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Ep 527 Miri Mogilevsky, Managing Anxiety

Atheists Talk Radio Show

These are anxious days. Whether you're looking at politics or the pandemic, there's plenty of cause for concern. If you're suddenly having problems coping, today's show is for you. My guest today is Miri Mogilevsky. a clinical social worker specializing in LGBTQ and HIV-positive clients. If anyone understands anxiety, Miri does. Links: Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle "Free Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty"


29 Mar 2020

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The Humanist Hour #210: Miri Mogilevsky on Sex Positivity and Teaching Consent

The Humanist Hour

Sex positivity sounds like a wonderful thing, but do you really know what it is? As a social movement, it's older than you might think. It can be traced back through the Free Love movement. No, not the one in the 1960s: the Victorian Free Love movement. In its more modern incarnation, sex positivity has been associated with LGBTQ liberation and the battles within feminism over pornography and sex work. It's also closely tied to movements to destigmatize kink and polyamory.With all these associations, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that not everyone agrees about what sex positivity is and what it looks like in practice. Sex positivity fills different roles for lots of people. And while, at its heart, sex positivity is an intellectual tradition, not everyone relates to it on an intellectual level. Miri Mogilevsky is a licensed therapist, a writer, and a long-time provider of sex education for adults. With articles having appeared in xoJane, Salon, and Everyday Feminism, she's a recognized resource on mental health, feminism, and consent. In recent years, she's offered a workshop at secular movement conferences titled, "Getting It On at the Con: How to Get Lucky Consensually". She's recently written about some of the common misperceptions about sex positivity, and she joins us this week to clear the air.One note: This is a show about sex. While it doesn't get graphic, it may still be inappropriate for work for other reasons, such as the swearing.

31 Aug 2016

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