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Interesting Golf Bag Brand You Might Like / Sam Goulden

Edel Golf Podcast

If you’re a regular listener to our podcasts at Edel, you’ve certainly come to realize that we aren’t afraid to think outside of the box.  While bigger companies are primarily concerned with mass production and getting their products into the hands of as many golfers as possible, our sole mission is to help people play better golf and have more fun.  That’s why we continually spend our time and resources trying to find methods and perfect equipment that makes the game easier. While we’re constantly working to achieve these goals, we also have our eyes open for other companies and manufacturers that are thinking outside the box.  That’s exactly what we found when we ran into Sam Goulden at the PGA Show.  Sam’s the founder of MNML Golf Bags.  As we learned more about Sam’s story, we were more than a little impressed. Sam was kind enough to join us on this week’s podcast to tell us a little more about his story and discuss some of the game’s hottest topics.Sam got into the game of golf in high school and became a good enough player to earn a college scholarship.  After college, he was drawn to teaching and did so for a number of years until he decided that he missed competing.  He eventually moved to Los Angeles and played the Golden State Tour for a number of years during which he was able to work with some of the game’s greatest teachers. In 2014, Sam returned to teaching and launched his online instruction platform, SamGouldenGolf.club.  A short time after, he moved to Puerto Rico to focus solely on that endeavor. When he returned to Puerto Rico for the second time in 2018, he felt a strong need to get some passion in his life and that became MNML Golf.  He saw golf becoming more casual and less stuffy.The decision to make golf bags came when he was working a student in his simulator and he noticed his student’s miniature golf bag.  The bag’s simple, functional design, and lack of excessive features caught his eye and he realized that a golf bag should be “an extension of a golfer’s personality.”Today, that’s reflected in the MNML golf bags.  The bags come in black or white and feature magnets instead of zippers.  The bag’s lack of logos and branding leaves plenty of room for customization and logo design that’s hand-painted by the company’s resident artist.   Additionally, the bag’s tech kit comes with a solar power bank, a Bluetooth speaker, and a phone charger. Sam and David first met in St. Louis in 2005 when Sam was just beginning his professional career.  After going through a putter fitting, Sam was “blown away.”  While he was waiting for his Edel putter to arrive Sam “putted with his sand wedge because… he couldn’t aim his putter.”  David and Sam have remained good friends to this day.The conversation then turns to the topic of single length golf clubs, something both Sam and David are passionate about.  By taking all the variables of extra length clubs and different length clubs out of the equation, both agree that the game becomes not only easier to play for golfers of all levels, but the learning curve for beginning players is much faster.  In fact, Sam believes so strongly in the single length method that he teaches it to all of his students.  In his words “There is absolutely nothing you could say to me at this point that would convince me to play anything other than single length.”Check out the video of Sam unboxing his Edel Single Length club HERE.There’s no question in our minds that Sam will continue to find success with both his teaching and the MNML Golf brand.  We can’t thank him enough for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us on this episode of the Edel Golf Podcast.To hear the full conversation and learn about MNML Golf and the man behind the brand, tune into the podcast above.  Interested in an Edel x MNML Stand Bag? Buy yours here: https://edelgolf.com/collections/accessories/products/edel-x-mnml-stand-bag


21 Aug 2020

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Golf, The Mind and Entrepreneurship with Sam Goulden

FLŌ TRIBE - The Podcast

Golf is a challenge for both body and mind. It's incredibly technical and requires the ability to focus on the present moment over and over again with every shot. It requires flow to perform at your best, which is why we love it!In this episode, we sit down with Sam Goulden - golf instructor, avid surfer and founder of the MNML Golf Co. We talk about his journey through golf, from competitor to teacher, and what inspired him to launch the MNML Golf Co. This conversation has something from everyone, including some powerful lessons even if you have absolutely no interest in the game of golf.To connect with Sam:https://www.instagram.com/samgouldengolf/https://samgouldengolf.club/https://www.instagram.com/mnmlgolf/https://minimalgolf.com/


3 Aug 2020

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EP #5 - MNML Golf: Sam Goulden (Founder)

Behind the Golf Brand Podcast with Paul Liberatore

Sam Goulden, the founder of MNML Golf, grew up in Washington, Missouri; a small town about 40 miles west of St. Louis and, for most of his youth, Sam spent more time skateboarding than golfing – even through his college golf career. It was his love of helping golfers of all ages which led him into a career in golf.For 10 years he traveled all over the country in search of the best methods of teaching and coaching. He worked with many of the worlds best coaches and took what he learned back to small town America. As his students got better and better, Sam felt the desire to prove himself as a player.In 2006, at the age of 26, Sam shifted his focus toward competing on the professional level. He began a strict regimen of practice, mental training, fitness, and diet and nutrition. As he grew as a player, it became evident that he would have to spend the majority of his time on developing his own game.Sam moved to California in the fall of 2009 to focus on playing full time on the Golden State Tour and in 2012, determined to see growth in his game, Sam sold all possessions and set out on a journey. This time he would travel the country, playing in PGA Tour qualifiers, and documenting his journey on YouTube. He lived out of his car, eating on a budget of $5 a day, sleeping in a tent for many events, and relying on the kindness of friends for support.Throughout the constant documentation of his journey, Sam’s following on YouTube grew to over 3 million views. He started writing and publishing golf instruction books and online courses and now has over 10,000 members of his online coaching platform. In 2018 Sam launched MNML Golf, a forward facing lifestyle brand which ushers in the non-exclusive vibes with modern, less traditional golf bags. His golf bag incorporates your phone, a bluetooth speaker, and a solar powered battery pack to keep you charged for 9, 18, or even 36 holesSam currently resides in Manhattan Beach, Ca where he starts his days with a sunrise surf, then coaches and tends to MNML Golf, and finishes his day with a sunset surf.Support the show (https://legiongolf.co/)


30 Jun 2020

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Ep. 4 - Sam Goulden

Golf Needs You

episode 4 // Sam Goulden, CEO of MNML Golf Co. // in this ep: wil’s first ever ad-read (self-written) & most coherent questions (also self-written) 📈 // Sam talks online coaching & making money anywhere in the world // surfing, scheduling & suggestion quests // the differences between building brands around digital vs. physical products // BREAKING NEWS regarding Sam’s work in conjunction with 18birdies


4 May 2020

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Sam Goulden, MNML GOLF | Episode No. 144

The Wednesday Match Play Podcast presented by MemberText

Sam is always up to something. A few weeks ago I saw him on Kickstarter promoting MNML GOLF, a new company selling lightweight golf bags. The bags are also loaded with state of the art technology and use magnets instead of zippers. The bag is also competitively priced and will make a big impact when it comes to market. Bet you see them winning some awards next year at the PGA Merchandise Show. On this episode of The Wednesday Match Play Podcast you will learn more about the bag, where the idea came from, their success with Kickstarter and if he plans to release anything else sporting the MNML logo. This was a fun episode and I always enjoy seeing what Sam is working on. Let’s jump into it.


22 May 2019

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The New Era of Minimal Golf | Sam Goulden [#232]

The 18STRONG Podcast

[smart_track_player url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/18strong/232_The_New_Era_of_Minimal_Golf___Sam_Goulden_232.mp3" title="232: The New Era of Minimal Golf" artist="18STRONG: SAM GOULDEN" social_linkedin="true" social_pinterest="true" social_email="true" ] This week we are talking with Sam Goulden from Sam Goulden Golf, but more recently he started a new company called MNML golf which we are going to dig into and will highlight the new bag and technology he has come up with and the Kickstarter campaign he has going for it. Sam has been all over the nation traveling, teaching golf, playing golf, and connects with so many different people on spreading the MNML golf lifestyle; the simplicity of the game itself and getting people to understand how they can play better through minimal tweaks and embracing the simplicity. The post The New Era of Minimal Golf | Sam Goulden [#232] appeared first on 18STRONG.


10 Apr 2019

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78: Why quieting the mind is making some noise with Sam Goulden

The 18STRONG Podcast

Sam Goulden joins us in this episode to share his experiences as a coach and a player in this incredible game of golf.  Sam has become one of the most sought after coaches in the game that is working with the Focus Band and delving more into the world of managing the mind and focus on the […] The post 78: Why quieting the mind is making some noise with Sam Goulden appeared first on 18STRONG.

4 Mar 2016