode' and 'The Fat Loss Troubleshoot'. Stuart and Leigh discuss self-esteem, what helps you last as a fitness professional, teaching your clients how to think critically and reducing the impact of failure. Find Out More About Leigh: Website Instagram Facebook Find Out More About LTB: Website Instagram Facebook


4 Jan 2021

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214: Leigh Peele - How to be a better Coach

The Revive Stronger Podcast

I first came across Leigh Peele many years ago on the fit cast, she was one of the co-hosts to what is still one of the biggest fitness podcasts out there. I loved her no BS approach and could tell she was incredibly intelligent. Since I purchased several of her books, including Starve Mode, which we discuss in depth.Leigh is certified through the national academy of sports medicine and delves through research daily. This time, Leigh is talking about how to be a better coach, ie. empathy, empowerment, tracking, etc.Timestamps:00:00 Intro00:42 Leigh talks about her new book20:36 Empowerment of people and dropping the calculators28:44 Understanding psychological aspects to be a better coach30:20 When people aren't losing weight in a deficit40:19 Tracking variables48:22 Impacts of weight fluctuations51:06 Sodium and its impact on scale weight54:24 Peoples trust and relate56:59 Misconception of "They don't like they lift thus they don't know what they're talking about"01:02:52 Not dealing with robotsLeigh's Website: http://www.leighpeele.com/Leigh's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leighpeele/Leigh's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuG-AvCSJDHAOcNB-Fy85wg Leigh's Books: http://www.leighpeele.com/books-2Thanks, please comment, like and subscribe!COACHING: https://revivestronger.com/online-coaching/MEMBERSITE: https://revivestronger.com/team-revive-stronger/WEBSITE: https://www.revivestronger.comFACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/revivestrongerINSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/revivestrongerNEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2rRONG5YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN30HA_5m_4__If you want to support us via a donation, that's highly appreciated!Patreon• https://www.patreon.com/revivestrongerDon't like Patreon, go to Paypal!• https://bit.ly/2XZloJ4__Our Ebooks!Ultimate Guide To Contest Prep Ebook:• https://revivestronger.com/product/the-ultimate-guide-to-contest-prep/Primer Phase Ebook:• https://revivestronger.com/product/the-primer-phase/__Stay up to date with the latest research and educate yourself! MASS (Research Review): • https://goo.gl/c7FSJDRP+ Membership: • https://ob262.isrefer.com/go/plus/Steve90/ JPS Mentorship• https://jpseducation.mykajabi.com/a/13324/esJ8AZwy__Books we recommend!Muscle & Strength Pyramids• https://goo.gl/S8s6tGRP Books• http://bit.ly/2vREaH0RP + Members site• https://ob262.isrefer.com/go/plus/Steve90/For more• http://revivestronger.com/library/__Recommended supplements:Denovo Nutrition (use code STEVE)• https://denovosupps.com?aff=6__When you're interested in online coaching, please go visit our website and follow the application form:https://www.revivestronger.com/online-coaching/

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6 Jul 2020

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Eric Trexler and Leigh Peele EP 142: The Heroes We Need Not The Ones We Asked For

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

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1hr 17mins

15 May 2020

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Letting Go Of The Guilt And Burden Parents Feel With Leigh Peele

Healthy Parents (equals) Healthy Families Podcast

Welcome to Healthy Parents=Healthy Families, brought to you by HalfSizeMe. To learn more, visit https://halfsizeme.com. In today’s episode, we’re talking to Leigh Peele about building a foundation of health in your family by implementing the following: Avoiding restrictive dieting Ensuring there is a positive narrative around food in your home Letting go of the guilt and burden we feel as parents Actually enjoying family meals Most of all we focus on progress, not perfection. You can find more about Leigh at https://www.leighpeele.com/lose-8-gain-8-the-diet-stand-still Thanks for joining us. For more support, you can check out The Half Size Me podcast. For more about Heather and Half Size Me, please visit: https://halfsizeme.com About Healthy Parents = Healthy Families Podcast Healthy Parents = Healthy Families is a podcast dedicated to educating parents, guardians, and anyone who works with children on how to approach health, fitness, wellness, and weight loss in their own lives. And how they can act as positive role models for young people in their lives WITHOUT exposing them to diet culture. Healthy Parents = Healthy Families is hosted by Heather Robertson, who lost 170 pounds over a period of about 5 years. Heather did it by learning new eating habits, getting regular exercise, and changing her mindset. On her popular weekly podcast, The Half Size Me Show, Heather shares her own lessons and struggles with you, and she shows you how to handle the real challenge of any weight loss journey... weight maintenance. Be sure to subscribe to The Half Size Me Show and join Heather every week as she shares information, inspiration, coaching, and conversations with REAL people who've learned weight loss isn't only about losing pounds, it's about finding yourself. Disclaimer: Heather is not a doctor, nurse, or certified health professional. What worked for her or her guests may not work for you. Please talk with your doctor, dietician, or other certified health professionals when seeking advice about your own weight loss or weight maintenance plan. All information included in The Half Size Me™ Podcast and on HalfSizeMe.com is for informational and inspirational purposes only. For additional disclaimer information, please visit HalfSizeMe.com.

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12 Mar 2020

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Leigh Peele | On body dysmorphia, Instagram culture, and identity

Results Not Typical

In this episode, Nikki and Leigh discuss body dysmorphia in the fitness industry and how to distinguish self image from societal conditioning. They discuss: - How personal identity should be a primary factor in determining your fitness goals - Body acceptance versus denial, how we end up setting goals that don't really serve us, and how to find trust within ourselves - The role of the internet and Instagram culture in body image - The importance of body autonomy and the problem with unsolicited advice and how it contributes to body dysmorphia About Leigh Peele Leigh Peele, a nationally published author who’s been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, The Guardian, and The Washington Times. Leigh was a co-host of the popular fitness podcast, Fitcast, and she’s a self-described “layman researcher”. As a personal trainer with a certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Leigh’s worked with actors, models, fighters, and athletes from all over the world. To learn about Leigh, visit her website leighpeele.com.

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2 Jan 2020

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#83 - How do you feel about your body? Leigh Peele shares with host Mike Domitrz ways to respect your body, food choices, and more. Can diving into FOOD SIN help? You might surprised that it could.

Mutually Amazing Podcast

Discover specific steps for building a healthy respectful understanding of food and fitness especially with sugar and salt. Leigh and host Mike Domitrz discuss food porn and body composition porn.   * You are invited to join our community and conversations about each episode on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/MutuallyAmazingPodcast and join us on Twitter @CenterRespect or visit our website at http://www.MutuallyAmazingPodcast.com**     Leigh’s BIO: Leigh Peele has been in the fitness & improvement industry for well over a decade. She's helped thousands of people across the world change their lives and has been featured in publications ranging from Women's Health to The Guardian. Leigh's goal is to be a junction between the lay population and research to help people achieve their goals in nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. A revised and updated edition of her book, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, will hit major book outlets, Audible, and Kindle in 2020.     Link to Leigh: http://www.leighpeele.com http://facebook.com/leighpeele http://instagram.com/leighpeele     Books Leigh Recommends: How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life by Thomas Gilovich   YOUR HOST: Mike Domitrz is the founder of The Center for Respect where he helps educational institutions, the US Military and businesses of all sizes create a culture of respect throughout their organizations. From addressing consent to helping corporations build a workplace free from fear (reducing sexual harassment and helping employees thrive by treating them with respect every day), Domitrz engages audiences by sharing skill sets they can implement into their lives immediately. As an author, trainer, keynote speaker and coach, Mike Domitrz loves working with leaders at all levels. Learn more at http://www.CenterForRespect.com


1 Jan 2020

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#215-Leigh Peele: Energy Matters (For All Sizes, Ages And Problems)

Revolutionary You!

Back for the fifth time (see episodes #28, #118, #150 and #200), Leigh Peele is back as we deep dive into the dirty C word: calories. We talk about how and why energy matters for the purpose of weight loss, how it gets misconstrued and some of the pitfalls we can avoid so that we don't get caught in a trap of not achieving our weight loss goals. To learn more about Leigh's work, please visit www.leighpeele.com You can find out more about your host at www.jasonleenaarts.com and www.revfittherapy.com You can also like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/revolutionaryou Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review. 

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3 Oct 2019

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Changing Your Mind, Internet Arguments, Metabolic Adaptation, and Leigh Peele

The Stronger By Science Podcast

In this episode, Eric has some grievances to get off his chest, and Greg and Eric team up on “Feats of Strength” to highlight some impressive lifts and pay tribute to a legend. Eric has a Coach's Corner segment about some practical aspects of metabolic adaptation during weight loss, and a new “Question of the Day” segment challenges Eric and Greg to share some ideas they’ve changed their mind about throughout their careers. Finally, Greg shares some cooking tips for making macro-friendly (but flavorful) stews, and Eric and Greg share predictions for the forthcoming college football season. Greg and Eric also interview Leigh Peele, who tells us about the early days of the evidence-based fitness movement, weight loss, and metabolic adaptation. TIME STAMPS 0:02:54 Airing of grievances 0:07:51 Feats of Strength 0:20:44 Coach's Corner, part 1: Metabolic adaptation 0:31:10 Coach's Corner, part 2: Don’t inject your urine 0:49:46 Question of the day: What are some big things that you’ve changed your mind about over the years? 1:23:51 Recipe time: stews 1:36:18 To play us out: college football predictions, and trademarking the word “THE” 1:41:14 Interview with Leigh Peele 1:42:04 Why is Leigh too busy to accept our dinner invitation, but free enough for a lengthy podcast appearance? 1:46:19 What is a “layman researcher?” 1:47:51 Early days on the evidence-based fitness forums 1:49:54 The transition from trainer to layman researcher and teacher 2:02:04 When ideas rapidly turn from “outrageous” to “obvious” 2:11:17 Metabolic adaptation and starvation mode 2:29:19 Transitioning after weight loss is achieved 2:50:10 Does Leigh believe in any specific training or nutrition strategies that lack supporting research, or that directly oppose the existing research findings? 3:00:06 Where can people find Leigh Peele online?

3hr 4mins

5 Sep 2019

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Meghan Callaway and Leigh Peele EP 99: Freaky Fitspro

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

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1hr 28mins

25 Jul 2019