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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Henry Schein. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Henry Schein, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Henry Schein. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Henry Schein, often where they are interviewed.

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Providing Practice Management Solutions and the Right Technology with McKenzie Fagan, Area Sales Manager for Henry Schein One

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McKenzie Fagan is the Area Sales Manager for Henry Schein One, the world’s largest dental practice management software company. Henry Schein One combines leading practice management, marketing, and patient engagement solutions into one cohesive management system to help improve every aspect of your business. With Henry Schein One, McKenzie helps multi-sites and group practices strategize around the technology that will best facilitate their growth plans while creating an economy to scale throughout that expansion.

Before joining Henry Schein One, McKenzie was a Senior Sales Manager at Doctible. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Bio-Psychology.

In this episode…

When it comes to finding the best practice management software, most group practices don’t know what to look out for or where to start.

Not only that, but the different teams in a dental practice—clinical, administrative, and financial to name a few—usually have different needs, desires, and wants. So, finding the best software becomes complicated fast. Technology is meant to make things easier and streamline your workflow, not make it harder! 

In this week's episode of In Your Face Podcast, Blair Feldman interviews McKenzie Fagan, Area Sales Manager for Henry Schein One, about her company's mission of providing practice management solutions to dental group practices. McKenzie differentiates between server-based and cloud-based technology solutions, explains what centralization, standardization, and machine learning mean, and shares how technology can help group practices in running their businesses.

Aug 26 2020 · 30mins
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David Danielson of Henry Schein One & Tom Barberio, CIO of Thinc Forward & Eastern Dental join the show to discuss DSO technologies in 2020.

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Two technology experts discuss how technology was leveraged during the shutdowns, how it was utilized during the reopening process, and how it is being used now.  The group discusses technology challenges and how to position your DSO to fully recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. We highlight what is the most important data for your DSO right now and what new technologies are on the horizon for dental practices and DSOs. If you want to understand data driven decision making and all things technology, this podcast is for you!

Our podcast series brings you dental support and emerging dental group practice analysis, conversation, trends, news and events. Listen to leaders in the DSO and emerging dental group space talk about their challenges, successes, and the future of group dentistry.

The Group Dentistry Now Show: The Voice of the DSO Industry has listeners across the North & South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. If you like our show, tell a friend or a colleague.

Aug 15 2020 · 45mins

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6. Ty Ford (Henry Schein, Vice President Sales, Western Area)

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What does it mean to sell with purpose? How can you bring immediacy and purpose to every conversation, no matter what you’re selling? What if success doesn’t just mean one more closed sale, but one more life saved?

Join Andy Paul (Host of Sales Enablement Podcast) and Ty Ford (Henry Schein, Vice President Sales, Western Area) for a unique conversation exploring what it means to sell with purpose in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.

Learn how Henry Schein has successfully taken their sales teams remote and why selling with a sense of purpose helps you form stronger and more impactful connections with customers

Jul 07 2020 · 40mins
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Episode 58-AADOM Radio-Collecting Revenues in Times of Crisis-David Stones/Henry Schein One

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AADOM Radio & Henry Schein One Presents:

David Stones

Podcast Learning Objectives

• How to collect outstanding balances even when patients are not coming into the office
• Tips for remaining sensitive to your patients with special considerations
• How to improve your cash flow on a limited production schedule.

More About David:

David is the Senior Product Manager at Henry Schein One over the payment, billing, and business analytics products. He joined Henry Schein One in 2016 with over 25 years of experience in defining and delivering quality, customer-focused solutions. While he has resided in the west for many years his roots are in the upper mid-west where he was born and raised. He has six children and six grandchildren. He spends his spare time with family, is a member of city boards, and coaches youth sports with a focus on football.

Learn More About Henry Schein One:


Learn More About AADOM:


Jun 08 2020 · 30mins

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Episode 226: Pre-Covid-19 talk with Stan Bergman, Chairman of the Board for Henry Schein

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Dr. Justin Moody spends a moment with Stanley M. Bergman, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Henry Schein.  "I find that people want meaning in life."  He discusses how Henry Schein has created an authentic culture within the company you can rely on.  

May 08 2020 · 31mins
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Stanley Bergman, Henry Schein CEO

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Apr 14 2020 · 2mins
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1384 "We'll Get Through This" - Henry Schein CEO Stanley Bergman : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Since 1989, Stanley M. Bergman has been Chairman of the Board and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc., a Fortune 500® company and the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental and medical practitioners. Mr. Bergman serves as a board member or advisor for numerous institutions including New York University College of Dentistry; the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine; the Columbia University Medical Center; University of the People; Hebrew University; Tel Aviv University; the University of the Witwatersrand Fund; The World Economic Forum’s Health Care Governors; the Business Council for International Understanding, the Japan Society and the Metropolitan Opera.

Mar 21 2020 · 22mins
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017 Shawn Potter, A Passion for the Dental Industry, Henry Schein Ortho Technology

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Shawn Potter, Director of Commercial Operations for Henry Schein Ortho Technology, discusses his career path, passion for the dental industry, and observations of the orthodontic dental space for both the general dentist and specialist. 

Shawn Potter joined Ortho Technology as Director of Commercial Operations in November of 2015. As business unit and site leader, he is responsible for the leadership and strategy of Ortho Technology, which is wholly owned by Henry Schein Inc. a Fortune 500 company. Shawn holds over 20 years of sales, marketing, and business unit leadership experience in the orthodontic, endodontic, and dental fields, and spent several years at DenMat Corporation as their Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Care. For 17 years, Shawn worked at Danaher Corporation’s Sybron Dental Specialties division (now known as Envista), most recently serving as General Manager for the Orascoptic Business Globally. From 2005-2009, Shawn was Vice President of Marketing for SybronEndo, and for 7 years, was the Director of North American Sales before moving into Marketing. He also oversaw the Ormco Orthodontics Account Management Center, and held positions in inside and then outside sales. Shawn earned his B.A. degree from San Diego State University and his MBA from Chapman University. Shawn currently serves as member of the board of directors for the University of South Florida’s Digital Marketing Program.


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Jan 14 2020 · 48mins
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Lisa Kerr - VP, Risk Management at Henry Schein

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Lisa Kerr, VP of Global Risk at Henry Schein is our first ever guest on Should I Stay or Should I Go.

Listen as Lisa recounts her journey from Languages major, to successfully building and managing her own Risk Management Team at Henry Schein, as VP of Global Risk Management.

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Oct 03 2019 · 28mins
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Episode 39-Zone for Productivity-w/Elizabeth Iverson-Henry Schein 360 Coaching

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AADOM Radio & Henry Schein Present:

Elizabeth Iverson

Podcast Summary:
The business office and front office Team are the engines behind the goals of the office. The clinical team have to be the coal to stoke that engine. Zones are the only way to assure the business goals are meet one day at a time.

Learning Objectives:
How to calculate and create Zones
Guidelines to filling Zones
Verbal Skills to fill Zones

More About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Iverson is an international speaker and respected authority on leadership and practice development. Since 1987 she been practicing dental hygiene, dentistry abroad, management consulting and speaking. Elizabeth has coached over 500 dental businesses increasing their productivity by maximizing their team’s potential while implementing the necessary systems and processes. She is now sharing her winning strategies through Henry Schein’s 360 Business Development coaching programs. As a speaker, she is thought provoking, straightforward and downright passionate.

Learn More About Henry Schein:

Learn More About AADOM:

May 30 2019 · 48mins