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Implementing Systems For Everything | Long Doan

Every Agent Wins!

In this episode of Every Agent Wins, We have another fantastic guest, The owner of Realty Group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mr. Long Doan. And today he will be sharing his knowledge about scaling and growing your business. He also talked about implementing systems, finding a better system, and how people can scale a little bit too early, where they don't have to hire out. This and more on today's show. Tune in, Take notes. Enjoy! Today's Episode Sponsor: Belwood Investment App. Learn More About The Show @ EveryAgentWins.com Want to Bring Value to Our Listeners? Send us an email to @ Contact@EveryAgentWins.com Be Sure To Subscribe & Hit The Notification Bell! Listen to the Audio of the Podcast Show on your Favorite Platform. Visit - EveryAgentWins.com - To Learn More.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/everyagentwins/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/everyagentwins/support


6 Jul 2021

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Deciding to be a Victor, not a Victim with Long Doan | EP. 6

Words of [Wise]dom Podcast

http://likegrantwise.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Long-Doan-WOW.mp3 Long Doan has a story that would impact anyone who listens. Originally from Vietnam, Long came from a well-educated family. His mother and father both got scholarships to study at the University of Florida, and both graduated with high degrees. Unfortunately, everything changed when America pulled out of the Vietnam war in 1975. In a communist country like Vietnam, they were threatened by those who could think for themselves. Because of this, when Long was eight years old, his father was arrested and sent to a reeducation camp. He wouldn’t see him again until he was 32. Now the man of the house Long was responsible for collecting his family’s rations every day. His mother and grandmother wanted a better life for him, so after three attempts to escape on a fishing boat with over 150 other people, he made it out onto international waters. Unfortunately, he was not safe yet. In the current state of the world and the tough economy, fishermen had been known to turn to pirates, and target boats like the one Long was on. Thankfully, one day shy of running out of their resources, the boat he was on came across a larger fishing boat that contacted the closest refugee camp, which happened to be in Malaysia. On the camp known as “Hell Island,” all of the emotions Long had just endured would finally catch up to him. The following day, he decided that he would no longer feel like a victim but realize he was the victor. This new mindset would shape the rest of his life. After college Long got into the mortgage industry and then decided to get into real estate, which he has now been in for fourteen years. Currently, he has a real estate company with a roster of over 650 agents. Long explains what it was like to figure out his why in life. “I remember thinking back and digging for myself until I found it, and that’s when I realized that moment and night on the beach was my why.” Now he is always looking to help other people hoping they will never have to feel the way he felt that first night at camp. He goes on to discuss the considerable impact his father had on the world, “They finally negotiated the release of my dad, the US, all the pressure around the country, but before then I kind of become the poster child for human rights…I would get flown by organizations all over the country, to Canada, to meet with congress members, senators, in Washington DC, all over the place on my dad’s behalf. As a matter of fact, I accepted several awards on his behalf…a lot of pressure for someone between the ages of 16 and about 20. Finally, my mom and my brother came over, and she took over and helped out.” Eventually, his father agreed to leave Vietnam, and he moved in with Long. When asked what some of the lessons he learned from his parents, Long says, “It is better to do the right thing than what is easy or popular.” He also mentions how his father taught him that to achieve your goals in life takes a lot of sacrifices. When speaking about his mother, he has a lot of admiration for her hard work and determination. “The things that she has had to endure, I hope no one would have to go through it.” “Mindset is so powerful…there are three ways we learn as humans… by imitation… the second way we learn is the hardest way to learn, and it’s by experience…and the third way, which is considered the most noble, is by reflection.” Long explains that his goal every day is to be a better version of himself and use those three tools to grow as a person and help others succeed. “MAP to success: M is for mindset, right? We talked about if you have the right mindset, anything can happen, which leads to action, which is A. Action comes in everything you do.. and then P is purpose; without purpose, you won’t keep going. For me, that is always me reminding myself of the map to success which leads to the other acronym Mike, and I have that’s called LIFE. Learn, Implement, Fail, Evolve.” Long explains that this is his process and what motivates and fuels him. He pays close attention to detail and constantly wants to surround himself with people that are better than him. When asked what, in his opinions, makes a great leader Long responds with, “There is a difference, as you know, a lot of us kind of know, that there is a difference between a manager and a leader, right? A manager manages results like they are there to manage if this is working so you can achieve this goal that goal; a leader inspires people to reach those goals. So that is the difference between the two. Great leaders that I learn from that I read about, and I see out there, including you, constantly inspire people to be better, and to be there and to help them and to show them unconditionally and without judgment.” He explains it is important to support people and make them feel comfortable enough with you to admit when they make mistakes without the fear of letting you down. As a leader, he is constantly analyzing every possibility and questioning if there is something that he can improve on without ever making a knee-jerk reaction. “Communication, at the end of the day, I don’t care if you have the greatest idea if you can’t communicate it correctly, people won’t listen to you or be open-minded… learn about their style of communication.” He explains that in order to inspire people and get them to listen, you have to adapt to what works for them and be a master communicator. Not only with your words but your tone and body language as well. “At the end of the day, I think that if you can effectively communicate with people, they will be more open to receiving the message and/or find other ways to bring in people to help you get that message across.” Lastly, Long discusses how breathing is an integral part of building your “fight muscle” instead of resorting to your flight response. He explains that when faced with a challenging situation, he stops to center himself with breathing techniques, which helps him react more logically. “At the end of the day, it’s not where you come from… it’s where you’re going.” If you would like to connect with Long Doan, you can find him at www.facebook.com/LongDoan2


5 May 2021

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Find Additional Money In Your Real Estate Business ft Long Doan on Founders Club

Founders Club Golden Nuggets

In this clip, Long Doan shares some creative and highly profitable ways to generate more profits throughout the real estate transaction process. The real estate "eco system" is filled with dozens of services that can earn more for your brokerage, as well as provide better service and value to the end customer. Long explains how even individual agents can start building these relationships with vendors (Plumbers, Photographers, etc) to scale their business fast!  Taking things to the next level is something we can all achieve if we have the right mindset. Long Doan, founder of Realty Group, is living proof. Long took his brokerage firm from 0-450+ agents worldwide in just ten years. Overcoming treacherous and traumatic odds, Long’s difficult journey from post-war Vietnam to the United States taught him to never give up, and to instead become a champion. Along the way, he learned what the top three lessons are from the most successful people in real estate that led them to mega success.


23 Mar 2021

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Real Estate Training: Calendar Your Day For Max Results ft. Long Doan on Founders Club

Founders Club Golden Nuggets

In this clip from our interview with Long Doan, he covers maximizing your time by staying organized and never compromising personal commitments. Especially relevant for real estate professionals, Long's advice on building out your personal and professional calendar can help you level up and stay on the path to success. We hope this clip brings value to your business! Taking things to the next level is something we can all achieve if we have the right mindset and Long Doan, founder of Realty Group, is living proof. Long took his brokerage firm from 0-450+ agents worldwide in just ten years. See full episodes of Founders Club here: http://bit.ly/FoundersClubPodcast 


16 Mar 2021

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Coin Flip For My Life ft. Long Doan on Founders Club

Founders Club Golden Nuggets

If you are looking for a story that will inspire you and help you believe in positive mindset, this is the episode for you. Join me and Long Doan, as we talk about surviving, staying positive, and building a business to inspire others to grow and thrive - not just survive. Listen to full episodes of Founders Club here: http://bit.ly/FoundersClubPodcast


2 Mar 2021

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#213 RET feat. guest Long Doan

Real Estate Titans with Greg Fowler

#213: Real Estate Titans with Greg Fowler featuring special guest, Long Doan. Follow us on Facebook: @RealEstateTitansLive Watch this episode on YouTube: Real Estate Titans Channel Greg Fowler on Instagram: @gregfowlerco Sponsored by Lion Bolt Media. www.lionboltmedia.com 


19 Jan 2021

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#97 How to Actively Manage Your Mindset, with Long Doan

Pursuing Freedom

Real Estate Business: What You Will Learn: Long’s journey in the real estate business How the victim vs. victor mindset ties into the current real estate market How to overcome uncertainty and fear of the unknown Long’s approach to actively managing your mindset The importance of routines and habits in your pursuit of success The three different ways that we learn How to work your database and establish who you are in the face of adversity How new agents vs. established agents are responding to the crisis Why we need to be more focused on our relationships than the deals that come from them How Long built a team of over 700 agents in five years Why systems and structure is critical to the success of your real estate business Managing Your Mindset in Real Estate Long Doan is back for another episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast! If you didn’t get a chance to listen to Long’s first interview with us, check out Episode #59, where he talks about the mindset for success in the real estate business. For those of you who weren’t able to meet Long before, he has an amazing journey to share! Long is originally from Vietnam, and when he moved to the U.S., he spent fifteen years on the mortgage side of our industry. He started Realty Group back in 2009, and it has quickly become the fastest-growing real estate company in Minnesota with over 700 agents in five years. In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Long teaches us how to actively manage our mindset so we can overcome fear and uncertainty. Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty Anyone in the real estate business today would agree that these are unprecedented times. Uncertainty causes fear, and fear has a massive impact on your mindset! Our mindset controls everything we do, say, or think, so fear can be debilitating, especially in a leadership role. But you have more control than you might think. Anyone can lead when things are going well, but the real leaders shine when they are faced with extreme adversity. Mindset is the key factor in your ability to rise to the occasion, and you have the power to control it. Fear of the unknown is completely normal—it is okay to have fear. But the way you react to fear is what separates you from the pack. Routine and Habits Whether you are in the real estate business or a different line of work, you need to actively manage your mindset in order to hit your goals. We don’t show up and flip a “work mode” switch! We should be the same person at work as we are anywhere else; the ideal version of ourselves that we created. Your routines and habits mold the way you show up in the world, and determination enables you to keep those routines, no matter how many times you fail. By practicing consistency, you can sustain a positive mindset regardless of the challenges you encounter. That is extremely important in times like these, because your network will remember who you are in the face of adversity when this all clears up. Mindset is the key to success in real estate, and Long’s approach to managing it works at any experience level! Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash About Long Doan Long Doan has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. As one of the top 1% of agents in Minnesota and in the country, Long has a proven track record. He is the Founder/CEO/Co-Owner for Realty Group, a full-service real estate brokerage, and the fastest growing real estate company in Minnesota. Realty Group attracts, promotes, develops, and supports professional real estate agents and brokers. How to Connect with Long Doan: Website: https://realtygroupmn.com/ Email: long.doan@realtygroupmn.com Phone: 612-719-3731 Book Recommendation: Rocket Fuel Additional Resources 5-Step Guide to More Referrals


19 Jun 2020

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How to Build An Effective Recruiting System w/Grant Wortman & Long Doan

Club Wealth TV

The further up we go in the tiers of business, the more important the recruiting piece becomes. If we want to keep growing, recruiting has to be a priority. As we grow and scale, recruiting needs to become part of our lead generation system.  A successful recruiting system doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process that we need to be consistent and focused on so we can weave it into every aspect of our business.  Why is recruiting a paramount skill we need to have over the next few years? What retention mistakes are we making and how can we solve them? In this episode, coaches and business owners Grant Wortman and Long Doan talk about recruiting and how to make it a priority in our businesses.  You have to be unbelievably crystal clear about what you have to offer, where you’re going and where an agent can fit in. -Grant Wortman  Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  The Power of a Unique Recruiting Proposition (URP)People need to be aware of where they fit into what we’re doing and what we’re building. If not, whatever offer we give them just won’t be compelling and attractive enough.  How to attract recruits through what matters to themWhen you provide enough value to your recruits, and care about helping them find their purpose and achieve their big why, details like splits and money become secondary.   Why we shouldn’t take people leaving our teams personally Don’t look for people to stay with your team forever, but also be open for them to leave and even come back. Expect a certain amount of attrition and turnover as a natural part of growing and scaling your business. Guest Bio Long Doan is a real estate coach and broker/CEO of the Long Doan team at RG Realty Group. He has been in the real estate industry for 25 years. As the top 1% Agent in Minnesota and in the country, he has a proven track record. His company is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in Minnesota, providing a full-service real estate brokerage where they handle all types of real estate transactions, ranging from Traditional to Luxury, Short Sales to Bank Owned, Investments to Non-Performing Notes acquisition, Property Management to Rentals, and Commercial to Businesses.  Grant is the broker owner at Chamberlain Realty. Grant has been serving clients realty needs since 2008. He's been intimately involved in many facets of the real estate industry. As a former professional home inspector, property manager, amateur home flipper and media producer, he has the ability to see things others may not and market properties in unique and effective ways. Grant began selling homes in 2015 and quickly became among the top 10% of real estate agents across the nation based on gross annual sales. He opened Chamberlain Realty LLC in 2017 with a passion to provide the best listing services in the OKC Metro area. Sign up for a Long and Grant’s 2 Day Intensive Ridiculous Recruiting Workshop LIVE ONLINE on June 18th and 19th here.


18 Jun 2020

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The current state of the Real Estate market during the COVID-19 lockdown with Long Doan

The Hustling Agent

Are you a real estate agent and wondering what these uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic mean for your industry?? Check out my latest video where I talk to Long H Doan, founder of the fastest-growing, largest independent brokerage in Minnesota. Long spent 15 years on the mortgage side of the industry before making his move to launching Realty Group in 2009. Today, Long is still extremely driven and an influential leader in the industry as he continues to grow his business. He is also on the board of directors for a few local real estate associations and can be found speaking at national conferences around the US. Take some time to listen to what Long has to say about the real estate sphere and how to stay on top of your business during this time. Check out my channel for more real estate coaching videos and tips for real estate marketing.


23 Apr 2020

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Shifting Mindset to Thrive with Long Doan, CEO & Founder of Realty Group


Hello everyone and welcome to CEO Secrets. Today, I am excited about our special guest and the story he has to share. Let's welcome, Long Doan, CEO & Founder of Realty Group. Long Doan spent 15 years in the mortgage side of the industry before making his move to sales and launching Realty Group in 2009. Long overcame many obstacles finding his way to success starting as a young boy when he escaped Communist rule in Vietnam as a refugee. Today Long is still extremely driven and an influential leader in the industry as he continues to grow his business. Let’s hear today from Long his life story and his journey to becoming the largest independent brokerage in Minnesota with over 500 real estate professionals. Top Takeaways: 1. Three (3) ways people learn (28:25) 2. How Long is helping his agents to thrive in this pandemic (37:58) 3. Opportunities for agents to gain market share at this time of crisis (39:59) 4. Brand awareness marketing without spending anything (42:06) Episode Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tLbAPfu7hn6iP6NvIhBwC90gKWbcxka69RJJxjigQnU/edit?usp=sharing


21 Apr 2020