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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jon Sharp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jon Sharp, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jon Sharp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jon Sharp, often where they are interviewed.

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SmarTrack for Better Solar Tracking with Jon Sharp

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The goal of any asset owner is to maximize that asset. With these words in mind, Jon Sharp, VP of Product Management for Array Technologies, popped by Track to the Future to talk about Array Technologies’ innovative solar tracking solution, SmarTrack.

“Solar tracking software improves asset performance by attempting to put more light onto solar panels or solar modules and minimize the negative effects of the sun's shading,” Sharp said. “And SmarTrack is a product that further improves upon these traditional tracking algorithms and adds new ones to the mix to achieve that goal.”

Utility-scale solar plants are much larger today than they were several years ago. To generate power on a large scale, they need all possible advantages and solar gathering improvements they can get.

“For these types of power plants, improving performance, even a little bit or by a few percent, can add many millions of dollars of life to the asset,” Sharp said. “That amount of cash flow can make or break the ability to finance some of these projects.”

When planning arrays, Sharp said it is essential to consider several factors. Start with a reliable and intelligent design, choose a location and terrain that is favorable for solar gathering, and pick a tracking system that works well with the particular site terrain.

Also, Sharp said it's critical to use quality equipment that maximizes uptime.

“Uptime is every bit as important, or even more important, than optimizing energy output with software or other techniques.”

The best tracking software available isn’t going to do its job if the equipment isn’t high-quality.

Aug 26 2020 · 32mins
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Tell Me: Episode #3 Jon Sharp President of Hardenbergh Insurance Group (HIG)

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Walk with me and my guest and good friend, Jon Sharp, President of Hardenbergh Insurance Group.  From being the shortest kid in his class, to the smallest on the football team, to encountering bullying from having a lisp and overcoming the challenges of dyslexia, Jon takes us on his journey.

Join us as he shares heartfelt stories of encouragement and humor inspiring those of us at any age to never give up on your dreams, always show up, the value of grit, the importance of a support network of family, close friends and mentors, and the resilience all of these things contribute to a healthier, happier you. 

Our show would not be possible without Hardenbergh (HIG) a company that truly walks the talk in terms of their commitment to their community.  That being said, they have been kind enough to sponsor our series which we hope will continue to inspire many to reach out and make a difference in the lives of others.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  HIG is a family run full-service risk management firm servicing the Philadelphia Region (although conducting business across the country).  HIG specialiizes in Business along with Group Medical Insurance.  For more information on what they can do for your business and personal needs, you can find them at or by calling 856.489.9100.

I would also be remiss if I didn't give a huge shout out to my son, Liam Graham, for offering his musical talents on the guitar, and to up-and-coming vocalist, Anna Yannessa, a Junior Vocal Performance major at the University of Missouri.  Anna plans on continuing her vocal studies at the graduate level and can be reached on Facebook at Anna Yannessa; on Instagram @atthecopa_copacabanna; and on Twitter @annayannessa.  Support her please!

May 14 2020 · 42mins
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Jon Sharp | Strength & Conditioning for BJJ

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Jon Sharp is a strength & conditioning coach and founder of High Performance Fitness. He has a Masters in Exercise Science and Bachelor of Science. Amongst other things, Jon is responsible for preparing Dominance MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai fighters for high level competition and performance.


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May 09 2020 · 1hr 23mins
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Best Practices for Bifacial in Modeling Software with Jon Sharp and Kyumin Lee

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On this episode of Track to the Future, host Tyler Kern was joined by Array Vice President, Product Management Jon Sharp and Director of Product Innovation Kyumin Lee to discuss the data-validated best practices for using bifacial solar cells at PV power plants.

Monofacial cells were the standard up until the last decade or so, when bifacial cells became more commercially viable.

While reports that bifacial cells boost energy yield by as much as 20-30% are exaggerated, a third-party test conducted by Array in conjunction with PV Lighthouse and CFV Solar found that a 5-10% yield increase was certainly realistic.

“One of the problems with the early days of bifacial testing was that the testing was done by research institutes and universities with small-scale setups. … All those things have resulted in very generous gain numbers in the order of 20 to 30%,” Lee said. “But what we are seeing now and what all the new modeling software are predicting is that for (large-scale installations), the number you should be expecting is in the range of 5 to 10%.”

As a result of this field-tested PV research project, best practices and data inputs have been established that can help utilities, designers, solar developers, and owner/operators more accurately calculate and model power yield across the lifecycle of a utility-scale PV power plant.

These best practices include things like optimal mounting height, width, spacing between rows, parameters to model performance in software solutions, and more that can help PV plants best understand their bifacial modules’ performance.

Further, modeling software like PVsyst can help these groups facilitate project planning and more confidently calculate yield, leading to more efficient bifacial modules and an understanding of how to get the most out of their potential.

“People want to know how to use and how to model bifacial technology,” Sharp said. “So, Array Technologies, in conjunction with (independent labs and modelers) has taken a systematic approach to answering those questions realistically with field data, as well as a modeling tool corroborated with PVsyst modeling.

“The conclusion is that PVsyst can be used with confidence. It’s a tool that will give accurate results if you put the correct information into it.”

Apr 23 2020 · 27mins
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Ep 29 Jon Sharp: mentoring, learning and all things strength

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Jon’s coaching career started in 2008 and he has helped transform the bodies & lives of hundreds of people. Working with weight loss, rehabilitative and high-performance clients alike.

In the world of athletic performance Jon has worked with elite athletes in both assisting and head roles across the athletic spectrum.  

High Performance roles included positions at: 

Kimekai Martial Arts – Senior Consultant 

ESS Performance – Head of Combative Sports

Powerlifting Australia – World-champs 2015 Coach

Melbourne Storm  – Under 20s 

Tennis Victoria – Assistant Coach

AUBD Institute – Assistant Coach 

One of Jon’s greatest roles is as a presenter, teaching other trainers the skills to excel in this industry. He has taught and lectured across Australia. 

Jon Holds a masters in Strength and Condition amongst many other qualifications that can be found here

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