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Interview with Alexa Rose Carlin

WeConnect Podcast

Get out of sleep debt and feel great! On today's podcast Amy speaks with special guest Alexa Rose Carlin, the CEO and Founder of Women Empower X and learned more about her journey and what she is doing each day to lift up other women all over the world. Amy is so grateful for the teachings that Alexa shared and the valuable knowledge that she has brought to so many. Find out more about Women Empower X and sign up for a membership, you'll be so glad that you did! https://www.womenempowerx.com/a/42934...​ Also, join Amy and do the 30-day Rise Sleep and Energy challenge Get your first 30 days free and then 40% off annual membership https://rise-sleep.app.link/moodconnect​ KEY TAKEAWAYS It’s important to be able to stay on track and stay energised and a rise and sleep tracker is great for this. Alexa has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17 and began Women Empower in 2016. Alexa’s views on trolls is that no one more successful than you will take the time to judge you. So take no notice of those who are trying to bring you down online, they are already below you! It’s easy to fall into what Alexa calls a ‘lack mindset’. Where we think there isn’t enough room in a space for us. There is enough room for all of us, we are all different and when you add yourself into what you do you will bring something fresh with a new perspective. WEX is an inclusive, connective community. Everything they do is for the members. Our experiences in life can help us to grow an thrive. Even negative experiences are valuable and help us move forward in our journeys. Although as a person you may love to help people you cannot say yes to everything. If you do then you will burn yourself out and not be able to help when it truly counts. BEST MOMENTS  “The tenacity in your words, it was very inspiring" “Lead your life with curiosity and understand there is always hope, it’s right inside of you” VALUABLE RESOURCES Follow Amy on Instagram ABOUT THE HOST Amy Ouzoonian is the host of WeConnect podcast. She is also CEO and Founder of MoodConnect, mood media app to be released Summer of 2021, and Maitri Wellness, a health and wellness discount directory. She is a yoga teacher, performance artist and author of several books of poetry, fiction and plays. Amy is originally from New York City, but has spent the past 10 years living and creating with her daughter in Phoenix, Arizona.   CONTACT METHOD Follow Amy on Instagram Email Amy See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Apr 2021

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Investing In Yourself - with Alexa Rose Carlin of Women Empower X

Delivering Extra

Alexa is a nationally renowned public speaker as well as the Founder and CEO of Women Empower X, the largest event for female entrepreneurs on the east coast. Check out WEX below: https://womenempowerx.com/ Follow Alexa on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexarosecarlin/


25 Jun 2019

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018: Make an Impact on People’s Lives by Sharing Authentically with Alexa Rose Carlin

Wake Up!

Guest Alexa Rose Carlin is a speaker, business coach, author, and entrepreneur, who started her first business at 17. An autoimmune deficiency almost kept her from graduating college and working in the fashion industry designing jewelry. Alexa shares the story of how she turned a near-death experience and a debilitating disease into her personal brand by authentically sharing her ordeal on Periscope. Her goal is to empower people to believe in themselves, so they can accomplish their dreams and make a difference in the world. Alexa’s All-In-One (Authenticity, Inspiration and Optimism) philosophy has earned her paid speaking engagements and a reputation as a confidant for people who need to feel like someone is listening. Key Takeaways: [1:39] Alexa volunteered to be put into a coma when a medical team was needed to save her life from Sepsis. [10:34] After moving to NYC to start her career in the fashion industry, Alexa got sick again. [12:46] Alexa adopted a healthier lifestyle and wrote a cookbook. [14:26] Wanting to share her story with people who needed to hear it, Alexa started telling her story for free. [18:01] Her decision to share openly about her sickness on Periscope made a huge impact on people. [21:02] People let Alexa know her All In One (AIO)  philosophy has helped them by reaching out to her. [23:57] Alexa’s advice is to journal and write feelings down, and to share feelings with trusted friends. Mentioned in This Episode: Alexa Rose Carlin Alexa Rose Carlin on Periscope @AlexaRoseCarlin on Twitter Wake Up! with Monika Zands


25 Apr 2017

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Episode 60: Tragedy to Triumph with Alexa Rose Carlin

The Weekly Yes, And Podcast

Imagine being young, energetic, and talented, and in the blink of an eye you are given less than a 1% chance of living? And, even when you do survive, you spend the next couple of years baffling doctors as they try to identify and treat the sickness playing havoc with your health? How would you respond? Would you feel like a victim? That life is unfair? Would you give up? In Episode 60 of The Weekly YAP - Travis gets to hear the answers to these questions with the talented and inspiring Alexa Rose Carlin. Alexa has been a serial entrepreneur since college, and even through her health challenges she has risen to build a successful career, as well as an expo built on transforming the lives of women.  Travis met Aleza for the first time when she spoke at a Creative Mornings event in Ft. Lauderdale in 2016, and she also appeared at Travis' DO BIG THINGS event in November. And finally, Travis got her on the YAP! To find out more about Alexa and her site, click here. Click here for information on the Womens Expo, and here for information on her Public Speaking site.  @LiveYesAnd www.LiveYesAnd.com


24 Jan 2017

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Motivational Life coach Alexa Rose Carlin discusses her near death experience and how she used her mind and thoughts to heal her body and then her life, also how you can also.


Today Alexa Rose Carlin is a Motivational speaker , life coach and an author. In january 2013 Alexa was a healthy accomplished college student. Suddenly she fell gravely ill and was put into a medical coma for 6 days. She had a near death experience and what happenend next was a miracle. With 24 hours to live she couldn’t move, speak or breathe on her own; all she had was her mind to heal her self. How did she do that ? And she discusses what you can do in your life now to live life without fear. Listen to her describe how if we feed our body with positive thoughts, self-love, spirituality , then we have the capability to make the impossible, possible.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Oct 2015

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008: From On Top Of The World To A 1% Chance Of Living (Featuring Alexa Rose Carlin)

Unleash Yourself: Overcome Your Fears. Build A Business. Live Your Dream.

In this episode of the Unleash Yourself podcast, Michael Carbone chats with Alexa Rose Carlin about how she defied all odds and a 1% chance of living, to go on to become a successful author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.   For all the show notes and links to everything mentioned in this episode, check out: michaelcarbone.ca/008 Make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode: iTunes | Stitcher


21 Sep 2015