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Sarah Ripoli -134

The Story Behind Her Success

Everything in life is about mindset and outlook. If you shift your mindset and rise above, no matter what circumstances you are born into or what has happened to you, ultimately you will create your own path and future. -Sarah RipoliImagine that you are six years old, and an only child. You are sitting next to your sleeping grandfather on a couch in your basement while your mother is upstairs, packing up her things. Within minutes, she is dead, shot by your father and your whole world is changed forever. Welcome to the life of Sarah Ripoli. Now a New York City based fashion blogger,thescoopbysarahrip.com, Sarah is standing up and speaking her truth about domestic violence. Raised by her grandparents in her native New Jersey, she was surrounded by love and support. Sarah never wanted anyone to know what she had been through, so she kept her secret for 20 years. When she was 25, Sarah realized that she had to examine her past in order to create her future. She is the Co-Founder of Angel Energy, www.shopangelenergy.com, an e-commerce based fashion brand and a philanthropic movement to stop domestic violence. Sarah’s powerful message is filled with a belief that every person is put on earth for a purpose and her goal is to be a voice for children who have lost a parent to domestic violence. The coronavirus quarantine locked us all down, but for abusive relationships, the lockdown resulted in a drastic increase in incidences of domestic violence. The fact is: 1,000 women are killed every year by men they know. Angel Energy donates 25% of its proceeds to charities that serve as lifelines for women and families affected by domestic abuse. For a glimpse into a life path paved by resilience, hit that download button!  #inspiringstories  #resilience


14 Sep 2020

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Turning a Tragedy into Purpose with Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate and Founder of Angel Energy Sarah Ripoli

Built Brave

Sarah Ripoli is an east-coast based fashion blogger with a strong focus on women empowerment. She is both a public speaker and domestic violence awareness advocate, as Sarah lost her mom to domestic violence at age 6. She is also the founder of Angel Energy, a clothing company that focuses on raising domestic abuse awareness and donates 25% of proceeds to charities monthly. Angel Energy's mission is to inspire women to overcome adversities in life by spreading positivity and optimism.Sarah Ripoli IG: @sarahripThe Scoop by SarahRipWebsite: https://thescoopbysarahrip.com/More on Sarah's Story and Earth Angels Survivor Stories, Click here. Angel Energy IG:@angelenergy.social Angel Energy Website: shopangelenergy.comFor more on Lo Wentworth, head over to her Instagram @lowentworth and www.lowentworth.com


27 Aug 2020

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Sarah Ripoli - Angel Energy

Self Made Sister

When Sarah Ripoli was 6 years old, she tragically lost her mom to domestic violence.  For 20 years, she avoided sharing her story and speaking her truth but that all changed in January 2019.  Sarah, an East Coast fashion blogger, shared her story on her blog and the response was overwhelming.  She knew she could use her platform to raise domestic violence awareness; and specifically be a voice for children who lost a parent to domestic violence.  So, she started Angel Energy - a clothing line where 25% of the proceeds go to a different charity that helps victims of domestic violence each month. Shop Angel Energy - www.shopangelenergy.com Connect with Angel Energy on Instagram at - @angelenergy.social


15 Jun 2020