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Why Systems Equal Freedom for Consultants (& How to Start Systemizing Your Business) with David Jenyns: Podcast #208

Consulting Success Podcast

Many business owners and entrepreneurs often can’t be bothered to put in a system. This is a mistake, David Jenyns believes, and in this episode, he discusses why you need to start systematizing your business. David is a systems devotee who went on to found systemHUB.com and started a movement called SYSTEMology. Today, he joins Michael Zipursky to discuss the benefits of systematizing and what you need to do to start the process. We get a look at David’s insights on systemization and the need for a critical workflow. Listen in and learn to free yourself from your business by systemizing it.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! https://www.consultingsuccess.com/podcast


18 Oct 2021

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How to hire a team of employees on a shoestring budget. EP #226 - David Jenyns

How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie

Today, Den brings back systematization guru Dave Jenyns. If you are looking to systematize your business or hire a new team member or virtual assistant or... you just want to streamline your business and maximize your profits, then don't miss this one.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:A completely irrational (yet very common) reason why many video freelances refuse to hire a team or even just a virtual assistant. - 2:20A stupid obvious way (but hardly anyone does) to shortcutting your way to successful hiring. - 3:15Hands down the faster, easiest, and most effective ways to systematize your video production business.Den's "freelance-friendly 3-step method" for systematizing your video business. - 3:50A low-risk (and cost-effective) way to hire a team member for your video business. - 4:10Where to find some of the best virtual assistants money can buy. (This country mentioned at 5:00 for some reason produce world-class virtual assistants and… it won’t break the bank to hire them.)The nervous business owner's guide to systematization. - 6:10A BIG advantage videographers have over other business owners when it comes to systematizing their business. - 7:00Who should a videographer hire first? Hear Dave's expert opinion at 8:00Insider advice on who exactly to look for when hiring a customer service worker or manager. - 10:00How to hire a team of employees on a shoestring budget. 10:10An almost idiot-proof way to quickly, easily, and effectively onboard new team members or virtual assistants. - 13:00Onboarding secrets from a man dubbed "The world's #1 small business guru". - 15:45A juicy onboarding tip that will (1) fast track a new member's learning curve (2) give them clarity and understanding of how your business runs (3) ratchet up their motivation, and (4) optimize their talents.A grim reality about the selling and buying of video production businesses you should know about. - 19:00Why Dave Jenyns should be called the "Tiger woods" of business systems. - 24:30How to systematize your parenting. (Believe it or not, kids react well to this type of structure when done this way. - 27:00)Connect with Den on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/denlennie/Get more great resources over at https://www.denlennie.com/Support the show (https://www.denlennie.com/free-training)


13 Oct 2021

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A Business That Runs Without You with David Jenyns: The Marketing Report EP83 – Business, Marketing and Sales

The Marketing Report

You know it's possible, but it's a dream for so many business owners...To have the business that actually runs profitably without you. This week I spoke with Author, Speaker, and the Founder of SYSTEMology, David Jenyns about how he systemized himself out of his business and how he's teaching this effective model to other business owners across the world. This episode: How to have a business that runs without you The Principles of effective systemisation How to get your team engaged in the process Discover more about David Jenyns and Systemology at:  https://www.systemology.com/ The Marketing Report is a Podcast for Passionate yet Frustrated Business People who want a Competitive Edge.  For more Podcasts, videos, and more from Russell Pearson visit: https://russellpearson.com


16 Sep 2021

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An insider tip for selling your video production business. EP #218 - David Jenyns

How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie

FACT: every business owner wants more freedom, more time, and more money.Another Fact: as a business owner, there's really only one way to achieve that, and that's what Den talks about with today's special guest Dave Jenyns.Dave is the author of the highly acclaimed business book titled SYSTEMology and... one helluva sharp businessman. In this episode, Den gets Dave to spill the beans on how he managed to create more freedom, time, and money with his video production business. Dave believes any business owner can do the same by following a few basic steps.But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:How does a guy who's clueless about all things video production successfully build and sell a video production business? Well, Dave Jenyns did just that, and he reveals how he did it at 1:00Proof that technicians are highly overrated when it comes to running a successful business. - 1:25An insider tip for selling your video production business, or any business, for that matter. (Once a would-be buyer sees that your business has what's mentioned at 2:00, you can bet your sweet bippy their greed glands will start secreting.)Two business "bottlenecks" Den's identified in almost every video production owner's business he's coached. - 4:20How to systematize your way to more freedom, more time, and more money. - 7:00You don't need to systematize your video business if your business only has a small team, a tiny setup, and a turnover of less than $250,000, right? Wrong, wrong, and WRONG! Listen up at 8:00The lazy man's way of systematizing a business. - 9:30Den's fiendishly clever (and simple) business systematization tips. - 11:45Dave's dirty little secret to systematizing as video production business. - 12:40The “80/20 rule” applied to business systematization. - 15:00A completely counterintuitive way business owners can ratchet up their creativity, reduce stress levels, and boost their IQ. - 24:00How NOT to create business systems. Sadly, this is how most business owners go about it. - 27:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/denlennie/Get more great resources over at https://www.denlennie.com/Support the show (https://www.denlennie.com/free-training)


16 Sep 2021

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Episode 35. David Jenyns

The Bucket List Life

On this episode of the #BucketListLife #Podcast I talk with David Jenyns.  David’s entrepreneurial journey began in his early twenties when he sold Australia’s most beloved sporting venue, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business. To achieve this, Jenyns spends most of his time supporting the growing community of certified SYSTEMologists as they help business owners implement SYSTEMology. This podcast is inspiring and well worth a listen.


3 Aug 2021

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304[Entrepreneurship] How to build Systems in your Business | Interview with Author David Jenyns [Systemology]

2000 Books for Ambitious Entrepreneurs - Author Interviews and Book Summaries

Get your copy of Systemology: https://www.systemology.com/book Double your work output in 60 mins using https://focusBlocks.io Get my Coaching & Mentorship on scaling your Online Business: https://www.2000books.com/grow 7 Day FREE Trial to “The Entrepreneur's Book Club”: https://2000books.com


26 Jul 2021

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148: Systemize Yourself Out of Your Business with David Jenyns

Profit By Design

Hi, Profit Designers! As we at Tap the Potential gear up for a number of special, upcoming projects, we’re taking this time to bring you some of our most popular episodes from the vault! We hope you enjoy it, and we’ll be back with new episodes for you very soon!  Freedom in your business: is this important to you? It’s so important to David Jenyns that he systemized himself out of his business! Join us as he shares his compelling story of why it’s so important to him, his passion for sharing it with others, and the surprising benefit of systemizing your own business. David’s entrepreneurial journey begins back in his early 20’s when he sold Australia’s most-loved sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Since then, his business experience spans from franchising retail clothing stores to founding one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, melbourneSEOservices.com. In 2016, he successfully systemized himself out of the business, hired a CEO, and stepped back from the daily operations. Through this process, he became a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business. Recognized as a high-achieving entrepreneur, you will find many of David’s keynote presentations on YouTube including TEDx, WordCamp and Problogger. Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group. Show Highlights: David shares how, when he found out his wife was pregnant, he was working 70 hours a week, which made him consider what kind of dad he wanted to be for his kids. He intuitively knew that systemizing the process was going to be his way out. He had a background in stock market trading and this had initially taught him about systems and plans. Getting stuck because he built the business around himself, locking him deeper and deeper in the business. Dr. Sabrina recognizes a key limiting belief in the story that David is relating: “This business needs me. My business is different. David gives us the worries that he had as he was considering how to systemize his business, and how he finally realized he didn’t have to hold that bag. Dr. Sabrina’s test that she relies on: “It’s just the way it is.” If she starts thinking this, it is her red flag to stop and say, “Oh, no, sister, it doesn’t have to be this. There could be another possibility.” David describes the process of getting his team involved of systemizing, in the midst of their busy-ness. He discovered that it’s easier to have two people working on the systemization: one who has the knowledge, and one who does the documentation. If you can figure out what the problem is, then you can consult an expert who has that part of the process already figured out. Utilize GoPros and video cameras, talk it out, let somebody capture it, then the process can be put into place using these tools. Over-complicating things in small business is the biggest gap that David has recognized. A minimum, viable system is the place to start, and then test it out, and see what needs to be added. Other business opportunities open up for you once you systemize your business. Valuing opportunities for the experience over the money. Freeing people from the operations is David’s dream. The deeper story behind David’s “why”. “The Sheet” - a weekly allowance scorecard from childhood that taught David some important life lessons. Growing as a person, when your business begins to grow. Bad habits that need to be broken. David describes the benefits of systemHUB. Complexity is the enemy of systems and systemizations. Simplify as much as possible. Features actually take away from the outcome. Figure out and use the key systems that need to be in place for your business to function. Nail “simple” first! Want to learn more? Found out How to Make Your Time Worth $10,000 an Hour! Links and Resources: How to Make Your Time Worth $10,000 an Hour NEW! Facebook Group: Entrepreneurs Take Your Life Back! Upon joining, you’ll get access to exclusive, free, mini-trainings from Dr. Sabrina, including the Better Business, Better Life™ jumpstart, as well as the “How to Hire the Best” jumpstart! No charge to join! Let’s get to know each other! BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON: How to Hire the Best: The Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top-Performing Team Members by Dr. Sabrina Starling PhD How to Hire the Best Toolkit COURSE: How to Hire the Best Taking care of yourself is important now more than ever. Are you ready to take your life back from your business? The FIRST STEP is taking our Assessment at: https://www.tapthepotential.com/assessment NEXT, meet with our Success Team Lead to debrief your results. THEN, join our Better Business, Better Life™ program. Dr. Sabrina’s WEBSITE Dr. Sabrina’s PODCAST - PLEASE RATE & REVIEW! Profit by Design, a Tap the Potential production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group For Resources & Tools from Sponsors - https://www.profitbydesignpodcast.com Subscribe & Share Podcasts! - https://www.profitbydesignpodcast.com/podcasts/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProfitByDesign/ Books Frequently Mentioned: The 4 Week Vacation by Dr. Sabrina Starling PhD - COMING OCTOBER 2021! How to Hire the Best: The Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top-Performing Team Members by Dr. Sabrina Starling PhD How to Hire the Best: The Rural Business Owner's Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Performing Employees by Dr. Sabrina Starling PhD How To Hire The Best: The Contractor’s Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Performing Employees by Dr. Sabrina Starling PhD Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field by Mike Michalowicz Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business by Mike Michalowicz Other Books Mentioned in This Episode: Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warrillow Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less by Sam Carpenter Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t by Verne Harnish Authority Content: The Simple System for Building Your Brand, Sales, and Credibility by David Jenyns Beyond the E-Myth: The Evolution of an Enterprise: From a Company of One to a Company of 1,000! by Michael E. Gerber


8 Jul 2021

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Creating Business Systems with David Jenyns

On Branding Podcast

Learn how to systemize your creative business. In the 26th episode of On Branding Podcast, Arek Dvornechuck interviews David Jenyns and we talk about creating business systems. Check out David's book! 👉 https://www.ebaqdesign.com/go/business-systems--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ebaqdesign/support


6 Jul 2021

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David Jenyns - How a Process and Systems Focused Business Culture Scales Profits

ScaleX™ Insider Podcast

Today's episode features David Jenyns, author of the wonderful book Systemology, a proven step-by-step business systemisation framework that even the busiest business owner can deploy. His mission, and motivation for writing this book, is “..to free business owners worldwide from the day-to-day operations of running their business.” In this episode we discuss: The 7 steps of the Systemology Model How business leaders can free themselves from the day-to-day operations of the business How to create time, reduce errors and scale your profits How systems allow you to create space What systems are required to scale How and why you extract knowledge from high performing people The importance of having a process and a systems focused culture You can listen to this podcast on Apple, Amazon Audible, Spotify and Google.  New episodes on Wednesdays. You can also subscribe via the show’s RSS feed. Please rate, review, subscribe and share the podcast if you enjoy it and have gained value from listening. In the meantime, grab a pen, notepad and a cup of tea and make yourself at home for this insightful and engaging chat with David. To find out more head over to: https://simplescaling.com/ 


2 Jun 2021

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Systems Will Set You Free with David Jenyns from SYSTEMology

The Few Podcast With Boo & Sean

Highlights From Today’s Episode:Learn to lead, instead of “control” so the team takes responsibility for strategic outcomes whether you’re there or not.Discover how “systemisation” is the key to growing an autonomous and self-motivated team in 2021 and beyond.Learn the art of navigating challenges and taking a concept to reality in record time.The formula to develop elite problem-solving skills, so no challenge is unsolvable amongst the team.Unlock a method for creating space to expand on the company’s vision, while the team get sh*t done in the background.Connect with David below:https://www.davidjenyns.comhttps://www.systemology.comhttps://www.fewpodcast.com/026

1hr 2mins

12 May 2021