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Spiders, Rats, & teacher Evaluations on #TeachBetter Wednesday Wake Up with Rae Hughart & Joshua Stamper

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9 Mar 2023

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Remove the judgment. Focusing on the WHY behind assessment with Joshua Stamper and Jeff Gargas on the #TeachBetter Wednesday Wake Up

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1 Mar 2023

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5 Strategies to Build a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom with Joshua Stamper

Teach Better Talk

5 Strategies to Build a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom with Joshua Stamper- Monthly Quick Tip sponsored by the Teach Better Team + Remote Ed X Project--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teach-better-talk/message


17 Feb 2023

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Your next read on #TeachBetter Wednesday Wake Up with Rae Hughart & Joshua Stamper

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10 Nov 2022

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EP 94 - Joshua Stamper (Composer / Double Bassist)

The Bass Shed Podcast

Joshua Stamper has been a composer and collaborator for nearly thirty years. Equally at home in the jazz, classical, avant-garde, and indie/alternative worlds, and working with filmmakers, dancers, visual artists, poets and architects, his work reflects a deep commitment to transdisciplinary collaboration. Joshua has worked as an orchestral arranger, a studio conductor, and session musician for Columbia / Sony BMG and Concord Records, Lionsgate Films, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Legendary Entertainment, and for independent labels Domino, Dead Oceans, Important Records, Sounds Familyre, Smalltown Supersound, Joyful Noise Recordings, and Mason Jar Music.Joshua’s work has been commissioned by the Daedalus Quartet, Mantra Percussion, and the Grammy-winning chamber choir, The Crossing. He is a MacDowell Composition Fellow, and is also the recipient of the Lincoln City Fellowship and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship. His work has been supported by the American Composers Forum, the Lilly Endowment, the Anne M. and Philip H. Glatfelter III Family Foundation, the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, the Eric Stokes Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Website / BSA View More Episodes

1hr 19mins

26 Oct 2022

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Joshua Stamper - Aspire to Lead

Change Starts Here, Presented by FranklinCovey Education

Do you ever think about all the minute twists and turns that led you to the exact position you sit in life? For some, that journey has more twists and turns than it does for others. Joshua Stamper, Author, Podcaster, and Assistant Principal, joined Host Dustin Odham to describe how he went from graphic design to administration in the education realm. Stamper started as graphic designer, but when the industry crashed, after some self-reflection and encouragement from his wife, he found that he loved art and soccer and combined these interests to become a paraprofessional for special education. Stamper then became an art teacher for six years and started coaching until his coworker suggested he become a building leader. Thus, this is where Stamper’s administrative journey began, serving in various positions, one of which was the Dean of Students. Stamper has since discovered that trauma-informed care is his passion, and he has mixed in some traveling and speaking to his journey while writing the book Aspire to Lead. “As a person, as an educator, and to go from being viewed as this new, elective art teacher who is creative, who is just kind of in his own corner, to then suddenly being with an admin team, being in all these meetings, viewed as ‘you’re going to the dark side.’ A lot of my relationships with my peers shifted dramatically,” Stamper explained. “Are they seeing me as an administrator, are they seeing me as a friend, are they seeing me as a peer, and there’s this weird dynamic of ‘Am I on the admin team, am I a teacher?’ All of a sudden, I’m a leader but I don’t have a title,” he stated of his switch to an administrative role. Stamper discussed that being in an administrative role meant he had to provide feedback and often be in uncomfortable positions. He often told himself: “This is going to make me a better educator than before.” Stamper soon figured out he needed to partner with teachers and establish that he was on the same team as them. He accomplished this with brief classroom walkthroughs where he would take videos on phone. Stamper would ask teachers for permission to be in the classroom and explain that he was taking data, then ask if they wanted feedback. This ensured a partnership approach. Another challenge Stamper faced in his educational administration roles is working with de-escalation. He advises adults to handle these situations with a unique lens. “I ask them to be a window instead of a mirror, meaning you need to let that negative behavior go through you instead of replicating that to the child and only escalating the emotions because a lot of our kids don’t know how to regulate their emotions,” Stamper stated. Outline the consequences, allow for expression of how the child is feeling, and then provide strategies to walk away and calm down. “As an adult, they have these skills so that when it is time to have that conversation with boss or someone else of authority, they aren’t making the same mistakes as they were as an 11-year -old, as a 12-year-old, as a 14-year-old,” said Stamper. For more on Stamper’s journey transforming to the educational leadership industry, visit Spotify, Apple iTunes, or www.marketscale.com.


25 Oct 2022

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The Magic of Collaboration with Joshua Stamper and Erin Stack on #TeachBetter Wednesday Wake Up

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14 Oct 2022

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Joshua Stamper on Dissonance and Discord

The Habit

Joshua Stamper is a composer and collaborator on projects that cross genres and disciplines, from jazz, classical, and avant-garde music to film, dance, visual art, and poetry. In this episode, Joshua Stamper and Jonathan Rogers discuss discord and dissonance, complexity and contingency, and paying attention to the music that is all around us.Support the show: https://therabbitroom.givingfuel.com/memberSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Sep 2022

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Episode 14 - The Emotional Side of Leadership with Guest Joshua Stamper

Evolving with Gratitude

With his signature brand of empathy, passion, and creativity, Josh Stamper joins us to share what he has learned about showing others appreciation. He shares key strategies to being intentional and making sure everyone feels seen, heard, known, and valued.  This week's shoutout goes to someone who has had a profound impact on Josh's leadership journey, Sonja Pegram. Referenced in the show: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White  Transcript available here. About Our Guest: Joshua Stamper is an educational administrator for a North Texas School District and the Podcast Network Manager for the Teach Better Team. Prior to Joshua's current positions, he was a classroom art educator and athletic coach. In addition to being an administrator, Joshua is the author of Aspire to Lead, podcaster, leadership coach, and education presenter. Website: joshstamper.com Twitter: @Joshua__Stamper Instagram: @joshua__stamper About Lainie: Lainie Rowell is an educator, international consultant, podcaster and TEDx speaker. She is the lead author of Evolving Learner and a contributing author of Because of a Teacher. Her latest book, Evolving with Gratitude, was just released. An experienced teacher and district leader, her expertise includes learner-driven design, community building, online/blended learning, and professional learning. Learn more at linktr.ee/lainierowell. Twitter - @LainieRowell  Instagram - @LainieRowell Evolving with Gratitude the book is now available! Purchase here!  You can also get bulk orders for your staff (10 copies or more) at a discounted price! Just fill out the form linked below and someone will get back to you ASAP! bit.ly/ewgbulkdiscount


12 Jul 2022

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Discussing art, podcasts, and creating experiences outdoors with Jeff Gargas and Joshua Stamper on #DailyDropIn #TeachBetter

Teach Better Talk

Catch us every morning, 5 days a week, for our Daily Drop-In live series at 7:00am Eeastern. Join us for interviews with educators from all around the world, valuable resources, motivation, inspiration, and a whole lot of fun! For more visit www.teachbetter.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teach-better-talk/message


24 May 2022